WWE Monday Night RAW 05 25 2020

WWE Raw Results
May 25, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Raw kicks off with a clip honoring the men and women of the United States army.

Live at the Performance Center, NXT stars are at ringside as glass surrounds the ring ramp.. And in the ring it’s Kevin Owens.

The KO Show

He welcomes everyone to Raw and he welcomes the NXT super stars. He calls some of them the future of WWE. He says they are lucky because he is taking on Angel Garza later on in a match. But he’s here to discuss the women’s triple threat match where the winner will take on Asuka at Backlash. Owens welcomes the WWE Raw women’s champion Asuka.

She gets in the ring and chants “Becky”. Owens says she’s not just The Man now but she’s the mom. He congratulates Asuka on becoming champion and Asuka talks to him in Japanese. He asks for her reaction from last week where we see Asuka and Sane in the ring and Sane plays the flute. Out came Nia Jax who interrupted it all. Jax says Asuka will be replaced by someone far more worthy of that championship, herself. Cut to backstage where Jax attacked Sane which was followed by Asuka attacking Jax.

Back in the ring, Asuka starts talking in Japanese again. Owens looks at her and nods his head. Out comes Charlotte Flair. In comes the NXT women’s champion.

Owens hands her a feather from her robe which she dropped. She tells Asuka that the Raw women’s championship should have been handed to her. She tells Asuka that at WrestleMania 34 or SmackDown, Asuka never beat her. The NXT stars make some noise.

Out comes Natalya. She gets in the ring and she says she is here to apologize for her temper tantrum that she had last week. She says she doesn’t know why she did what she did as the NXT stars applaud. Flair says not even sucking up to Owens will help her win the match. Flair tells Asuka she should have told Naty that she was irrelevant and out comes Jax.

She stands on stage as the audience jeers. She says everyone knows she will be the next Raw women’s champion. She walks down to the ring as Owens says he can see where this is going and he leaves the ring. Jax tells Asuka she will bulldoze her at Backlash. Owens tells Asuka not to hit Nia in the face and that’s what Asuka does.

Flair knocks down Natalya as they fight and Asuka gets Jax out of the ring.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Apollo Crews. She asks if he is ready mentally to defeat Andrade. He tells her tonight is the greatest night of his professional career because tonight he will go out and defeat Andrade and become the new United States champion.

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WWE United States Championship match – Andrade (c) with Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings and we are under way. A take down by Crews as he gets Andrade in the corner and the referee breaks it up. Angel Garza is watching backstage. Crews gets Andrade back in the corner and stomps on him. He sends Andrade to the ropes and a back elbow. He goes for the cover but Andrade kicks out. Crews with a vertical suplex. He goes for the cover but again Andrade kicks out. A right hand by Andrade but Andrade fakes the bigt boot and hits him with the spinning elbow.

That gets a reaction from the crowd as Andrade goes for the cover but Crews kicks out. Andrade goes for the Hammerlock DDT but a back drop by Crews. He lifts Andrade up as Vega gets on the ring apron. Andrade goes to clothesline Crews butr Crews ducks and Andrade stomps before hitting Vega. Crews with a kick as Andrade knocks Vega off the ring apron.

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WWE officials are at ringside checking on Vega. As Crews gets on the ring apron, Andrade knocks him down. He throws Crews into the barricade. He throws Crews back in the ring and goes for the cover but Crews kicks out. Andrade with an arm bar on Crews as the NXT stars are cheering Crews on. Crews gets back to his feet and a right hand by Crews followed by a clothesline.

Crews gets Andrade in the corner. He sends him slamming into the opposite corner and the big splash by Crews. He gets Andrade in the corner again but the United States champion kicks him away. Andrade sits on the top rope but a right hand by Crews slows him down. Crews gets on the top rope but Andrade trips him up in a tree of woe. Andrade jumps and stomps on Crews. He goes for the cover but the challenger kicks out. Zelina Vega at ringside cheers Andrade on.

Kayla is backstage and she asks Garza about his match. He says it’s like making love to a beautiful women. First there is the eye contact which sends a message. Second, there’s a moment between two bodies coming together and the passion is overwhelming.

Back in the ring, Andrade is in control as he hits Crews with the double knees. He goes for the cover but Crews kicks out. A kick to the thigh by Andrade as he starts to work on Apollo’s left knee. He grabs his leg but Crews with a jumping enzuigiri. He lifts Andrade up and drops him followed by a standing moonsault. He stands up and Crews with a standing shooting star press. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: New WWE United States Champion, Apollo Crews

Charly is in the ring with Crews as she asks him what it’s like to win his first title in WWE. He says when he first started on this journey, everyone told him he couldn’t do it/. They looked and laughed in his face. But he never gave up. It’s been 11 years of sacrifice, hard woork, dedication and discipline and he can finally say he won his first WWE title. And he knows when his body gave up against Andrade, people thought that’s it, he blew his chance. But he never gave up, he never quit. And now he can stand in the ring and say to the whole world that he is the new United States champion.

We see Andrade smashing and breaking things backstage.

Seth Rollins is backstage holding Rey Mysterio’s mask.

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Seth Rollins says tonight is a night for celebration because he is here and he is better than he has every been. And that’s all thanks to one man. Seth raises Rey’s mask as we see the clip of Seth attacking Rey from a few weeks back.

Rollins says a few weeks ago, he was in a dark place and Mysterio offered himself for the greater good. And he can’t imagine the pain Rey went through as his eye pressed against the steel steps. Rollins says he doesn’t know what the future holds for Rey Mysterio but if that act was his final act as a WWE superstar, it was a courageous one. Because it allowed them to move forward into the future. And in comes Murphy and Ausdin Theory. He says Murphy and Theory understand what its like to be underutilized and underappreciated. And under his guidance, their ceilings are limitless.

Murphy says he has faced obstacles in his career. And he needed a mentor, he needed a leader. He needed the Money night Messiah to lead him into the future. And for that, he thanks Seth Rollins.

Theory says when he came to Raw, he thought he had friends. But when they abandoned him, the Monday night Messiah found him. And for that, he thanks Seth. Rollins 4 says they are welcome but this is just the beginning of a wonderful night because later this evening, they get to show Rey first hand the goodness that he has brought to Raw. He says they will make examples out of Carrillo and Black.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Flair. She tells Flair she could be a double champion if she wins tonight and at Backlash. Flair says she is the most consistent and prolific womens champion in WWE history. It doesn’t matter how many titles or wins, it’s math. She raises the bar for every female in this division and no one else compares.

In comes WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka parading her title. She talks to Flair in Japanese and she tells Flair in English that red is not her color.

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The IIconics are in the ring. Royce says she has to apologize since last week she cost them an opportunity. Billie says she is the one that has to apologize. She got caught up in her emotions and slapped her and it makes her sick to her stomach that she hurt her. They have come very far together. Royce agrees with her and says they grew up together. They signed their WWE contracts together. They won the WWE tag team championships at WrestleMania together. They never even had an opportunity to defend those titles.

Royce says they should still be the women’s tag team champions. They put down Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as champions and out come the champions.

Bliss says they have had every opportunity. They complained, took cheap shots and they got them. But they blew it. Cross says they had chances. Royce tells her she doesn’t get to talk. She needs to stand there and look grateful. Cross says they are telling her to stand there and be grateful? They have both taken the same steps to become champions. She says she left Glasgow with nothing when she came to WWE. She had no one. She had to scratch and claw for everything while Royce and Kay had each other.

Cross says Alexa gave her respect and was there for her while she was an outcast. What’s gunny is their friendship.; She says they are the women’s tag team champions and that is because Alexa stops her from bouncing off the walls. She helps her focus. And she can’t name anything more iconic than that. The IIconics attack Bliss and Nikki. They take out Alexa and double team Cross. They throw Alexa shoulder first into the turnbuckle. With both women down, Royce and Billie grab the WWE women’s tag team championships and raise them in the air.

MVP is backstage and in comes Lana. He asks her if there’s something he can help her with. She tells him they need to talk as MVP uses his phone. He looks at her and says no they don’t as he walks away.

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A picture tribute for Shad Gaspard airs.

VIP Lounge with MVP and WWE champion Drew McIntyre

MVP is in the ring. He welcomes everyone to the VIP lounge and he would like to extend a very special welcome to the Performance Center trainees as the tab is on him. But the VIP lounge probably won’t be the only night club open in town much longer. But it is the only one that can boost the superstar power of the current WWE champion. O as he likes to call him, the soon to be former WWE champion. He welcomes the soon to be former WWE champion, Drew McIntyre to the ring.

Drew McIntyre gets in the ring and throws out all of the furniture. He says now that they got that out of the way, MVP where is he. MVP asks who? Drew asks is he under the ring, backstgage? MVP says he doesn’t have to be worried. No contract, no contact. He says the Full Nelson won’t happen tonight, next week or the week after. That will be saved for Backlash. But for him to remember the last time he got on the VIP Lounge.

MVP says he offered his guidance to become the WWE champion. Drew says he remembers that. MVP says he remembers trying to be a friend and him repaying him with a Claymore Kick to the face. Drew says to just call it the Claymore. MVP says it’s irrelevant. As he was flat on his back, at the end of the Claymore Kick, he had two thoughts. One, Drew will become WWE champion. And two, when Drew loses the WWE championship, he will personally play a role in that outcome.

He says it took Lashley 13 years and after 13 years, Lashley has a WWE championship opportunity and that’s because of him. Drew says 13 years! It took him 19 years to get his first WWE championship opportunity. MVP shrugs it off. Drew says he was at the main event of WrestleMania and he beat Brock Lesnar and he beat him in five minutes.

Drew says he doesn’t think Lashley will be lucky. But he remembers when he was on the VIP lounge. He doesn’t need anyone thinking for him. He doesn’t need anyone talking for him. And he doesn’t need someone like him kissing his ass. There’s one thing Lashley says that caught his attention last week. The only way he will ever take the title from him is by taking it from his cold dead hands. MVP says that could be arranged.

Bobby Lashley’s music hits and out comes the challenger. MVP calls him the future WWE champion. MVP turns around and Drew hits MVP with the Claymore as Lashley drags MVP out of the ring. Lashley triers to get in the ring but MVP pushes him away.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Natalya. As she is talking, Natalya says she has to grab her call. She tells TJ she is human, she apologized for her temper tantrum. She tells him she doesn’t need this right now, she has to focus on her match. Charly says they are out of time as Natalya looks disappointed.

Kevin Owens is making his way down to the ring as Angel Garza attacks him.

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Angel Garza with Zelina Vega vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings and Garza goes after Kevin’s leg. Garza gets Kevin’s leg up in between the ropes and beats on it. Garza grabs Owens but Owens reverses it into a DDT. Owens with a clothesline. Owens tries to run but he stops as his leg hurts and Garza hits him with a super kick. Garza goes for the cover but Kevin Owens kicks out. Garza places Owens on the top rope as Garza climbs the second rope. Owens with a headbutt and down goes Garza.

Kevin Owens on the top rope and a senton off the top rope onto Garza and both men are down. A chop to the chest by Owens as he sends Garza to the ropes. He goes for the pop up powerbomb but Owens can’t land it. Garza lands the Wing Clipper. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Angel Garza

Owens gets to his feet as Garza attacks the leg after the match. NXT stars jeer Garza as he and Vega walk to the back.

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We see a history of the rivalry involving the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders. A clip from earlier during the day is shown where the two teams are playing golf. The Street Profits are much better than the Viking Raiders as the Viking Raiders start throwing the clubs and missing the ball. The golf attendant kicks them all out due to loud noise.

They go play mini putt where once more the superior team is the Street Profits. The Viking Raiders wreak havoc on the course. Viking Raiders with a score of 144 while the Street Profits finish with 28 as the Viking Raiders celebrate. The Street Profits tell them that in golf, the team with the lowest score wins.

An alligator comes on the range as the Viking Raiders start to pull red cups and a piece of chicken.

Back in the arena, MVP is with Lashley and in comes Lana. She offers MVP a bag of ice. She apologizes for what happened and she calls Drew a monster. She hands him the piece of ice as MVP asks her if she thinks it’s a joke. He tells her she needs to understand that Lashley has his first WWE championship opportunity in 13 years. What they need to do is send a message back to Drew right now. He gives her back the piece of ice as both men walk away. Lana slams the bag of ice on the floor.

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Murphy and Austin Theory with Seth Rollins vs. Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black

The bell rings and it’s Carrillo and Theory in the ring. Both men exchange right hands as Theory gets Carrillo in the corner. Murphy is tagged in and he stomps on Carrillo. Theory s tagged in, they go to double team Carrillo but Carrillo takes out both men and throws them to the outside. Black is tagged in and he runs to the ropes but Theory and Murphy move out of the way as Black flips backwards and sits in the middle of the ring.

Carrillo flies off the top rope onto both men. Theory is thrown back into the ring as Black delivers kicks and drops Theory down. A flying kick by Black. He goes for the cover but Theory kicks out. Black with an arm bar and Carrillo is tagged in. Carrillo on the top rope and he jumps on Theory. An arm bar by Carrillo but Theory with a right hand. He runs towards Carrillo but Carrillo knocks him away. Carrillo knocks Rollins off the ring apron as Theory takes advantage of it. He slams Carrillo down. Theory goes for the cover but Carrillo kicks out. Murphy is tagged in. Carrillo takes him down.

Theory and Black are both tagged in and Black knocks Theory down and in comes Murphy but kicks and punches to Murphy. Theory goes to kick Black but Black moves out of the way and Theory kicks Murphy in the face. Black with kicks of his own onto Theory. In comes Murphy and a springboard moon sault by Black onto both men.

Carrillo is tagged in. Black climbs the top rope, Murphy pushes him down and Carrillo knocks Murphy down. Theory hits Carrillo with the ATL. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Murphy and Austin Theory

After the back, Black is thrown into the time keeper’s area. Rollins directs traffic as he tells Theory and Murphy that Carrillo has to learn. They drag Carrillo towards the ring steps. Black is in the ring with a chair as Seth tells him not to move or Carrillo loses an eye. He says he knows they want to fight for Rey Mysterio but Rey was sacrificed for the greater good. But they need to back off as Seth tells Black to drop the chair and Black drops the chair.

Rollins tells Black to get the chair out of the ring and Black kicks it away. Rollins tells Black not to make him sacrifice the two of them the way he was made to sacrifice Rey Mysterio. Murphy and Theory throw Carrillo as Seth grabs the mask as they all walk away.

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Edge is backstage, he tells Randy that maybe he was basking in the WrestleMania glory but it doesn’t happen often. Orton threw the bait and he bit. And now he finds himself doubting his ability. Can he hang? He was retired for 3212 days. In that time, Orton competed in 1126 matches. He did the research. And now he is looking at it and he realizes that he has to prove himself to himself. Strangely, he wants to thank Randy because he made him contemplate things that he had buried very very deeply. The same night, he got home and he watched the first installment of the Last Ride documentary. And he watched himself talking about when is it time to hang up the boots.

Edge says and now here he is. He says dead man, he gets it. He tells Randy that if he wants to doubt his wrestling ability, he has hung with the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Owen Hart, Mr. Perfect, Davey Boy Smith, the list goes on. Every style he adapted. Hen it was his job, he pulled people up to his level.

He says he taught guys how to get to the next level. That was part of his job and he was damn good at it. He was a fiver tool work horse for the company. He knows Randy is paying attention, everything he said was in the past tense. Because he doesn’t know if he can do any one of those things anymore. But at Backlash, he is going to dig to the very depths of his soul to try.

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The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders are backstage. The Viking Raiders tell the Street Profits that they let them win at golf, the same way they let them win at basketball. The Street Profits say they can pick the next activity. The Viking Raiders challenge them to bowling as they walk away.

MVP and Lashley come in. MVP tells the Street Profits that they would rather golf than act like champions. He and Lashley were just leaving because they don’t respect clowns. They ask MVP about his face because he took a trip to Claymore country. MVP says a Claymore is extremely devastating but he rolls with Lashley. MVP challenges the Street Profits to a match against himself and Lashley tonight. And if they are up for it, to bring the smoke.

Triple Threat women’s number one contender match: NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya vs. Nia Jax

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka is doing commentary. The bell rings and we are under way. Charlotte takes Natalya down and Jax gets Flair in the corner. Jax pushes Natalya away and Flair with a big boot but Jax with a power slam. Jax lifts Natalya and slams her on top of Flair. Jax goes for a leg drop but Flair and Natalya move out of the way. They send Jax shoulder first into the turnbuckle as Jax falls to the outside. Flair with a head lock take down on Natalya but Natalya reverses it into a head scissor.

Both women back to their feet and a head lock take down by Natalya but a leg scissor reversal by Flair and Natalya gets out of it. Another head lock by Natalya as Flair sends her to the ropes and a shoulder block by Flair takes Natalya down. Jax gets on the ring apron but Flair knocks her down. Flair gets on the ring apron but Jax drags her to the outside and hits her with a clothesline.

Jax clears the announce desk as Flair hits her from behind. Natalya goes for a baseball slide but Jax moves out of the way and drags Natalya to the outside. Flair grabs the hood of the announce desk and hits Jax with it. Jax gets back up and grabs the hood away from Flair as Flair gets on the ring apron. Jax gets on the ring apron and both women fight. Flair with the chops to the chest. Flair goes for a kick but Jax blocks it. She tries to lift Flair but Natalya blocks it. Flair goes down as her and Natalya lift Jax up and power bomb her through the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Asuka throws Jax into the ring. Natalya with an arm bar on Jax but Jax gets to her feet. Jax lifts Natalya up and slams her. Flair with a kick to the face on Jax. She goes for the cover on Natalya but a kick out. Flair throws Natalya to the outside. Flair gets on the top rope and lands the moon sault. She goes for the cover but Jax kicks out. Natalya climbs the top rope and a cross body on Flair. She goes for the cover but Flair kicks out. Jax with a clothesline on Natalya.

Jax with a clothesline on Flair. Shje sends Natalya into Flair in the corner. Jax tries to lift both Natalya and Flair up but Natalya punches her away. Flair throws Natalya to the outside. A forearm to the face by Flair. She attacks the left foot of Nia Jax. Flair goes for the figure four and locks it in. She bridges into the figure eight but Natalya breaks it up. Natalya drops Flair and she gets her in the sharpshooter. Jax grabs Natalya and she lands the clothesline.

Flair with a big boot on Jax. She goes for the cover but Natalya breaks it up. Natalya goes to throw Flair to the outside but Flair reverses it and throws Natalya to the outside. Flair with a kick onto Jax. Natalya gets on the ring apron as Flair knocks her down. Flair climbs the escond rope but Jax with right hands followed by a headbutt.

Jax climbs the second rope and goes for a suplex but Natalya gets under Jax and goes for a powerbomb. Natalya powerbombs Jax as Jax suplexes Flair down. Natalya goes for the cover on Jax but Jax kicks out. Natalya goes for the cover on Flair but Flair kicks out. Natalya throws Flair to the outside. She goes for the sharpshooter on Jax but in comes Flair and she goes for the roll up on Natalya but Natalya kicks out. Flair with the figure four on Natalya but Jax with a leg drop on Flair.

Flair goes to the outside. Jax lifts Natalya and hits her with the Samoan drop. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Nia Jax

Drew McIntyre is walking backstage and he’s stopped by Braxton. He tells her he already has a speech as he was just about to leave. He says he didn’t plan to hit MVP with the Claymore. Braxton asks him if he’s aware of the tag team match involving The Street Profits against MVP and Bobby Lashley. McIntyre says he forgot something in the locker room and he has a strange feeling he won’t find it until Bobby Lashley’s match is over.

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We see a clip of WrestleMania from last month where Rob Gronkowski won the 24/7 Championship. They air a video of R-Truth saying that Tom Brady is not the 24/7 champion but it’s Rob Gronkowski. He says shame on Rob for winning that title. He says he will tackle any football man out there to win that championship. R-Truth puts on football shoulder equipment.

Rob Gronkowski cuts a promo saying he’s a nice guy. He says he knows R-Truth fought hard for the title but that’s in the past. He is the present and future. He says he is prepared to fight anytime, any place. He tells R-Truth he has eyes on the back of his head as he places his sun glasses on the back of his head.

MVP is asked why he would want to compete after being his with a Claymore earlier tonight. He points at Bobby Lashley and says that’s why.

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Ric Flair cuts a promo about how he has participated in more great wrestling matches than any man to ever walk the aisle. He says they asked him about the outcome of what many consider to be the greatest wrestling match ever, Edge vs. Randy Orton. Ever since he stopped jet flying and limousine riding, the greatest wrestling performer has been Randy Orton. The man who will beat Edge at Backlash.

We see a clip of Undertaker The Last Ride documentary.

Liv Morgan says her biggest stumbling block in life has been her own self worth. She never felt good enough. She remembers being 6 years old wondering what this big thing in life had in store for her. And she didn’t know if she would hit the sun or crash and burn. But she finally found the WWE and got her first piece of wrestling gear with her name on it. She might not know all the answers because life keeps changing all the questions but what what she does know is she is alive and she is going to fulfill what she is destined to be. She is living her best life.

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WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. MVP and Bobby Lashley

The bell rings and we are under way. Ford is in the ring with Lasley. Lashley runs towards Ford but Ford rolls under Lashley. Ford with a head lock but Lashley sends him to the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Lashley runs to the ropes and grabs Ford. He gets him in the corner and slams hims down onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Ford kicks out.

Lashley throws Ford into the corner. MVP is tagged in and right hands by MVP. Ford with right hands of his own but MVP gets him back in the corner and Lashley is tagged in. A big spear into the corner on Ford. Lashley lifts Ford and goes for a suplex but Dawkins is tagged in. A double drop kick takes Lashley to the outside. Ford flies over the top rope as he’s tagged back in but he lands on his feet. He gets back on the ring apron but Lashley pushes him off the ring apron and onto the barricade.

On the outside, Lashley lifts Ford and slams him into the ring post.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, MVP is in the ring with Ford and right hands by MVP. Lashley is tagged in. Lashley with elbows as he knocks Dawkins off the ring apron. Lashley goes for the cover on Ford but Ford kicks out. Lashley throws Ford to the outside and MVP is tagged in. MVP throws Ford into the ring steps. MVP goes for the cover but Ford kicks out. MVP with a modified arm bar. Ford fights out of it but he’s sent into the corner.

MVP goes for a big boot but Ford moves out of the way. Ford with a big right hand takes MVP down as Dawkins is tagged in. Angelo with clothesline to MVP taking him down. A spinning elbow followed by a single leg take down. He sends MVP into the corner and a spinning splash followed by the bulldog.

Dawkins with a right hand knocks Lashley onto the outside. Ford throws Lashley into the barricade. Ford is tagged in and a spine buster by Dawkins. Ford with a huge splash on MVP. He goes for the cover but in comes Lashley and he gets the Full Nelson on Ford. The referee counts to five as Lashley doesn’t break it up and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: By disqualification, The Street Profits

Drew McIntyre’s music hits and out comes the WE champion. Drew gets in the ring and the Glasgow Kiss by Drew as both men brawl onto the outside of the ring. The fight gets back into the ring. The referee calls for back up from the back and in come WWE Performance Center trainees. Drew gives them both the Glasgow Kiss. He turns around and Lashley hits him with the spear.

The referee calls for more trainees to the ring. More come in but Lashley and Drew beat them up and continue to fight each other. More trainees get in the ring to break it up and they finally do.