WWE Monday Night RAW 06 08 2020

WWE Raw Results
June 8, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Tonight, we’ll see the return of The Peep Show with Christian hosting his former tag team partner Edge. The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders will have ten events in a decathlon. Bobby Lashley will be on the VIP Lounge to talk about what happened after last week’s Raw.

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka makes her way to the ring set to face Charlotte Flair. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks come out and gloat about winning the titles this past Friday on SmackDown. Asuka shouts and says this is her ring. Bayley says they get that, but as Tag Champions they can go on any brand whenever they want. Banks tells Asuka to shut up.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. Flair says they’re just like her going from brand to brand to brand. Best of luck keeping up with her stamina. Flair tells them to get out of the ring so she can have her match with Asuka, which is what people want to see.

The IIconics come out and says the match everyone wants to see is at WWE Backlash when they’re in the Women’s Tag Team Title match. Asuka screams at them. Banks and Bayley say Flair tried to break them up, but they’re now the champions. Flair says no matter how many titles Bayley and Banks have, they’ll still be garbage. Banks and Bayley attack Flair, while The IIconics attack Asuka. Asuka and Flair make a comeback and clear the ring.

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Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. The IIconics

It’ll be Sasha Banks starting against Peyton Royce. Royce rolls Banks up for a one count. Royce hits a headlock takeover, but Banks fights up and pulls her down by the hair. Banks poses before hitting the ropes. Banks counters a leapfrog with a roll-up for a two count. Banks counters a Gory Special with a roll-up for a two count. Royce counters a meteora, and they each attempt a dropkick. It’s a stalemate.

Royce slaps Banks, so she slaps back. Banks and Royce attack Flair and Asuka. Bayley tags in, and they double-team Royce. Billie Kay tags in and she attempts to wrestle. Bayley eventually tags Flair. Flair attacks Bayley and mocks Banks’ pose. Bayley fights back at Flair before tagging Banks in. Banks stomps Flair before tagging Bayley back in. Bayley stomps Flair and tags Banks. They send Flair into the ropes, but Flair kicks Banks in the face and takes Bayley down. Asuka blind tags in, which upsets Flair. Asuka knocks Bayley off the apron and shoulder blocks Banks. Asuka hits a hip attack on Banks before sending Kay into her. Asuka kicks Royce back and gives Kay a bulldog while clotheslining Royce. Asuka dances around.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see The IIconics running over everyone. Asuka boots Royce back, and Flair tags herself in. Flair hits an exploder suplex on Royce before kipping up. Flair attacks Bayley before punching Kay down. Asuka bling tags in and yells at Flair. Asuka attacks Kay, and Flair blind tags in again. Flair and Asuka are yelling at each other. Flair chops Kay and big boots her down. Flair tells Asuka to watch and learn as she goes to the top rope. Asuka tags herself in and applies an Asuka Lock to Kay for the submission. Bayley and Banks were nowhere to be seen.

Winners by Submission: Asuka and Charlotte Flair

Asuka and Charlotte Flair will wrestle later tonight. Flair takes Asuka down with a flying clothesline and holds up the Raw Women’s Championship.

We’ll hear from Rey Mysterio about his retirement decision later tonight.

A video package highlights Seth Rollins losing to Aleister Black last week on Raw. Rollins gave a Stomp to Humberto Carrillo and Black after.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and takes Byron Saxton’s headset. Saxton walks off. Rollins sits down and will be on commentary for the Rey Mysterio interview. Rey Mysterio is shown on split-screen and says, “You’re a son of a bitch!”

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We’re back with the interview with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio says his doctor thinks his eye is promising, but further damage to the cornea or an infection is possible. As for Rollins, he will pay for what he did. There is a 619 with Rollins’ name on it. Mysterio is going to kick his ass. Rollins says Mysterio doesn’t understand the power of his words or the sacrifice he made. Rollins will give Mysterio one more chance to come to Raw next week with Dominik so he can see his sacrifice was for the greater good. Mysterio says he’s putting Rollins on notice when he’s cleared. All of a sudden, Aleister Black attacks Rollins.

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Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo vs. Murphy and Austin Theory

Carrillo will start against Theory. Carrillo rolls him up for a two count. Carrillo hits a springboard cross-body block followed by a springboard arm drag. Theory quickly snaps him off the top rope and hits a rolling thunder dropkick for a one count. Theory clubs Carrillo’s back before kneeing him. Theory goes for a back suplex, but Carrillo flips through.

Murphy and Black tag in. Murphy kicks away at Black, but Black comes back with some kicks of his own. Murphy hits a knee strike, but Black rolls him up for a two count. Black hits a springboard moonsault before setting up for Black Mass. Black gets an interfering Theory out of the ring. Carrillo hits Theory with a wild suicide dive. Murphy rolls Black up for a two count. Murphy quickly baseball slides Carrillo. Murphy goes to the top rope, but Black cuts him off. Murphy pushes him away, but Black stuns him with a vicious kick to the face. Murphy falls from the top rope to the mat. Black covers for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Rey Mysterio’s music hits, and Seth Rollins walks out wearing Mysterio’s mask. Theory and Murphy attack Black and Carrillo from behind. Rollins joins in the attack. Theory hits Carrillo with an ATL. Rollins shouts at Black before Murphy knees Black in the face. Rollins tells Theory to teach Black a lesson. Rollins punches Black before having Murphy give him Murphy’s Law. Rollins has Theory and Murphy hold Black up. Rollins says he told him what would happen. Rollins will make him a sacrifice. Rollins finishes Black off with the Stomp. Rollins poses with Murphy and Theory.

Charly Caruso asks Randy Orton how he’s preparing to live up to expectations. Orton says he’s just wondering if Edge will be the only guest on the Peep Show. She says Edge will be. Orton says that’s good. She asks him what that means. Orton says there could be two guests on the Peep Show.

Christian makes his entrance and looks happy to be there. The Peep Show is next.

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The Peep Show with special guest Edge

Christian introduces Edge to the ring. They embrace. Christian says he was so happy to see Edge return, but he thinks he’s running on fumes at this point. Edge thinks about it. Christian doesn’t think Edge could pull off the greatest wrestling match ever in his prime. They’re best friends and have to be brutally honest with each other. Those are some lofty expectations. If Edge thinks he can live up to that, he’s lying to himself. Edge is starting to buckle and can’t handle the pressure.

Edge tells him to pump the brakes. Has Christian ever thought what it’s like to be in his shoes? Has Christian ever thought about what he’s going through having a straight up wrestling match for the first time in nine years? Now it has to be the greatest wrestling match ever? That’s like being at the bottom of Mt. Everest with no gear and crew and being told to climb. This isn’t the same Edge that would look Christian in the eye and give him the confidence because he was nervous before all their tag matches. Pardon him if this Edge is nervous about facing Randy Orton, who has been here for nine years firing on all cylinders. Edge doesn’t know how many cylinders he has. Christian says all he’s hearing is excuses. Did Edge think he’d come back and just do the greatest hits? Spear, smile, go home? What happened to Edge? Where’s the belief? Christian knows someone who used to believe in Edge more than anyone. Edge’s mom. She was there for all the big matches. If Edge doesn’t think she’ll be sitting there for this one, she will be. Christian calls him Adam and says if Edge isn’t showing up at Backlash, he can step through the ropes and go home right now. Edge looks super emotional as he looks at Christian.

Christian says that’s what he was looking for. Christian says they believe in him. They saw something at WrestleMania. When he locked Orton in that submission, he put him down. Edge has the anti-venom. Christian says they think Edge is as good now as he’s ever been. They believe he can have the greatest wrestling match ever.

Randy Orton appears on the screen and tells them to shut their mouths. If he has to listen to anymore of these words, he’s going to be sick to his stomach. Edge made one guarantee for this match at Backlash. Edge said he’d try. That’s pathetic to Orton. The expectations on this match are astronomical. What will Edge do when he doesn’t live up to those expectations. Orton will embarrass and humiliate Edge. He’ll take away all his grit until he’s a broken man sent back home to Beth and his beautiful daughters Ruby and Lyric. This Sunday at Backlash, the redemption of Edge is over.

Edge looks absolutely pumped up. Edge simply says, “No it’s not.” Edge throws down the microphone and walks off. Before he walks off to the back, he turns back to Christian and nods.

Footage is shown of Drew McIntyre beating MVP last week. After the match, Bobby Lashley applied the full nelson to McIntyre before the show went off the air.

Charly Caruso is backstage with MVP. She asks what happened after Raw went off the air. MVP tells her to tune into the VIP Lounge tonight. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth makes noise offscreen, distracting MVP. R-Truth tells MVP he beat Robin Gronk for the “trophy,” so he’s trying to hide. Bobby Lashley attacks R-Truth with the full nelson and throws him down.

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Bobby Lashley and MVP will take on The Viking Raiders later tonight.

Video Package: The rivalry with The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits

“Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” Decathlon

1600 Meter Dash – Montez Ford routs Ivar in the race. 1-0 Street Profits.

Archery – Erik shoots a bullseye. Angelo Dawkins doesn’t come close and shoots some poor guy in the foot. 1-1 tie.

Flip Cup – The Street Profits easily win this one, so Ivar angrily breaks the table. 2-1 Street Profits.

Sword Fighting – Montez Ford forfeits before it even starts. 2-2 tie.

Hurdles – Dawkins properly completes it while Ivar just runs through the hurdles. He thought you were literally supposed to go through the hurdles. 3-2 Street Profits.

Stick Fighting – First person to pull their opponent into a pull of goat’s milk wins. Ford and Dawkins both take a swim in goat’s milk. 3-3 tie.

Dance Off – The Street Profits dance to Shawn Michaels theme song. They do the Diesel and HBK pose. The Viking Raiders dance to Fandango’s theme. Ivar starts Fandangoing with the judges. One judge votes for the Raiders because Ivar is cute. Erik… not so much. 4-3 Street Profits overall.

Shotput – Erik gets off a good throw, but Dawkins straight up beats him. 5-3 Street Profits.

Turkey Leg Eating Contest – Dawkins wants some hot sauce. The Viking Raiders dominate the Profits in this. 5-4 Street Profits.

Pole Vault – Ford goes over the bar without touching. Ivar tells them to raise the bar for Air Ivar. They raise the bar, and Ivar goes over properly! It’s a 5-5 tie! Neither team can believe it.

WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring. Crews says he’s so excited to defend his title at Backlash against the winner of this triple threat between Angel Garza, Andrade, and Kevin Owens.

Andrade and Angel Garza make their entrances. Kevin Owens attacks them from behind and keeps running them into the barricade!

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#1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match
Andrade vs. Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens

The winner will face Apollo Crews for the WWE United States Championship at Backlash this Sunday.

Andrade and Garza immediately double-team Owens. Owens fights back, but they take him down with a double-team back elbow. While Garza is pulling his pants off, Owens rolls Andrade up for a two count. They continue to attack Owens and kick him in the head. Owen’s fights back, but Andrade and Garza overwhelm him. Garza knees Owens in the head. Zelina Vega looks pleased. Andrade and Garza send Owens to the corner. Andrade whips Garza into him, but Owens big boots Garza down. Andrade quickly stops Owens and applies a surfboard stretch. Garza stretches Owens legs. They lock dual submissions on Owens. They hit a double-team suplex on Owens. Andrade covers Owens while Garza poses. Garza breaks it up, and they start brawling. Vega tries to break it up and gets knocked over in the process!

We come back from the break to see Owens fight Garza off the top rope and hitting a senton bomb. Andrade breaks up the pin. During the commercial break, Zelina Vega was helped to the back. Owens has Andrade on his back, so Owens falls back with Andrade on his back onto Garza!

Owens hits Andrade and Garza with cannonballs in the corner. Andrade avoids a second and hits running knees to Garza and Owens. Garza superkicks Andrade, and Owens superkicks Garza. Owens hits a frog splash on Andrade for a near fall. Apollo Crews is backstage watching on. Andrade avoids a Pop-up Powerbomb and hits a vicious back elbow, but Owens kicks out. Andrade kicks Garza on the apron before going back to Owens. Owens scoops Andrade up, but Andrade fights it. Garza then hits Owens with a missile dropkick. Andrade and Garza chop away at each other before Garza knees him in the face. They clothesline each other out of the ring. Owens hits the ropes and floors them with a summersault plancha!

Owens gets Garza in the ring and goes for a Stunner, but Garza pushes him off and dropkicks him in the knee. Garza applies a kneelock, but Owens makes it to the bottom rope. Garza sets up for the Wing Clipper, but Owens floors him with a Stunner. Andrade quickly knees Owens in the head and covers Garza for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Andrade

Footage is shown of Asuka and Charlotte Flair winning a match earlier despite being at odds throughout.

Charlotte Flair is backstage with Sara Schreiber. Schreiber mentions Flair is going to be in a match against Asuka after having a match already. She also lost the NXT Women’s Championship last night. Flair says she didn’t lose the title last night. She didn’t get pinned. In order to be the woman, you have to beat the woman. She main evented TakeOver and is main eventing Raw tonight. Asuka comes up dancing. Flair asks if she ever takes anything seriously. Asuka says, “Yes,” and viciously slaps her in the face.

-Commercial Break-

Andrade and Angel Garza are arguing backstage when an angrily Zelina Vega comes up and points. They walk off.

Kurt Angle says it all comes down to chemistry to have the greatest wrestling match ever. Ric Flair had that with Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels had that with Undertaker, and he had it with Brock Lesnar. Still, the greatest wrestling match ever is a lot of pressure, but he’s going with Edge. He can’t vote against a fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

The Viking Raiders are talking backstage when WWE Champion Drew McIntyre comes up to them. McIntyre says he wants to celebrate with them after they beat MVP and Lashley. McIntyre has turkey legs.

-Commercial Break-

MVP is in the ring for the VIP Lounge. MVP says he’s going to introduce the man with the most devastating finishing move in WWE… WWE Champion Drew McIntyre comes out. McIntyre thought MVP was introducing him. MVP says they’re not friends and asks about the full nelson. McIntyre says he’s still feeling it, but what is MVP’s deal? Is he going to teach Lashley how to win the title despite winning zero in his career? One thing MVP does know is how to take a Claymore since he’s taken so many.

Bobby Lashley appears in the ring. McIntyre says Lashley is going to pay. McIntyre gives MVP a Glasgow Kiss before turning back to Lashley. The Viking Raiders come out along with the Street Profits.

-Commercial Break-

MVP and Bobby Lashley vs. The Viking Raiders

MVP will start against Ivar, but he instead tags Bobby Lashley in. Lashley runs over Ivar and hits a flatliner. MVP tags in and punches away at Ivar. Lashley tags back in and elbows away at Ivar. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is shown watching at ringside. Erik tags in, and the Viking Raiders double-team Lashley. Lana is seen watching backstage. MVP tags in, but Erik takes him down and punches away at him. Ivar tags in and shoulders MVP. Ivar applies an arm bar to MVP before tagging Erik back in. Ivar scoop slams MVP before Erik scoop slams Ivar onto MVP. Lashley tags in, but Erik forearms him. Erik hits the ropes, but Lashley hits a big one-armed spinebuster for a near fall.

Lashley punches away at Erik before stomping him. MVP tags back in before hitting a snapmare and kicking him in the back. MVP covers for a two count. MVP tries to cover a few more times for the same result. Lashley tags in and attacks Erik. Lashley chokes Erik with his boot. MVP tags in, and they hit a double-team suplex on Erik for a near fall. Lashley tags in and kicks away at Erik. Erik stuns Lashley with a punch.

Ivar and MVP tag in. Ivar runs over MVP before slamming him down. Ivar hits a low cross-body. MVP punches back at him and tags Lashley. Ivar hits MVP with a seated senton, cartwheels around Lashley, and knocks him out of the ring. Lashley pulls Ivar out of the ring and bounces him off commentary. Lashley and MVP get in the Street Proftis’ faces. They’re at ringside as well. Ivar then hits Lashley and MVP with a suicide dive.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Erik applying an arm bar to Lashley. Ivar tags in and attacks Lashley. Lashley quickly clotheslines him down. MVP tags in as Lashley shoulders Ivar. MVP follows up with a running big boot for a near fall. MVP covers Ivar for a two count.

Lana is still watching backstage. Charly Caruso asks if it bothers her that Lashley asked her to stay backstage. Lana says it does bother her that this leech attached itself to her husband, but they’re going to be champion. It also let her focused on her own career.

In the ring, Lashley is attacking Ivar. Ivar punches him back before hitting the ropes. Lashley gives him a scoop powerslam for a two count. MVP tags in, and Ivar fights back. Erik tags in and runs wild over MVP. Erik stuns MVP with a right hand before knocking Lashley off the apron. Erik slingshots over MVP before hitting an exploder. Ivar tags in, and Erik hits double knees on MVP. Erik tags in and slams Ivar into MVP. Lashley breaks up the pin. Lashley winds up in front of McIntyre at ringside. Lashley then spears Ivar at ringside.

Lashley blind tags in. Erik viciously knees MVP in the face. Lashley then applies the full nelson to Erik for the win!

Winners by Submission: MVP and Bobby Lashley

Lashley taunts McIntyre at ringside. Ivar takes out MVP, so Lashley applies the full nelson to him. The Street Profits run in to pull Lashley off. All of a sudden, McIntyre gives Lashley a Claymore Kick that sends him flying out of the ring.

Asuka battles Charlotte Flair, next.

-Commercial Break-

The commentators run down the WWE Backlash card for this Sunday.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

Before the match begins, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way to ringside to watch. Flair isn’t happy. Flair then runs over Asuka with a forearm. Bayley and Banks are on commentary. Asuka attacks Flair and kicks her in the back of the head. Flair shoulders away at her, but Asuka fights back. Flair sidesteps a dropkick and goes for a kick, but Asuka blocks it. Flair fights out and boots Asuka down. Flair pulls Asuka out of the ring and throws her over the commentary table.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Flair beating on Asuka at ringside before taunting Bayley and Banks. Asuka fights back and gets in the ring. Asuka goes for a hip attack in the ring, but Flair catches her. Asuka elbows her off and applies an octopus stretch. Flair rolls through a roll-up and dropkicks her. The IIconics are shown behind the plexiglass.

Flair slams Asuka down and bounces her face off the mat. Flair applies a surfboard and knees her in the back a few times. Asuka fights back and knocks her out of the ring before attacking. Flair soon gets back in control and hits Asuka with a baseball slide. Flair punches her at ringside. Asuka fights back and goes to the top rope. Flair knocks her off to the floor. All of a sudden, The IIconics attack Bayley and Banks from behind. They execute a slow motion Magic Killer.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the final break of the evening to see Flair chop Asuka down. Asuka kicks back and hits a hip attack for a two count. Bayley, Banks, and The IIconics were ejected from ringside. Flair rolls her up for a two count. Asuka immediately applies an arm bar. Flair forearms out and beats her down. Asuka hits the ropes for a hip attack, but Flair catches her and hits a high angle back suplex for a two count.

Flair kicks her in the face a few times before stretching her on the ropes. Flair hits a snapmare and applies a chin lock. Flair knees her down before Asuka fights out. Flair kicks away at her, and Asuka is writhing in pain. Asuka forearms her in the face before Flair fights back. Asuka hits a missile dropkick to take Flair down.

Asuka avoids a big boot and hits a German Suplex. Asuka hits a running hip attack before kicking away at her. Asuka hits the ropes and hip attacks her out of the ring. Flair fights back as Asuka goes outside. Asuka viciously kicks her in the face to stop her. They’re on the apron, and Flair annihilates her with a big boot. Flair gets on the barricade and hits Asuka with a moonsault block! Flair gets her in the ring before slamming her leg off the ring post. Asuka soon pulls Flair into the post to stun her. Flair forearms Asuka back and avoids a hip attack. Flair big boots her for a near fall.

Asuka knees Flair trying for a spear to pick up a near fall. Asuka goes for an Asuka Lock, but Flair rolls her up for a two count. Asuka tries again, but Flair somehow twists out. Flair spears her down for another near fall! They trade wild and stiff forearms before Flair twists out of an arm bar attempt. Flair backs her to the corner, and Asuka kicks her back. Nia Jax runs down, but Asuka hip attacks her off the apron. Flair big boots Asuka for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Charlotte Flair

Nia Jax attacks Asuka after the match and hits a Samoan Drop.