WWE Monday Night RAW 09 20 2021

WWE Raw Results
September 20, 2021
Raleigh, North Carolina (PNC Arena)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting Big E cashing in Money in the Bank last week and becoming the WWE Champion.

The New Day make their way to the ring to a huge reception. WWE Champion Big E leads Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods down to the ring.

WWE Champion Big E takes the microphone, and the crowd chants, “You deserve it.” Big E says they are the best. It may not be November 25, but he is thankful. Big E is thankful for those that chanted “New Day rocks,” as well as “New Day sucks.” He is also grateful for all those that lost their minds when he became the new WWE Champion. Big E is grateful for those below the heavens and one incredible friend above. Big E looks up, and the crowd chants, “Brodie.” Big E looks very emotional as he remembers his friend, the late great “Brodie Lee” Jon Huber.

Tonight, the celebration will be cut a little short because they’ve got town business. That business is with the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and their cousin, the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, Roman Reigns. Raw is their show, and they’ll send the Bloodline packing. Do you know why? Because… the crowd chants, “New Day Rocks!”

The Bloodline makes its way to the ring. WWE Champion Roman Reigns is flanked by Paul Heyman and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Usos. This huge 6-Man Tag Team Match is next.

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6-Man Tag Team Match
The New Day (WWE Champion Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) vs. The Bloodline (WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and SmackDown Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Jey Uso) w/ Paul Heyman

Kofi Kingston starts against Jimmy Uso. Jimmy quickly shoulder blocks him down and taunts the crowd. The Bloodline stands tall on the apron. Kingston grabs Jimmy and applies a hammerlock. Kingston applies a side headlock, but Jimmy whips him to the corner. Jimmy goes for a monkey flip, but Kingston lands on his feet and shakes his head. Kingston dropkicks Jimmy down for a two count. Kingston grabs Jimmy and hits a snapmare. Xavier Woods tags in. Kingston hits a running kick, and Woods follows up with a low elbow. Kingston hits a springboard splash, and Woods comes off the top rope with a diving elbow drop for a near fall. WWE Champion Big E tags in and clotheslines Jimmy down for a two count. Woods tags in, and Jimmy stuns him with a strike. Jey Uso tags in and clotheslines Woods down. Jey connects with a big scoop slam. Kingston blind tags in and hits Jey with a springboard cross-body block. Kingston wrenches the arm, but Jey stuns him. Jimmy tags in and punches Kingston in the ribs. Jey tags in again, and he head-butts Kingston in the midsection. Kingston fights back, but Roman Reigns blind tags in. Kingston hits the ropes, but Reigns pulls him out. Reigns sends Kingston into the commentary table before throwing him headfirst into the ring post. Reigns then throws him over the table!

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We come back from the break to see Jey standing over Kingston before throwing him down in the corner. Jey charges, but Kingston gives him a back body drop over the top rope. Jey grabs his arm in pain. Jey gets in the ring and tags Jimmy in. Jimmy superkicks Woods off the apron before Kingston can make the tag. Jimmy stops Kingston from tagging Big E in. Jimmy knees him in the midsection and sends him to the corner, but Kingston scales the ropes and hits a missile dropkick.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Big E tag in. The crowd is electric! Reigns and Big E trade punches. Big E ducks a clothesline and connects with a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E then hits a belly-to-belly side suplex. Big E is fired up. Big E clotheslines Jey over the top rope and turns to Reigns, but Reigns is up and hits him with a uranage for a near fall. Reigns angrily looks at the referee. Reigns begins to taunt the crowd before punching the mat. Big E counters a Superman Punch with another belly-to-belly side suplex followed by a big splash. Big E gets the crowd going before lifting Reigns up. Reigns slides off. Jimmy runs in, but Big E sends him over the top rope. Woods tags in. Big E catapults Kingston over the top rope onto The Usos. Reigns then hits Big E with a Superman Punch. Woods knees Reigns in the face and goes for a slingshot DDT, but Reigns pushes him off. Woods fights back with a superkick on Reigns for a near fall.

Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley runs down and spears Big E down at ringside. Lashley picks Kingston up and drives him headfirst into the ring post. Lashley then clotheslines Jimmy down before sending Jey into the ring steps. Woods angrily looks at Lashley before turning into a spear from Reigns. Reigns covers for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: The Bloodline

As Reigns gets to his feet, Lashley gets in the ring and spears him down! Lashley then goes outside, sizes up Big E, and spears him through the barricade! Lashley celebrates after destroying two world champions and a pair of tag teams.

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Replays are shown of the carnage caused by Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley charges into the office of WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Lashley is furious that Big E cashed in on him last week despite being injured. Lashley says the All Mighty Era never ends.

MVP was injured last week after an RKO from Randy Orton.

Randy Orton is sitting backstage with his headsets on. Riddle walks in and says he has the same headphones so they can listen to the same Spotify playlist. Riddle says “skipper” AJ Styles doesn’t stand a chance against Orton tonight. Riddle talks about going on a safari with his parents. Riddle is talking about the premise of The Lion King. Orton says he’s confusing real life for the movies again. Orton says he’ll work hard to break a few of AJ Styles’ ribs. Orton thanks Riddle for the headphones.

Replays are shown of Eva Marie attacking Doudrop a few weeks back. Doudrop then destroyed her in an unofficial match before destroying her in an actual match.

Eva Marie takes on Doudrop next.

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Before the match begins, Eva Marie says she doesn’t want to shame anyone, but look at her. Now, look at Doudrop. Eva says she’s put together, and Doudrop is a mess. Girls like Doudrop can never beat women like her.

Eva Marie vs. Doudrop

The bell rings, and Eva Marie immediately gets out of the ring. Doudrop chases her in and out of the ring. Doudrop grabs her coming into the ring, so Eva rakes the eyes. Eva forearms her in the face and goes for a running cross-body, but Doudrop catches her and slams her down. Doudrop hits a senton splash before hitting the ropes and hitting a low cross-body for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Doudrop

Doudrop looks into the camera and shouts that the Eva-lution is dead.

WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are backstage when WWE Champion Big E walks in. Big E says he wants Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns tonight. Big E demands they make it happen.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro make their way to the ring. Randy Orton battles AJ Styles next.

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WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are both on the phone when Paul Heyman walks in. They both hang up at the same time. Heyman says Bobby Lashley steps up to them and strips them of their dignity. Then Big E comes in and complains. Heyman is here with a message from the Trible Chief. Deville says we’re having a Triple Threat with Roman Reigns, Big E, and Bobby Lashley. Pearce tells Heyman to let Reigns know it is official.

Raw Tag Team Champion Randy Orton w/ Riddle vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos

Orton quickly takes Styles down at the start of the match. They go back and forth trading holds for a few moments. Styles backs up, holding his arm. Styles fights back, but Orton goes for an RKO. Styles pushes him off and looks scared. Orton taunts Omos. Orton kicks Styles in the midsection and connects with a snap suplex for a two count. Orton starts the Garvin Stomps on the limbs. Orton stomps the forehead for a two count. Orton hits the ropes, but Omos trips him up. Orton deliberately went into the ropes so Omos would do that. The referee ejects Omos from ringside. A furious Omos knocks Riddle out at ringside.

Styles takes Orton out with a strike to the back of the neck. Styles then wipes him out with a plancha forearm to the face. Styles looks confident despite losing Omos.

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We come back from the break to see Styles attacking the knee. Orton manages to sidestep him eventually and connects with a snap powerslam for a near fall. Orton puts Styles on the top rope. Styles fights it, so Orton clotheslines him off the top rope. Orton goes for a hanging DDT, but Styles snaps him off the top rope. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Orton grabs him. Styles quickly goes to the sleeper hold. Orton powers Styles into the corner and grabs his throat. Orton charges, but Styles boots him in the face. Orton counters a tornado DDT and connects with an exploder suplex. Riddle looks pleased that Orton used one of his signature maneuvers.

Styles gets to his feet and connects with a strike combination followed by a Pele kick for a near fall. Styles sets up for a Styles Clash, but Orton lifts him. Styles goes for a sunset flip counter, but Orton sits on his shoulders for a near fall. Styles then hits Orton with a low forearm. Styles connects with a Lionsault for a near fall. Styles goes to the apron, but he’s distracted by Riddle. Styles quickly forearms Orton down and goes for a springboard but gets down when Orton teases an RKO. Orton kicks Styles in the face and hits a hanging DDT. Orton wildly gets fired up and connects with an RKO for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton

Video Package: Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler

Nia Jax makes her entrance. The former tag team collides next.

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Nia Jax shouts that Shayna Baszler was nothing without her. They get into a shoving match. Jax says it’s all about it. Baszler kicks away at her before Jax hits a shoulder breaker. Baszler gets to her feet, and Jax avalanches her in the corner. They get into a brawl before Baszler knees her in the face a few times. Baszler rocks her with a kick to the head and a knee to the face. Baszler viciously knees her a second time in the face before applying the Kirifuda Clutch. Jax gets to her feet, so Baszler kicks away at her some more. Jax lifts her, but Baszler holds on to the Kirifuda Clutch. The referee stops the match.

Winner by Referee Stoppage: Shayna Baszler

Baszler looks conflicted, but then she charges and kicks Jax off the apron. Baszler grabs the arm and kicks away at it. Baszler knocks the top half of the steel steps off and kicks Jax in the mouth. Baszler puts Jax’s hand in the hand hole of the steps before stomping the arm! Jax screams in pain as Baszler stands over her. Baszler grabs the arm, and a crying Jax begs her to stop. Baszler looks very emotional as she stands on Jax’s hand. Baszler then stomps the arm, and Jax screams in agony. Baszler looks near tears as referees gather around Jax.

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Replays are shown of Shayna Baszler’s vicious attack on Nia Jax.

Tag Team Match
Mustafa Ali and Mansoor vs. Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza

A pre-taped promo is shown of Carrillo and Garza. Garza says he has reunited with his cousin to dominate the world.

Ali starts against Garza. Ali goes for a leapfrog, but Garza dropkicks him out of midair! Gara then rips his pants off. Carrillo tags in, and they hit Ali with a double-team slingshot slam for a near fall. Carrillo chops the chest and hits a snapmare before applying a chin lock. Ali fights up and hits a springboard tornado DDT. Mansoor and Garza tag in. Mansoor clotheslines him down before hitting a high kick to the head. Mansoor hits a corner clothesline before tagging Ali in. They hit a double stomp/back suplex combo. Carrillo runs in and tags Mansoor down. Garza then wildly sends Ali into the ring post. Garza is pumped up. Carrillo tags in and applies a submission before Garza dropkicks Ali in the face. Carrillo covers for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza

Video Package: Karrion Kross

Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley make their way to the stage. They’re holding microphones. Before they face Natalya and Tamina tonight for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, Nikki says they wanted to talk to the WWE Universe about their friend Connor and Connor’s Cure. An emotional Ripley talks about how everyone has come together to donate and fundraise to beat pediatric cancer. Nikki says more work needs to be done. They’re dedicating their match to the kids. With the V Foundation, when they win, she wants the crowd to put their arms in the air and yell, “Victory!”

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya and Tamina (c’s)

Tamina throws Nikki across the ring to start. Nikki quickly fights back, but Natalya blind tags in. Natalya and Tamina hit a Hart Attack, but Ripley breaks up the pin. Tamina head-butts Ripley and throws her out of the ring. Natalya forearms away at Nikki before tagging Tamina in. Tamina stomps away at Nikki. Natalya tags in, and there’s an awkward pause like someone forgot a spot. Tamina tags in and takes Nikki down. Tamina goes to the top rope for a splash, but Nikki gets the knees up in a feeble looking spot. Natalya tags in and spikes Nikki on her tailbone before hitting a baseman dropkick. Ripley gets on the apron and kicks Tamina away before hitting a cannonball. Ripley hits Tamina with the Riptide on the apron. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter, but Nikki rolls her up for the win.

Winners by Pinfall and new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley

Replays are shown of the brawl with Alexa Bliss and Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair last week. Flair later threw away Bliss’ Charly doll.

Alexa Bliss makes her entrance.

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WWE Champion Big E battles WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat Match later tonight.

Alexa’s Playground

Alexa Bliss is swinging on her swing set in the ring. She introduces the soon-to-be-former Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. Bliss invites Flair to sit down. Flair says she’ll stand and remember when Bliss used to be a competitor. She’s waiting for the hocus pocus and tricks up her sleeve. Bliss says her sleeves are short. Bliss just wants to have fun, and Flair is the fun police. Bliss notices Charly isn’t with Flair, but Bliss brought Charly with her. A “Charly” chant picks up. Flair misses the old Alexa Bliss with her 5 Feet of Fury and championship material. Flair mentions that Bliss is fragile, and this is all a ruse to hide behind. Instead of holding titles, she’s holding dolls. Bliss isn’t as popular as her dolls.

Flair is wondering how she went from main eventing WrestleMania 35 to fighting a woman dressed as a child. Flair will beat the sense back into Bliss. Does Bliss want that tonight or wait until this Sunday at Extreme Rules? Bliss says they get it, but who is Flair without a title? If Flair doesn’t have a title to brag about, she has nothing. Bliss doesn’t need to play mind games to expose Flair’s insecurities. They’re stamped on her forehead. Flair is terrified of the Raw Women’s Championship moving on without her. What would Flair say to the people if she lost the title? Bliss says it’s not originally hers. Flair tells her not to talk about originality, referencing Bliss’s gimmick. Bliss didn’t give the doll to Flair to play mind games. It was a pity gift. Even a self-centered bitch like Flair deserves happiness. Bliss knows who she is. Flair can call her crazy, but this Sunday, she’ll call her “champ.” Flair says Bliss will never find out what she has to say when she’s not champion.

Flair shoves Bliss, so Bliss jumps on her. Flair throws Bliss away and big boots her down. Flair points at Lilly, so Bliss jumps on her back. Flair quickly slams her down and picks Charly up. Flair then rips the head off Charly. Flair looks toward Lilly, so Bliss punches away at her and hits a DDT. Bliss embraces Lilly and looks at Flair as she goes up the ramp.

Backstage, Drake Maverick is with R-Truth, Drew Gulak, and Akira Tozawa. There’s a whiteboard that has “Operation 24/7” written on it. The plan is to drop a net on Reggie. Gulak finds Reggie backstage. They throw the net, but Gulak gets tangled. Reggie does some parkour to escape.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance. He’ll face Sheamus next.

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WWE United States Champion Damian Priest will be on commentary for this match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

If Jeff Hardy wins, he’ll be added to the WWE United States Championship match at Extreme Rules.

They lock up, and Sheamus powers him to the corner before throwing him down. Sheamus hits a headlock takeover, but Hardy fights out. Sheamus hits another headlock takeover, but Hardy grapevines the head. Sheamus fights up, and shoulder blocks him down. Sheamus uppercuts him and goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Hardy ducks. Hardy hits a dropkick to the knee and then a dropkick to the face. Hardy powers Sheamus to the corner and shoulders him. Sheamus punches him in the midsection and sends him to the ropes, but Hardy holds on. Hardy drops Sheamus onto the apron and knocks him to the floor. Hardy goes outside and jumps off the steps, but Sheamus catches him and slams him on the apron. Sheamus rips the mask off and knocks him down on the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Hardy flip through a back suplex. Hardy sends Sheamus shoulder-first into the ring post. Hardy clotheslines him down and sweeps the feet. Hardy hits a double leg to the midsection and a low dropkick to the face. Sheamus quickly gets up and lifts him, but Hardy slides off and hits a side leg sweep. Hardy goes to the second rope for a splash. Sheamus kicks out at two. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Sheamus shoves him off. Hardy hits a drop-toe-hold into the turnbuckle. Hardy goes for a slingshot dropkick, but Sheamus boots him away.

Sheamus is bleeding from the nose. There appears to be a cut on the side. Sheamus hits a diving clothesline for a near fall. Hardy fights out of a hold and goes for a Twist of Fate, but Sheamus knees him in the face for a near fall. Sheamus goes for a Cloverleaf, but Hardy gets out. Hardy avoids a Brogue Kick and hits a Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top rope as his home state comes to their feet. Sheamus gets the knees up to counter the Swanton Bomb. Sheamus lifts him, but Hardy counters into a sunset flip for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has been added to the WWE United States Championship match at Extreme Rules, which will feature champion Damian Priest and Sheamus.

Damian Priest and Sheamus brawl at ringside. Referees try to break them up, but they keep finding their way back to each other. They brawl into the ring before Priest clotheslines him out.

The main event is next.

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Replays are shown of Bobby Lashley attacking Big E and Roman Reigns earlier tonight.

Triple Threat Match
WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman vs. Bobby Lashley vs. WWE Champion Big E

Big E goes right after Lashley, and they brawl in front of Reigns. Big E takes Reigns down before clubbing away at Lashley’s chest. Big E has him over the apron and hits a big splash! Big E talks some trash before pushing Lashley into the ring. Reigns stuns Big E with a Drive-By Dropkick. Reigns gets in the ring and holds his index finger up.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Big E and Lashley going at it. Big E puts Lashley in an abdominal stretch and punches the ribs. Reigns uppercuts Big E and sends Lashley out of the ring. Reigns clotheslines Big E down for a near fall. Reigns goes outside for a Drive-By Dropkick on Lashley, but Lashley clotheslines him out of midair. Lashley gets Reigns in the ring for a near fall. Lashley bounces Reigns off the top turnbuckle and shoulders Big E in the midsection. Lashley shoulders Reigns and goes for another on Big E, but Big E hits him with a uranage. Big E shoulder thrusts Reigns and backs up. Big E charges Reigns again, but Reigns hits him with a Samoan Drop for a near fall.

Reigns clubs away at Lashley in the corner before putting him on the top rope. Reigns starts to climb the ropes, but Lashley fights up off. Reigns quickly fights back with an uppercut. Reigns goes for a superplex, but Lashley fights it. Big E runs up and powerbombs Reigns while Reigns hits Lashley with a superplex!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the final break of the evening to see Reigns standing over Big E. Big E fights back and hits a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes followed by a belly-to-belly side suplex. Big E hits the ropes, but Lashley pulls him out of the ring before sending him into the barricade. Lashley is fired up! Lashley gets in the ring and hits Reigns with a flatliner. Lashley hits Reigns with an IMPRESSIVE delayed vertical suplex for a near fall.

Big E gets in the ring and avoids a Dominator from Lashley. Big E hits Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E takes Reigns down and lays him next to Lashley. Big E splashes both men. Big E covers Lashley for a near fall. Big E goes to spear Reigns off the apron, but Reigns knees him in the face. Lashley hits Big E with a one-armed spinebuster. Reigns throws Lashley out of the ring and covers Big E for a near fall. Reigns sizes Big E up and goes for a Superman Punch, but Big E sidesteps him. Big E hits Reigns with the Big Ending, but Lashley pulls him out of the ring before the three count! Lashley manhandles Big E around ringside and hits a one-armed spinebuster through the commentary table!

Lashley sizes Reigns up and charges, but Reigns counters him with a Superman Punch for a near fall. The crowd loves this match. Reigns sizes Lashley up, but Lashley catches him with a spear! Lashley covers, but Big E breaks it up. Lashley is infuriated and goes for the Hurt Lock on Big E. Big E fights it, and Reigns takes Lashley out with a Superman Punch. Reigns charges Big E, but Big E knocks him out of the ring. Big E spears Reigns off the apron!

Big E gets Reigns in the ring and hits the Big Ending on the WWE Universal Champion! Lashley breaks up the pin with a steel chair! Lashley viciously attacks Big E with the chair. Lashley continues to beat on Big E with the chair until Reigns spears him down for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns