WWE Monday Night RAW 11 08 2021

WWE Raw Results
November 8, 2021
Louisville, Kentucky (KFC Yum Center)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Footage is shown from last week of Kevin Owens facing off against WWE Champion Big E. Rollins punched Big E. A conflicted Owens went for the cover, but Big E reversed it into a crucifix to pin him. Owens tried to apologize to him, but Big E gave him a Big Ending.

WWE Champion Big E is sitting backstage with Kevin Owens. Owens says he’s been trying to prove for a while that he’s not the same. Owens cares about Big E’s opinion. Owens didn’t know that Rollins hit him. He was groggy and didn’t see. Big E gets up and says he’s got a match, so he doesn’t care. Owens says, “Yeah, well, I do.”

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring in a wild blue outfit. Rollins is holding a contract. Rollins welcomes everyone to “Monday Night Rollins.” Rollins is the face of Raw and will lead Team Raw to glorious victory at Survivor Series over the bums on SmackDown. A “You looks stupid” chant picks up. Rollins says none of the idiots in the crowd know about fashion. There’s an important question to solve: who exactly is Kevin Owens? Is he the prizefighter that would do whatever it takes for the WWE Universe? Or is Kevin Owens a snake, a gutless spineless coward? Is Kevin Owens a liar? The crowd boos. Rollins has known Owens for a very long time. They came up together in this industry. Kevin Owens is a backstabber and cannot be trusted as far as he can be thrown, which isn’t far at all. Ask Sami Zayn or The New Day. Owens is gutless and soulless. Most of all, he is a liar. After tonight, when he beats him in the center of this ring in the main event, not only will Kevin Owens be the biggest liar in the world, he’ll also be the biggest loser in the world.

An angry Kevin Owens charges down to the ring. Rollins tries to beg him off, but Owens attacks him. Owens knocks him out of the ring and goes to powerbomb Rollins on the apron, but Rollins grabs the ropes and pulls himself into the ring. Rollins runs away as Owens seethes in the ring.

Footage is shown of Omos destroying The Street Profits and Riddle last week on Raw.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro are backstage. Riddle is excited to be teaming with The Street Profits tonight. Riddle thinks they’ll be like a giant robot coming together. Randy Orton says they are the Raw Tag Team Champions with a target on their back. There’s no reason for them to be searching for fights with giants. Riddle says he was attacked last week. Orton says Omos attacked The Street Profits, not them. Riddle got involved when Orton warned him and got mauled. Orton doesn’t care about The Street Profits. The Street Profits are right behind Orton and don’t look pleased. Orton says he doesn’t care what they do in the ring tonight. If they have a vendetta with Omos, they’re on their own. Riddle says that went as well as possible and runs off with Orton.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro make their entrance to a good reception from the crowd.

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8-Man Tag Team Match
Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle) and The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. AJ Styles, Omos, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode

Montez Ford starts against Robert Roode. They lock up, and Roode powers Ford to the corner. Roode punches him, so Ford punches back and sends him into the ropes. Roode shoulder blocks him down. Roode hits the ropes, but Ford leapfrogs him twice and hits a beautiful dropkick followed by some push-ups. Angelo Dawkins tags in and shoulder blocks Roode before slamming Ford into him. Dawkins covers for a two count. Roode quickly knees Dawkins in the midsection and elbows him. Dolph Ziggler tags in. The Dirty Dawgz hit a double-team shoulder block. Dawkins fights back at Ziggler right after with a right hand. Randy Orton tags in to a nice reception and takes Ziggler down. Orton starts to stomp the midsection of Ziggler before stomping the ankles. Riddle tags in, and Orton assists him in hitting Ziggler with a twisting senton for a near fall. Ziggler quickly clips Riddle’s leg and dropkicks him down. AJ Styles tags in and attacks Riddle. Styles slingshots over Riddle, but Riddle takes him down. Styles goes for a Styles Clash, but Riddle fights it and counters into a triangle choke. Styles tries to turn him onto his shoulders but then powers him up. Riddle pulls Styles over the top rope with a hurricanrana. The two teams face off at ringside.

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We come back from the break to see Roode send Riddle to the corner. Riddle quickly sidesteps an attack. Riddle kicks away at Roode before kicking Ziggler down, who was attempting to interfere. Riddle kicks Styles in the face and turns into a Double R Spinebuster from Roode for a near fall. Roode connects with a textbook vertical suplex and tags Ziggler in. Ziggler connects with an elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler applies a chin lock to Riddle, but Riddle fights up and punches out. Ziggler quickly takes Riddle down by the hair and tags Styles in. Styles drops a knee on Riddle’s face. Styles elbows Riddle in the shoulder and applies a chin lock. Riddle fights up, but Styles powers him to his corner and has some words with Roode. Ziggler tags in and attacks Riddle. Roode tags in and hits a neckbreaker for a two count before doing some push-ups. Roode stomps Riddle before choking him with his boot. Ziggler tags in and rakes his boot on Riddle’s face. Riddle goes for a kick, but Ziggler blocks it and flips him over. Riddle lands on his feet, knocks Styles off the apron, and viciously knees Ziggler in the face!

Randy Orton tags in, and the crowd goes crazy. Orton hits a pair of clotheslines before hitting a snap powerslam. Roode runs in, but he meets the same fate as Ziggler. Orton hits Ziggler with a draping DDT and gets fired up. Orton sizes Ziggler up for an RKO, but Roode attacks Orton from behind. Orton drives Roode into Omos, who is knocked off the apron. Orton avoids a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles and throws him over the top rope, but Omos catches Styles!

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We come back from the break to see Omos take Ford down. Roode tags in, and he tags Ziggler in. Roode and Ziggler attack Ford before Ziggler rakes the eyes. Styles takes Ford down and covers, but Ford kicks out. Ziggler tags in and kicks Ford down. Ziggler knocks Orton off the apron, causing him to get in the ring. The referee is distracted, but Ziggler doesn’t take advantage of it. Ziggler hits a reverse neckbreaker for a near fall. Ziggler taunts Ford and goes for a famouser, but Ford counters into a powerbomb attempt. Ziggler counters into a sunset flip, but Ford gets up and hits a step-up enzuigiri.

Dawkins and Roode tag in. Dawkins knocks Styles off the apron and takes Roode down before hitting a reverse elbow. Dawkins hits Roode and Ziggler with exploder suplexes. Dawkins then slams Styles down before pointing at Omos. Omos casually enters the ring and easily chokeslams Dawkins. Ford goes for a springboard, but Omos grabs him and shoves him over the top rope. Orton begs Riddle not to get in the ring. Riddle tags in and hits Omos with two knees, but Omos shakes them off before hitting a double hand slam. Omos looks over at Orton, who is yelling at Riddle for disobeying him. Orton goes to get in the ring, but Ziggler and Roode pull him off the apron and send him into the ring steps.

Omos goes to tag Styles in, but Ziggler intercepts it. Styles yells at Ziggler. Roode pulls Styles off the apron and shoves him. Omos grabs Roode and throws him into the barricade. Ziggler sneaks into the ring and covers Riddle for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: AJ Styles, Omos, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode

A furious Orton comes up from behind Ziggler and hits him with an RKO.

Rey Mysterio is talking with his son, Dominik, backstage. Kevin Owens comes up and says he cares about Mysterio’s opinion of him. Mysterio says his head is spinning since WWE Official Adam Pearce called them out to the ring. Owens says he needs to know Mysterio believes him, and Rey says he does.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio make their way to the ring. WWE Official Adam Pearce is already there.

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Veer Mahaan is coming to WWE Raw.

WWE Official Adam Pearce is in the ring with Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Pearce appreciates them being in the ring, but first, he wants to talk about Survivor Series. Since 1987, Survivor Series has seen the debuts of The Undertaker and The Rock. This is also where the champions from Raw and SmackDown collide, including a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match. It’s propelled people into stardom. Team Raw has to live up to last year’s Team Raw, which swept Team SmackDown.

That brings him to Rey and Dominik Mysterio. It’s almost embarrassing for him to admit this, but Pearce felt like he made a huge mistake when the roster for Team Raw was revealed over the weekend. Every member of Team Raw is a former WWE Champion, except for Dominik. That’s an issue for him. Dominik looks confused. Pearce says Dominik has a ton of potential, but he wants Team Raw to win. As of right now, Dominik is still on Team Raw unless he loses his match right now… Pearce walks away.

Bobby Lashley’s pyro hits, and The All Mighty makes his way to the ring alongside a returning MVP! Lashley battles Dominik Mysterio next. The winner will be on Team Raw at Survivor Series.

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Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

They lock up, and Lashley easily powers Mysterio to the corner. Mysterio applies a side headlock and goes for a takeover, but Lashley doesn’t budge. Lashley slams Mysterio down and runs him over with a shoulder block. Lashley throws Mysterio to the corner and hits a running shoulder in the corner. Lashley goes for a delayed vertical suplex, but Mysterio knees him in the head a few times. Mysterio peppers him with strikes and goes to the top rope. Lashley catches him trying a cross-body block, but Mysterio wiggles out and pulls the top rope down to get Lashley out of the ring. Mysterio goes for a plancha, but Lashley quickly catches him. Lashley puts Mysterio on his shoulders and drives him headfirst into the ring post, much to Dominik’s father’s horror.

WWE Official Adam Pearce is shown watching the match backstage.

Lashley rolls Mysterio in the ring and stands over him. Lashley chokes Mysterio with his boot before taunting Rey Mysterio. Lashley connects with a flatliner before applying the Hurt Lock. Dominik goes to tap out, but Lashley stops him from doing so. Lashley throws Dominik out of the ring in front of Rey. Lashley goes outside and lifts Dominik, but Rey pulls Dominik off. Lashley big boots Rey down and viciously sends Dominik into the ring post again. Lashley gets Dominik in the ring and splits him in half with a spear. Lashley poses in the ring. Lashley puts the Hurt Lock back on Mysterio, and Mysterio taps out.

Winner by Submission: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley replaces Dominik Mysterio on Team Raw at Survivor Series. Team Raw consists of Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio.

A replay is shown of WWE Champion Big E declining Alpha Academy’s help last week.

Seth Rollins comes up to Alpha Academy and asks for their opinion on Kevin Owens. Chad Gable says Rollins has come to the right place. Gable just got his Master’s Degree with a perfect GPA. Gable confirms that Owens is a liar like Aaron Rodgers. Big E does not have what it takes to be the face of Raw. Gable will take him down a peg.

WWE Champion Big E makes his way to the ring.

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WWE Champion Big E vs. Chad Gable with Otis

Gable applies a neck vice to start the match, but Big E gets out of it. Gable flips through an arm wrench and bridges. Gable tries to show off, but Big E leapfrogs him and takes him down for a two count. Big E lays Gable out on the apron and clubs the chest. Big E crushes him with a big splash on the apron for a two count. Big E puts Gable on the top rope, but Gable elbows him away. Big E quickly elbows Gable, but Gable gets him twisted in the ropes and hits a dragon screw. Gable hits a pair of knee breakers and stretches out the injured leg. Gable continues to take it to Big E and hits a belly-to-belly suplex! Gable goes to the top rope for a big moonsault for a near fall. Gable quickly chops the throat and hits a rolling German Suplex for a near fall! Gable puts Big E in the electric chair, but Big E fights out and hits a uranage out of the corner. Big E pulls the straps down and hits Gable with a Big Ending for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: WWE Champion Big E

Otis gets in the ring and angrily stares at Big E. The referee steps between them. Big E challenges Otis to do something.

Kevin Owens is backstage talking to someone about how he cares about this person’s opinion. It’s revealed to be R-Truth. R-Truth says he believes in Owens, just like he believes in Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the monster under the bed. R-Truth believes in the Leprechaun in the Hood, that the earth is flat and round. Owens walks off.

Seth Rollins will battle Kevin Owens later tonight.

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WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are backstage with the Raw Women’s Locker Room. Deville congratulates Carmella, Queen Zelina, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, and Bianca Belair. Deville says there will be a Fatal 5-Way to determine who will face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship. Doudrop takes exception with the fact that she’s not on Team Raw. Dana Brooke says she’s been overlooked and demands respect. Nikki A.S.H. says she’s been a Raw Women’s Champion and isn’t on the team. Queen Zelina says Nikki has had a fall from grace, and Ripley takes exception to that.

Tickets for WrestleMania 38 go on sale this Friday. It will take place over two nights on April 2 and April 3, 2022.

Replays are shown of Bobby Lashley destroying Dominik Mysterio earlier in the night.

Rey is in the trainer’s room with his son. Rey says this was a bunch of BS. People are questioning Kevin Owens when they should be questioning Adam Pearce. If he wanted Bobby Lashley in the match, then just do it. Instead, he took it out on his son. Rey tends to his son. Austin Theory sneaks up from behind and takes a selfie, but the Mysterios don’t notice.

WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie is in the ring. He’ll face Drake Maverick next.

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WWE 24/7 Championship
Reggie (c) vs. Drake Maverick

They lock up, and Maverick takes Reggie down. Reggie fights back and twists under a clothesline before flipping around two more. Reggie dropkicks Maverick and takes off his jacket. Reggie hits a handspring avalanche. R-Truth comes down with a referee, but Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander attack him from behind. Maverick rolls Reggie up for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and new WWE 24/7 Champion: Drake Maverick

Akira Tozawa sneaks in and rolls Maverick up to become the new champion. Corey Graves emerges from the commentary table to roll Tozawa up to become the new champion. Up next, Byron Saxton rolls up his broadcast partner to win the title. Maverick then rolls up Saxton to win the title back. Maverick gets in the ring, and Reggie hits him with a standing cross-body to win the title back. Reggie backflips out of the ring and runs off.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. She’ll be on commentary for the next match.

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Bianca Belair is warming up backstage when Doudrop comes up to her. Doudrop is not happy that Belair is on the Survivor Series Team Raw. Belair says Doudrop doesn’t speak for all women. Doudrop speaks for herself.

Video Package: Becky Lynch def. Bianca Belair to retain the Raw Women’s Championship last week on WWE Raw

Fatal 5-Way Match
Bianca Belair vs. Carmella vs. Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina vs. Raw Women’s Tag Team Champion Rhea Ripley

The winner will earn an opportunity for Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship.

Carmella and Queen Zelina attack Bianca Belair from behind. Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan break it up. A big brawl breaks out at ringside. Referees run down to break it up. The bell has not rung yet.

-Commercial Break-

The bell rings to start the match. Belair and Ripley clear the ring and square off against each other. Zelina and Carmella attack before anything happens. Belair fights Zelina out of the ring while Ripley takes Carmella out. Ripley bounces Carmella off the barricade. Belair signals to Ripley to get in the ring. They get in the ring and lock up. Ripley and Belair each apply a waistlock. Ripley sends her into the ropes, but Carmella and Zelina pull Belair out of the ring and send her into the barricade. Zelina and Carmella high five. Ripley head-butts and big boots them down. Ripley dropkicks Carmella in the face. Zelina chop blocks Ripley’s knee. Carmella and Zelina double-team Ripley. Carmella superkicks Ripley and covers, but Zelina pulls her off. Liv Morgan gets on the apron, but she’s quickly knocked down to ringside. Becky Lynch writes off Morgan’s chances. Zelina covers Ripley, but Carmella pulls her off. Ripley attacks Zelina and Carmella, but they quickly overtake her. Carmella chops Ripley before accidentally chopping Zelina. Carmella takes Ripley down and stomps away at her. Zelina joins in and chokes Ripley with her boot. Carmella hits a bronco buster. Zelina misses double knees.

Morgan runs in and attacks Carmella before hitting a running back elbow in the corner. Morgan hits a running knee lift before wiping her out with a step-up enzuigiri. Morgan double stomps Carmella, but Zelina breaks it up. Zelina knees Morgan in the face and slams her down. Zelina does the royal wave and turns to see a furious Ripley. Zelina goes for a clothesline, but Ripley doesn’t budge. Ripley throws Zelina around the ring and knees her in the head a few times. Ripley hits a northern lights suplex, but Belair breaks up the pin. The screen goes to black for a moment, indicating a wardrobe malfunction. Belair attacks Carmella and Zelina. Morgan hits a double knee facebuster to Belair. Carmella takes Morgan down, but Ripley breaks up the pin. Ripley dropkicks Carmella down, but Zelina soon takes her down with a tornado DDT. Zelina covers Ripley for a near fall. Belair shoulder blocks Zelina down and presses her up. Belair throws Zelina over the top rope onto Carmella, Ripley, and Morgan.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Belair lift Morgan and Zelina for a double powerbomb! Wow! Ripley takes Belair down and turns into a superkick from Carmella. Carmella covers everyone, but they kick out.

Belair takes out Carmella and gets in the ring with Ripley. Belair gets out of a Riptide and tries for a KOD. Ripley lands on her feet and big boots her out of midair. Ripley hits Belair with a Riptide, but Morgan breaks up the pin! Morgan hits Ripley with a hurricanrana, but Ripley soon throws her off. Ripley goes for a slam, but Morgan kicks her into the ropes. Morgan hits an Ob-Liv-ion off the ropes, but Zelina breaks up the pin. Zelina kicks Morgan and knees her. Zelina sizes Morgan up and goes for a Code Red, but Belair picks her off and puts her up for the KOD. Belair uses Zelina’s legs to take out Morgan. Belair hits Zelina with the KOD, but Doudrop pulls her out of the ring before taking her out! Carmella covers Zelina, but Morgan runs in and covers Carmella for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Liv Morgan

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is shocked and stands on the commentary table holding up her title. Liv Morgan gets on the table and gets in Lynch’s face. Lynch gets down and walks off. Morgan will face Lynch for the title at some point.

WWE Champion Big E is walking backstage when Seth Rollins walks up to him. Rollins says there’s no way Big E can believe anything coming out of Kevin Owens’ mouth. Yes, he hit Big E last week, but Big E knows what he’s about. Big E says he doesn’t trust either Rollins or Owens, but he’ll be at ringside to make sure it goes smoothly. Rollins is not happy about that.

WWE Tribute to the Troops takes place this Sunday.

WWE Champion Big E makes his entrance. He’ll be on commentary for the next match.

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Video Package: What happened on SmackDown this past Friday

King Woods will take on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns this Friday on SmackDown.

Austin Theory makes his way to the ring. Theory comes up to WWE Champion Big E for a selfie, but Big E slaps the phone out of his hand. An angry Theory walks off.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins says something has been on his conscience for the whole week. Rollins says that Kevin Owens wanted him to attack Big E last week. Owens was in on it the entire time. Big E doesn’t look like he believes Rollins.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring and attacks Rollins. Rollins quickly runs away and goes into the crowd.

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Video Package: Survivor Series history, including the Montreal Screwjob

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings, and they start throwing punches. Owens sends him into the ropes, but Rollins gets out of the ring. Rollins attacks Owens getting back in the ring, but Owens quickly takes him down. Owens whips Rollins hard into the corner. Owens chops the chest and head-butts him in the corner. They brawl out of the ring. Owens sends Rollins into the barricade before clotheslining him on the floor. Owens then flattens him with a senton splash. Owens backs up and hits a cannonball against the barricade.

Owens gets Rollins back in the ring and viciously chops him. Owens chops him again, and Rollins gets fired up. Rollins turns him around and chops him, but Owens turns him inside out with a chop. Owens double stomps the midsection and goes to the top rope. Rollins rolls to the apron, so Owens gets off the top rope and kicks him in the shoulder. Owens goes for a powerbomb on the apron, but Rollins fights it. Rollins head-butts Owens and tries for a suplex on the apron, but Owens grabs the bottom rope. Owens throws Rollins off the apron and into the commentary table. Owens goes for a Swanton Bomb to the floor, but Rollins gets the knees up. Rollins sends Owens sternum-first into the commentary table. WWE Champion Big E watches on from ringside.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins taking it to Owens and picks up a near fall. Rollins continues to fight at Owens. Owens fights back, but Rollins cuts him off and hits a Sling Blade. Rollins goes to the top rope for a frog splash, but Owens rolls out of the way. Owens pulls himself to the top rope holding his ribs. Owens hits a frog splash but takes a moment to hold his ribs upon landing. Owens covers for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the final break of the evening, we see both Owens and Rollins down on the canvas. Rollins gets to his feet and charges Owens, but Owens wipes him out with a superkick. Owens goes for a Stunner, but Rollins shoves him off. Rollins superkicks him, but Owens doesn’t go down. Rollins hits a step-up enzuigiri, but Owens bounces off the ropes and crushes Rollins with a clothesline.

Owens slowly gets to his feet and goes to the top rope. Rollins cuts Owens off and tries for a superplex. Owens fights Rollins off, so Rollins charges up the ropes. Owens counters this into a twisting fisherman’s superplex! The crowd chants, “This is awesome!” Owens slowly crawls over and covers Rollins, but Rollins throws his legs onto the bottom rope to break it up. Owens gets up, but Rollins surprises him with a Pedigree for a near fall. Rollins is infuriated and punches away at Owens. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Owens sweeps the feet. Rollins fights back and hits Owens with a Buckle Bomb. Rollins sets up for a Stomp, but Owens counters into a Pop-up Powerbomb for a near fall.

Owens goes for a Stunner, but Rollins gets out and forearms him in the ribs. Rollins then elbows him in the back of the neck, sending Owens out of the ring. Rollins jumps off the ring steps and hits Owens. They crash into Big E’s chair, but Big E had moved out of the way. Rollins runs back into the ring. Owens bumps into Big E and that momentary stoppage costs Owens the match. Owens is counted out.

Winner by Count-Out: Seth Rollins

Rollins laughs and runs to the back. Owens looks so frustrated while kneeling on the apron. Big E stands near him. Owens stuns Big E with a kick to the face. Owens sends Big E into the ring steps twice before giving him an apron powerbomb! WWE Producers and referees run down to get Owens away from him. Owens runs over and stomps Big E’s face. Owens lets out a primal scream as the show comes to an end.