WWE Monday Night RAW 11 29 2021

WWE Raw Results
November 29, 2021
Elmont, New York (UBS Arena)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Tonight, we’ll see WWE Champion Big E battle Kevin Owens. We’ll also see RK-Bro defend the Raw Tag Team Titles against the Dirty Dawgz, as well as Damian Priest defending the WWE United States Championship against Apollo Crews. Finally, we’ll see the return of Edge.

Last week on Raw, Seth Rollins attacked Finn Bálor before their match. Rollins says people might expect him to be in a bad mood, but no one can keep him down. There’s a special reason why he’s in a good mood tonight. Rollins has a secret and asks the fans if they want to hear the good news. It’s official, at Day 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, it’ll be Big E vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship.

The first day of a new year, the first day of a new era, and the first day in his next championship reign. This reign will define the future of Monday nights and this business. Rollins is a visionary and a revolutionary. He is Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

Finn Bálor’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Bálor attacks Rollins and knocks him out of the ring. Bálor tackles him over the barricade and throws him over the commentary table. Bálor puts Rollins in the ring, but Rollins punches him off the apron. Rollins hits a suicide dive and takes off his jacket. Rollins walks around for a moment, and Bálor wipes him out with a Sling Blade. Bálor drives the steel steps into Rollins’ head and puts him in the ring. Bálor tells the referee to start the match.

Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor

Rollins allows the referee to start the match and demands that the bell be rung. Bálor immediately hits a Woo Dropkick and goes to the top rope, but Rollins rolls out of the ring. Bálor wipes him out with a somersault senton.

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We come back from the break to see Bálor spike Rollins with a DDT for a two count. Bálor stomps Rollins onto the apron. Rollins snaps him off the top rope and goes for a springboard knee, but Bálor moves. Bálor hits a snap kick and goes to the top rope, but Rollins crotches him up there. Rollins climbs the ropes for a superplex, but Bálor punches him down to the canvas. Rollins quickly scales the ropes and hits a superplex before rolling into a falcon arrow for a near fall.

Rollins pulls himself up to the top rope for a frog splash, but Bálor gets the knees up and cradles him for a near fall. Bálor quickly hits a double leg takedown followed by a double stomp for another two count. Bálor sizes Rollins up for a Sling Blade, but Rollins counters it. Rollins hits a Sling Blade and superkicks him for a near fall. Rollins is furious and punches away at him. Rollins looks psychotic as he goes to the corner and waits for Bálor to stir. Rollins charges, but Bálor hits a Sling Blade followed by a Woo Dropkick. Bálor goes to the top rope for a Coup de Grâce, but Rollins moves. Bálor avoids a stomp and rolls him up for a near fall. They then clunk heads and both go down.

Getting to their feet, they exchange punches. Rollins hits a spinning forearm, so Bálor hits a snap kick. Rollins responds with an enzuigiri. Rollins goes for a Ripcord Knee, but Bálor counters into a falling elbow drop. Bálor goes for Bloody Sunday, but Rollins thumbs him in the eye. Rollins elbows him in the back of the neck and quickly hits the Stomp for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Seth Rollins

Footage is shown of Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch taunting Liv Morgan last week on Raw. Morgan is the #1 Contender for the title.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. She’ll have a contract signing with Liv Morgan next.

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WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is sitting backstage. Austin Theory walks in and shakes hands with him. McMahon hates when people ask how he’s doing. No one really wants to know. If they really want to know, he’s got an ingrown toenail, and an ear ache. That’s phoney crap, but what wasn’t phoney was Theory’s WWE Championship match against Big E.

They insert a replay of McMahon giving Theory the title match last week. McMahon says he’s going to have Theory watch the show with him tonight and see if there’s a spot for people to be surprised when they’re not expecting the unexpected. McMahon then says if Theory ever steals his egg again, he’ll kill him.

Raw Women’s Championship Contract Signing

WWE Official Sonya Deville is in the ring with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. There’s a desk and chairs in the ring as well. Deville introduces Lynch before introducing Liv Morgan to the ring. Lynch says this is Morgan’s first contract signing, as well as her first sucker punch last week. Lynch says Morgan has a hell of a right. Then she did nothing, holding herself back like she always does. One punch isn’t enough to beat her or take the title. What’s going to happen when it comes to the big time? Will Morgan hold herself back or prove her wrong? Only Morgan can make the decision. Lynch already signed the contract.

Deville says this title match will take place next Monday on Raw. Lynch says that must make Long Island very salty that another town is getting the big match. Lynch still has a surprise. Morgan tells Lynch to shut up. Yes, she got upset last week, but she channeled her emotions with her fist. Morgan has footage shown of Lynch crying after Survivor Series. Morgan says Lynch is a bully whose big contract cost her friends their jobs. Morgan says if her punch wasn’t enough to show her what she’s capable of, maybe this next one will.

Deville steps between them. Lynch says she was emotional after a big match, which Morgan wouldn’t know anything about. Also, some deserve to be paid. If Morgan would have let her finish, she arranged for a 10-Woman Tag Match with Team Liv versus Team Becks. Deville reveals the teams. On Team Liv will be Bianca Belair, WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke, Rhea Ripley, and Nikki A.S.H. On Team Becks will be WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina and Carmella, Doudrop, and Tamina. Lynch says Morgan cannot lead. Morgan accepts the challenge.

Footage is shown of RK-Bro doing each other’s finishers last week.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro are backstage. Riddle wants to know why Randy Orton isn’t dressed like him to return the favor. Orton says he’d never do that. Riddle says they were like the movie Freaky Friday. Orton says if Riddle thinks he’s going to ride a scooter before they defend their titles, he’s more braindead than he thought. To keep these titles, they need to be 10 steps ahead of the competition. Riddle understands. Riddle tells him to close his eyes. Orton is hesitant, but obliges. Riddle then puts a blonde wig on his head. Orton gives him 3 seconds to take it off his head, so Riddle does. Orton tells him never to do that again.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro make their way to the ring. They’ll defend the titles against the Dirty Dawgz next.

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Raw Tag Team Championship
RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle) (c’s) vs. The Dirty Dawgz (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode)

The Dirty Dawgz attack them at the sound of the bell. The Dirty Dawgz hit Riddle with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. They continue to attack Riddle, culminating with Dolph Ziggler hitting a DDT for a near fall. Riddle tries to get to the corner, but Ziggler cuts him off. Ziggler goes for a splash in the corner, but Riddle moves. Orton is eventually tagged in, and he runs wild. Orton hits Ziggler with a snap powerslam and grabs him on the apron. Roode quickly pulls Ziggler away, so Orton grabs him. The Dirty Dawgz overwhelm him and pull him to ringside, but Orton fights them off. Orton bounces Ziggler off the commentary table and goes for a back suplex, but Ziggler flips through and superkicks him. Riddle jumps at Roode, but Roode kicks him and hits a back suplex on the commentary table.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see The Dirty Dawgz dominating Orton. Roode hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Roode applies a chin lock. Orton fights up, but Roode quickly takes him back down. Orton fights back up and gets out with a back suplex.

Riddle and Ziggler tag in. Riddle takes Ziggler down and kicks Roode in the face. Riddle splashes Ziggler and hits an exploder. Roode meets the same fate. Riddle hits Roode and Ziggler with some Brotons followed by a PK on Ziggler. Riddle kicks Roode in the midsection and hits a hanging DDT. Riddle tags Orton in. RK-Bro gets the crowd going. They do Orton’s stalk in tandem before attempting stereo RKOs, but The Dirty Dawgz push them off. Roode tackles Riddle over the top rope. Ziggler hits Orton with an RKO, but Orton kicks out! Ziggler goes for a superkick, but Orton pushes him off and hits an RKO for the win!

Winners by Pinfall and still Raw Tag Team Champions: RK-Bro

Seth Rollins is walking around backstage and cackling. Kevin Owens stops him and says he’s having a big night. Owens has some news, too. WWE Official Adam Pearce told Owens if he beats Big E tonight, he’ll be added to the WWE Title match at Day 1. Rollins asks if he’s joking, but Owens isn’t. Owens tells Rollins to go confirm. Rollins is not happy.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes his way to the ring to a big reaction. We’ll hear from him next.

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Seth Rollins walks up to WWE Official Adam Pearce and wants to know what’s going on. Pearce says Kevin Owens was lying about the Day 1 stipulation. Rollins seems satisfied. Sonya Deville walks in and says that’s not a bad idea.

Edge is in the ring and says he missed the crowd. Edge is back. The last time we saw his ugly mug, he was surviving a war against Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. Now Seth Rollins is the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship, and Edge thinks he deserves it. Edge says Rollins is operating at another level. Edge is here to talk about being on Raw and in Strong Island. There’s a whole new set of opponents he can sink his teeth into… like AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, or Big E.

The Miz’ music cuts Edge off, and he comes out alongside his wife, Maryse! This is Miz’ first night back since being on Dancing with the Stars.

Video Package: The Miz on Dancing with the Stars

Miz is not happy that Edge got the big hype around his return. Edge has only been gone for a month. Is this what his career has come to? Living for the comeback? Edge gets injured, gets the comeback. Retires? Comes back. Miz is back from being on a major show showing off what it means to be a WWE Superstar. Miz doesn’t get the big return or the pyro. The people aren’t even clamouring for him. What really irks him is that right here and now is one of the greatest women’s performers around, his wife, Maryse.

Edge says Miz came in 9th place. Edge almost didn’t recognize him not dressed as the Genie. Miz says he only came in 9th place because the supposedly loyal fanbase forgot to vote for him. Edge says he can be upset that he didn’t get the big promotion, but he could have gone to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville to demand it. They didn’t do that. Miz knows that interrupting him puts him back in the main event picture. Miz says Edge is dancing with a broken body. Miz has long since surpassed Edge. When he main evented WrestleMania against John Cena, Edge was the opening match.

Edge admits that his window to keep going is small, but he fought hard to get this back. Everyone in the locker room wants to stand across the ring to test themselves because they respect him. That’s something Miz knows nothing about. Miz could have had it and could still have it. Instead, Miz bitches and moans about not having this and that. Little Mizzie needs a pat on the back. Edge says he’ll give him a pat on the back. Edge sincerely means what he’s about to say. Miz made it into this ring across from him after Tough Enough. Miz went from writing notes on his hands to main eventing against John Cena with The Rock as his enforcer and beat him. People mention him on other shows to get a cheap reaction. Miz lives rent free in a lot of heads and built himself an empire. Miz has a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and has a beautiful family. Miz made it further than anyone ever thought, except Miz always believed it and made it happen. The big difference between them is Edge fought with every fiber of his being to get this small window back, while Miz uses this for notoriety for his next show while leaving his partner high and dry to get fired. Miz expects respect. Edge earns it.

Edge begs Miz to attack him. Miz gets fired up and starts to remove his jacket before saying, “No.” Miz and Maryse walk off and kiss.

Replays are shown of AJ Styles being sprayed with a fire extinguisher last week.

AJ Styles is wearing sunglasses backstage with Omos. Sarah Schreiber asks for insight into The Street Profits spraying him with a fire extinguisher. Styles is acting like he’s blind. Styles says they put smoke in his eye, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The Street Profits make their way to the ring.

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Tag Team Match
The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis)

Before the match begins, a blinded AJ Styles stumbles down to ringside with Omos helping him. They join commentary.

Otis starts against Montez Ford and bounces him off the top rope. Chad Gable tags in and hits a monkey flip. Otis immediately drops an elbow on Ford, but Angelo Dawkins breaks up the pin. Gable stretches Ford out, but Ford counters into a pin for a two count. Ford shoulders Gable back and goes for a slingshot, but Gable counters into a northern lights suplex for a two count. Otis tags back in and clubs Ford. Ford punches out, so Gable tags in. Otis misses an elbow drop. Ford kicks Gable away and tags Dawkins in. Dawkins runs wild over Gable and gets Otis out of the ring. Dawkins hits a slam on Gable and avalanches him. Dawkins hits spinebuster, but Otis pulls Gable out of the ring. Ford takes them out with a senton. Ford gets Gable in the ring, but he’s grabbed by AJ Styles, who is no longer blind. Ford kicks him away, knocks Gable down, and hits a massive Frog Splash for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Street Profits

AJ Styles is disappointed with Omos after the match.

Vince McMahon is in his office with Austin Theory talking about AJ Styles and Omos. Theory thought it was good, but McMahon thought it was horrible. McMahon says you could see it coming from a mile away. That’s not expecting the unexpected. McMahon tells Theory to look at him when he talks to him.

Footage is shown of Dana Brooke winning the WWE 24/7 Championship last week on Raw.

WWE United States Champion Damian Priest makes his way to the ring. He’ll defend the title against Apollo Crews next.

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Seth Rollins finds Kevin Owens backstage and laughs that Owens was lying. Owens says he wasn’t lying, but Rollins doesn’t believe him.

WWE United States Championship
Damian Priest (c) vs. Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez

The bell rings, and Crews quickly takes Priest down before posing. Crews tries again, but Priest counters into an arm drag. Crews fights up and punches Priest. Priest reverses a whip and shoulder blocks him down. Crews rolls out of the ring to recover, so Priest follows him. Commander Azeez stands in Priest’s way. Crews takes out Priest with a dive off the apron.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Crews hit a spinning powerbomb followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews punches Priest a few times, but Priest rocks him with a right hand. Priest punches and kicks him in the head followed by an ugly springboard leg lariat for a two count. Crews kicks him back, but Priest clotheslines him down and hits a cliffhanger DDT for a near fall. Commander Azeez pulls Crews out of the ring to protect him, so Priest wipes Crews out with a scary somersault senton that nearly spikes him on his head. Priest gets Crews in the ring and goes to the top rope. Azeez pulls Priest off to the floor, so the referee ejects him.

Priest gets fired up and viciously big boots Crews down. Priest chokeslams him into the ring and hits the Reckoning for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE United States Champion: Damian Priest

Seth Rollins finds WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville backstage. They confirm that Kevin Owens will indeed be added to the WWE Championship match at Day 1 if he beats Big E tonight. Rollins flips out.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio will battle Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin next.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team Match
The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik Mysterio) vs. The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin)

Benjamin starts against Dominik. Dominik quickly takes it to him with a flying arm drag, but Benjamin just as quickly takes him down with a shoulder block. Benjamin hits a backbreaker and tags Alexander in. Benjamin hits a suplex, while Alexander hits a slingshot senton for a no count. Alexander goes for a suplex, but Dominik counters into an inside cradle for a two count. Alexander quickly takes him down and slams him. Benjamin tags in and stomps Dominik. Dominik kicks Benjamin and tags his father in.

Rey hits a flying seated senton on Benjamin followed by a wild head-scissor takeover. Alexander tags in and hits a sunset flip, but Rey rolls through and dropkicks him. Rey picks up a two count. Rey knocks Benjamin off the apron. Rey knocks Alexander into the ropes. Dominik tags in and flips Benjamin into the ropes. The Mysterios hit stereo 619s. Rey hits Benjamin with a seated senton at ringside. Dominik hits a Frog Splash for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Mysterios

Replays are shown of the Raw Women’s Championship contract signing.

Team Liv makes their way to the ring.

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10-Woman Tag Team Match
Team Liv (Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair, WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke, Rhea Ripley, and Nikki A.S.H.) vs. Team Becks (Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina and Carmella, Doudrop, and Tamina)

Becky Lynch will start against Liv Morgan. Lynch wastes a little time, so Morgan forearms her and connects with a dropkick. Morgan attacks her in the corner and hits a facebuster. Lynch avoids another avalanche and stomps her down. Lynch taunts Team Liv. Carmella tags in, but Morgan avoids a clothesline and rolls her up for a one count. Morgan sends her into the ropes, but she lowers her head for Carmella to hair whip her down. Carmella mocks Rhea Ripley. Ripley tags in, so Carmella runs away and tags Queen Zelina in. Ripley doesn’t go down from a roll-up, so Zelina tags Carmella in. Carmella tags in Lynch, so Lynch tags Doudrop in. Team Becks surrounds Ripley, and they overwhelm her. Ripley takes it to Tamina after a few moments, so Tamina back elbows her down. Tamina hits a head-butt and applies a chin lock. Ripley fights up and clotheslines her. Team Liv surround Tamina and attack, but Team Becks makes the save. Tamina appears to have landed badly on her shoulder getting pulled out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Doudrop slam Nikki and drop an elbow. Doudrop applies a chin lock. Nikki tries to fight up, so Doudrop takes her down. Nikki chops back at her, but Doudrop easily forearms her down. Doudrop scoop slams Nikii and tags Lynch in. Lynch drops a leg and an elbow on Nikki. Nikki avoids a leg drop, so Lynch quickly tags Carmella in. Carmella takes it to Nikki and applies a chin lock. Nikki hits a lawbreaker and tags Ripley in.

Ripley clotheslines Carmella down, and Carmella doesn’t get up. Carmella is playing with her face mask. Ripley attacks the face and head-butts Lynch. Ripley knees Doudrop before kneeing Carmella in the face a few times. Carmella avoids a dropkick and applies the Code of Silence. Brooke breaks it up and hits a flipping neckbreaker. Zelina takes Brooke out. Nikki hits Zelina with a neckbreaker. Tamina hits Nikki with a Samoan Drop. Belair slams Tamina, and Doudrop head-butts and splashes Belair. Morgan pulls the ropes down to get Doudrop out of the ring. Lynch quickly attacks Morgan, so Ripley throws her out of the ring. Ripley goes for the Riptide on Carmella, but Carmella gets out and superkicks her for a two count.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Brooke is fighting off Team Becks and tags Morgan in. Morgan attacks some competitors on the apron and takes it to Tamina. Tamina swats her away attempting a running cross-body. Morgan hits a double-knee facebuster, but Lynch breaks it up. Nikki hits Lynch with a cross-body block off the apron. Doudrop clotheslines Nikki at ringside. Brooke goes to the top rope, but she’s knocked off into a bunch of women at ringside.

Morgan takes it to Tamina, Carmella, and Lynch before Tamina superkicks her for a near fall. Morgan gets out of a Samoan Drop and kicks her into the ropes. Morgan hits Ob-Liv-ion for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Team Liv

Lynch immediately attacks Morgan and stomps away at her. Doudrop attacks Belair in the ring. Morgan and Belair fight back. Belair slams Doudrop down. Ripley and Nikki take it to Carmella and Zelina at ringside. Morgan gets out of a Manhandle Slam and hits Ob-Liv-ion.

We’re back in Vince McMahon’s office. Austin Theory is nervously conversing with McMahon. McMahon says you have to expect the unexpected. If you expect a surprise, then it’s a real surprise. McMahon uses some confusing logic, which Theory agrees with. McMahon gets upset that Theory is not looking toward him.

WWE Champion Big E battles Kevin Owens next. If Owens wins, he’s added to the WWE Championship match at Day 1.

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Veer Mahaan is coming to Raw.

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WWE Champion Big E is backstage with Kevin Patrick. Big E says he’s in control of his championship future.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance.

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Vince McMahon asks Austin Theory if he enjoyed himself tonight, and Theory says he did. McMahon asks what he learned. Theory says you have to expect the unexpected. McMahon says that’s right and gets up to shake his hand. McMahon then surprises him with a slap to the face and says he has a lot to learn.

Non-Title Match
Kevin Owens vs. WWE Champion Big E

If Kevin Owens wins, he’ll be added to the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1. Before the match begins, Seth Rollins makes his way to the commentary table in a wild outfit with oversized sunglasses.

The bell rings, and Big E punches away at Owens. Owens kicks him back and lays in some right hands. Owens hits the ropes, but Big E drops down, leapfrogs him, and hits a back elbow for a one count. Big E punches away at Owens and throws him out of the ring. Big E drives him into the barricade and bounces him off the commentary desk. Big E gets Owens in the ring and clubs him. Owens rolls him up for a one count. Owens clubs and kicks Big E before hitting the ropes and hitting a chop block. Owens stretches the leg and punches away at the knee. Big E tries to fight him off, but Owens hits a senton splash on the leg for a two count. Big E fights back, but Owens dropkicks the knee for a two count. Owens goes for a leglock, but Big E kicks him out of the ring. Rollins cheers on Big E, so Owens slaps him in the face. Owens gets in the ring, and Rollins gets on the apron. Owens shouts at Rollins, but won’t take the bait.

Owens takes Big E down and goes to the top rope. Big E cuts Owens off and punches away at him. Big E hits a clothesline and clubs him on the apron. Big E gets on the apron and hits a big splash. Big E knocks the top of the steps off and looks at Rollins. Owens then grabs Big E and hits a DDT on the bottom half of the steps.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Big E fight up from a chin lock. Owens cuts him off and hits the ropes, but Big E connects with a big clothesline. Owens quickly pulls Big E into the turnbuckles and sets him up on the top rope. Owens goes for a superplex, but Big E fights it. Owens punches him and hits a superplex for a near fall. Owens gets Big E to his feet, but Big E catches him with a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E hits a belly-to-belly side suplex, but Owens fights right back. Big E gets the knees up on a senton splash attempt and hits a big splash for a near fall.

Seth Rollins is sounding nervous on commentary. Owens forearms Big E as he sets up for a Big Ending. Owens goes to the apron and knees Big E in the face attempting a spear off the apron. Owens hits a cannonball in the corner for another two count. They trade punches before Owens hits a superkick for a near fall. Rollins is getting thirsty at ringside due to nerves. Owens sets up in the corner and charges, but Big E hits a uranage for a near fall. Rollins is rooting for Big E. Big E goes for the Big Ending, but Owens slides off and rolls him up for a near fall. Owens quickly comes back with a Pop-up Powerbomb for a near fall. Rollins rose from his seat in anxiety.

Owens takes his time going to the top rope before jumping to ringside and attacking Seth Rollins. Owens is trying to goad Rollins into attacking him to get disqualified and win the match. Owens snaps Big E off the top rope and goes for a Stunner, but Big E fights it off. Big E then clotheslines him down. Rollins then charges into the ring and attacks Owens!

Winner by Disqualification: Kevin Owens

Owens quickly gets out of the ring. Rollin superkicks Big E and hits the Stomp.

Kevin Owens celebrates winning this match. At Day 1, it will be Big E defending the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Rollins is infuriated and rips his jacket off. Owens shouts that he got Rollins.