WWE Monday Night RAW 12 13 2021

WWE Raw Results
December 13, 2021
St. Paul, Minnesota (Xcel Energy Center)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video package kicks off the show highlighting WWE Champion Big E defeating Kevin Owens in a non-title Steel Cage Match. After the match, Bobby Lashley brutally attacked Big E, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins.

Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring. Lashley said he showed everyone what happens when you disrespect the All Mighty. MVP says Bobby Lashley is the single most terrifying man in the WWE. People are terrified to even say his name. Lashley is like the Candyman, except you don’t need to say his name three times. You say Lashley’s name once and he’ll show it. Then bad things will happen. MVP says there’s a difference with this generation of WWE Superstars. You have guys like Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens whining and complaining to get in a WWE Championship match. Do you know who doesn’t complain or whine? Bobby Lashley. Lashley made a statement last week not just to Big E, Rollins, and Owens, but to Adam Pearce. It is imperative that Lashley be added to the WWE Championship match on Day 1 on New Year’s Day. There’s no better way to start the year than with Bobby Lashley as the All Mighty WWE Champion.

Kevin Owens’ music hits, and he comes out to the stage. Owens says people think he’s disrespectful, but he didn’t say any of their names and hasn’t paid attention to anything they’ve done in two years. How is he disrespectful? Lashley attacked them from behind after he was already down. Now Lashley wants in the WWE Championship match? No way. Seth Rollins earned his way in. Owens earned his way as the greatest superstar in WWE. In 19 days, he has to win the title for the people. Nobody wants Lashley in the match at WWE Day 1. Owens will go to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he comes out to the stage in a wild purple and black suit. Rollins says we can’t start the show without the star of the show, Seth Freakin’ Rollins! While Rollins does admire Lashley’s suit game (Lashley is in a bright red suit) and as much as he despises Owens, he has to take his side on this one. Rollins agrees with Owens. Lashley should not be in his title match at Day 1, just like Owens shouldn’t be in it. MVP says they’re terrified. Lashley says if they don’t want him in the match, they can come in the ring and do something about it.

Owens says Rollins should agree with him on this. The two of them working together against Lashley means he can’t take them. Owens says Rollins should go first and he’ll be right behind him. Rollins doesn’t trust him. MVP says as soon as Rollins gets in the ring, Owens will run. Owens pretends he didn’t hear MVP.

WWE Champion Big E comes out to the stage dancing a bit. Big E says this is his favorite collection of idiots. While Rollins and Owens may be quaking in their wrestling boots, he is not. Big E beat Lashley to become WWE Champion. Lashley says he was injured when Big E cashed in. Big E says he also beat Lashley in a Steel Cage and wouldn’t mind beating him one more time.

WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville come out to the stage. If anyone lays a finger on the other, there will be punishment. They are not afraid of fines and suspensions. Deville heard what they have to say. They think a Fatal 4-Way sounds like a great idea. Bobby Lashley will officially be added to the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1. MVP is pleased. Pearce says they weren’t finished because Lashley has to beat WWE Champion Big E, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins in three singles matches here tonight. MVP shouts that the All Mighty accepts!

Replays are shown of Alpha Academy destroying Riddle after he tried to interview him last week.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro are backstage. Riddle’s WWE broadcasting blazer is with him. Randy Orton says Riddle has a list of priorities and the titles need to be at the top of the list. Riddle agrees and wants to do a podcast with Orton. Pat McAfee made a huge deal and they can do the same. Orton declines all of his ideas. Orton tells him to stop hanging out with the Jackass guys. Riddle says he could be in a movie with Johnny Knoxville. Orton tells him to concentrate on Otis. If he’s successful, maybe he’ll let him wear the blazer.

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro make their way to the ring. Riddle will face Otis next.

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WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are backstage with Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and WWE Champion Big E. Big E isn’t saying much. Rollins and Owens are flipping out. Deville says all Lashley has to do is lose to one of them, and he’s out of the match. Owens will face Lashley first. Big E says it doesn’t matter if it’s a triple threat or a Fatal 4-Way, he’ll still leave WWE Day 1 as the WWE Champion.

Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle w/ Randy Orton vs. Otis w/ Chad Gable

Riddle goes for a takedown, but Otis easily tosses him aside. Riddle jumps on him and grabs the arm, but Otis counters into a scoop slam. Riddle avoids a punch and kicks away at Otis’ chest. Riddle hits the ropes and connects with a forearm. Riddle hits the ropes again, but Otis crushes him with a shoulder block. Otis tosses Riddle out of the ring. Gable approaches Riddle, but Orton scares him back. Otis comes outside and clubs the spine. Otis puts Riddle in the ring. Riddle kicks him coming into the ring and jumps off the apron, but Otis catches him. Otis then drives Riddle into the barricade.

The commentators announce that the finals of the RK-Bro-nament with The Mysterios vs. The Street Profits have been delayed due to injury.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Otis take Riddle down. Otis applies a neck vice and shouts at the crowd. Orton gets the crowd fired up at ringside. Riddle fights up, but Otis clubs him down. Otis charges, but he hits the ring post shoulder-first when Riddle moves. Riddle kicks him in the shoulder and goes to the top rope for a cross-body block, but Otis catches him. Riddle slides out and punches away at him. Riddle hits a knee to the face before hitting a springboard knee. Otis is still standing. Otis shoves him to the corner, but Riddle elbows him back and takes him down with a twisting senton. Riddle drops down and stalks Otis a la Randy Orton. Otis shoves him off attempting an RKO and crushes him with a falling powerslam for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Otis

Randy Orton immediately gets in the ring and goes for an RKO on Otis, but Otis shoves him off. Orton gives Chad Gable an RKO on the rebound. Orton charges Otis, but Otis floors him with a nasty back elbow. Otis gets Gable on his feet and walks off with him.

Footage is shown of Doudrop walking out of a match against Bianca Belair when it looked like Belair would win.

Bianca Belair will battle Doudrop next.

-Commercial Break-

Doudrop comes out to a new theme song.

Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop

They lock up, and Doudrop pushes her off before taunting her. They lock up again, and Doudrop powers her to the corner. Belair climbs up the ropes and hits a takedown. Belair grabs her, but Doudrop knocks her off. Doudrop lifts her, but Belair slides off and taunts her. Belair leapfrogs her and taunts her some more. Belair connects with a dropkick and kips up. Doudrop quickly makes a comeback and scoop slams her down for a two count. Doudrop puts her in the corner and avalanches her. Doudrop sends her to the opposite corner, but Belair boots her back. Belair goes for a hurricanrana and they mistime it a bit. Doudrop falls out of the ring. That looked all types of bad. Belair viciously forearms her as she gets on the apron. Doudrop cuts her off, but Belair bounces her off the turnbuckle. Belair goes for a handspring kick, but Doudrop moves and bends the knees over the ropes. Doudrop absolutely CRUSHES Belair getting in the ring with an elbow drop. Belair rolls out of the ring to recover.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Belair taking it to Doudrop. Doudrop catches her trying a cross-body, but Belair slides off. Doudrop elbows her and hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Doudrop shouts in frustration. Doudrop grabs her by the hair and talks some trash. Belair blocks a slap and rocks her with a forearm. Doudrop quickly folds her in half with a Saito Suplex for a near fall. Doudrop drags her to the corner and climbs to the second rope. Belair gets up and knocks Doudrop’s face into the turnbuckle. Belair connects with a powerbomb followed by a 450 Splash for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Bianca Belair

Belair celebrates and dances up the ramp. All of a sudden, Doudrop blindsides her with a forearm to the neck. Doudrop smacks her rear end and stands over the fallen Belair.

Kevin Owens is backstage when Kevin Patrick walks up to him. Owens says he has a word for him: trash. This whole situation is trash. Bobby Lashley being added if he beats them all is trash. Owens going first is trash. St. Paul is trash. Owens gets to go out right now and put an end to this all right now. Owens will then go on to WWE Day 1 and win the WWE Championship. That is no lie.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance. He’ll face Bobby Lashley, next.

-Commercial Break-

The commentators talk about the recent signings from the WWE Next in Line program. They’re athletes that have no wrestling experience.

Gable Steveson is at ringside. As Bobby Lashley and MVP make their entrance, they shake hands with Steveson.

Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

Bobby Lashley must win this match to keep his hopes alive of being entered into the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1.

The bell rings, and Owens attacks Lashley from behind as he’s talking to MVP. Owens goes for a shoulder block, but Lashley stays on his feet. Lashley hits the ropes and turns Owens inside out with a shoulder block. Lashley clubs him before hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley high fives MVP. Lashley charges Owens as he gets up, but Owens sends him over the top rope. Owens snaps him off the ropes and goes for a cannonball, but he crashes and burns on the floor when Lashley moves!

Lashley gets in the ring for a count-out, but he leaves when he sees Owens get up. Lashley hits him with a shoulder block into the barricade. Lashley puts him in the ring, but Owens superkicks him getting in. Owens puts him hard in the corner and hits a cannonball. Seth Rollins is shown watching backstage. Rollins will face Lashley next if he beats Owens. Owens hits a senton splash for a near fall. WWE Champion Big E is taking notes backstage. Lashley reverses a whip to the corner, but Owens boots him back. Owens goes to the second rope and connects with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Owens chops Lashley in the corner, but that only upsets Lashley. Lashley whips him to the corner so hard it turns Owens upside down. Lashley shoulders him in the corner and hits a running shoulder thrust. Lashley hits a neckbreaker and gets to his feet. Lashley punches Owens in the head and impressively powers him up for a modified dominator slam. Owens slides out of a Hurt Lock attempt and rolls him up for a two count. Lashley shoves him off attempting a Stunner and hits a one-armed spinebuster. Lashley sizes Owens up and tries for the Hurt Lock. Lashley doesn’t even have it on and Owens taps out. Owens immediately gets out of the ring.

Winner by Submission: Bobby Lashley

Kevin Owens tapped out immediately in an act of self-preservation. Backstage, Seth Rollins is furious. WWE Official Sonya Deville says that Rollins is up next. In the ring, Lashley is not satisfied with his win.

Video Package: Becky Lynch defeated Liv Morgan to retain the Raw Women’s Championship last week on Raw after holding the ropes to pin her.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch struts down to the ring looking very happy. We’ll hear from her next.

-Commercial Break-

Veer Mahaan is coming to WWE Raw.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is in the ring and welcomes everyone to the Big Time. It’s a big night for St. Paul now that Big Time Becks is here. Everyone thought last week would be a big night for Liv Morgan. It was Morgan’s first-ever championship match, but Lynch is still standing here as the Raw Women’s Champion, just like she said she would. Some are happy she won, but a lot wish Liv would have won. On the off-chance that Liv did beat her, if she was standing here with the title on her shoulder, the crowd would find any reason to turn on her. The crowd doesn’t know what they want. They wanted Becky Lynch back. Then she came back and they started with their opinions. They’ve never been in this ring, broke gender barriers, left at the height of their careers, and came back better than ever. You have to evolve or disappoint your fans, which is what Liv did.

Lynch has the “angry Liv girl” shown on the screen. Lynch says they can all get used to that because she’ll have the title for a very long time.

Liv Morgan’s music hits, and she comes out to the stage. Morgan isn’t getting used to anything and St. Paul is tired of this broken record. Lynch thinks people would doubt her if she won the title, but the only person doubting Morgan is Becky. Lynch doubting her is the reason she almost lost last week and cheated to win. Morgan shows a photo of Lynch holding the bottom rope to cheat to win. The only thing Lynch does well is cheat. Morgan cried a little bit, but that’s because she was disappointed. Morgan snapped out of it because she knows she can beat her. Just like that little girl, Morgan believes it. Morgan won’t ever give up until she can get that title and make it mean something again for that little girl. If she’s really Big Time Becks, she’d accept a rematch for the title at Day 1.

Lynch says she did that because it was easy, not because she had to. Morgan can blame herself for not doing it first or being ready for it. The only thing Morgan proved is she doesn’t have the killer instinct. Instead, she did the same thing she always does: absolutely nothing.

Morgan charges the ring and takes Lynch down before punching away at her. Morgan kicks her in the face and hits an enzuigiri. Lynch rolls out of the ring, so Morgan follows her out. Lynch quickly shoves her into the ring steps. Lynch puts Morgan’s arm in the ring steps and stomps away at it. Lynch goes to dropkick the steps but comes up embarrassingly short. That was hideous. Lynch says if Morgan still wants that match despite being injured, she’s on. Now that there are no able-bodied people to face, she’s going to go home, hang out with her hot husband and baby, and train. Morgan holds her arm in pain at ringside.

Replays are shown of Omos walking off on AJ Styles after being counted out last week.

AJ Styles is walking backstage when Sarah Schreiber asks about the problems he’s had with Omos. Styles isn’t ready to give up on this tag team. It’s the Phenomenal One and his own personal colossus. This is just growing pains. They were Tag Team Champions. You don’t give up on something like that. Styles has been in the business a long time, but he’s never seen anyone like Omos. If things go off the rails, it’s his fault. When he discovered Omos, it wasn’t to boost his own career. It’s about giving back. Omos is a good kid and he wants to see him succeed in this business. Omos walks up to him and puts his arm around Styles. Omos asks if they’re good, and Styles says they are. Styles isn’t giving up. Omos says he isn’t either. They walk off.

Finn Bálor makes his way to the ring. He’ll team with Damian Priest to face Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, next.

-Commercial Break-

WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke is walking around St. Paul with Reginald. R-Truth and Akira Tozawa are dressed up as a snowman and a tree, but Reginald catches them. Tamina catches Brooke, but Brooke and Reginald escape. Tamina tells R-Truth and Tozawa to stay out of her way.

Tag Team Match
Finn Bálor and WWE United States Champion Damian Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Damian Priest starts against Robert Roode. Roode kicks him in the midsection and punches away at him in the corner. Priest punches him back, but Roode applies a front facelock. Roode knocks Bálor off the apron, so Priest kicks him down. Dolph Ziggler runs in, but Priest flapjacks him. Priest hits running elbows on Roode and Ziggler in the corner before big booting Roode off the apron. Ziggler charges, but Priest gives him a back body drop over the top rope. Priest goes outside the ring and jumps off the steps with a double clothesline on Roode and Ziggler.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Priest and Roode take each other out. Bálor and Ziggler tag in. Bálor hits Ziggler with a back elbow. Ziggler reverses a whip, but Bálor clotheslines him down. Bálor knocks Roode off the apron, takes Ziggler down, and double stomps the chest. Bálor chops the chest and hits a falling elbow drop. Roode breaks up the pin. Priest pulls Roode out of the ring and goes for a chokeslam on the floor. Roode gets out of it and kills Priest with a Double R Spinebuster! Bálor then wipes out Roode and Ziggler with a somersault senton that barely touches them. Bálor hits Ziggler in the ring and hits a Woo Dropkick. Bálor goes to the top rope, but Austin Theory gets on the apron and takes a selfie. Bálor scares him away. Ziggler hits Bálor with the Zig-Zag for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Theory takes more photos with a fallen Bálor before running away. Theory is very proud of his work.

The trials and tribulations of Nikki A.S.H. are highlighted.

Rhea Ripley is warming up when Nikki A.S.H. walks up. Nikki says she’s let her down a lot, but Ripley mentions all she’s done right.

Rhea Ripley comes out with Nikki A.S.H. She’ll face WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina next.

-Commercial Break-

Carmella comes out and introduces Queen Zelina to the ring. Zelina puts down Nikki A.S.H. and St. Paul.

Rhea Ripley w/ Nikki A.S.H. vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina w/ Carmella

Ripley quickly takes it to Zelina. Carmella tries to get involved, so Nikki A.S.H. cuts her off. Nikki gets taken out, so Ripley checks on her. Zelina rolls Ripley up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Zelina Vega

Seth Rollins is backstage when Kevin Owens walks up to him. Rollins is not happy with him for immediately tapping out. Owens says he did it because no one gets out of the Hurt Lock. Owens offers to come out with Rollins, but Rollins declines. Owens says Rollins is making a mistake.

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance with MVP. He’ll face Seth Rollins next.

-Commercial Break-

Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs. Seth Rollins

Bobby Lashley must win this match to keep his chances alive of getting into the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1.

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. Rollins applies a side headlock, but Lashley powers him down. Lashley charges, but Rollins gets out of the ring before anything happens. Rollins grabs the ankle, but Lashley doesn’t go down. Rollins jabs him and drags him out of the ring. Lashley quickly fights back and lifts him, but Rollins slides off and sends him into the ring post. Rollins sends him into the ring post again and gets in the ring looking for a count out. Lashley is back in at the count of nine. Rollins elbows him in the face and in the back of the neck. WWE Champion Big E is watching backstage. Rollins charges, but Lashley flings him around with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. Lashley connects with a flatliner and goes for a dominator slam, but Rollins slides off and gets out of the ring.

Kevin Owens runs down and taps Rollins on the shoulder. Rollins turns around, and Owens punches him in the face in front of the referee. The referee calls for the bell!

Winner by Disqualification: Seth Rollins

The ring announcer says that Rollins won the match, causing him to wildly celebrate. WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville come out to the stage. They give Owens and Rollins props for being clever, but it’s not going down like this in St. Paul. This match will be restarted as a No Disqualifications Match. In fact, Lashley’s remaining matches will be No DQ. Rollins and Owens are not happy.

Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs. Seth Rollins

The bell rings, and Lashley immediately spears Rollins down for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

Mr. McMahon is in his office with Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez when Austin Theory bursts in. Theory says Finn Bálor wasn’t expecting the unexpected. McMahon says Theory might deserve a pat on the back or a trophy, but he hasn’t impressed him yet. Theory says if he had a match, he could show him what he’s made of. McMahon tells him to shut up. Theory burst in here like they’re friends, but they’re not friends. McMahon has no friends because he doesn’t want friends. However, McMahon will use the deadliest weapon he has: a pencil. The lead isn’t the most important. The eraser is.

Maryse makes her entrance. Miz TV is next.

-Commercial Break-

Maryse is in the ring and welcomes everyone to Miz TV. She says St. Paul isn’t used to a woman like her being in their presence. She introduces her husband, The Miz.

The Miz makes his entrance. Miz says Maryse makes a cold Minnesota night warm. Miz says they have a recommendation for the WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2022.

Video Package: The Miz makes a bid to be in the WWE Hall of Fame

At the conclusion of the video, Miz is shown tearing up in the ring with his wife, Maryse. They grab some champagne and toast to him defeating Edge at WWE Day 1 and permanently putting him in retirement.

Edge’s music hits, and he comes out to a huge ovation. Edge says sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease. It just squeaks and squeaks and squeaks. Miz asks if he’s done. Edge asks if he found that annoying. Miz says he did. Edge says that’s how everyone feels whenever Miz opens his mouth. Edge says Miz would get all the accolades, pats on the back, praise, and Hall of Fame inductions that his heart wants if he would just shut up. Edge knows how good Miz is, but he also knows why he acts the way he does. Miz asks if Edge thinks he knows him. Edge says Miz broke through, but he’s seen guys like him crash and burn. The layers of BS and “me first” hide the fact that he’s insecure. Miz is afraid. Miz says people were afraid of old Edge, but not this Edge. Edge says Miz has been told he’s not good enough for so long that he is starting to believe it. To compensate, Miz acts like a sanctimonious jackoff. Edge knows Miz is a future Hall of Famer. Edge isn’t taking him lightly and knows he has his hands full at WWE Day 1. At the end of the day, Edge will have to teach him a lesson. Miz says that in 2006, Edge didn’t help him. Edge will show him that he still has lessons to learn and knock that constipated look off his face.

Miz throws the champagne in Edge’s eyes and attacks, but Edge quickly fights back and hits an Edgecution. Edge goes for a Spear, but Miz pulls Maryse in front of him. Edge puts the brakes on. Miz big boots Edge and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Maryse is furious with Miz and shouts that she has two kids. Miz says she was never in danger, but she is steaming mad. Maryse slaps her husband in the face and walks off on him. Miz chases after her.

WWE Champion Big E is backstage warming up when Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens walk up to him. Big E warms them to stay away from the ring. Rollins and Owens say that Big E is their last chance.

Bobby Lashley is getting motivated by MVP. He’ll face WWE Champion Big E, next.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of what happened in Bobby Lashley’s matches earlier tonight.

Sarah Schreiber asks Bobby Lashley and MVP about the No Disqualification stipulation. MVP says Lashley is All Mighty. All No DQ means is he can do whatever he wants. Lashley says all will bow down to the All Mighty.

WWE Champion Big E makes his way to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

No Disqualification Match
WWE Champion Big E vs. Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

Bobby Lashley must win this match to be added to the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1.

Big E knees Lashley in the midsection at the sound of the bell. Big E clotheslines Lashley down and goes outside the ring. Big E goes under the ring and grabs a table to a big ovation. Lashley quickly attacks him and sends him into the barricade. Lashley drives Big E into the barricade and puts him in the ring. Lashley gets in the ring as MVP puts the table under the ring again. Lashley charges Big E, but Big E catches him with a uranage for a two count. Big E leaves the ring and grabs the table from under the ring once again. Big E sets the table up in the corner. Lashley tries to send him into it, but Big E stops. Big E charges, but Lashley hits a flatliner for a two count. Lashley grabs a steel chair and wedges it in the corner between the turnbuckles. Big E hits Lashley with a pair of belly-to-belly overhead suplexes followed by a belly-to-belly side suplex. Big E gyrates and tries for a big splash, but Lashley moves. Lashley grabs him, but Big E drives him headfirst into the chair in the corner.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lashley try to suplex Big E through the table, but Big E counters into a suplex of his own for a two count. Big E clubs away at Lashley on the apron and sizes him up. Big E hits a stiff big splash on the apron. Lashley is staggering around ringside. Big E follows him, but Lashley lifts him. Big E knocks a camera guy over sliding off. Lashley elbows him and lifts him to drive him headfirst into the ring post. Lashley grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up at ringside in front of the ring. Lashley tries to suplex Big E out of the ring through the table at ringside, but Big E fights it. Big E stuns him with some punches and goes for a spear off the apron through the table, but Lashley knees him in the face. Lashley gives Big E a vicious one-armed spinebuster through the table in the ring for a near fall!

-Commercial Break-

Back from the final break of the evening, we see Big E staggering around ringside. Big E then reverses a whip into the steel steps. Lashley hits the steps hard. Big E lifts Lashley and slams him on the bottom half of the steel steps! Lashley doesn’t hit flush! That was a horrible landing!

The referee checks on Lashley, and he says he’s ok. Big E gets him in the ring. Lashley tries for the Hurt Lock, but Big E fights it. Lashley spears Big E, but Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens run down and start to double-team him. Owens also takes MVP out. Big E gets to his feet and fights off Rollins and Owens. Rollins and Owens double-team the WWE Champion. Lashley attacks Owens and Rollins. Lashley punches away at Rollins in the corner. Owens and Big E fight out of the ring. Big E gives Owens a uranage through the table at ringside! In the ring, Lashley spears Rollins through a table leaning in the corner!

Big E yells for Lashley to get up so they can finish this. MVP hits Big E in the knee with his cane. Big E goes down and grabs his knee in pain. Lashley spears the WWE Champion for the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

The WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1 on January 1, 2022, will now be a Fatal 4-Way match. WWE Champion Big E will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley. Lashley celebrates as the show comes to an end.