WWE Monday Night RAW 10 24 2022

WWE Raw Results
October 24, 2022

Charlotte, North Carolina (Spectrum Center)
Commentary: Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer and Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever. Together.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

WWE Raw kicks off with the Judgment Day walking down to the ring. Rhea says last week AJ found out what mommy had known all along. And that is that the Judgment Day, they run Monday Night Raw. She says another thing that AJ found out was that Dominik Mysterio is all man.

Finn Balor gets on the microphone and says in perhaps one of the greatest matches of all time, AJ went one on one against Domininik. And the phenomenal AJ Styles crumbled under the pressure against Mysterio.

Priest says and that brings them to his favorite part of the night and that is when everyone rises. He begins to tell the crowd to rise and show respect to the greatest luchador in the history of this business, Dominik Mysterio. The crowd boos.

Mysterio says the Judgment Day are the only one’s that ever believed in him. And last week, he proved all of his haters and doubters wrong when he beat AJ Styles clean in the middle of the ring. He says he did it because he is built differently. The more he thinks about it, he is this generation’s Eddie Guerrero and the crowd boos.

Dominik says Eddie was his generation’s Dominik Mysterio. Last week, what he did to AJ Styles was just a small taste of what the Judgment Day… And out come the OC.

AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson walk down the ramp. AJ tells Mysterio to shut up, this is Charlotte, North Carolina and they know good wrestling when they see it. And Dominik is not it. He wants to compare himself to Eddie Guerrero? He is this generation’s James Ellsworth. Gallows says Jimmy No Chin and laughs as the OC enter the ring.

All seven of them are face to face. AJ tells Mysterio there will come a time where he won’t be able to hide behind the Judgment Day. Finn tells AJ that he is the one hiding in the club right now. The club that he started. Ever since he left the club and moved on, everyone who came after him is living off of his legacy.

Balor says today, the Judgment Day are in town. Step up and get pinned down. Anderson tells Balor it’s time to remind everyone why Carl Anderson is the toughest man in the building. To clear the ring and have this match right now.

Finn Balor vs. Karl Anderson

The bell rings and we are under way. A head lock by Anderson as Balor is thrown to the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Finn. He laughs but Anderson with an uppercut and Balor to the outside of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Balor with a chop to the chest in the corner of the ring. Balor runs towards Anderson but Anderson with a kick onto Balor’s knee. Anderson kicks Balor in the left knee several times. He wraps Balor’s left knee in between the second rope in the corner and kicks it as Balor falls onto the ring apron. Anderson with a dragon screw into the second rope. He goes for the cover but Balor kicks out.

Anderson with a leg lock but Balor kicks Anderson in the face with his right foot. A snap mare by Balor followed by a right hand to the back of the head. A head lock by Balor in the middle of the ring, Anderson gets to his feet but Balor with a neck breaker. He goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out. Balor with an elbow to the shoulder and another head lock. Balor throws Anderson to the corner but Anderson kicks him away. A clothesline by Anderson followed by a spinebusters. He goes for the cover but Balor kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Anderson with a running powerbomb. He goes for the cover but Balor kicks out. A running uppercut by Anderson. He puts Balor on his shoulders but Balor lands on his feet and slams Anderson onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out. Balor stomps on Anderson as the Judgment Day cheer him on. Balor with a chop to the chest but Anderson with an uppercut. Anderson climbs the second rope, Balor goes for a kick but Anderson catches his leg and kicks him away. Anderson with a neck breaker off the second rope. He goes for the cover but Balor kicks out. Anderson runs to the ropes but Balor with a slingblade.

Balor with a shotgun drop kick. Balor climbs the top rope but Anderson gets up and a right hand slows Balor. Anderson climbs the top rope and a superplex. He goes for the cover but Dominik gets on the ring apron and distracts the referee. AJ trips Dominik up and right hands by AJ. Priest grabs AJ and throws him into the barricade and over the announce table. Gallows throws Priest into the barricade. Rhea pushes Gallows into the ring post and bodyslams him on the outside of the ring.

In the ring, Anderson picks Balor up as Mysterio gets in the ring. Rhea with a low blow with the referee distracted. Balor goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Finn Balor

We see a clip of last week’s Raw involving The Miz and Johnny Gargano. We cut backstage as Johnny Gargano is walking and the Miz interrupts him. Miz asks him what Johnny knows and Johnny says the Miz knows what he knows. He tells Miz to stop lying and tell people the truth. Miz says he is not lying and that Johnny is using his name for clickbait. Miz says he is going down to the ring as he storms out.

-Commercial Break-

They show Dale Earnhardt and the Miz is in the ring and he says to get the camera off Dale, he can beat him with his Tesla. He says Johnny Gargano is right, he has been keeping a secret. But first, a lunatic shows up to Raw and gets carried away by security. The very next week, he shows up and kidnaps him. After that, he repeatedly attacks and stalks him and he finds himself waking up in situations he does not want to talk about.

Miz says the reason why that lunatic targeted him was because of his mind. Not some Hannibal Lecture but his knowledge and resume is unparalleled. When he chose to give a selfless act and share his expertise with an up and coming superstar, he who shall not be named, could not stand that he chose Tommaso Ciampa, he sat at home jobless and thought that Tommaso stole the opportunity he thought he deserves.

He tells everyone if they see Tommaso to let him know. Out comes Gargano who says we all know that is not true. He says the Miz that Tommaso is not missing, he just texted him a few minutes ago. He is actually injured, Miz is a huge liar. Gargano gets in the ring and says if he wants Gargano and Dexter out of his life, he has to tell the truth or he knows what is going to happen. He has a whistle and he is not afraid to blow it. The fans cheer Gargano as the Miz raises his hand.

Miz says he has been telling nothing but the truth. Out comes R-Truth singing and dancing. He tells the crowd to make some noise. R-Truth tells the Miz he said he wants to tell the truth and that he is here. The Miz is confused. Gargano says R-Truth is the real truth. Miz asks him if he ate too much crappy Carolina comfort food. R-Truth says he is not going to talk down on their mac and cheese. Miz says maybe he is the idiot for thinking that North Carolina can handle his reasoning. R-Truth says it’s one thing to drag him down ehre and not tell him this big secret but he will not talk down on his home town’s macaroni and cheese.

R-Truth asks the crowd if he should give Miz a good old fashion beating. Miz says they aren’t fighting. Gargano tells him he knows Dexter deflated his balls, he didn’t know he had none left. Miz says he wants truth. Gargano and Truth tell him he can’t handle the truth and jinx each other.

-Commercial Break-

The Miz vs. R-Truth

Back from commercial, the bell rings and we are under way. The Miz attacks R-Truth from behind as he stomps on him. He goes for a right hand but R-Truth blocks it. He runs to the ropes but Miz moves out of the way and he kicks R-Truth in the face. A kick to the back of the head by Miz.

A headlock by Miz but R-Truth gets to his feet. Elbows to the midsection followed by a kick to the face. R-Truth with a shoulder tackle. And he slams the Miz onto the mat. R-Truth with goes for the five knuckle shuffle but Miz with a kick. Miz says he has massive balls. Miz looks to the crowd and someone wearing a black hoodie and black gloves is in attendance as that distracts Miz. R-Truth rolls him up and gets the pin.

Winner: R-Truth

The person in the hoodie lifts the hoodie and it’s Johnny Gargano who smiles.

We cut backstage to Cathy Kelley who is with Candace LeRae. She says she did not know what to expect. One night she is on NXT, the next she is with Gargano expanding their family and now she is on Raw. She says she got support from a lot of the women like Alexa, Asuka and Bianca Belair. In come Damage CTRL. She tells her who cares. They don’t see Asuke or Alexa here. They put them on the shelf like they did to Becky Lynch.

Candace says that Iyo is not trustworthy, Dakota is spiteful and Bayley is not women’s champion. Bayley gets up and says she is not the champion yet but that Candace has no friends here to help her as the camera falls and we hear a lot of yelling.

-Commercial Break-

Riddle is backstage and in comes Elias. Riddle apologises for last week as he plays the tambourine. Elias says he is a serious artist, the people love to see him perform. He has a long history of being interrupted. He knows he and Ezequiel were close and he will let what happened last week slide. But if it happens again, he won’t. In come Otis and Gable and Gable asks if they are a band. And if they are, they are called Blink 180-shush.

Otis says he prefers if Elias would shave his beard and pretend to be his brother. Elias says he and Riddle are not a team and he just got interrupted. He challenges Otis and tells him to find out why WWE stands for Walk with Elias. He says Otis eats pieces of crap like him for breakfast. Riddle says Otis eats pieces of crap for breakfast. A line from Happy Gilmore.

Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

Out comes Seth Rollins wearing a neon yellow suit before the match. The bell rings and we are under way. Theory pushes Ali down. Theory with a head lock as he sends Ali to the ropes and Theory with a shoulder block. Theory with shoulder tackles in the corner followed by left hands. He sends Ali to the ropes and a knee to the midsection. He goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. Theory throws Ali to the ropes but Ali with a hurricanrana. Ali with a right hand as he places Theory to the top rope. Ali gets on the top rope as Theory pushes him down but Ali lands on his feet. Theory jumps and Ali hits him with a drop kick. Theory rolls to the outside of the ring. Ali on the ring apron as Theory trips him p and slams Ali face first on to the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Theory throws Ali back into the ring. Theory grabs his cell phone and he goes to take a selfie but Ali dropkicks Theory off the ring apron and to the outside of the ring. Ali climbs the top rope and a 450 splash onto Theory on the outside. Ali throws Theory back into the ring. Right hands by Ali followed by a chop to the chest.

Ali with a kick to the face followed by a neck breaker. He goes for the cover but Theory kicks out. Ali with a super kick. Ali climbs the second rope and hits Theory with a jumping DDT. He goes for the cover but Theory kicks out. Ali climbs the top rope, he jumps as Theory moves out of the way but Ali lands on his feet. Ali goes for a DDT but Theory catches Ali and drops Ali neck first onto his knee. Theory lifts Ali up but Ali lands on his feet and hits him with the backstabber. Ali climbs the top rope but Seth Rollins gets in the ring and distracts the referee. Theory kicks the top rope and he hits Ali with the A-Town Down. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Austin Theory

After the match, Rollins throws Ali to the outside of the ring. Rollins throws Ali over the barricade and into the timekeeper area. Rollins throws Ali into TV equipment and he tells Ali he does not belong in his WWE and for security to throw him out.

Rollins grabs his United States title and walks up the ramp. He celebrates as Ali attacks Rollins. He throws him into the Raw set as WWE officials break it up.

We cut backstage as Gargano is walking and in comes Miz. He tells Gargano he deceived him as Gargano tells him he deceived the both of us. Miz walks away and in comes JBL and Baron Corbin. JBL tells him that when he walks and see a Hall of Famer, he stops and respects him. If this was the Attitude era, Gargano would be carrying his bags. Gargano says he was eight years old during the Attitude era. He shakes JBL’s hand and tells him he has nice MC Hammer pants. He looks at Baron Corbin and asks what his name is. If it’s Happy or King. JBL tells Gargano that the modern day wrestling God will beat him up tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Omos with MVP vs. Four jobbers

On SmackDown, Omos and Braun went face to face for the first time. And Braun was thrown out of the ring like a child. Strowman is one of the biggest and meanest big men ever. MVP looks at the four guys in the ring and asks them if that happened to Braun, what chances do they have tonight. MVP says Omos has a fist like a Christmas ham. He tells them that he respects their ambition and he applauds their courage and he asks them if they have a good health insurance plan. He tells Braun after Crown Jewel, there will only be one monster in WWE. And that will be Omos.

The bell rings and we are under way. Omos throws one of them across the ring. Shoulder tackles by Omos. He chokeslams one of them. Three of them attack Omos but he pushes them all away from him. A big boot by Omos. He slams one of them into the top rope followed by a big boot. Omos with a big splash in the corner. Omos places one of the jobbers on top of the other one. He puts his foot on top of them and gets the pin.

Winner: Omos

Elias will be in action against Chad Gable next.

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This is Mike Tedesco tagging in to continue the Raw recap. Thank you to Roy Nemer for picking it up for the first half!

Chad Gable w/ Otis vs. Elias

The bell rings, and they approach each other. Gable teases a takedown, and Elias just falls. Gable hooks a side headlock and laughs. Gable takes him down with a headlock takeover, but Elias fights up. Elias hits a headlock takeover, but Gable soon fights up and whips him off. Elias hits a shoulder tackle and applies a chin lock. Gable fights up, so Elias takes him down a few times and shooshes the shoosher. Elias goes for a backslide pin, but Gable gets out. Elias fights back with a vertical suplex for a two-count. Elias hits the ropes, but Otis pulls the top rope down to knock Elias out of the ring. Otis calls Elias a terrible athlete.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Elias attempting a superplex, but Gable fights him off. Gable connects with a flying head-butt for a near fall. Gable gets Elias to his feet, but Elias runs wild on him. Elias asks the crowd who wants to walk with him. Otis gets on the apron to distract him, and Gable soon takes him down with an ankle lock. Elias counters the ankle lock into a roll-up for a two-count. Gable hits an impressive modified dominator for a near fall. Gable goes to the top rope for a moonsault, but he lands on his feet… however, Elias knees him in the face on the way down. Elias picks up a near fall.

Elias goes outside for a moment and sidesteps Otis, who goes into the ring post. Elias knocks Gable back and hits Drift Away for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Elias

Elias is bleeding from the head. Otis blindsides him, so Matt Riddle runs down for the save. Riddle hits Gable with a Bro To Sleep and gets Otis out of the ring. Riddle hits a springboard Floating Bro to wipe out Alpha Academy. Riddle then checks on Elias.

Replays are shown of Rhea Ripley giving Luke Gallows a body slam on the floor earlier tonight.

The O.C. are talking backstage. Luke Gallows says he’s great with women and has an idea. AJ Styles and Karl Anderson agree that Gallows is horrible with women.

WWE Hall of Famer JBL makes his way to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We go back to the trainer’s room where Karl Anderson and AJ Styles are. Luke Gallows walks in, holding his groin, and takes Anderson’s ice pack. Rhea Ripley gave him a low blow.

JBL is in the ring and says mediocrity is the norm in Charlotte. Their football team is 2-5. They took the G.O.A.T. of all G.O.A.T.s and made Michael Jordan a loser. They’re going to witness greatness in Baron Corbin. He is the Modern Day Wrestling God.

JBL joins commentary.

Baron Corbin vs. Johnny Gargano

Corbin shoves Gargano, but Gargano charges him and punches away at him. Gargano rolls him up for a two-count and gets him out of the ring. Gargano connects with a suicide dive and gets him in the ring. Gargano shoulders him and goes for a slingshot, but Corbin punches him in the face. Gargano falls to the floor. Corbin goes outside and lifts him up. Corbin drives Gargano’s spine into the ring post. Corbin gets Gargano in the ring and gets inside. Corbin knees Gargano in the midsection and whips him hard into the corner. Corbin hits a corner clothesline and talks some trash to the crowd. Corbin punches Gargano in the face and goes for a back suplex, but Gargano punches him to get out of it. Corbin knocks Gargano into the ropes, but Gargano fights back. Gargano dropkicks Corbin out of the ring. Gargano gets on the apron and kicks Corbin. Gargano dives, but Corbin catches him and slams him onto the table. Corbin high-fives JBL.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Corbin punching away at Gargano. Corbin puts him in a torture rack and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. The crowd chants, “You can’t wrestle.” Gargano knocks Corbin away and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Gargano punches away at Corbin, but Corbin shoves him off. Gargano takes him down and hits an enzuigiri. Gargano hits a double knee to the face, followed by a bulldog. Gargano knocks him back and hits a slingshot spear for a near fall.

Corbin grabs him by the throat, but Gargano gets away. Gargano dives at him, but Corbin catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Corbin talks a lot of trash. Gargano fights back with a crucifix pin for a two-count. Gargano strikes away at him and hits the ropes, but Corbin comes back with the Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin puts Gargano on the top rope and punches away at him. Gargano jumps over Corbin and superkicks him for a near fall. Gargano goes for a suicide dive, but Corbin catches him and bounces him off the commentary table. Corbin clears the commentary table. Gargano superkicks Corbin and sidesteps him. Corbin hits the ring steps hard.

Gargano gets on the commentary table and looks at JBL. Gargano puts JBL’s cowboy hat on, which disgusts the Hall of Famer. Gargano then dives off the table and hits Corbin with a tornado DDT on the floor. Gargano puts the hat back on and kicks Corbin. JBL sweeps the feet. Corbin hits Gargano with the End of Days for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Baron Corbin

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is being interviewed by Cathy Kelley. Belair says she’s held this Women’s Division down for a year. This is bigger than anything. This is about payback. Bayley has taken out all her friends. Tonight, she’s not stopping until Bayley is left with nothing.

We’ll take a look at the Brock Lesnar/Bobby Lashley story.

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Johnny Gargano is walking backstage when The Miz walks up to him. Miz hands him a get-well card for Candice LeRae. Gargano says Miz has to tell the truth about what happened with Dexter Lumis and will make sure he does next week. Gargano opens the card, and it’s unsigned.

Video Package: Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5.

Bayley makes her way to the ring along with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY.

-Commercial Break-

Brock Lesnar will appear on Raw next week.

Non-Title Match
Bayley w/ Damage CTRL vs. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair

The bell rings, and Bayley takes her time, putting herself through the ropes. They lock up, but Belair powers her back. They lock up again, and Bayley shoves her back this time. Belair comes back with a waistlock takeover. Bayley fights up and knocks Belair back. Bayley attacks the arm and applies an armbar. Belair fights up and hits a scoop slam. Bayley quickly retreats to the ropes. They lock up, and Bayley applies a side headlock. Belair whips her off and hits a shoulder tackle. Belair hits the ropes and cartwheels over her before showing some swagger. Belair goes for a roll, but Bayley pins her for a two-count. Belair slingshots over her and does a handspring, but Bayley clotheslines her down for a two-count. Belair soon backflips over Bayley and hits a suplex. Belair tries to roll through for another, but Bayley counters with a crossface attempt. Belair fights up and hits a backbreaker. Bayley rolls out of the ring to recover, but Belair soon flattens her with a plancha.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Bayley pull Belair onto the apron and give her a suplex to the floor. Bayley gets her in the ring. Belair fights back with a roll-up, but Bayley kicks out at two. Bayley attacks her in the corner, but Belair fights back with a KOD attempt. Bayley holds the ropes and knocks Belair back for a two-count. Bayley attacks Belair’s injured arm and takes her down. Bayley goes for an elbow drop, but Belair moves. Bayley tries again for the same result. Belair knocks Bayley back and twists away from her. Belair shoulders her and avoids a dive. Bayley crashes and burns on the floor. Bayley angrily gets back in the ring, and Belair hits a vertical suplex. Belair shakes feeling into her injured arm. Belair hits a pair of shoulder tackles and a dropkick. Belair punches away at her in the corner, but Bayley soon grabs the braid. Belair fights her and hits a scoop slam. Belair goes for a handspring standing moonsault, but Bayley gets the knees up. Belair avoids a roll-up and rolls her up for a near fall. Bayley hits a back elbow and goes to the second rope. Belair gets the knees up on an elbow drop attempt. Belair hits a handspring standing moonsault for a near fall.

Bayley rolls out of the ring to recover. Belair follows her out, but Bayley puts her in the timekeeper’s area. Bayley pulls the braid and hits an arm breaker on the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Belair attempting a superplex. Bayley fights it and goes for a KOD on Belair, but Belair counters into the Bayley-To-Belly for a near fall! Bayley rolls out of the ring to recover. Bayley grabs the braid and throws her into the barricade. Bayley goes to whip her into the steps, but Belair reverses it on her. Belair puts her in the ring and stands over Bayley. Bayley stuns her with a forearm, but Belair responds back with a forearm. They brawl before Belair hits the ropes and hits a spinebuster for a near fall.

Belair goes to the top rope, but IYO SKY distracts her. Bayley blindsides Belair and hits Bayley-To-Belly off the second rope for a near fall! Bayley throws Belair out of the ring and tells Dakota Kai and IYO SKY to clear the commentary table. They follow Bayley’s command. Belair fights Bayley off before taking out Sky and Kai. Belair grabs Bayley and powerbombs her onto the commentary table. Belair powerbombs her into the ring post and hits an alley-oop into the apron. Belair puts Bayley in the ring. Kai and Sky double-team Belair and put her in the ring. The referee catches this and ejects them from ringside. All of a sudden, Nikki A.S.H. wipes out Kai, Sky, and the referee with a cross-body block!

Belair attacks Bayley, but Nikki A.S.H., now announced by her old name Nikki Cross, attacks Belair. Bayley covers for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bayley

Nikki Cross attacks Bayley after the match and beats her down. Cross stands tall to end the show.