WWE Monday Night RAW 04 23 2023

WWE Raw Results
April 24, 2023

Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.
Commentary: Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

The “Then. Now. Forever. Together.” WWE video plays.

The lights go out as Cody’s music hits and out comes Cody Rhodes to the ring.

Cody stands in the ring as the fans chant his name. He asks them what they want to talk about. He says they could talk about the WWE draft that is days away. He mentions that he could end up on SmackDown or stay on Raw. He says they can talk about the task he has ahead of him in slaying the beast Brock Lesnar at Backlash. The same Brock Lesnar that is the most decorated sports athlete of all time and it’s ironic that he waited for his back to be turned for him to jump him. We see a clip from three weeks ago where Lesnar attacked Cody.

Rhodes calls it a cowardly attack. He wants to show every one something else. Cody takes hs watch, jacket, tie and shirt off and throws them in the crowd. He tells every one to look at his scar and it’s not lost on him that it’s the first time he is in the Allstate Arena since competing with a torn pec at Hell in a Cell. He says he has never watched it back but Lesnar, if he is at home watching, to pick a spot. He tells Lesnar to put another scar on him because it means he hasn’t learned from that one. Cody says even with that scar, he was able to defeat one of the best in the ring inside Hell in a Cell. And the reason he doesn’t give it this heroic spin is that he did not do anything that night. What he did was had a sold out arena, lift him up on their shoulders and carry him to the finish line. He says he was in the most pain in his entire life.

Cody says they have had many milestones in Chicago but if he doesn’t get another chance to say it, he wants to say thank you very much.

Finn’s music hits and out comes Finn Balor. He tells Cody that he hates to break up the party but they all have scars. He tells Cody he saw what happened to him at WrestleMania and he saw that he had Roman Reigns beat and he saw that he got screwed. Finn says he knows how it feels. But the question is why did he get screwed and the answer is because he had no one there to have his back. He gets why he accepted Lesnar’s offer for help and to be his partner but he trusted the wrong man. He needs to be smarter, like himself. Because now he is facing Lesnar, all beaten and bruised. And this is a match that Cody cannot win. Not on his own.

Cody stops him and says he thought there was a lot of mutual respect but there isn’t. He tells Finn that respectfully, what he is selling, he isn’t buying. Finn tells Cody that if he respects him, he will hear what he has to say. Because he knows and Cody knows and the fans know that Cody Rhodes in the Judgment Day would be unstoppable. Finn says Rhea Ripley, SmackDown Women’s Champion. Damian Priest put the biggest star in the music industry through the table. And Dominik Mysterio, he has already proven that he is far greater than his legendary father ever was. Which is something Cody should try. He tells Cody he made a mistake at WrestleMania and not to make the same mistake at Backlash and to let them have his back. The fans chant You Suck to Finn.

Rhodes says he heard the fans and he heard Finn too. Cody says he is not looking to get into another fight but he seriously appreciates it. He tells Finn he has done a lot for him and he respectfully will not be joining the Judgment Day and he must decline. Cody extends his hand for a handshake. Finn says that is a pity, that is a shame. And you are either with the Judgment Day or against the Judgment Day. Finn tells him he should watch his own back because some day he will slap the bleach off his head.

Cody smiles and tells Finn that he thinks Finn is under the impression that he is not medically cleared to compete tonight because of what happened three weeks ago. But he was cleared medically a few hours ago to compete tonight. And he cannot think of a better message to send Lesnar than him against Finn tonight. Finn leaves the ring as Cody’s music hits.

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Six Man Tag Team Match – The Bloodline vs. LWO (Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde)

The bell rings and we are under way. Jey and Wilde in the ring. Wilde with a head scissor take down followed by an arm bar but Jey pushes him in the corner and Jimmy is tagged in. They double team Wilde. Solo is tagged in and they double team Wilde. Solo with a head butt. He runs towards Wilde but Wilde lowers the top rope and Solo falls to the outside. The Usos get in the ring and as do Del Toro and Escobar and they hit The Usos with a double dropkick. The Usos fall to the outside as Del Toro and Escobar fly over the top rope onto The Usos. Wilde with a dive onto Solo on the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Usos and Wilde are in the ring. A tornado jumping DDT by Wilde. Jimmy and Santos are tagged in. Santos with a right hand and he knocks Jey off the ring apron. Escobar with a flying forearm. He kicks Solo off the ring apron and Jimmy with a right hand. Jimmy to the ropes but Escobar with a jumping knee to the face. Escobar on the ring apron and a kick to the side of the head. Escobar climbs the top rope and a cross body. He goes for the cover but Jimmy kicks out. Del Toro is tagged in and he lands a drop kick off the top rope. Del Toro with a phoenix splash. He goes for the cover but Jey breaks it up and Escobar throws him to the outside where they fight. Jey throws Escobar into the ring post. Wilde slams Jey into the ring apron and Solo slams Wilde into the ring apron. Del Toro kicks Jimmy down in the corner. Del Toro climbs the opposite top rope and Jey distracts the referee. Del Toro jumps as Solo hits him with the Samoan spike. Jey is tagged in and they hit him with the 1D. Jey goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The Bloodline

Jey says the longest reigning tag team Champions had one bad night. At WrestleMania, they had one bad night and let down The Bloodline and the Tribal Chief. Jimmy says on Friday at SmackDown, they will be nine time Champions and they will dedicate it to Roman Reigns.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Bianca Belair. She says it was announced that she will face IYO SKY at Backlash. Bianca says she is excited because IYO has shown that she is a worthy competitor and she is ready. In come Damage CTRL as Bayley tells Bianca that she has never been in a Championship match with IYO SKY and she is ready for her. IYO SKY speaks in Japanese as Dakota tells her that IYO wants to face her tonight. Bayley says tonight, the three of them feel like beating Bianca and two tag team partners up. Bianca says she will see them tonight.

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Jey Uso is backstage talking on the phone. He says they took care of business and got the win. Sami Zayn shows up and he tells Jey he heard what he said about dedicating their match to Roman Reigns. He tells Jey they took their titles away from them at WrestleMania and now he wants them back for Roman, not for himself. Zayn asks him what will happen if he comes up short in this match since he put Roman’s name in it. And Roman does not deserve it. Jey asks him why he cares. Zayn tells him because he feels bad. Jey tells him not to feel bad for him and on Friday, they will take back their Tag Team titles. And not to worry about what is happening because he made his choice. And Jey made his choice too.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Trish Stratus. She tells Cathy that the reason Becky is not there is because Becky is not doing so good. She opened up to Trish and told her that she is having a hard time being the top of women’s division, the Man and being a mom. But she understands well since she has two kids of her own and she is thriving. But Becky not so much. And she sees Becky struggling and she had to take her out of her mysery. And what Becky should be doing is being at home and saying thank you Trish.

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The Street Profits vs. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander

The bell rings and are under way. Montez and Shelton start the match. Montez runs to the ropes and Shelton lifts him on his shoulders, Alexander makes the tag and Shelton slams Ford onto the mat. Alexander with a Michinoku driver. He goes for the cover but Ford kicks out. Shelton is tagged back in and Ford with a kick to the side of the head. Dawkins and Alexander are tagged in. Dawkins with a spinning elbow followed by a splash in the corner. Dawkins with a twisting neck breaker. He goes for the cover but Shelton breaks it up. In comes Ford who hits Shelton with a kick and a right hand by Dawkins. Alexander rolls Dawkins from behind but he kicks out. Dawkins with a spine buster and Ford is tagged in. Ford climbs the top rope and he hits him with a frog splash. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The Street Profits

-Commercial Break-

Triple H’s Huge Announcement

Back from commercial, Triple H’s music hits and out he comes to an ovation from the crowd. He gets in the ring and the fans chant “Triple H” as he says as a WWE superstar, he had the incredible privilege of competing at the highest level for all of them. He had the incredible privilege of standing in the ring, in this arena at WrestleMania 22 defending the WWE Championship against one of the greatest of all time, John Cena. And now he has the incredible privilege of ensuring that WWE is all that it can be for generations going forward. And that is why he is out there tonight to talk about Roman Reigns.

Triple H says he is coming up on 1000 days as Champion. A thousand days as Champion, it is incredible, it is unheard of in the modern era. He has defended that Championship against everybody. A who’s who of superstars. And after seeing them all for 30 years, he can’t name too many that would be able to hang in the ring with Roman Reigns. He says Roman is that damn good. And along the way in those 1000 days, he did something very smart. Something he would have done. He negotiated himself into a position where he didn’t have to defend that Championship as frequently.

He says and while that is great for Roman Reigns, that is not great for WWE. The fans deserve more, they need more than that. And that is why a few weeks ago, when he spoke about the draft, he said the draft would change WWE at its core. Because when Roman gets drafted, he will take the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship with him and he will stay there. The other brand will determine a new Champion. He says on Saturday, May 27 at Night of Champions, we will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H unveils the new title belt as the fans chant Yes. He says this will be a Champion you can be proud of, this will be a Champion that you can respect, admire, that will defend this Championship anywhere, any place, any time, all over the world. This Champion will not have to demand your acknowledgement. This Champion will earn your acknowledgement and will earn the title of World Heavyweight Champion as he leaves the ring.

Cathy is backstage with the Judgment Day. She has a question for Damian about Bad Bunny. He tells her it’s awesome that Bad Bunny is there to promote Backlash in Puerto Rico. Grammy award winner, top streaming artist on Spotify and success in WWE but that is only when he has had his back. If Bad Bunny is looking to get into their business, he will go through a table. Priest doesn’t go to Coachella, grab a microphone. Dominik says and Bad Bunny will get the chance to see Damian take out his dead beat dad.

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The Bloodline are sitting backstage. Jimmy tells them that they will superkick Zayn and Owens and win the titles. Jey isn’t paying much attention as he asks Jimmy what he said. Jey asks him if he ever thinks about what will happen if they don’t win the titles back on Friday> He says he ran into Zayn as Jimmy snaps at him and tells him not to speak with Zayn. Jimmy tells him he cannot talk to Zayn and to stay focused. Jey says all he is saying is what if they don’t win. Jimmy tells him they are going to go out there and do what they always do and on Friday they are going to win back the Championships. And they will win it for the Tribal Chief. Jimmy storms out.

Damage CTRL vs. Bianca Belair, Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan

The bell rings and we are under way. Bianca and IYO star the match and Bianca with a drop kick. Dakota is tagged in. Bianca with a vertical suplex. Raquel is tagged in as she slams Dakota in the corner. Liv is tagged in and they double team Dakota. In comes Bayley and they throw her into Dakota. Raquel with a spear onto Bayley and Dakota. Liv climbs on top of Raquel’s shoulders and a splash onto Dakota. She goes for the cover but Dakota kicks out. Dakota gets out of the ring as Bayley distracts the referee and IYO kicks Liv in the face.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, IYO with a crossface onto Liv but Liv gets to her feet. IYO slams Liv down and she hits Raquel with a right hand. Dakota is tagged into the ring but Liv throws IYO to the outside and clotheslines Dakota. Liv tries to make the tag to Bianca but IYO slams Bianca into the ring steps. Liv with a back stabber onto Dakota. Raquel gets back onto the ring apron and she is tagged in and Bayley is tagged in. Raquel with clothesline onto Bayley. She hits Bayley with a fallaway slam. Raquel with a corkscrew slam off the second rope. She goes for the cover but Dakota breaks it up. Raquel throws Dakota over the top rope and onto the outside. Bianca is tagged in as Liv jumps to the outside onto Dakota and Bayley. Bianca is in the ring and she throws IYO to the outside. Bayley gets in the ring and Bianca hits her with the KOD. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan

-Commercial Break-

WWE United States Champion Austin Theory makes his way down to the ring. He welcomes everyone to Austin Theory Live and sine this is an experience every one wants to be part of. And he knows two people who really want to be part of it and those two are Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley. Theory says he is the greatest US Champion of all time. HE asks where his resepct is because he didn’t ask for his opponents.

Theory looks at the new WWE title that Triple H announced and says that title should be around his waist. Triple H said that title should be earned and if there is someone who has earned it, it’s him. The fans boo him as Theory says but instead of that, he is in a triple threat match where he doesn’t have to be pinned or submitted to lose his title. The fans chant “You suck” as Theory says but he is the guy who pinned John Cena at WrestleMania. The fans boo him and he says he did that. He says they are sitting in their seats watching the greatest of all time. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and out he comes.

The fans chant Bobby as he tells Theory his only problem with him is that he is holding his title. He is out here running his mouth about being the greatest US Champion ever. He asks Theory when he is going to step up and accepting a challenge. He is running away from every obstacle. Lashley says he has been in the ring with him and he knows how tough he is. He says he doesn’t think Theory knows it. He is young, hungry and tough. Lashley asks him if he is lazy and doesn’t want to work or is he scared. Lashley says he should be welcoming every opportunity to fight for that title because he would. Lashley says he requested that triple threat match at Backlash.

Theory says if he is so good at requesting matches, where was his match at WrestleMania? Lashley laughs and says he should knock his teeth down his throat for saying that. Theory says he should but before he does that, Theory swings at Lashley but Lashley ducks. The two fight to the outside as Lashley throws Theory into the barricade. Right hands by Lashley. He lifts Theory up on his shoulders but Reed shows up and right hands by Lashley onto Reed. Theory hits Lashley from behind and they double team Lashley.

They slam Lashley into the ring post and throw him into the ring. Theory hits him with the A-Town Down. Reed runs into Theory and hits him with a splash. Reed climbs the top rope and hits him with a splash as he lifts the United States title.

-Commercial Break-

Chad Gable with Otis and Maxxine vs. Mustafa Ali

The bell rings and we are under way. Gable with a suplex onto Mustafa followed by a right hand. Gable with a dragon suplex. He goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. Both men get up and Ali slams Gable onto the mat. Ali climbs the top rope and jumps but Gable moves out of the way. Gable rolls Ali up but Ali reverses it and gets the pin.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Zayn is backstage and in comes Jimmy. He tells him he knows he is playing mind games with Jey. And how he keeps saying what will happen if they lose. He says Owens won’t forget all the things he did to him. He says Owens didn’t forget what Zayn did to him and on Friday, when they lose the titles, Owens will turn on him. He tells Zayn not to worry about Jey but to worry about his brother, Owens.

-Commercial Break-

Cody Rhodes vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings and we are under way. Both men exchange arm bars and change to a test of strength. A kick by Balor followed by a hip toss. Cody gets back up and a head lock take down. Finn gets to his feet but Cody with left hands as Finn slides to the ring apron. Cody lifts Finn up and throws him into the ring. Cody to the ropes as he goes for a cross body but Finn moves out of the way and Cody lands on the ropes and to the outside. Finn slams Cody into the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Cody with a snap powerslam. He jumps off the second rope and hits him with a kick to the side of the head. He goes for the cover but Finn kicks out. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Finn reverses it and Cody gets out of it with a kick. Cody goes for the Cody Cutter but Finn slams Cody onto the mat. Finn with a sling blade onto Cody and Cody in the corner. He runs towards Cody but Rhodes hits him with a super kick. Cody with the Cody Cutter off the second rope. He goes for the cover but Finn kicks out. Cody lifts Finn up but Finn lands on his feet and trips Cody up.

Finn with a double stomp onto Cody and he hits Cody with a drop kick in the corner. Finn climbs the top rope and goes for the Coup de Grace but Cody moves out of the way. Cody goes for the Cross Rhodes but Finn reverses it into a cover and Cody kicks out. Cody with the pedigree. Cody with the Cross Rhodes. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

-Commercial Break-

Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring as he welcomes Chicago to Monday Night Rollins. He says he is the visionary, the revolutionary. He tells them he was going to come out and see how they are feeling about his match against Omos at Backlash but if they can believe it, something bigger has caught his eye. Seth looks at the new WWE title that’s at ringside.

The fans chant “You deserve it” as Seth makes his way onto the ring apron and down the ring steps. He asks them if they are just saying that because he is a Bears fan. He says truth be told, Triple H came out, said some very nice things about Roman Reigns, went through the list of superstars that Roman defeated during his title reign but he says he was not on that list. Seth says Roman wants you to believe that every one wants to be him but the truth is that some of them still want to fight.

Seth points to the belt and says this is an opportunity for them to fight, to push the industry forward, to have a World Heavyweight Championship that is more than politics and part timers. Seth says and if they are going to crown a new Champion at Night of Champions, he will give them one guess who he would put his money on.

Out comes Omos with MVP to the ring. MVP tells him to forgive the interruption, he means no disrespect. He respects him immensly. As a matter of fact, in his humble estimation, he is without question one of the most impressive superstars to ever grace a WWE ring. Seth and Omos get into the ring. MVP tells Seth that he has accomplished everything there is to accomplish.

He is brilliant with the exception of his fashion choices. But it is because of those accolades that he has been chosen. It is his responsibility to get his giant, giant matches. And a win against Seth Rollins would be huge. He tells Seth he would caution him against making predictions about his future because when the Nigerian giant is done with him, he might not have much of a future after Backlash.

Rollins thanks MVP as the fans start chanting Seth’s theme song. Seth tells the fans they should thank MVP for the kind words. But he has to be honest, he kind of undersold his giant because he is the biggest man he has ever seen in his entire life. Strongest, most powerful force in WWE. He says Omos is a once in a generation because he was born that way. Seth tells him that Seth Rollins is one in a generation because he made himself that way.

Seth sways he should be afraid of him but he is not. And at Backlash, he is going to do what he does best. He will make his ass famous, give him the match of his life, stomp his head on the mat and after three seconds, he will wake up and an arena full of people will be singing his song. The fans start to sing Seth’s song as he leaves the ring.

Riddle is backstage with Kevin Owens. In comes Zayn as he asks Zayn where he has been all night. Zayn says it hasn’t been a good night for him. He says he was talking with Jey and he ended up speaking with Jimmy. Owens asks him why he was talking to them. Owens tells him he used to like The Usos too but it’s too late for them. He tells Zayn they have to keep the titles, that’s what he is worried about and what he should be worried about. Owens walks away as Riddle tells him he knows exactly what he is going through. Zayn looks at him and asks him how he could possibly know that. Riddle says when he teamed up with Randy Orton and every one kept telling him that he Orotn was going to hit him with the RKO but he didn’t. And Zayn and Owens are bro’s and everything will be cool. Zayn thanks him as Riddle walks away.

Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest

The bell rings and we are under way. Rey with kicks and right hands but Damian with a right hand and he kicks Rey. Damian with a right hand as he throws Rey to the ropes but Rey with an elbow to the face. Rey jumps off the second rope but Damian catches him and slams him onto his knee.

We see Bad Bunny in a black SUV entering the arena. Damian on the second rope has Rey on his shoulders but Rey with right hands. Rey with a hurricanrana off the second rope. He goes for the cover but Damian kicks out. Rey runs to the ropes but Priest with a right hand. Damian throws Rey to the outside of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Damian goes for a spear in the corner but Rey moves out of the way and Priest slams into the ringpost and falls to the outside. Rey with a moon sault off the second rope onto Priest. He throws Priest back into the ring and Rey climbs the top rope. He hits Priest with a senton followed by a cross body off the second rope. He goes for the cover but Priest kicks out. Rey throws Priest onto the second rope. He goes for the 619 but Priest hits him with a kick to the face. Priest goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Damian lifts Rey up but Rey lands on his feet and goes for a cross body off the second roep but Damian catches him and slams Rey onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Damian goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Rey with a kick onto Priest and Rey grabs the chair. Priest gets in the ring and goes for a chokeslam but Rey turns it and throws Damian onto the second rope. He hits him with a 619 and climbs the top rope. Priest throws the steel chair onto Rey as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Rey Mysterio

Damian hits Rey with the South of Heaven. He goes to the outside of the ring and clears the announce table. One of Bad Bunny’s songs plays and out he comes with a kendo stick. Damian gets back in the ring.

Bad Bunny gets in the ring and hits Priest with the kendo stick. Priest falls to the outside of the ring and Bad Bunny hits him once more with the kendo stick. Bad Bunny climbs the announce table but Priest grabs him. Bad Bunny lands on his feet and hits Priest with the kendo stick. Priest escapes through the fans as Bad Bunny grabs a microphone and stands on top of the announce table. Priest on the ramp as Bad Bunny tells him that he is not hosting Backlash anymore. Now he is going to Puerto Rico to kill his ass. He says May 6, Backlash, in his home Puerto Rico, Damian Priest vs. Bad Bunny in a street fight.