WWE Monday Night RAW 02 19 2024

WWE Raw Results
February 19, 2024
Anaheim, California (Honda Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever. Together.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We see footage of “Main Event” Jey Uso heading into the Honda Center earlier today. He’ll face Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship later tonight. We also see the Judgment Day going into the arena.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring for a huge match against “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. This Saturday, in Perth, Australia, McIntyre will compete inside the Elimination Chamber against Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, LA Knight, Kevin Owens, and United States Champion Logan Paul. The winner will face Seth “Freakin” Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XL.

Video Package: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

The bell rings, and they stare at each other from across the ring. They then look out into the crowd, as the jam-packed Honda Center chants for Cody Rhodes. They lock up, and McIntyre pushes Rhodes into the corner. Rhodes turns him around and gives him a clean break. A “Let’s go, Cody,” chant picks up. McIntyre soon chops and punches Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes applies a side headlock, but McIntyre whips him off. Rhodes slides through the legs and uppercuts The Scottish Warrior. Rhodes punches away at McIntyre, but McIntyre quickly big boots him down. McIntyre mounts Rhodes and punches away at him. McIntyre stomps Rhodes and pulls him to his feet to chop the chest. Rhodes responds with a chop of his own. McIntyre quickly kicks him in the midsection and clubs the back. McIntyre stomps the hand and stands tall in the ring. McIntyre scoops Rhodes up, but Rhodes slides off. McIntyre charges, but Rhodes sends him over the top rope. Rhodes gets fired up and hits the ropes for a suicide dive, but McIntyre clubs him in the head before he goes through the ropes. Rhodes quickly fights back and hits a dragon screw over the ropes. Rhodes has McIntyre down in the center of the ring and applies a Figure Four Leglock. McIntyre screams in pain. Rhodes cinches it in, but McIntyre soon rolls them over to reverse the pressure onto Rhodes. Rhodes screams in pain and gets to the bottom rope. Rhodes crawls out of the ring to recover.

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Back from the break, we see Rhodes punch McIntyre. Rhodes hits the ropes, but McIntyre takes him down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two-count. McIntyre grabs Rhodes and punches him in the cheek. McIntyre goes outside and pulls Rhodes’s head over to the ring post before driving his foot into his head to sandwich it into the post. McIntyre releases him before being disqualified and punches him in the face again. McIntyre has Rhodes in the corner and punches and chops him. Rhodes fights out of the corner and wants more! McIntyre kicks him in the knee and punches away at his face before stomping the head. McIntyre pulls Rhodes to his feet and chops the chest. McIntyre talks a little trash and chops him. McIntyre whips him to the opposite corner and charges, but Rhodes boots him in the face and hits a running bulldog.

Rhodes grabs McIntyre, but McIntyre punches him in the midsection and clubs the back. Rhodes follows McIntyre into the ropes and hits a running forearm to the jaw. Rhodes slingshots over him and hits a snap powerslam. The crowd roars as Rhodes gets fired up. Rhodes connects with a Disaster Kick and covers: 1… 2… McIntyre kicks out. The crowd is chanting for Cody Rhodes once again. Rhodes connects with a Cody Cutter! Rhodes covers: 1… 2… McIntyre barely kicks out! Rhodes shakes his arms and is getting the crowd fired up. Rhodes sets up for Cross Rhodes, but McIntyre manages to pull the head down and knee him in the face. Rhodes ducks a clothesline and connects with a clothesline that sends them both over the top rope. Both men are down at ringside.

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We return from the break to see Rhodes and McIntyre exchanging punches in the center of the ring. McIntyre goes for a Future Shock DDT, but Rhodes gets out. Rhodes hits some stinging left jabs and hits father’s iconic Bionic Elbow. Rhodes hits the ropes, but McIntyre takes him down with a spinebuster. McIntyre does a jackknife pin for a two-count. McIntyre quickly follows up with a sit-out powerbomb for another near fall!

The crowd chants, “This is awesome!” McIntyre gets to his feet and looks exhausted. McIntyre sizes up his opponent and counts down in the corner. McIntyre charges for a Claymore Kick, but Rhodes superkicks him. Rhodes goes for a Pedigree, but McIntyre gets out. McIntyre goes for a Future Shock DDT, but Rhodes fights out and hits a Pedigree! Both men are down again. They show a graphic that Rhodes is ranked 93 while McIntyre is ranked 89 in WWE 2K24. Rhodes soon is up and goes for a Cody Cutter, but McIntyre connects with a Glasgow Kiss out of mid-air! McIntyre follows up with a vicious Future Shock DDT and covers: 1… 2… Rhodes kicks out!

McIntyre pulls himself up to his feet and looks up at the WrestleMania XL sign. McIntyre climbs to the top rope, but Rhodes cuts him off. Rhodes hooks him and stands on the top rope to hit a massive superplex. Rhodes leaps from the second rope to the top rope and hits a HUGE Cody Cutter! 1… 2… McIntyre kicks out again! Rhodes gets fired up and points at the WrestleMania XL sign! Rhodes sizes McIntyre up, but he sees Jimmy Uso running down to the ring. Rhodes punches Jimmy off the apron and grabs McIntyre for a Cross Rhodes. Solo Sikoa then appears in all black and hits Rhodes with a Samoan Spike. McIntyre looks shocked. McIntyre then turns Rhodes inside out with a Claymore Kick for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre looks over at Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa of the Bloodline and looks shocked. McIntyre then has his arm raised in victory.

The commentators break down what just transpired in the ring. Michael Cole says Drew McIntyre is a hypocrite. All this time, he criticized the Bloodline and talked about how they stole matches from him. Now, he takes advantage of their help.

Video Package: “Main Event” Jey Uso vs. “The Ring General” Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Coming up next, we’ll see a Last Chance Battle Royal to determine who will be the final entrant into the Women’s Elimination Chamber.

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Photos are shown of the WWE Golden Title at the NBA All Star Game this past weekend.

Video: Andrade says he’s a third-generation luchador. He never had a choice. Everyone around him, even his wife, is a wrestler. Andrade says he defines and controls his own destiny. His destiny is here in WWE. The Era of Andrade el Idolo has begun.

Pat McAfee uses a telestrator to highlight what just happened at the end of the match with Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.

WWE Medical Office

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce walks into the trainer’s room to check on Cody Rhodes, who is clutching at his throat. Pearce asks if there is anything he can do. Rhodes says he is fine. World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins walks in and takes off his sunglasses. Rollins looks at Rhodes and pats him on the knee before leaving.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes will be guests on The Grayson Waller Effect this Saturday at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Video Package: The Women’s Elimination Chamber, featuring Becky Lynch, Tiffany Stratton, Naomi, Liv Morgan, and Bianca Belair. The winner will face Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania XL. There is one spot left.

Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, and Raquel Rodriguez make their respective entrances for the Last Chance Battle Royal. Rodriguez is making her return after being off the last few months due to injury. Her last televised match was on the November 20 edition of WWE Raw in a losing effort against Nia Jax.

The Last Chance Battle Royal is next.

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Replays are shown of #DIY saving R-Truth from a beating by the Judgment Day last week on Raw. R-Truth couldn’t believe DX saved him.

Last Chance Battle Royal
Shayna Baszler vs. Zoey Stark vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn vs. B-Fab vs. Candice LeRae vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Xia Li vs. Katana Chance vs. Maxxine Dupri vs. Valhalla vs. Ivy Nile vs. Tegan Nox vs. Elektra Lopez vs. Michin vs. Zelina Vega vs. Chelsea Green vs. Natalya

The winner of this match will be the final entrant into the Women’s Elimination Chamber.

The bell rings, and everyone begins brawling. Chelsea Green and Maxxine Dupri brawl on the apron before Valhalla knocks Dupri to the floor to eliminate her. Rodriguez then sends Valhalla over the top rope. Xia Li kicks away at Rodriguez, but Rodriguez soon puts her on the apron. Li knocks Rodriguez back and boots Green. Rodriguez then clotheslines Li on the apron and knocks her to the floor to eliminate her. Isla Dawn gets in Rodriguez’s face, and Alba Fyre superkicks Rodriguez. Fyre hits Rodriguez with a tornado DDT. Rodriguez soon pops up and goes to eliminate Fyre, but Dawn makes the save. Rodriguez quickly knocks Dawn onto the apron and big boots her to eliminate her.

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Back from the break, the brawl continues. Fyre nearly eliminates Natalya, but Nox makes the save. Nox embraces Natalya and goes to eliminate her like she did in the Royal Rumble, but Natalya turns it on her and eliminates Nox. Stark superkicks B-Fab. Stark and Baszler eliminate B-Fab. Lopez goes for a superplex on Vega, but Vega gets out and hits a 619 to the legs. Green grabs Vega and puts her on the apron. Vega knocks Green back, and Lopez hits a bicycle kick on Vega to eliminate her. Lopez talks trash until Michin eliminates her. Vega and Lopez brawl up the ramp and to the back.

Michin sends Hartwell to the corner, but Hartwell boots her down. LeRae and Green brawl on the apron before Green shoves her into the ring post to eliminate her. Green hypes herself up until Hartwell attacks her. Green is hanging by her feet from the bottom rope. Stark sends Hartwell over the top rope, but Hartwell holds on. Baszler then eliminates Hartwell. It appears as if Green fell off the apron as well. Katana Chance soon is eliminated by Baszler and Stark. Rodriguez then sends Fyre over the top rope with a front suplex to the floor! Natalya attacks Rodriguez and attacks the arm. Rodriguez goes for a powerbomb, but they land on the apron. Ivy Nile then eliminates Natalya. Nile goes after everyone in the ring. Baszler gets the better of Nile. Stark and Baszler team up to eliminate Nile.

The final four are Michin, Zoey Stark, Shayna Baszler, and Raquel Rodriguez. Stark and Baszler double-team Rodriguez. Michin hits Stark with a release German Suplex and tries to eliminate her. Baszler attacks Michin. Stark then hits Michin with a springboard missile dropkick. Stark and Baszler then eliminate Michin. Rodriguez goes after Stark, but Baszler makes the save. Rodriguez soon blocks a kick from Baszler and dumps her over the top rope! Stark looks shocked. Baszler trips Rodriguez. Stark goes for a slingshot senton, but Rodriguez pops up and punches her. Baszler saves Stark from elimination, but Rodriguez soon boots Stark off the apron into Baszler.

Rodriguez celebrates her win… only Green apparently hasn’t been eliminated! Green sneaks up from behind and goes to eliminate her, but Rodriguez sends Green over the top rope! Rodriguez wins!

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez will be the final entrant in the Women’s Elimination Chamber, which also features Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Tiffany Stratton, Liv Morgan, and Naomi. The winner will compete for the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania XL.

Backstage Segment

“Main Event” Jey Uso says he is bringing down the empire tonight. He will be the new Intercontinental Champion tonight. YEET!

“Main Event” Jey Uso will battle “The Ring General” Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship later tonight.

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax will participate in a sitdown interview next.

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WWE promotes Jelly Roll’s Beautifully Broken Tour. Tickets go on sale on March 1.

Sitdown Interview

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax are shown on split-screen, seated in separate rooms. Michael Cole asks Ripley if she has butterflies heading into her home country. Ripley says this is her first chance to compete in her home country as a WWE Champion. The last time she was there, it was as part of the independent scene. When she came to WWE, she was uncomfortable in her own skin. She had to remind herself who she was. She’s Rhea “Bloody” Ripley, the most dominant woman in WWE. Nia Jax sarcastically says that was cute. She is twice Ripley’s size and has triple her talent. Jax is happy this is happening in her homeland. When she squashes Ripley again, Mami will go home crying to her Mommy. Ripley says Jax can talk all she wants and attack her from behind all she wants. When she’s face-to-face with her in Perth, Australia listening to everyone screaming for Mami, she’ll crumble. Jax’s nightmares will become a reality when she realizes she is just not good enough. Ripley says she’ll see her in Perth and leaves. Jax sneers into the camera.

Netflix executives are shown at ringside. WWE Raw will be coming to Netflix in January 2025.

Video: Jackie Redmond narrates a video about R-Truth not being in the Judgment Day. R-Truth says when he first met them, their smiles lit up the room. It was special, like the first time John Cena tried on jean shorts. Redmond asks how much of this R-Truth blames on Damian Priest. R-Truth says Priest broke his heart. He hasn’t cried this much since the finale of “This is Us.” Redmond asks if he can ever let anyone in again after going through all this. R-Truth says he has new friends: “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (Johnny Gargano) and “The Cerebral Assassin” Triple H (Tommaso Ciampa). R-Truth will show you can’t keep Nick Mysterio locked away with no internet access. They played sappy music throughout.

The Judgment Day’s Clubhouse

LOUD R-Truth chants are heard. They are strategizing for their 8-Man Tag Team Match next.

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WWE puts over the Honda Center signing a 5-year deal with TKO to host UFC and WWE events.

Michael Chandler, a UFC Lightweight Fighter, is shown at ringside. He takes the microphone from Samantha Irvin. Chandler says there is a man from Ireland who has made him wait too long. Chandler screams for Connor McGregor to get his candy ass back in the octagon!

Backstage Segment

Chad Gable says he will be leaving his crew in the back and challenges Ivar to leave Valhalla in the back. Elsewhere backstage, Ivar accepts the challenge. The gods have chosen his path, and it goes straight through Gable.

R-Truth makes his way to the ring in the rain poncho he was wearing in his segment earlier tonight. A graphic shows that R-Truth has been active on the WWE roster since 2000 (there was a break from 2001 to 2008, but that’s still an incredible stat).

8-Man Tag Team Match
R-Truth, The Miz, and #DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. The Judgment Day (Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest and Finn Bálor, JD McDonagh, and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio)

JD McDonagh will start against The Miz. McDonagh attacks him and goes for a back suplex, but Miz flips through. Miz kicks away at McDonagh and knocks Finn Bálor off the apron. All eight men get in the ring and brawl. R-Truth, Miz, and #DIY stand tall in the ring and pay homage to DX by telling the Judgment Day to “suck it.”

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, “Dirty” Dom has Tommaso Ciampa in a chin lock. Ciampa elbows out, but Mysterio tags Bálor in. Bálor clubs Ciampa down and chops the chest. Bálor sends him into the ropes, but Ciampa avoids a clothesline. Johnny Gargano blind tags in, and #DIY double-teams Bálor. Bálor quickly backs Gargano into the corner and tags Damian Priest in. Priest hits Gargano with a short-arm clothesline. Priest whips Gargano hard into the corner and tags Bálor in. Bálor hits a slingshot stomp to the midsection. An “R-Truth” chant fires up. Bálor applies a rear chin lock to Gargano. The crowd chants, “We want Truth!” Gargano hits Bálor with a suplex and avoids an attack from McDonagh.

R-Truth tags in to a big ovation. R-Truth hits a pair of John Cena flying shoulder tackles, followed by a back suplex powerbomb. R-Truth tells McDonagh that he can’t see him and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. R-Truth sets up for an Attitude Adjustment, but Priest tags in. R-Truth drops McDonagh and attacks Priest. McDonagh head-butts R-Truth and sends him out of the ring. Priest then sends R-Truth headfirst into the ring post.

-Commercial Break-

We return from the break to see Bálor applying a front facelock to R-Truth. R-Truth gets away and tags Ciampa in. Ciampa knocks the Judgment Day off the apron and takes it to Bálor. McDonagh gets in the ring, and Ciampa takes him down. Ciampa goes back and forth hitting Bálor and McDonagh with running corner clotheslines before hitting a double clothesline. Ciampa knocks Priest away and hits McDonagh with Willow’s Bell. Ciampa then wipes out Priest with a corkscrew plancha. Mysterio charges, but Ciampa knees him in the face. Ciampa gets in the ring, and Bálor grabs him. Ciampa counters into a reverse DDT! 1… 2… McDonagh breaks it up. Gargano hits McDonagh with a slingshot spear. Mysterio superkicks Gargano. Miz kicks Mysterio down, and Bálor hits Miz with a Sling Blade. Bálor and Ciampa then wipe each other out with dual-running cross-body blocks.

The crowd chants, “This is awesome!” R-Truth and Priest tag in. R-Truth punches away at Priest. Priest reverses a whip, but R-Truth ducks a clothesline and hits What’s Up! R-Truth splashes him in the corner, but Priest soon grabs the throat. R-Truth gets away and hits a Scissor Kick. Mysterio gets on the apron, but R-Truth punches him down. A loud “R-Truth” chant fires up. R-Truth avoids a splash and hits Priest with the Lie Detector for a near fall! #DIY and The Miz triple superkick Priest, Mysterio, and Bálor out of the ring and (sort of) hit stereo planchas on them (Gargano was late). In the ring, R-Truth dropkicks Priest down. R-Truth hits the ropes and goes for South of Heaven, but R-Truth counters into a roll-up for a near fall! R-Truth goes for an AA, but Priest slides off and boxes the ears. Priest slams R-Truth with South of Heaven for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Judgment Day

Michael Cole mentions that this was the first pinfall loss Cody Rhodes has taken since losing to Roman Reigns in the Main Event of WrestleMania 39. Rhodes was pinned by Drew McIntyre after interference from the Bloodline.

Video: This past Friday on SmackDown, The Rock officially joined the Bloodline and said he would make sure Cody Rhodes’s story comes to an end at WrestleMania XL.

“The Man” Becky Lynch is walking backstage. We’ll see her next.

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WWE World at WrestleMania XL is coming to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from April 4-8.

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond is backstage with Sami Zayn. She mentions he had a tough loss against Shinsuke Nakamura last week on Raw following interference from Drew McIntyre. Zayn says he has to hit the pause button on this thing with McIntyre. Zayn has been down the road of obsession before. He can get stuck on one person and not be able to move forward. Zayn says it is WrestleMania season. There is a path. Zayn doesn’t know what it is yet, but when it presents itself to him, he has to take it. Zayn has to trust the feeling in his gut. There’s a path for him to do something historic at WrestleMania to cement his status as a contender. Zayn will be a champion.

Becky Lynch addresses being in the Elimination Chamber for the first time in her career

“The Man” Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring to a nice ovation. A “Becky” chant fires up. Lynch shouts, “The Man has come around to Anaheim!” Lynch says they have been an amazing crowd tonight. She has been lucky enough in her career that she has gotten to do some amazing things. There aren’t a lot of new things for her anymore… except for this hat she’s wearing. That’s new. She asks if they like the hat. The crowd cheers. In five days, for the first time in her career, she will step foot inside the Elimination Chamber with the need to win it so she can face Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania for the championship. Pat McAfee says it could be Nia Jax. Lynch and Ripley have been dancing around each other for the past year. Mami and The Man will collide at some point. When they inevitably do, it will inevitably be the fight of their lives. They both live for this. They both love this. How they’ve been living recently has been different. For the past year, Ripley has been the talk of the town. She’s been riding a wave that comes once in a lifetime and propped up by the Judgment Day, the truth haters. Then there’s Lynch, the biggest threat to her championship, who has been hiding in plain sight. Lynch has been fighting anyone and propping up the division. At this very moment, she’s the best she’s ever been. A “Becky” chant picks up.

On the flip side of that, everyone else is the best they’ve ever been. In five days when she steps into the Elimination Chamber, she’ll be doing so against five of WWE’s most promising superstars: Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair, Raquel Rodriguez, Naomi, and Tiffany Stratton. While she doesn’t have anything against these women (except for Stratton), she has beaten most of them, but never inside the confines of a cage built with steel and glass with the ultimate prize on the line. WrestleMania is hanging in the balance. She has worked too hard…

Liv Morgan’s music hits. Morgan sarcastically apologizes for interrupting. She says she’s a big fan of Lynch’s hat. What she’s not a big fan of is sitting in the back and listening to Lynch explain why she should face Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania. Lynch wants to prove she’s the best, which is on brand for her. Morgan doesn’t care who is best. This is about her revenge, redemption, and her life. Morgan wants to tell a story. Morgan used to be a tag team partner of Ripley’s until Ripley turned on her. Then she became Tag Team Champion with Raquel Rodriguez until Ripley cost them the titles. A week later, Ripley injured her shoulder, which cost her six months of her career while she was at her very best. Morgan was the very last person to defeat Rhea Ripley.

Raquel Rodriguez comes out to the ring. Rodriguez says they’re both making great points. They’re focusing on Rhea Ripley. After Elimination Chamber, who knows who the champion will be? It could be Rhea Ripley or Nia Jax. There is only one woman big enough and strong enough to take either of them on, and that is her.

Naomi’s music hits, and she comes out to the ring. Lynch shouts, “Welcome back.” Naomi greets the Raw crowd and gets in the ring. Naomi says she’s not back just to be back. She’s here with a whole new purpose. She’s made a name for herself in and outside this ring. She is here to climb her way back to the top because that’s where she belongs.

Tiffany Stratton comes out to the ring. Stratton says it is Tiffy time. Naomi says she interrupted Glow Time. While Naomi was trying to make a name for herself, she left an empty space. The only space she’s concerned with is being the center of this universe. Stratton says nobody cares about the past. Stratton gets in the ring. Looking at all these women, that is all she sees. Stratton says she’s been there and done that. She is the future.

Bianca Belair comes out and says Stratton is new, which means she doesn’t know what running her mouth will get her. She is the EST and has been at the tippy top for a long time. At Elimination Chamber, Stratton will learn she will never be better than her. Belair is the only one in this ring who has won an Elimination Chamber match. She will continue her undefeated streak. She’ll pin them all to get to WrestleMania. You can’t spell WrestleMania without E-S-T. Stratton says Belair is so last year. She peaked last year. Belair says, “Girl… uh-uh.” Stratton barely even goes here.

Morgan starts to talk to Stratton, but Stratton forearms her. Morgan and Stratton brawl out of the ring. All of a sudden, Nia Jax gets in the ring and avalanches Lynch into Belair before hitting Rodriguez with an avalanche. Jax takes Naomi out with a Samoan Drop. Jax exits the ring and throws Stratton aside. Jax lifts Morgan and slams her into the ring post. Jax then throws Stratton down on the floor. Jax gets back in the ring and attacks Belair before dropping a leg on Rodriguez. Jax continues to attack the women in the ring and hits Morgan and Lynch with leg drops. Jax stands tall in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Gunther says he is the greatest Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion of all time. Gunther will show Jey Uso that when the bell rings, he doesn’t belong in the main event. Jey Uso will have to keep dreaming.

Jey Uso will challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship in tonight’s main event. Coming up next, Chad Gable will battle Ivar.

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Backstage Segment

Shinsuke Nakamura asks if Sami Zayn wants to be a contender. First of all, fighters fight. True fights don’t wine to everyone to try and get the spotlight. If Zayn wants the spotlight, Nakamura will give him one. If Zayn thinks he’s an underdog, Nakamura will make sure he stays that way. By defeating and breaking him again and dragging him to the bottom, Zayn will be able to bask in everyone’s sympathy. Nakamura will prove the contender is a pretender. Anytime… anywhere.

“King” Callum Walsh, an undefeated professional boxer, is shown at ringside.

Chad Gable vs. Ivar

The bell rings, and Ivar immediately hits a big boot. Ivar pulls Gable up to his feet and punches him down. Ivar sits on the top rope, but Gable hits a rolling calf kick to knock him off the ropes to the floor. Gable then comes off the top rope with a diving clothesline to ringside. Gable gets in the ring and celebrates. Gable goes to ringside and charges, but Ivar drops him into the timekeeper’s area. Gable knocks him back and stands on the barricade, but Ivar sweeps the feet. Ivar then powerbombs Gable onto the barricade!

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Gable reverses a World’s Strongest Slam off the second rope into a slam for a near fall. Gable kicks Ivar in the midsection and charges, but Ivar flapjacks him. Ivar hits a Tiger Bomb for a near fall. Ivar goes for a spin kick, but Gable moves and chop blocks him. Gable goes for a German Suplex, but Ivar elbows out. Ivar goes for another powerbomb, but Gable counters into a sunset flip for a two-count. Gable quickly transitions into an ankle lock. Ivar turns over and kicks Gable out of the ring. Gable gets in the ring and knocks Ivar over the top rope with a vicious running cross-body block. Gable grabs Ivar, but Ivar sends him into the LED apron. Ivar charges for a running cross-body, but Gable moves. The LED apron turns static for a few moments. Gable goes for a German Suplex on the floor, but Ivar gets out and hits a spin kick.

Ivar gets Gable in the ring and heads to the top rope. Ivar CRUSHES Gable with a flying seated senton for a near fall! Wow! Ivar heads to the top rope for a Doomsault, but Gable moves! Gable grabs Ivar and finally hits a beautiful German Suplex! The crowd goes wild as Gable pulls the singlet down. Gable heads to the top rope and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Gable quickly grabs the ankle and applies an ankle lock! Ivar has no choice but to tap out!

Winner by Submission: Chad Gable

Alpha Academy runs down and celebrates with Master Gable!

Michael Cole mentions that it will be a weird start time to watch Elimination Chamber. They show the different times you can watch the event in America. There will be a press event on Thursday at 11 p.m.

The commentators then promote the matches that are booked for WWE Elimination Chamber.

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond is backstage with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre mentions that Cody Rhodes has been on the run of a lifetime. Only one person has pinned him before tonight. The second is the Savior of WrestleMania. Redmond asks if the win was tainted by the Bloodline’s interference. McIntyre thought about attacking them. He’s heard the comments people have made about him being a hypocrite. He’s ok with it. Tonight, it was Cody Rhodes. This Friday, it will be LA Knight. Then he’ll win in Australia and go to WrestleMania to be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship match is next.

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Backstage Segment

The New Day is backstage. Xavier Woods says Jey Uso will win the Intercontinental Championship tonight. Next week, it’s their turn. Kofi Kingston says Imperium wanted to take his head, but they have failed. They are the industry standard when it comes to Tag Team wrestling. It ain’t over until they say it’s over. Woods says they have a surprise for Imperium. Next week, it’ll be the New Day versus Imperium in a Street Fight. Woods and Kingston hold up kendo sticks. Kingston taps, “New Day rocks.”

The New Day battle Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci in a Street Fight next week on Raw. We will also see Shinsuke Nakamura battle Sami Zayn.

John Crimber, a professional bull rider, is shown at ringside.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
“The Ring General” Gunther (c) vs. “Main Event” Jey Uso

The bell rings, and they go face-to-face. Gunther shoves him, so Jey slaps him in the face. Gunther big boots him and pulls him up to viciously chop the chest. Gunther grabs him and chops the chest again. Gunther puts Jey on the top rope and chops the chest again. Gunther climbs the ropes and chokes him with his boot. Jey falls to ringside. Gunther follows him out and rocks him with a chop to the chest. Gunther then destroys him with a back suplex on the barricade, followed by one on the apron.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Jey kicks Gunther back from the apron. Jey goes to the top rope and jumps, but Gunther chops him out of midair. Gunther puts his feet on the sides of Jey’s head and twists the neck! Gunther connects with a backbreaker and irately looks down at Jey. Gunther kicks Jey out of the ring. Gunther goes to ringside and sets up for a Powerbomb, but Jey counters into a back drop on the floor. Jey ducks a clothesline and hits a Samoan Drop onto the commentary table.

Jey gets fired up and grabs Gunther. Jey sends Gunther into the ring and sizes him up. Jey charges for a spear, but Gunther sidesteps him. Jey quickly uppercuts him and kicks him in the midsection before hitting a second uppercut. Gunther is down in the corner. Jey gets the crowd fired up and charges, but Gunther smashes him with a Tyrannosaurus Dropkick. Gunther immediately follows up with a Powerbomb for a near fall! Gunther grabs Jey, who appears to be out on his feet. Jey goes for a desperation superkick, but Gunther blocks it and turns him inside out with a vicious lariat for another near fall. Gunther applies a Boston Crab. Jey soon gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Gunther grabs Jey, but Jey pulls the top rope down to him out of the ring. Jey then connects with a suicide dive.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the final break of the evening to see Gunther and Jey exchanging some stiff shots. Jey eventually comes out on top with some right hands. Gunther then responds with a vicious chop that floors Jey. Gunther pulls him up and chops the chest again. Gunther holds the arm, so Jey doesn’t go all the way down. Gunther chops him two more times to finally lay him out. Gunther shouts that Jey isn’t good enough to succeed on his own. Jey punches back, but Gunther chops him a few times. Gunther goes for a Powerbomb, but Jey gets out. Jey hits the ropes, but Gunther leapfrogs him. Jey then catches him with a Spear for a near fall!

Jey goes to the top rope, but Gunther cuts him off. Gunther chops the chest and slams Jey off the top rope! Gunther goes back to the top rope and hits a splash! 1… 2… Jey kicks out! Gunther chops Jey a few times. Jey challenges him for more. Jey eventually fights back and hits a Spear! Gunther quickly rolls to the apron and stands up, but Jey follows him to the apron and hits a Spear! Jey hits a third Spear on the floor! Jey gets Gunther in the ring, ducks a clothesline, and hits a fourth Spear, the fifth of this match! Jey heads to the top rope and hits an Uso Splash! 1… the bell is ringing! The referee stops counting and looks confused. It is revealed to be Jimmy Uso ringing the bell. Jey looks shocked and disgusted. WWE Security kicks Jimmy out of the arena.

Gunther grabs Jey and goes for a Sleeper Hold, but Jey kicks back and nearly pins Gunther. Jey superkicks Gunther and hits Jimmy with a suicide dive! Jey goes to the top rope for an Uso Splash, but Gunther gets the knees up and cradles him for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

Jimmy Uso gets in the ring and attacks his twin brother! Jimmy superkicks Jey in the face and shouts at him. Jimmy shouts that no matter how big Jey gets, he’ll always be the big brother. Jimmy cost Jey the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam, the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship in October 2023, and now the Intercontinental Championship. Jimmy goes to the top rope and hits an Uso Splash. Jimmy talks trash to his brother.

Replays are shown of what just happened at the end of this match. Jimmy Uso then goes back to the top rope and hits his brother with yet another splash. Jimmy holds a finger up in the air as the show comes to an end.