WWE Monday Night RAW 02 26 2024

WWE Raw Results
February 26, 2024
San Jose, California (SAP Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever. Together.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We see a shot of Lincoln Financial Field, the site of WrestleMania XL, which takes place in 40 days.

Tonight, we’re in San Jose, California. Video is shown of Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch entering the arena separately.

Video: WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth highlights

“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio of The Judgment Day is standing in the ring, and the crowd is loudly booing him. Mysterio starts to speak, and the boos get louder! Mysterio wants them to welcome the greatest Women’s World Champion of all time, Rhea Ripley! The crowd did its best to drown him out.


Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, a finalist for the 2024 South Australian Woman of the Year, makes her way to the ring to a great ovation. Ripley will next defend her championship against “The Man” Becky Lynch.

Ripley says, “Welcome to Monday Night Mami!” A loud “Mami” chant picks up. This weekend, she walked into her home country as the Women’s World Champion and out as the Women’s World Champion. Nia Jax might have been the biggest threat to her title reign. It doesn’t matter how big you are. Just because she’s from Down Under doesn’t take away from the fact that Mami is always on top. She is Rhea “Bloody” Ripley.

“The Man” Becky Lynch heads to the ring. Lynch gets in the ring and stands across the ring from her WrestleMania XL opponent. A “Becky” chant picks up. Lynch says, “The Man has come around to San Jose! And the Man has come around to WrestleMania to fight you.” Lynch points at Ripley. Lynch says she is out here to congratulate Ripley. Ripley had a great night on Saturday. Actually, they both did. Lynch won the Elimination Chamber. Ripley successfully defended the title against Nia Jax in her home country in a filled stadium in the main event. Ripley’s friends and family were in the front row to see her victory. It was even better because now they won’t have to fly over to WrestleMania to watch Ripley lose. The crowd boos. Mysterio says, “Nobody talks to Mami like that.” The crowd loudly boos Mysterio. Lynch says, “Shut your mouth, you dirty cumquat.” If Mami won’t put him in his place, the Man will. Ripley has been the face of this company over the last year, but she spent the majority of the time being fed grapes by that loser (Mysterio). Lynch has been the heart and soul of the company, became a Grand Slam Champion, and has a best-selling book. The Man can do it all, including beating Rhea “Bloody” Ripley.

Ripley asks if she’s done. Lynch nods. Ripley warns her not to disrespect her Latino Heat ever again. Ripley congratulates Lynch on winning the Elimination Chamber. It’s about time she stopped disappointing Ripley to get a little close to her. The Man always thinks they’re the backbone of everything. The funny thing is behind every great man is a greater woman. Ripley isn’t behind Lynch because Mami is always on top. Ripley and Mysterio walk off.

All of a sudden, Nia Jax attacks Lynch from behind. Jax slams Lynch down a few times and drops a leg. Jax shouts at Ripley and drops another leg on Lynch. Ripley and Mysterio storm off. Jax pulls Lynch to the corner and sets up for an Annihilator, but WWE officials run down to help. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce shouts at Jax and warns her that he’ll fine her. Jax angrily walks off.

Later tonight, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes will battle Grayson Waller. We’ll also see The New Day face Imperium in a Street Fight.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Shinsuke Nakamura next.

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The Rock returns to SmackDown this Friday. Glendale, Arizona is sold out.

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond asks why Nia Jax attacked Becky Lynch. Jax is furious. Jax says Lynch should not be going to WrestleMania. Jax beat her clean. With WrestleMania still weeks away, she has a match against Liv Morgan. Jax says whatever happened to Lynch is coming 10 times to Morgan. Jax storms off.

Later tonight, Liv Morgan will battle Nia Jax.

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Two weeks ago, Sami Zayn was primed to defeat Shinsuke Nakamura, but Drew McIntyre distracted him. Nakamura picked up the victory off the distraction.

The bell rings, and Zayn quickly wrenches the arm. Nakamura backs him into the corner and gets a break. Nakamura kicks Zayn in the ribs and backs up. Nakamura applies a side headlock, but Zayn whips him off. Zayn drops down and leapfrogs him before hitting an arm drag. Nakamura quickly backs Zayn to the corner and knees him in the ribs. Zayn rolls out of the ring to recover. Nakamura kicks Zayn at ringside. Nakamura goes to whip him into the barricade, but Zayn counters by jumping up to the top of the barricade and hitting a moonsault block! Zayn grabs his ribs in pain.

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Back from the break, Nakamura is applying an octopus stretch to Zayn. Zayn fights out, but Nakamura kicks him back. Nakamura whips him hard into the corner, and Zayn collapses in pain. Nakamura lays Zayn on the top turnbuckle and hits a running knee to the injured ribs. Nakamura backs up and hits another running knee for a two-count. Zayn counters a whip by springboarding off the bottom rope over Nakamura and hitting a clothesline. Zayn gets fired up and punches away at Nakamura. Nakamura quickly knees him in the ribs and charges, but Zayn counters with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.

Nakamura shoulders away at Zayn in the corner and climbs the ropes, but Zayn stuns him with a punch. Zayn connects with a tornado DDT. Nakamura rolls out of the ring to recover. Zayn hits the ropes for a plancha, but Nakamura runs into the ring and hits a kitchen sink knee to the midsection. Nakamura has Zayn on the apron and hits a front suplex. Zayn falls in a heap at ringside.

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We come back from the break to see Nakamura and Zayn trading forearms. Zayn ducks a kick, but Nakamura stuns him with a spin kick on the rebound. Nakamura charges for a Kinshasa, but Zayn counters with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Zayn covers… 1… 2… Nakamura kicks out. Zayn backs up and charges for a Helluva Kick, but Nakamura knees him in the face to counter. Nakamura comes off the second rope with a flying knee to the back of the head! Nakamura covers… 1… 2… Zayn barely kicks out.

Zayn rolls out of the ring to recover and falls to his knees. Nakamura follows him out and kicks him in the ribs. Nakamura lays him on the barricade. Nakamura climbs to the top of the steps and hits a flying knee to the back of the head. Zayn is motionless at ringside. Nakamura gets in the ring and looks for a count-out. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… Zayn gets in the ring! Nakamura rudely greets him with a vicious running knee to the face and covers… 1… 2… Zayn gets a foot on the bottom rope! Nakamura stomps away at Zayn’s face. Nakamura is irate. Nakamura sizes him up and goes for a Kinshasa, but Zayn sidesteps him. Nakamura hits the corner, and Zayn takes him out with a Helluva Kick to the back of the head! Zayn backs up to the opposite corner as Nakamura struggles to get to his feet. Zayn charges and hits a second devastating Helluva Kick for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Sami Zayn

Video Package: The New Day vs. Imperium feud that will culminate in a Street Fight later tonight.

Chelsea Green makes her way to the ring. She’ll battle Raquel Rodriguez next.

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CM Punk talks about being in WWE 2K24, which comes out on March 5. It will be available worldwide on March 8.

Chelsea Green has a microphone. She wants it to be known that tonight, after issuing a formal complaint to WWE management, she will be competing in protest. Last week, she would have won the Last Chance Battle Royal and would have gone on to become the most illustrious winner in Elimination Chamber history. That’s only if Adam Pearce didn’t add stupid Raquel Rodriguez. The people wanted Green. Green is the star. Rodriguez flew all the way to Perth to be a big dumb loser like the San Jose Sharks. The crowd loudly boos that. Tonight, she’ll prove Rodriguez is a big loser by kicking her ass.

Chelsea Green vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Green draws an imaginary line on the canvas, and Rodriguez steps over it. Green does it again, and Rodriguez steps over it again. Green slaps her, which only angers Rodriguez. Rodriguez takes it to Green and hits a clothesline. Rodriguez connects with a fallaway slam. Rodriguez pulls her up and hits another fallaway slam. Rodriguez pulls her up and tells her to shush. Rodriguez smashes her with a Tejana Bomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Raquel Rodriguez

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond is backstage with Sami Zayn. Zayn says this win was huge for him. A loss would have been devastating. He will be a champion. He doesn’t know how he’s getting to WrestleMania, but he knows the path will find him. Redmond walks off as Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci walk up to Zayn. They sneer at him and walk off. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther walks up to Zayn and stares at him before walking off.

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Headlines coming out of Elimination Chamber: Perth are shown.

Backstage Interview

Cathy Kelley is backstage with “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. She asks him about challenging The Rock to a match. She mentions that people are questioning the strategy as he heads to WrestleMania XL to face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Rhodes says it’s not a strategy. The Rock slapped him in the face, so he’ll face him anytime, anywhere. He awaits his rebuttal on Friday. She asks about facing Grayson Waller tonight. Rhodes says he’s been impressed by Waller. Waller should love him. On the Grayson Waller Show, Rhodes brought Jey Uso back. On Saturday at Perth, he gave him an exclusive with the challenge to The Rock. Now, he’ll have him in the main event of Raw.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther addresses the crowd

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther, in his 626th day as champion, makes his way to the ring alongside his Imperium stablemates, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Gunther says Jey Uso almost had him beat. He actually felt the title slipping away from him. Gunther says he got lucky. Nobody is perfect, but he is very close. Before Kaiser and Vinci outclass the New Day in a Street Fight, he wants to address his future. They need to understand that he’s been working hard for 600+ days, putting his heart, soul, and body into making this title the most prestigious in this company. Gunther has beaten everybody along the way to achieve this. That leaves him with one question: who will be his opponent at WrestleMania? Gunther has seen all the ridiculous names, like Sami Zayn, Chad Gable, The Miz, and even R-Truth. Gunther says that’s ridiculous.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Finn Bálor and Damian Priest make their way to the ring alongside JD McDonagh and “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. The Judgment Day gets in the ring and stares at Imperium. Priest says they don’t sweat “Big, bad Gunther.” Imperium has had a dominant run, second only to the Judgment Day. Priest hopes they were watching this weekend. They ran the table at the Elimination Chamber. They plan on doing the same at WrestleMania, except they plan on adding more gold. Priest asks Gunther if he understands him. That includes the Intercontinental Championship.

Gunther says since Priest isn’t cashing the briefcase in on him right now, who is it going to be? Finn Bálor? The one with the big head (McDonagh)? Mysterio steps up, and the crowd viciously boos him. Gunther laughs. Mysterio holds the microphone up and sneers at the crowd. Mysterio says when “Dirty” Dom and the Judgment Day say they’re going to do something, they mean it. That means the Intercontinental Championship belongs to them. Gunther shoves Mysterio, which infuriates Priest. The Judgment Day holds Priest back. Priest shouts that Gunther doesn’t stand a chance if they come after the title. The crowd chants, “Let them fight.” Gunther holds the title up. The Judgment Day leaves the ring.

Backstage Segment

The New Day is walking backstage. They’ll face Imperium in a Street Fight next.

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Backstage Segment

The Judgment Day is walking backstage when they come across Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. She asks “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio about challenging Gunther. Mysterio says they’ve got this. Ripley says she hopes so and walks off. Finn Bálor tells him to go smooth that over. Mysterio walks off and bumps into Andrade. Mysterio says it’s good to see him, but he’s got to smooth things over. Andrade says he’s going to be meeting with Adam Pearce to discuss his first opponent. Mysterio wishes him luck.

Tag Team Street Fight
Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

They begin brawling on the ramp immediately and make their way over to the LED stage wall. Vinci sends Woods into the LED wall. Imperium starts to double-team Kingston. Kingston and Woods are wearing San Jose Sharks jerseys. They set up for an Imperium Bomb on the stage, but Woods comes back and destroys a trombone on them. Kingston pulls Vinci down to ringside and bounces him off the apron. Woods brings Kaiser over. The New Day gets a table out from under the ring to a huge ovation. Kaiser and Vinci attack them from behind and knock over the table. Imperium gets the New Day in the ring. The New Day quickly punches them off the apron. The New Day hits the ropes. In stereo, Kingston hits a somersault plancha while Woods hits a sliding dropkick.

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Back from the break, The New Day and Imperium are brawling in the crowd! Woods knocks Vinci to ringside. Kaiser whips Kingston into the barricade. Woods chops Vinci at ringside. Kaiser and Kingston are still fighting in the crowd. Vinci hits Woods with a back suplex on the apron. Kaiser kicks Kingston in the head. A “We want tables” chant fires up. Kaiser pulls a table out from under the ring before shoving it back under to loud boos. Kaiser grabs a chair. Vinci holds Woods up in the ring, and Kaiser drives the edge of the chair into Woods’ ribs. Kaiser then smashes the chair off Woods’ back. Kaiser connects with a running kick. They put Woods in the tree of woe and put the chair on him. They sandwich Woods with stereo-running dropkicks. Woods falls to ringside and is gasping for air.

Kingston kicks Kaiser in the face and heads to the top rope. Kingston hits Imperium with a flying cross-body block. Kingston hits Vinci with an SOS and slams Kaiser onto him. Kingston hits Vinci with a Boom Drop. There seems to be a little miscommunication with Kingston and Kaiser. It looks like someone forgot a spot. Kingston takes him down with a right hand and grabs a table from ringside. Kingston sets it up at ringside. Kingston goes for a suplex out of the ring on Kaiser, but Vinci blocks it. Imperium hits Kingston with a double-team suplex into the ring. Woods attacks Kingston, but Vinci soon takes him down. Kaiser grabs two kendo sticks and hits Woods. Imperium then smashes Woods with the sticks. Kaiser backs up and charges, but Kingston intercepts with a flying knee. Vinci quickly kills Kingston with a lariat on the floor. Vinci gets in the ring and crushes Woods with a running cross-body block. Vinci grabs a kendo stick and destroys Woods with it. Kaiser then hits Woods with the chair. Imperium stands tall in the ring.

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We come back from the break to see Imperium sending Woods into the barricade. Kingston throws Pat McAfee’s chair into Kaiser’s face. Kingston sends Vinci into the steel steps before putting Kaiser in the ring. Kingston and Woods are holding kendo sticks in the ring. Kaiser begs them off. The New Day crushes Kaiser with kendo stick shots. The sticks are destroyed. The crowd roars for the New Day. Woods tells Kingston to “Get the tables!”

The crowd chants for tables. Kingston pulls a table out from under the ring to a big pop. The New Day sets the table up at ringside and lays Vinci onto it. Kingston holds Vinci down as Woods heads to the top rope. Woods stands on the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop through Vinci and the table at ringside! The crowd explodes! Kingston gets Vinci in the ring. Kingston hits a backbreaker, and Woods follows up with a flying double stomp! 1… 2… Kaiser pulls the referee out of the ring! Kingston takes Kaiser out with a suicide dive while holding the kendo stick!

The crowd chants, “This is awesome!” The New Day has Kaiser in the ring. Kingston heads to the top rope. Vinci, who has a sliced back from the table spot, knocks Kingston off the top rope through the table at ringside! Vinci hits Woods with a frying pan. Kaiser sends Woods headfirst into a chair wedged in the corner. Kaiser rolls Woods up and holds the pants for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall: Imperium

Video Package: Grayson Waller highlight reel.

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce’s Office

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce is on the phone with “Big” Bronson Reed and congratulates him on the birth of his child. Chad Gable walks in. Gable says he knows everyone will be coming to Pearce to get a shot at Gunther. Gable had him very close to defeat, but Gunther came out on top. Gunther made his daughter cry and called Gable a terrible father. This is more than just a championship. It’s war.

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark make their way to the ring. They’ll face Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell next.

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Video: Earlier today, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark said they were sick over Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell getting a title shot at Elimination Chamber. Why? Because Indi is from Australia? They’ve been dominating. LeRae and Hartwell will be tapping tonight.

Tag Team Match
Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark vs. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

Shayna Baszler will start against Candice LeRae. LeRae kicks Baszler down and dropkicks her before hitting a step-up senton splash. LeRae knocks Zoey Stark off the apron and attacks Baszler. LeRae hits Stark with a cannonball off the apron. LeRae goes for a tornado DDT, but Baszler slams her down and knees her in the head. Baszler stomps her and tags Stark in. Stark wrenches the arm and ties it around the middle rope. Stark continues to attack and turns LeRae inside out with a wild throw for a near fall. LeRae soon gets away and tags in Indi Hartwell. Hartwell boots Stark and knocks Baszler off the apron. Hartwell runs wild on Stark. Baszler blind tags in before Hartwell hits Stark with a spinebuster. Baszler locks Hartwell in the Kirifuda Clutch for the submission.

Winners by Submission: Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark

Backstage Segment

Drew McIntyre, the winner of the 2024 Men’s Elimination Chamber, is walking backstage. We’ll hear from him next.

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Video: WWE Elimination Chamber headlines.

The Judgment Day’s Clubhouse

R-Truth is sitting in the Judgment Day’s Clubhouse looking at an old t-shirt with his name taped on it. The Miz and #DIY walk in. R-Truth is excited to see them and thinks Johnny Gargano is Shawn Michaels, and Tommaso Ciampa is Triple H. R-Truth says Judgment Day left for the night. They want to cheer R-Truth up. R-Truth says they’re trying to regenerate him. R-Truth thinks it’s Regeneration X. Miz tries to correct him before saying they can be Regeneration X because that’s awesome. R-Truth takes his old TV back and walks out with #DIY and Miz.

Drew McIntyre addresses his Elimination Chamber victory

Drew McIntyre, the winner of the 2024 Men’s Elimination Chamber match, makes his way to the ring. Michael Cole points out that McIntyre has been winning matches in a hypocritical manner. Last week, he defeated Cody Rhodes after interference from the Bloodline, sworn enemies of McIntyre. This past Saturday, he pinned Randy Orton after Logan Paul hit him with brass knuckles.

McIntyre smiles and says, “We did it.” McIntyre wants to take a moment to say thank you. McIntyre thanks the people for praying harder than they ever have. Because of them, this happened. Drew McIntyre versus Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. McIntyre feels like hell. He’s jetlagged. He was the first man in the Elimination Chamber and received a burst eardrum. The doctor told him that he was hurt and might not make WrestleMania. McIntyre asked the doctor if he thought he was talking to CM Punk. Nothing will stop him from making WrestleMania.

McIntyre sits cross-legged in the ring a la CM Punk. McIntyre knows it hurt Punk not to be at Elimination Chamber and to miss WrestleMania. It must kill him to see McIntyre getting the title match at WrestleMania. McIntyre knows Punk is straight edge, so he drank enough for the two of them in celebration. McIntyre then calls out Seth Rollins.


World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins welcomes San Jose to Monday Night Rollins. McIntyre smugly looks at the champion. Rollins says congratulations are in order for Drew McIntyre. Rollins says he’s proud of him. He clawed his way back into a title match with him for the second time. This time, McIntyre has an opportunity to do what he did in 2020: win the World Heavyweight Championship. This time, it won’t be in an empty warehouse. It’ll be in front of a capacity crowd at the biggest WrestleMania of all time. One thing stands in McIntyre’s way. He is a visionary and a revolutionary. He is Seth “Freakin” Rollins. The crowd sings Rollins’ theme.

McIntyre says Rollins is standing in his way. It’s no easy job to beat Rollins. Beating McIntyre is no easy job. Why is Rollins making it so hard? Why is he getting involved with Cody Rhodes and The Rock? McIntyre wants Rollins to be at 100%. Why is Rollins going to SmackDown to fight other battles? SmackDown could be on fire… McIntyre wouldn’t pee on them to put the fire out. McIntyre’s responsibility will be to Raw and the World Heavyweight Championship only. McIntyre warns Rollins to not go down that path with the Bloodline. At WrestleMania, they’ll have a hell of a match that will be tainted by the Bloodline. McIntyre begs Rollins to back off on the Bloodline stuff.

Rollins removes his sunglasses and takes a deep breath as he ponders what McIntyre just said. The crowd sings Rollins’ theme again. Rollins says he respects everything McIntyre just said but, respectfully, some risks are worth taking. McIntyre has known Rollins for a long time. Rollins has already thought about the things McIntyre has said. Rollins has envisioned all the negative outcomes. McIntyre might be right. Rollins’ knee may not be ready. His back may give out. The Bloodline may leave him broken in their wake. WrestleMania might be an easy night for McIntyre. McIntyre might be right, but what if he’s wrong? Some risks are worth taking. He’s been selfish in his career and life. Rollins thought the goal at the end of the road would fill a void, but every time he got to that point, he felt empty inside. It wasn’t until he had his daughter that he realized not everything was about him. Some things in life are bigger than all of them. The World Heavyweight Championship is bigger than them. Taking down the Bloodline is bigger than them. If they don’t take care of the Bloodline before WrestleMania, what happens? It doesn’t matter who is champion, whether it’s Rollins or McIntyre, the Bloodline wants all the power. It’s only a matter of time before they come for the World Heavyweight Championship. What if his knee and back are fine? What if they can rip the Bloodline apart once and for all to secure the future of this industry? If they can do all that, then at WrestleMania it’s just Rollins, McIntyre, and the World Heavyweight Title. Rollins told him before Crown Jewel and will say it again: may the best man win. Some risks are worth taking. Rollins walks off.

Video: Replays are shown of Nia Jax destroying the Women’s Elimination Chamber participants last week on Raw.

Nia Jax makes her entrance. She’ll face Liv Morgan next.

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WrestleMania XL is 40 days away.

Nia Jax vs. Liv Morgan

The bell rings, and Morgan dropkicks Jax to the corner. Morgan attacks Jax in the corner and goes for a running hurricanrana, but Jax holds her up. Jax powers her up and hits a Samoan Drop. Jax applies a surfboard stretch and stomps Morgan’s face into the mat. Jax puts Morgan in the corner and avalanches her. Morgan drops down, so Jax hits a running hip attack and executes a Stink Face. Morgan tries to fight back, but Jax chops her down. Jax applies a stretch muffler before swinging her head into the middle turnbuckle. Morgan is recovering over the bottom rope. Jax goes to the apron to hit a leg drop, but Morgan moves. Jax hobbles at ringside. Morgan takes her out with a nice suicide dive.

-Commercial Break-

Pat McAfee showcases the stretch muffler into the turnbuckle on the telestrator.

Morgan starts a comeback as we come back from the break, but Jax avalanches her. Morgan avoids a senton splash and knocks Jax back. Morgan hits a missile dropkick, but Jax stays on her feet. Morgan goes for a codebreaker, but Jax holds her up. Morgan gets away and kicks her. Morgan then comes off the middle rope and hits a flying codebreaker for a two-count. Jax soon fights back with a head-butt. Jax charges, but she hits the ring post shoulder-first when Morgan moves. Jax falls to ringside. Morgan dives at Jax, but Jax catches her and hits a Samoan Drop into the ring post.

All of a sudden, Becky Lynch comes off the barricade with a flying attack on Jax. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Nia Jax

Lynch wildly bounces Jax’s face off the commentary table before knocking her onto the apron. Lynch gets Jax in the ring, but Jax rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ramp.

Backstage Interview

Cathy Kelley asks Grayson Waller, who is also with Austin Theory, about facing Cody Rhodes. Rhodes disrespected him and his boy at Elimination Chamber in his home. Now Waller will disrespect Rhodes in his home.

Elsewhere backstage, Cody Rhodes is shown warming up for the main event.

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee pay tribute to Ole Anderson, an original member of the legendary Four Horsemen, who passed away today. Cole mentions the Minnesota Wrecking Crew with Ole’s brother, Gene Anderson.

In memory of Ole Anderson: 1942 – 2024.

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Backstage Segment

Becky Lynch is talking to Raw General Manager Adam Pearce. Lynch says she can’t let it go. Nia Jax has to be stopped. She wants a match against her. Pearce makes it official for next week and walks off. Liv Morgan angrily walks up to Lynch and says she cost her that match. Not everything is about Lynch. Morgan storms off.

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond is backstage with “Main Event” Jey Uso. Jey says has been falling short of completing his mission. It could be his past enemies or his own family members keeping him back. Drew McIntyre walks up to him. McIntyre says he knows Jey is having a tough time. McIntyre wants Jey to know that he deserves what is happening to him. Jey punches McIntyre, and they begin brawling. WWE officials quickly break it up.

Grayson Waller makes his entrance alongside Austin Theory. The main event is next.

-Commercial Break-

Next week on Raw, Drew McIntyre will battle “Main Event” Jey Uso. Becky Lynch will also take on Nia Jax.

Grayson Waller w/ Austin Theory vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

The crowd loudly chants for Rhodes as the bell rings. Rhodes hooks a side headlock and takes him over, but Waller grapevines the head. Rhodes kips out of it. Waller soon bounces him off the turnbuckles. The crowd continues to chant for Rhodes. Rhodes chops Waller. Waller reverses a whip to the corner. Waller grabs the head and knees him in the face a few times. Rhodes soon kicks him and drops down for an uppercut. Rhodes hooks the head and lifts Waller for a delayed vertical front suplex. Rhodes then clotheslines him over the top rope.

Michael Cole announces that Paul Heyman is backstage at San Jose.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Waller dropkick Rhodes. During the break, Waller hit Rhodes with a rolling thunder flatliner. Back to live action, Waller applies a neck vice. Rhodes fights out, but Waller kicks him in the midsection. Rhodes flips through a back suplex and clotheslines Waller. Rhodes slingshots over him and hits a snap powerslam. Rhodes hits the ropes and connects with a Disaster Kick for a near fall.

Austin Theory gets on the apron, so Rhodes knocks him away. Waller attacks Rhodes and celebrates. Rhodes soon ducks a clothesline and hits Theory with a suicide dive. Waller attacks Rhodes from behind. Waller gets Rhodes in the ring and goes for another rolling thunder flatliner, but Rhodes avoids it. Rhodes hits a Cody Cutter and follows up with a big Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

“Ladies and gentlemen…”

Paul Heyman walks out to the stage with security guards. Rhodes goes to ringside and grabs a steel chair and a microphone. Heyman says San Jose is ruining his shtick. Rhodes says he doesn’t give a damn what Heyman’s name is. This is a Bloodline setup. Rhodes dares them to come get him. Heyman says this is not a Bloodline setup. He’s the only member here tonight. Does he see a drop of Polynesian blood in this lineup? It’s rhetorical. The answer is no. These are Heyman’s friends from the NYPD. They’re off duty… well, actually, they’re suspended. Heyman shleped out to California to say no one was expecting an apology. Heyman understands how embarrassing it must be to be Will Smithed in front of everyone, but Rhodes needs to take The Rock’s name out of his frickin’ mouth. His Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, has authorized him to let Rhodes know if he backs away… you don’t get to just get a match with The Rock. They can forgive Rhodes, but The Rock won’t. Heyman begs Rhodes with a cherry on top to withdraw this challenge to The Rock… or else.

Rhodes sits down on the chair he brought into the ring. Rhodes asks Heyman if he knows why he hasn’t trashed him on the microphone or in the media. He was a fan of The Rock. Rhodes is fed up with being nice. If it’s a Bloodline setup, they can come and get him. Heyman says he has a better idea. Heyman gets on the apron with the suspended members of the NYPD. Heyman asks if he can come into the ring, and Rhodes says he may not. Heyman says that’s rude. The suspended officers get in the ring. Rhodes wants to make it clear that if one more person takes a step toward him, he’s dropping every one in the ring. Heyman respects that, but that threat doesn’t apply if he’s that one person. Heyman goes to get in the ring, but Rhodes growls, “Wrong!”

Rhodes attacks the suspended officers with the steel chair and drops another one with a Cross Rhodes. Heyman takes out his cell phones and tells Siri to call Roman Reigns and The Rock. Rhodes tells Heyman to call The Rock. The Bloodline is not hunting him. Rhodes is hunting the Bloodline! Rhodes then attacks the officers again with the steel chair and throws them out of the ring. Rhodes stands tall as the show comes to an end.