WWE Monday Night RAW 03 25 2024

WWE Raw Results
March 25, 2024
Rosemont, Illinois (Allstate Arena)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever. Together.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We see a view of Lincoln Financial Field, the site of WrestleMania XL. This is the penultimate WWE Raw before the big show.

CM Punk is shown arriving at the arena earlier today. He gets a huge ovation in his hometown.

Video: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes was ready for Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns this past Friday on SmackDown by bringing his own backup, thwarting a setup attack.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes talks about WrestleMania in two weeks

“Wrestling has more than one royal family.”

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring to a big ovation. The sold-out crowd loudly chants, “Cody.” Rhodes says, “So, Chicago… what do you want to talk about?” Rhodes says he could say nothing. We’re in the final awkward two weeks before WrestleMania when the time for talking is over, and the time for fighting has arrived. Last week on SmackDown and even before, Roman Reigns said a lot, particularly on his friend Pat McAfee’s show. Rhodes has the crowd cheer McAfee and Michael Cole. Rhodes has lost his train of thought and then remembers… Roman Reigns. Reigns referred to Rhodes on McAfee’s show as a politician. He double downed at their face-to-face confrontation on SmackDown. A “Roman sucks” chant picks up. Reigns said Rhodes is making promises he can’t keep. This city, more than any other, should know that when Rhodes makes a promise, he keeps it. There have been some unique asks. The other night, a man held up a sign asking if Rhodes would be his best man. Rhodes is doing it and paying for the bachelor party. Another boy wanted him there for his birthday. He’s going. He’s bringing kids to WrestleMania. Rhodes does these things and wants nothing back. These things are lost on Reigns because Rhodes is doing this because he has to. Rhodes is out here pretending to be the champion because the champion isn’t here. Another “Cody” chant picks up. Rhodes has filled the ring up with platitudes about Reigns. Rhodes respects Reigns, but he also knows that Reigns took away his biggest dream last year. While he respects Reigns, he also hates his guts.

Rhodes understands if Reigns hates him. He took away his chance to have a “wankfest” with his cousin at WrestleMania. Rhodes won the Royal Rumble and pointed at the sign. If he learned anything from last year, he can’t do it alone. Rhodes has asked for nothing back, but he is going to ask. On April 6, heading into the biggest Tag Team Match in WrestleMania history along with Seth “Freakin” Rollins to take on Roman Reigns and “The Final Boss” The Rock, will they ride with him? Then, on April 7, will they fight with him against Reigns? The crowd cheers. Rhodes is going to point to the WrestleMania sign and wants the crowd to do the same. Rhodes points at the sign, and the crowd points as well. Pointing at that sign means two main events…


“The Final Boss” The Rock makes his way to the ring to a MASSIVE ovation. The Rock was not scheduled to be on tonight’s show. The Rock takes his time to pose on the turnbuckles before staring at Rhodes. The music stops, and the crowd is loudly booing, but there are some “Rocky” chants. The crowd then chants, “Holy s**t.” The Rock just stands there, taking it all in and staring a hole through Rhodes. Rhodes stares right back. The crowd then starts to chant, “This is awesome.” The two men haven’t done anything yet. A loud “CM Punk” chant then fires up. The Rock slowly approaches Rhodes and holds his hands out before putting his hands behind his back. Rock and Rhodes are now nearly face-to-face. The Rock says something, but he isn’t holding a microphone, so we can’t hear it. Rhodes looks taken aback by what is said. The Rock backs up and leaves the ring to loud boos. The crowd loudly chants, “Rocky sucks.” Rock turns around and walks to the back. Rhodes’ music plays, and he looks confused by what has happened.

Backstage Segment

Ricochet is warming up backstage. He’ll face JD McDonagh of the Judgment Day next.

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Replay: The Rock surprises “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and the city of Chicago by making a surprise appearance moments ago. The Rock said something to Rhodes, but he was not holding a microphone, so it wasn’t heard. Rhodes was taken aback by it.

The commentators talk about the appearance.

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond is waiting backstage for The Rock. The Rock emerges. She asks what he said to Cody Rhodes. The Rock simply says, “Go ask Cody Rhodes,” and walks off.

The Judgment Day’s Clubhouse

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley is with “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. She knows Mysterio has unfinished business with his father and would have helped out on SmackDown. Mysterio apologizes. Damian Priest tells McDonagh to handle Ricochet. Finn Bálor isn’t happy Mysterio and McDonagh have looked like fools against Ricochet. Priest has a plan for WrestleMania. McDonagh says he has Ricochet’s number. Ripley tells them to win. Mysterio assures her they will.

Replay: Footage is shown of “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio attacking his father, Rey Mysterio, this past Friday on SmackDown, causing him to lose to Santos Escobar.

Ricochet vs. JD McDonagh w/ “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio

The bell rings, and they lock up, tussling around the ring for position. McDonagh gives a clean break, and Ricochet looks worried. McDonagh kicks him down and whips him into the ropes for a back elbow. McDonagh goes for a back suplex, but Ricochet flips through, rolls over him, and dropkicks him out of the ring. Ricochet hits the ropes for a dive, but Mysterio pushes McDonagh out of the way. Ricochet feigns the dive and reroutes to hit McDonagh with a Fosbury Flop on the other side of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We return from the break to see McDonagh attacking Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet fights out of the corner and hits the ropes, but McDonagh hits a kitchen sink knee to the midsection to take him down. McDonagh applies a grounded bear hug to Ricochet. Ricochet fights up and elbows out. McDonagh ducks a right hand and hits a Sambo suplex. McDonagh goes for a standing moonsault, but Ricochet moves. Ricochet then connects with a springboard back elbow. This whole bit of action was shot with one camera at ringside, a unique perspective. Ricochet knees McDonagh back to the corner and charges, but McDonagh drops him on the apron. Ricochet knocks him back and hits a springboard flying clothesline. Ricochet then connects with a standing shooting star press. 1… 2… McDonagh kicks out.

Ricochet lifts McDonagh for a snap kick, but McDonagh avoids it. Ricochet knocks him back and charges, but McDonagh connects with a Spanish Fly for a two-count. McDonagh follows up with a brainbuster and covers, but he only gets a near fall. McDonagh puts Ricochet on the top rope and chops the chest. McDonagh climbs to the top rope for another Spanish Fly, but Ricochet fights it. Ricochet then hits a super poisonrana! Ricochet follows up with a Recoil and covers! 1… 2… Mysterio puts McDonagh’s foot on the bottom rope. Ricochet goes for a springboard 450 splash, but McDonagh gets the knees up for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, McDonagh and Ricochet brawl before McDonagh wipes him out with a lariat and follows up with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. McDonagh pulls Ricochet up, but Ricochet fights him. McDonagh quickly kicks him in the face and lifts him, but Ricochet stuns him with a Canadian Destroyer! The crowd is going wild. Ricochet heads to the top rope, but Mysterio gets on the apron to loud boos. Mysterio snaps the top rope to crotch Ricochet. The referee sees it and ejects Mysterio from ringside!

McDonagh scales the ropes, but Ricochet knocks him off to the canvas. McDonagh gets to his feet, but Ricochet crushes him with a shooting star press to a standing opponent for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Ricochet

Pat McAfee breaks down the final moments of that match on the telestrator.

Backstage Segment

CM Punk is walking around with a Chicago Cubs-branded WWE Championship. He’ll be out next.

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Trailer: Bray Wyatt — Becoming Immortal, narrated by The Undertaker, debuts next Monday on Peacock.

The Allstate Arena is lit up with fireflies.

Backstage Segment

“Main Event” Jey Uso is walking backstage. He’ll face Shinsuke Nakamura later tonight.

This is the eleventh straight television sell-out for WWE.

CM Punk is back in Chicago

“Cult of Personality” by Living Colour blares through the speakers, and CM Punk, his right arm clad with a heavy brace to support his surgically repaired tricep, makes his way to the ring to a MASSIVE reception. The camera follows him from the backstage to the stage. Punk poses on the turnbuckles before dancing around the ring. Punk goes outside and high-fives Samantha Irvin. She looks thrilled. Punk then jumps on the commentary table and holds up a microphone.

Punk gets in the ring, and there is a LOUD “CM Punk” chant. Punk says he has a lot of things he wants to say and a lot of business to get to, but is it good to be alive on a Monday in Chicago or what? The crowd roars. Everyone is asking him if he’s going to be at WrestleMania. The short answer is “yes.” Everyone is asking how his elbow is doing. It’s not great, and he is not medically cleared, but his mouth works. They’re not on Netflix and apologizes. People are wondering if he’s going to host WrestleMania. 10 years ago, he would have thought that was beneath him. Now, he just wants to be in front of the people. He wishes WrestleMania was in Chicago. They tell him he’s great in the ring, on the microphone, and even on commentary. Why doesn’t he try to be a referee? Is there a match at WrestleMania that needs an impartial referee? A lot of people ask him questions and talk about him. A lot of people, even if they hate him, they need to talk about him. Punk calls over to Pat McAfee and mentions he had Roman Reigns as a guest on the show. Punk doesn’t listen to McAfee’s shows, but mentions he listens to Jim Cornette’s podcasts. Why does Reigns need to bring Punk up? Reigns has earned that right, but him coming back and climbing up the mountain as Reigns climbs down… they’ll see each other soon. Another guy that likes to talk about him is Seth Rollins. They go way back and don’t see eye-to-eye, mostly because Rollins wears high heels and is magically taller. Laughing about how Punk has paid the price for wrestling since he was 15, maybe he has earned that right. Someone who hasn’t talked about him or said a word is The Rock. Punk would like to think that he remembers being face-to-face with him 10 years ago and realizing his arms were too short to box with god. Then, there is Drew McIntyre. The crowd boos. When you have a problem in Chicago, you handle it face-to-face like a man.

Drew McIntyre’s music hits. Punk tells the production crew to turn off the music. Punk says he can’t wrestle, but he can beat his “bitch ass.” McIntyre stays on the stage. McIntyre says the last time they were in the ring, he stomped Punk’s injured arm. McIntyre prayed for this. Punk asks if he’s a Scottish psychopath in a kilt or a troll in a skirt. McIntyre warns him he can be canceled for talking like that. McIntyre walks around ringside and says this is divine intervention. McIntyre points out the checklist on his shirt, which includes injuring CM Punk, but Punk interjects that he’s never had to sell a t-shirt with another man’s name on it. McIntyre says for someone who is straight edge, not drinking or doing drugs, he sure spends a lot of time in rehab. McIntyre stands on the commentary table.

McIntyre doesn’t hate Punk. Punk completes him. Punk tells Chicago to boo McIntyre. McIntyre says Punk is his muse. When he’s lifting weights Punk could never do in his prime, he uses what he did to Punk to get through that last rep. At Elimination Chamber, as the first man in and having a busted ear drum, the thought of injuring Punk helped him persevere. Punk tells him to get in the ring, but McIntyre mentions he probably has a weapon. McIntyre sits on the table a la Punk and says he wants Punk to have a front-row seat at WrestleMania. Everyone will know he’s the Chosen One. Punk asks who chose him (Vince McMahon). What paragon of good virtue chose McIntyre? It wasn’t the people of Chicago or San Antonio. McIntyre says all Punk is good at is running his mouth. He’s still months away from coming back, so he should get it all out now. McIntyre feels like a fan watching. Since Punk is only good at talking, he should be the guest commentator at WrestleMania.


World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins makes his way to the ring. The crowd loudly sings Rollins’ song. Rollins gets in the ring with Punk. McIntyre is still standing on the commentary table. Punk and Rollins go face-to-face. A “CM Punk” chant fires up. Rollins welcomes Chicago to Monday Night Rollins. Now that we’ve firmly established whose show this is, has been, and will be, if these two children… Punk says it can be Rollins’ show, but it’s his city. Rollins says if they’re done trying to out-troll each other, they can get down to business. If these two morons had a brain cell between them, they would know you don’t get to make decisions for the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania if you’re not in it. Since they want to take everyone’s opinion into account except the champions, why don’t they poll the people of Chicago? At WrestleMania, should CM Punk be on commentary for the World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Drew McIntyre? The crowd buzzes, but it’s not an overwhelmingly loud roar. The crowd then chants, “Referee.” Rollins says Punk injured his counting arm, but Punk drops down and counts with his left arm. Punk then pops up because this is going off the rails and says he could be objectively fair with these two dips**ts. McIntyre reminds him it is PG.

Rollins asks if Punk wants to know what he thinks. Punk says, “Nope.” Rollins says he doesn’t think anything of Punk. Punk hasn’t crossed his mind since the last time they were in the ring. Punk is a nonfactor. If Punk wants to be a commentator or referee at WrestleMania, it doesn’t matter. Rollins says the people think he needs Punk. The truth is Punk needs Rollins to have a moment. Having Punk narrate Rollins’ final hour excites him. The way things are going for Punk, this is the closest he’ll get to a World Title match at WrestleMania. Rollins warns Punk to stay out of his way.

Punk says it’s decided. He’ll put a headset up, sit next to Michael Cole and Pat McAfee, and do commentary at WrestleMania. Punk promises to do something these two guys can’t do: make them both interesting. Rollins failed to do that in Punk’s 10-year absence. Punk tells them to play his music and walks off.

McIntyre says Punk is not getting the last word. Punk is obsessed with McIntyre and watches everything he does on social media. Rollins superkicks McIntyre and delivers a Stomp. Rollins gets out of the ring and stares at Punk before walking off.

Video Segment

Jey Uso gets to go to WrestleMania XL to have his dream match against his brother Jimmy. It’s not fair. Jey’s dream has come true, while Nakamura’s hasn’t. Tonight, Nakamura will turn Jey’s dream into a nightmare.

-Commercial Break-

Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell vs. Ivy Nile w/ Maxxine Dupri

The bell rings as soon as we come back from the commercial. Ivy Nile slams Candice LeRae down. Nile hits a suplex for a two-count. LeRae soon pulls her throat-first into the middle rope and kicks her out of the ring. Nile gets in the ring, and LeRae attacks her before sending her out of the ring. Indi Hartwell looks conflicted and slowly approaches Nile. Maxxine Dupri gets on the apron, but LeRae punches her off. LeRae then drops down and grabs her knee. The referee checks on Nile. Nile gets in the ring and charges, but the referee holds her back. LeRae then rolls Nile up and gets her feet on the ropes for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Candice LeRae

LeRae celebrates, but a conflicted Hartwell declines to celebrate with her.

Backstage Segment

The New Day is talking with #DIY. They don’t get each other’s names. In the background, we can see “The Wise Man” Paul Heyman talking with Drew McIntyre. The Miz and R-Truth walk up to them. R-Truth says this is going to be the best match ever. The New Day versus DX! R-Truth told JBL that Awesome Truth will be on commentary. Miz tells him that it’s not JBL… it’s McAfee. R-Truth thinks he sneezed. They walk off.

-Commercial Break-

Awesome Truth are guest commentators for this match.

Tag Team Match
#DIY (Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

As soon as we get back from the commercial, Tommaso Ciampa starts against Kofi Kingston. Ciampa takes it to him and tags in Johnny Gargano. Kingston gets the better of Gargano and hits a famouser for a two-count. Kingston gets Gargano in the corner, and The New Day starts up the Unicorn Stampede. Ciampa gets in the ring, and The New Day hits him with stereo superkicks. They then hit #DIY with stereo basement dropkicks. R-Truth brings us into the commercial break from commentary.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Ciampa is running wild on Woods and Kingston with corner clotheslines. Ciampa ducks a double clothesline from the New Day and hits a diving double clothesline. Gargano tags in and double-teams Woods with Ciampa. Gargano hits Sliced Bread #2 and gets the New Day out of the ring. Gargano then hits them with a suicide dive.

All of a sudden, the Judgment Day heads to ringside and attacks all four men in the ring. The referee calls for the bell. Ciampa tries to fight back, but Priest and Bálor overwhelm them. “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio hits Gargano with a Frog Splash. The Miz has seen enough and gets in the ring. Priest quickly stops Miz and hits South of Heaven.

Priest points at R-Truth, but R-Truth shouts that he’s on commentary and isn’t fighting. R-Truth begs for a commercial break as the Judgment Day surrounds him. Priest grabs R-Truth and throws him into the ring. R-Truth takes out McDonagh and Mysterio before taking Bálor down. Priest quickly attacks R-Truth and hits the Razor’s Edge. Bálor then finishes R-Truth off with a Coup de Grâce. The Judgment Day stands tall. All three teams will be in a ladder match against Bálor and Priest for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania XL.

No Contest

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond asks “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes what The Rock said to him earlier tonight. Rhodes says it’s not something he wants to repeat, but it was a promise The Rock cannot keep. Rhodes walks off.

Andrade battles Giovanni Vinci next.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Interview

Cathy Kelley is backstage with WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther. She asks for a response to what Sami Zayn said about taking him down at WrestleMania 40. Gunther says he would have answered, but Zayn stormed off like a child. Those words were empty. Deep down, Zayn doesn’t believe he’ll beat Gunther. The people of Chicago don’t believe it. Gunther doesn’t think Zayn can beat Bronson Reed. She asks if Gunther will be out there to scout Zayn, but Gunther reiterates that he doesn’t think Zayn will beat Reed.

Andrade vs. Giovanni Vinci

Andrade was supposed to face Ivar, but Ivar was not medically cleared before the show started.

The bell rings, and Vinci slaps him. Andrade chops him, so Vinci takes it to him. Vinci sends Andrade into the ropes, but Andrade hangs up on the ropes and poses. Vinci reverses a whip to the corner, but Andrade drops him on the apron. Vinci punches Andrade back and goes for a springboard attack, but Andrade dropkicks him out of midair. Andrade heads to the middle rope and hits a moonsault block to the floor! Andrade gets Vinci in the ring and goes to the top rope. Vinci avoids a moonsault, but Andrade lands on his feet and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Andrade starts up the Three Amigos, but Vinci fights it at one. Vinci uppercuts him and hits the ropes, but Andrade follows him in and hits a big boot. Andrade hits the ropes, but Vinci follows him in and hits a running cross-body block.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Andrade slams Vinci down. Andrade chops the chest and blocks a kick before hitting a dragon screw. Andrade grabs the leg and hits a second dragon screw, followed by a clothesline. Andrade kips up and slaps his thighs. Andrade backs up and crushes Vinci with running double knees in the corner for a near fall. Vinci elbows Andrade back and shoves him to the corner. Andrade goes for a boot, but Vinci blocks it and pulls him in for a clothesline. Andrade fights back, but Vinci annihilates him with a STIFF chop. Andrade stuns him with a reverse elbow. Andrade hits a double-arm suplex into a neckbreaker called The Message for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Andrade

Backstage Segment

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley is walking backstage alongside “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. We’ll hear from her next.

-Commercial Break-

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee talk about having Triple H and Cody Rhodes on “The Pat McAfee Show” the week of WrestleMania.

Rhea Ripley addresses WrestleMania XL

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring alongside “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. Ripley has a brace on her left wrist. Ripley is less than two weeks away from facing Becky Lynch with the title on the line at WrestleMania XL. A “Mami” chant picks up. Ripley says to Mysterio that she feels like she’s not getting enough attention. She feels like a certain someone isn’t giving her their full attention. Becky Lynch continues to fight week after week. Ripley could have gotten her attention by attacking her during one of her many matches, but she decided to be respectful. Ripley is getting impatient because WrestleMania is just around the corner. Lynch should be giving Ripley her full attention.

Mysterio takes the microphone, and the crowd starts to loudly boo him. Mysterio says, “Becky…” and Becky Lynch’s music immediately interrupts him. Lynch gets in the ring to a nice ovation. Lynch shouts, “The Man has come around to Chicago!” Lynch stares at her WrestleMania opponent, and a “Becky” chant picks up. Lynch says she doesn’t have to wait for Ripley to have a twenty-minute match to feel safe to come out and confront her. That’s what Ripley has done to her. Lynch could never do that because Ripley doesn’t compete on Raw anymore. Ripley asks why she would wrestle before the biggest match of her career. She doesn’t have to prove herself week after week. Lynch says that is the problem. They have two different interpretations of what a champion is. To Ripley, it’s posting her ass online to get attention. To Lynch, it’s busting her ass night in and night out to prove herself. There’s always going to be someone newer, younger, and hotter. The long game is skill, merit, and survival. It’s how you come back from not being the chosen one. Ripley hasn’t experienced that yet. At WrestleMania, the Man will give her a new experience.

Ripley says Lynch is right. She’s been through everything. Lynch is a survivor, but she reminds Ripley of something. Lynch is a cockroach. She’s hard to kill, but it’s not impossible. At WrestleMania, she won’t take it that far because she wants to leave her alive so she can sit on her couch and watch her do what she does. She wants Lynch to sit next to her daughter and listen to her call Ripley “Mami.” Lynch is furious. A “Mami” chant fires up. Lynch says that is Ripley’s one pass. If she ever mentions her daughter again, it’ll be the last words she says. It’s not just a line or funny. Her dad never got to meet her daughter. He was proud of everything she’s done in this ring, but the thing he would be most proud of is the mother she’s become. It might be a joke to Ripley, but it’s not a joke to Lynch. Ripley claims she didn’t attack Lynch out of respect, but there’s no respect in Ripley. She knows if she attacked Lynch, there’s no going back. After WrestleMania, neither of them will be the same again.

Lynch gets in Ripley’s face, but Mysterio backs Ripley up. Mysterio gets in Lynch’s face, and she punches him down. Ripley and Lynch begin to brawl in the ring before Ripley sends Lynch shoulder-first into the ring post. Ripley checks on Mysterio at ringside. Lynch leaps off the steps and attacks them both. Referees separate them, and Mysterio pulls Ripley away. Lynch breaks free, runs over Mysterio, and continues to brawl with Ripley. More referees run down to break it up.

Backstage Segment

Sami Zayn is walking backstage when he sees Chad Gable talking to Maxxine Dupri. Gable wants to talk about what happened with them last week. Zayn says he’s fine with it. He wants to make Gunther eat his words. Gable says Gunther wants to ruin Zayn’s focus. Zayn needs to focus on the task at hand and get his head out of his ass. Zayn says Gable is right. WrestleMania is two weeks away. Zayn knows what he has to do tonight and appreciates Gable saying that. They shake hands.

“Big” Bronson Reed makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Sami Zayn next.

WrestleMania XL is 12 days away.

-Commercial Break-

“Big” Bronson Reed vs. Sami Zayn

The bell rings, and Zayn hooks a side headlock. Reed whips him off and takes him down with a strike. Reed sends him into the ropes, but Zayn holds on. Reed charges, but Zayn drops down and leapfrogs him before sending him out of the ring. Zayn then flattens Reed at ringside with a somersault senton. Zayn gets Reed in the ring and goes to the top rope. Reed catches him attempting a cross-body block, but Zayn elbows out. Reed puts the brakes on a whip and sends him into the ropes for an avalanche. Reed pulls Zayn up to his feet and punches him in the forehead. Reed holds Zayn up and caves his chest in with a chop that knocks him out of the ring. Reed gets on the apron and sizes Zayn up. Reed comes off the apron with a flying shoulder tackle.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Reed take Zayn down and drop an elbow. Reed is bleeding from the nose. Reed pulls him up, but Zayn starts to fight back. Reed ducks a strike, but Zayn takes him down with a lariat.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther comes out to the stage.

Reed grabs Zayn, but Zayn fights away. Zayn goes for a Blue Thunder Bomb, but he can’t get Reed up. Zayn rolls him up for a two-count. Zayn turns his attention to Gunther, so Reed grabs him. Zayn tries to lift Reed, but he falls under his weight. Reed connects with a twisting suplex for a two-count. Reed chops Zayn in the corner. Reed’s nose is bleeding quite a bit. Reed puts Zayn on the top rope, but Zayn fights back with a tornado DDT. Zayn looks at Gunther and charges Reed, but Reed turns him inside out with a lariat. Reed crushes him with a senton splash. Reed heads to the top rope and connects with a Tsunami. 1… 2… 3! Reed has pinned the #1 Contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship!

Winner by Pinfall: “Big” Bronson Reed

Gunther laughs at the shortcomings of his WrestleMania opponent and walks off.

Backstage Segment

“Main Event” Jey Uso says Shinsuke Nakamura has been sleeping on him for too long. Tonight, he’ll get woke. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso walk up to Jey. Jimmy says, “No YEET,” and laughs before walking off. Jey sneers at his twin brother, who is also his WrestleMania XL opponent.

-Commercial Break-

Pat McAfee breaks down Becky Lynch punching “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio in the face earlier tonight. The slow motion shows she connected hard.

Sami Zayn is flipping out backstage. Chad Gable comes up and tries to calm him down. Zayn says he knew what Gunther was doing and still let him in his head. How did he let that happen with everything that is at stake? Gable says this is what Gunther does. Zayn is one of the best Gable has ever been in the ring with. Gunther is going to try to break him down with doubts. If he’s going to get to WrestleMania with his hand raised at the end, he’ll need a different approach. If Zayn is ready for a different approach, they can talk.

Next week on Raw, The New Day and #DIY will battle The Judgment Day. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Rock will also be on the show, live from Brooklyn.

Replays are shown of The Rock whispering something to “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes earlier tonight.

Gorilla Position

“Main Event” Jey Uso is pacing in the Gorilla Position. World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins comes up to him and says something doesn’t feel right about tonight. Rollins says he and Cody Rhodes have his back. It’s time to get that W. Jey says, “YEET!”

“Main Event” Jey Uso makes his entrance. Next, he will face Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event.

-Commercial Break-

“Main Event” Jey Uso vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They lock up, and Jey quickly takes it to Nakamura. Jey knocks him out of the ring and goes for a suicide dive, but Nakamura hits a snap kick to the head from the apron. Nakamura takes it to Jey, but Jey fights back. Jey charges him in the corner, but Nakamura avoids him. Jey is laid out on the top rope. Nakamura hits a running knee to the ribs. Nakamura backs up and hits a second knee to the ribs, knocking Jey to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the final break of the evening, Jey and Nakamura continue to take it to each other. They wipe each other out with kicks.

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa come through the crowd, but they’re cut off by “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Rhodes and Jimmy brawl to the back. Rollins takes out Sikoa. Drew McIntyre then attacks Rollins from behind, sending him into the ring post, and hits him with a Future Shock DDT on the floor!

Back in the ring, Jey gets out of a rear naked choke from Nakamura. Jey hits a sleeper slam on Nakamura and superkicks him. Jey follows up with a Spear for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: “Main Event” Jey Uso

We go backstage to see “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes brawling with Jimmy Uso. Rhodes sends Jimmy through a door to the outside of the arena. Solo Sikoa runs in, but Rhodes stops him.

All of a sudden, The Rock attacks him from behind! The Rock bounces him off a table and throws a garbage can at his head. The Rock dumps some tools on him and sends him into a metal barricade. The Rock says, “Look at you now. Did you think The Rock would let you talk trash?”

The Rock sends Rhodes out of the arena and into the cold Chicago rain. Rock says he’s got Chicago’s attention now after they cried about him saying nothing. Rock rips Rhodes’ shirt and says he’s the Final Boss. Rock holds Rhodes near a ledge before sending him into a bus. Rhodes is grunting in pain. Rock sends Rhodes headfirst into his bus. Rock says he’s the Final Boss because he was never going to let this piece of trash say whatever he wanted. It didn’t have to be like this. This is all because Rhodes stuck his nose in The Rock’s business. Rhodes is busted open, and this is clearly a blade job, so things are changing. The Rock punches him and shows off the blood on his knuckles. Rock slaps Rhodes in the face.

The Rock grabs a weightlifting belt that says, “Mama Rhodes.” He told her that he’d have her son’s blood on that belt and her tears. Rock grabs Rhodes and rubs his blood on the belt. Rock holds up a bleeding Cody Rhodes. The Rock says this is what is going to happen at WrestleMania. Her son’s blood. Rhodes’ daddy talked about Hard Times. Dusty never knew about Hard Times. The Rock will tell him about Hard Times. The Rock says, “This is what happens when you fuck with the Final Boss.”

The Rock sends Rhodes into the bus one more time. The Rock says it didn’t have to be this way, but now it is the only way. We see one final shot of a bleeding Cody Rhodes as the show comes to an end.