WWE SmackDown 06 06 2008

June 6, 2008 – Los Angeles, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Mick Foley

DARK MATCH: Montel Vontaviour Porter defeated Jamie Noble..

La Familia (Vickie Guerrero & Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins & Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely) + World Heavyweight champion Edge + Batista: Vickie Guerrero (still in a wheel chair) started the show, surrounded by other members of her Familia, introducing the brand NEW World Heavyweight champion – the love of her life – Edge! Edge came out and told Vickie Guerrero, “You complete me.” Edge then congratulated himself for ending the career of the Undertaker and becoming the World Heavyweight champion. Edge toasted the “Dead Man” and said “may he rest in peace.” La Familia held their champagne glasses up high and just then, the lights went out. A few seconds later, the lights came back on and La Familia laughed about fooling the Undertaker fans. Vickie Guerrero announced that on July 11th, she and Edge would get married on SmackDown!. La Familia doused Edge with champagne, but the celebration was cut short by “The Animal” Batista. Batista said Edge and Vickie deserve each other and he hopes they are happy together forever – JUST KIDDING – I hope you make each other miserable for the rest of your lives! Batista repeated his challenge to face Edge at the Night of Champions PPV. Vickie denied Batista’s request and said she doesn’t take orders. Vickie said Batista will have to earn it. Vickie booked Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins against Batista and three partners of Vickie’s choosing. Edhe added that if Batista doesn’t win he’ll never get another title match against him again.

Fit Finlay w/Hornswoggle defeated Chuck Palumbo: After the match, they showed Montel Vontavious Porter quietly sitting by himself up near the sky-box surrounded by empty seats. What’s the matter WWE, can’t sell out a building these days?

The Big Show (with a bruised and swollen eye): They showed highlights of the Singapore Cane match at One Night Stand, where the Big Show suffered his eye injury and earned a shot at Kane’s ECW World title at the Night of Champions PPV. Mark Henry crashed the party and said Big Show was in no condition to challenge for the ECW championship. The Big Show challenged Mark Henry to a fight, and Mark went to ringside, but refused to enter the ring.

The Great Khali defeated Deuce & Domino:

General Manager Vickie Guerrero & The SmackDown!/ECW Divas: Vickie Guerrero said she was tired of not having a Women’s championship on SmackDown!. Vickie booked all of the Divas in a match to determine the first entrant into the match to crown a new Divas championship. Woohoo!

Cousin Sal (w/Roddy Piper & Jimmy Kimmel) defeated Santino Marella: Cousin Sal was accompanied by WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. They also showed Kimmel’s girlfriend, the beautiful (and dirty) Sara Silverman, along with Kimmel’s head of security “Guermo” (spelling?) cheering from the front row. Cousin Sal was wearing a traditional blue and yellow singlet to offer the illusion of being a wrestler! After a few minutes of goofy grappling, Jimmy Kimmel distracted Santino long enough for Cousin Sal to score a pinfall with a roll-up! Does anybody remember Will Sasso’s appearance on WCW Nitro?

Eve Torres & Cousin Sal & Jimmy Kimmel: Eve Torres kept trying to ask Cousin Sal questions about the match, but Jimmy Kimmel kept stepping in and answering for him. Kimmel said he already has Cousin Sal’s next opponent lined up – and in comes the Big Show. Sal put his Cousin Jimmy in a headlock and Big Show had to pull him off.

John Morrison & Mike Mizanin & Hornswoggle + Fit Finlay: The Miz & Morrison were picking on Hornswoggle when suddenly Fit Finlay showed up to defend his “son.” Miz & Morrison suddenly had to leave so they could go hang out with some Hollywood celebrities.

La Familia (Edge & Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely & Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins): La Familia was getting pumped up for their match, but Edge pulled Chavo Guerrero aside for a private talk. Edge said he was going to be Chavo’s “Uncle Edge” soon and wanted Chavo to be his best man. Edge said he and Vickie were going to have three girls and four or five boys and they will all be Chavo’s cousins!

Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool and Cherry and Victoria and Maryse Ouellet and Kelly Kelly and Layla El: The first Diva to climb the pole (insert joke here) and retreive the STAR will be entered into a match to crown the first ever Diva’s champion. After some sloppy Divas action, Natalya basically turned her back on Victoria and grabbed the Golden STAR.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jimmy Wang Yang:

Batista & Sho Funaki & Nunzio & Colin Delaney defeated La Familia (Edge & Chavo Guerrero & Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins): When Mick Foley & Michael Cole were talking about the $1,000,000 give-away, Foley remarked “Vince McMahon hasn’t thrown away this much money since he signed Goldberg!” Ha ha classic Foley. Batista’s partners were chosen by General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Batista’s underdog partners fought with all the heart in the World to help Batista’s cause. They each took a beating, but never gave up, and eventually Batista came in and dominated La Familia and miraculously scored the victory to earn a shot at Edge’s World Heavyweight title at the Night of Champions PPV.