WWE SmackDown 06 20 2008

June 20, 2008 – San Jose, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Mick Foley

Montel Vontavious Porter + La Familia (Vickie Guerrero & Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins): MVP plugged the 2008 WWE Draft this Monday on RAW and said it will be one of those night’s that anything can happen. MVP said he was cool with going to any franchise that is going to best utilize his talents. MVP said a change of environment would be good for everybody because his talents are not being properly utilized by the people who run SmackDown!. MVP said they were probably distracted with other things like getting married, and added that if given the opportunity, he could outshine the members of La Familia. Right on cue, General Manager Vickie Guerrero showed up in her wheel-chair backed by Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. Vickie scolded MVP for trashing her family and campaigning to be drafted to RAW or ECW. MVP said he defeated C.M. Punk last week just like Vickie asked him to do. MVP said Vickie didn’t uphold her end of the agreement (renegotiating his contract), and Vickie makes him feel like she doesn’t want him there – and that makes him not want to be there. Vickie said she doesn’t have time to negotiate MVP’s contract in public. Vickie said MVP is still contracted to SmackDown!, so she ordered him to go one-on-one with ECW champion Kane tonight!

WWE United States champion Matt Hardy defeated Bam Neely w/Chavo Guerrero: Chavo Guerrero tried to interfere but he got caught by referee Charles Robinson, who ordered Chavo to leave the ringside area. Matt Hardy recovered and finished Bam Neely off before Chavo was even out of sight.

Edge & Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely: Chavo Guerrero complained about referee Charles Robinson, and Edge said that Vickie will take care of him. Edge said he would take care of Matt Hardy next week, but he needs Chavo to face Batista tonight. Chavo protested, and Edge said “trust me.”

Michelle McCool defeated Layla El:

Vickie Guerrero & Alicia Fox (wedding planner) + Edge + Charles Robinson: Vickie Guerrero said she reviewed Charles Robinson’s past performances, citing WrestleMania 24 (helping the Undertaker defeat Edge), Judgment Day (illegally awarding the World title to the Undertaker), and tonight ejecting Chavo Guerrero from ringside for “no reason.” Vickie then booked Charles Robinson in a match tonight.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jamie Noble:

ECW World champion Kane defeated Montel Vontavious Porter by Countout: After the match, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry attacked Kane and put him down with a World’s Strongest Slam!

Chavo Guerrero & Charles Robinson: Chavo Guerrero callously shook Charles Robinson’s hand and wished him luck with his match tonight!

The Great Khali defeated Charles Robinson by Submission with the Khali-Vice-grip: Charles Robinson had no idea who his opponent was going to be until the Greak Khali’s entrance music played. Charles Robinson tried to run away but Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder grabbed him and threw him back into the ring. The GIANT Great Khali destroyed poor referee Charles Robinson as Michael Cole & Mick Foley described how dispicable it was for Vickie Guerrero to punish Robinson in this manner. Charles (aka Little Natch!) did a great job selling the move – but it was almost funny.

Jesse & Festus defeated Deuce & Domino: Deuce & Domino, who got into a fist-fight after losing their match last week, were still argueing during their own entrance tonight. As the match began, Deuce & Domino started brawling again outside the ring. Deuce threw Domino back into the ring, and seethed at ringside as he watched his partner get defeated by Festus. After the match; Deuce gave Domino the running Yakuza kick to the face!

Fit Finlay w/Hornswoggle defeated Mike Mizanin w/John Morrison: John Morrison tried to prevent Hornswoggle interfere in the match, but obviously it backfired and it actually aided Finlay in scoring the victory over Miz.

Chavo Guerrero w/Bam Neely defeated Batista by Countout: Before the match; Vickie Guerrero said Charles Robinson was supposed to be the referee but he’s not available now. Vickie introduced her official replacement referee —– EDGE! Yeah, that’s fair! Vickie added that Batista was not allowed to lay a hand on the referee. Edge played the heel referee to perfection – almost too perfectly. Bam Neely pulled Batista out of the ring by the leg and Edge fast-counted him out, awarding the match to Chavo Guerrero. All five members of La Familia (Edge, Chavo, Neely, Hawkins, & Ryder) proceeded to destroy Batista in a 5-on-1 assault as Vickie Guerrero proudly watched from the stage.