WWE SmackDown 07 11 2008

July 11 , 2008 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Announcers: Jim Ross & Mick Foley

DARK MATCH: Brian Kendrick w/Rycklon Stephens defeated Sho Funaki..

Edge + General Manager Vickie Guerrero: Edge talked about calling off his wedding to Vickie Guerrero last week – and after thinking about it he stands by what he said. Edge said he cherished Vickie, but the minute she started giving him orders – uh uh, the “rated r superstar” doesn’t work like that! Edge said everybody thinks he was only World Heavyweight champion because he had Vickie Guerrero in his corner. Edge said he would prove the fans wrong at the Great American Bash. Edge said he he has won more championships than anybody currently in this industry (Editor’s Notes: Well, except maybe Booker T). Vickie Guerrero rolled out onto the stage in her wheel-chair to interrupt her former fiancee with those famous words, “excuse me! excuse me!” Vickie booked Edge in a match to help prepare him for his match against Triple H at the Great American Bash. Vickie said it would be a no-disqualification match against the Big Show! Good luck, baby! Edge said he wasn’t afraid of the Big Show, and said by the end of the night, the Big Show will be just like Vickie – a LOSER! Vickie ordered the production crew to turn Edge’s microphone off as they went to commercial…

Shelton Benjamin defeated WWE United States champion Matt Hardy: I guess the draft means nothing when you have two ECW super stars wrestling on SmackDown! with no explanation whatsoever.

Vickie Guerrero & Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder: Hawkins & Ryder said they wanted some revenge and asked for a rematch with Jesse & Festus. Hawkins & Ryder said Vickie deserves someone so much better than Edge, and they would stick by her side always.

Mr. Kennedy defeated Domino: Montel Vontavious Porter joined Jim Ross & Mike Foley on commentary for the match. Before the match, Mr. Kennedy did his thing on the mic and said that he was more valuable than the MVP. After the match, MVP got up and attracted Mr. Kennedy’s attention. Umaga showed up and attacked Mr. Kennedy from behind with a thrust kick and followed up with the Samoan Spike!

Edge & Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely: Chavo Guerrero said he doesn’t blame Edge for calling off the wedding, and offered to do Edge a favor and go over to Vickie’s office and try to straighten things out. Chavo said he and Edge were like brothers and they will ALWAYS be family. I smell a rouse.

Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely: Chavo Guerrero played both sides and said he can’t beleive what Edge did to Vickie and questioned whether Edge ever loved Vickie. Chavo said he and Vickie are Guerreros and they will ALWAYS be family (sound familiar?). Vickie told Chavo to cut the crap, and booked him in a match against Triple H!

Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle defeated WWE Tag Team champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin: The referee was lost in space, as usual, when Finlay pulled out the shillelagh and whacked Mike Mizanin! Hornswoggle nailed the Miz with a Tadpole Splash for the win!

WWE champion Triple H defeated Chavo Guerrero w/Bam Neely:

Natalya Neidhart & Maryse Ouellet defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry: Natalya Neidhart has gone from blond to red-head – and I LIKE IT! Natalya used the Sharp-shooter to make Cherry submit. After the match, Natalya attacked Michelle McCool and suplexed her on the floor.

Jesse & Festus defeated Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder by Countout: Hawkins & Ryder got themselves intentionally counted out, so that the bell would ring and Festus would go back into a catatonic state of mind. Hawkins & Ryder attacked Jesse while Festus just stood there like a dummy with his tongue hanging out. Hawkins & Ryder tossed Jesse out of the ring and attacked Festus, who was defenseless until Jesse rang the bell again and Festus snapped out of it and cleared the ring!

Vladimir Kozlov defeated ECW’s Stevie Richards:

Edge & Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely + Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder + Vickie Guerrero: The entire Familia was argueing when Edge calmed them down and said that Vickie has been screwing with all of them. Edge asked his four brothers to go out to the ring and help him tonight. Vickie Guerrero came in and said if any of them help Edge tonight they will be fired, and if Edge doesn’t wrestle in the match he will be fired too.

Edge vs. The Big Show ended in a No Contest: Vickie Guerrero sat in her wheel-chair on the stage watching her former fiancee from a distance. Late in the match, the Big Show was about to smash Edge’s head with a chair when Vickie jumped out of her wheel-chair and demanded that the referee stop the match! The Big Show dropped the chair and walked off. Vickie covered Edge, then helped him up and apologized. Edge looked into Vickie’s eyes and, after a long pause, kissed and made up with his fiancee – the wedding is back on!