WWE SmackDown 07 25 2008

July 25 , 2008 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Jim Ross & Mick Foley

DARK MATCH:: R-Truth (aka Ron Killings) defeated Sheamus O’Shaunessy..

Montel Vontavious Porter + Jeff Hardy: MVP cut a heel promo and introduced the most controversial guest in the history of the VIP Lounge – Jeff Hardy! MVP welcomed Jeff Hardy back to the big leagues, after being drafted to SmackDown!. MVP talked about a battle royal later for a shot at Triple H‘s WWE championship at SummerSlam. MVP said he was the clear favorite to win the battle royal. Jeff Hardy said he hasn’t seen MVP win a match since he lost the U.S. title to his brother Matt. MVP talked about Jeff’s failure to capture the WWE title, his 60-day suspension, and his house burning down. MVP said Jeff’s wreckless behavior resulted in the death of his dog, Jack, in his house fire. MVP said Jeff feels guilty and he is ruining his career with his behavior. MVP said that is why Jeff Hardy will never be WWE champion. MVP told Jeff to start acting like a professional, and act like a grown man and accept his responsibilities. Jeff said he was thankful for a second chance, and MVP should know about second chances too. Jeff said if anything was burning him up inside it is MVP. Jeff shoved MVP out of the ring with frustration and watched MVP retreat backstage.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang: Shelton Benjamin said he liberated the United States title from Matt Hardy at Great American Bash. Shelton buried himself in the eyes of the fans by shouting “there ain’t no stoppin’ me now!”

Edge & Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder: Edge congratulated Hawkins & Ryder on winning the WWE Tag Team titles, but then wanted to explain what happened last week. Hawkins & Ryder said it was Edge’s business and it didn’t matter, because they had to go get ready for their match.

Festus w/Jesse defeated Curt Hawkins w/Zack Ryder: After the match, the bell rang and Hawkins & Ryder knocked out Jesse and double-teamed Festus. Hawkins & Ryder left the ring with a feeling of dominance.

Edge & Alicia Fox: Edge talked intimately with Alicia Fox and suggested that she go back to the hotel and wait for him, just in case Vickie Guerrero showed up tonight.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated ECW’s Stevie Richards: Stevie Richards issued the challenge because they were wrestling in his hometown of Philadelphia. Vladimir Kozlov told Jim Ross & Mick Foley after the match that he was looking for better competition!

Won by THE GREAT KHALI (back with Ranjin Singh!): Participants of the Battle Royal include; Mr. Kennedy, the Great Khali, Montel Vontavious Porter, Umaga, Jeff Hardy, and the Big Show. It took quite some time for the first elimination to happen, but MVP became the first when he was dumbed by Jeff Hardy. Umaga was eliminated by the Big Show. Mr. Kennedy was eliminated by the Big Show. Umaga jumped back into the ring and gave the Big Show a Smoan Spike! The Big Show was eliminated by Jeff Hardy. If you’ve seen the cover of WWE Magazine this month you know who is going to win this. Okay, scratch that. Unfortunately, Jeff Hardy was eliminated by the Great Khali. That makes no sense whatsoever. After the match, WWE champion Triple H came down and circled the ring before stepping in and pressing his chest against Khali’s belly button. Ranjin Singh (by God, it’s great to see him back) backed Khali out of the ring and said “now is not the time.”

R-Truth (formerly Ron Killings of TNA): R-Truth talked about the crime streets of North Carolina. R-Truth talked about the bad decisions he made and paying for his actions. R-Truth is coming to SmackDown!..

Michelle McCool defeated Maryse Ouellet by Submission: Michelle used her trademark Heel-hook submission to force Maryse to tap out!

Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero + Bam Neely: Chavo wheeled his aunt Vickie Guerrero into the arena, where they were greeted by Bam Neely. Neely was about to snitch on Edge, but Chavo suggested they go to Vickie’s office to talk.

Edge & Bam Neely: Bam Neely informed Edge that Vickie was in her office now. Edge said he needed to apologize to Vickie, but he needed to do it in public. Bam said he would let Vickie know.

“THE” Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel defeated Shannon Moore: Jim Ross said that Brian Kendrick reminded him of the late “Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman – wow! Kendrick, accompanied by his bodyguard Ezekiel (aka Rycklon Stevens), said that he was the smartest man in the WWE and years from now the fans will be able to say they saw Brian Kendrick wrestle.

Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero + Bam Neely: Bam Neely told Vickie Guerrero that Edge wanted to meet her in the ring, and added that Edge wanted an apology from Vickie – HUH?

Edge + Vickie Guerrero: Edge came out and said he wanted to apologize to his wife Victoria (which threw me for a loop because Alicia Fox’s real name is Victoria). Chavo & Bam Neely wheeled Vickie Guerrero down to ringside and she stood up and, with Chavo’s assistence, joined Edge inside the ring. Edge got down on one knee and claimed that the video last week didn’t show how many times he said no. Edge claimed Alicia wouldn’t take no for an answer when she was coming onto him. Vickie said she understood, and gave Edge a big hug but then turned her head when he went in for the usual kiss. Vickie said Edge needs to understand that hell hath no fury over a woman scorned. Vickie said when she was really made at Edge, she did something he might not like. Edge asked what Vickie did. Vickie said that she re-instated the Undertaker! The crowd went a little bit nuts and started chanting “Un-der-tak-er!” Edge took a deep breath and said they could go on their honeymoon while Triple H and Undertaker tear each other apart and he can come back and beat the winner for the WWE championship. Vickie said she already scheduled an opponent for the Undertaker at SummerSlam. Edge asked, “who?” and Vickie said “you!” adding that it would be Hell in a Cell. Vickie started cackling with laughter as Edge stared at her in disbelief and probably needing his diaper changed.