WWE SmackDown 08 01 2008

August 1, 2008 – Hershey, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Jim Ross & Mick Foley

DARK MATCH: Sho Funaki defeated “The Natural” Nick Nemeth..

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Jimmy Wang Yang: Jeff Hardy came out first and took a seat at ringside to watch Montel Vontavious Porter’s match. After the match, Jeff Hardy confronted MVP about his comments last week. Jeff said if MVP ever mentions his home, the fire, or his dog again he will prove to him what kind of man he is. Jeff then kicked MVP in the guts and delivered a Twist of Fate!

Chavo Guerrero & Vickie Guerrero + Alicia Fox: Chavo Guerrero pushed Vickie’s wheel-chair around backstage. Vickie flashed a scowl upon seeing Alicia Fox, her former wedding planner, hanging around backstage. Jim Ross asked the question, “what is the wedding planner still doing around here?”

Mr. Kennedy defeated WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin in a Non-title match: After an excellent long match, Mr. Kennedy beat the champion with a kick to the face and nailed the Mic-check finisher! Shelton Benjamin regained his composure, looked at his belt, and walked out of the ring very disappointed with himself.

Eve Torres & Shelton Benjamin: Shelton Benjamin said he wasn’t going to make any excuses for himself because he’s suffering from an acute case of bronchitis.

“THE” Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel defeated Stevie Richards: Brian Kendrick said he used Paul London to get his foot in the door and never cared, and never will care, about the fans. Kendrick added that if anybody has a problem with that, to take it up with his man Ezekiel. Brian Kendrick won the match after a little distraction from ‘his man’ Ezekiel at ringside. After the match, Ezekiel Torture-racked Stevie Richards and broke him in half (figuratively).

The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh defeated Jeff Hardy: Montel Vontavious Porter came down and distracted Jeff Hardy so that the Great Khali could destroy him with a heavy Khali-chop and the dreaded Khali-vice until the referee ended the match. Afterwards, MVP stood over Jeff Hardy and gloated.

R-Truth (formerly Ron Killings in TNA): More footage of R-Truth talking about his poor decision making, being locked up and having every bit of his freedom taken away. R-Truth said he made it through and he survived – and that’s the TRUTH!

Maria Kanellis (SmackDown! debut) defeated Victoria:

The Big Show defeated Domino: After the match, Umaga came to the ring and had a visual confrontation with the Big Show.

Chavo Guerrero & Vickie Guerrero & Bam Neeley: Chavo Guerrero said they were going to find out who Edge’s surprise guest for the Cutting Edge is just like everybody else.

Edge + a surprise guest (Mick Foley): Edge said he has been searching for inner peace all week long because he will be stepping into Hell in a Cell against the Undertaker at SummerSlam. Edge said he watched all the footage and seen all the cruelty and suffering. Edge said every time he closes his eyes all he sees is the Undertaker. Edge said he found some inner peace tonight because he’s surrounded himself with some of his instruments of destruction – like tables, ladders and chairs. Edge said he found the one person who can help him against the Undertaker and survive in Hell in a Cell. Edge said that person is his guest tonight on the Cutting Edge is Mick Foley! Edge jumped out of the ring and pointed at color commentator Mick Foley, who looked like he had no idea what was going on. Mick cautiously entered the ring where Edge began to pitch his ideas at him. Edge said they had a checkered past, but he is a changed man. Edge played a video from 1998 when the attitude era was in full effect. The video featured footage of Mick Foley’s epic feud with the Undertaker which culminated in the infamous Hell in a Cell match where Undertaker tossed Foley off the top of the cage, and then once more through the top of the cage. The fans chanted “Foley! Foley! Foley!” Edge said that was ten years ago and the fans haven’t forgotten. Edge said he knows Foley still feels the effects of that match every morning when he gets out of bed. Edge said the Undertaker did that to Mick Foley, and he knows that it eats away at him. Edge said if Foley helped him against the Undertaker then maybe all of that torment will wash away. Mick agreed that he was never the same after that match with the Undertaker. Mick said Edge hurt his credibility because he’s always had his word. Mick said he’s always said that Edge was the greatest Superstar in the WWE. Mick said the fans think Edge sucks because week-in and week-out he takes short cuts. Mick said not only will he not help Edge, but he can’t help Edge, and the only person who can help Edge is EDGE himself. Mick told Edge to find the Edge who broke through the glass ceiling. Mick said if the Undertaker faces the current Edge in Hell in a Cell then the Undertaker will tear him apart. Mick asked Edge if he understood. Edge snapped and attacked Mick, but Foley quickly turned the tables. Edge kicked a chair into Foley’s face and speared him on the floor where Foley’s head smacked the ring steps. Edge set up a ladder and a table in the ring as Foley pulled himself back into the ring (dumb?). Edge blocked the mandible claw and placed Mick on top of the ladder. Edge climbed the ladder with a chair and dropped down on top of Foley, crashing through the table!