WWE SmackDown 09 19 2008

September 19, 2008 – Nashville, Tennessee
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

DARK MATCH: Johnny Curtis defeated Armando Estrada..

Michelle McCool defeated Maryse Ouellet to retain the SmackDown! Divas title:

Vickie Guerrero & The Big Show + Eve Torres: Vickie Guerrero & The Big Show were talking when Eve Torres came in to ask Vickie some questions about the Undertaker. Vickie just said “next question, Eve.” Eve said that she has been training really hard to compete in the ring, and Vickie just laughed in her face. The Big Show showed Eve a video of him turning on the Undertaker and helping Vickie Guerrero at Unforgiven.

Ryan Braddock defeated Festus w/Jesse by DQ: The match was thrown out when Jesse jumped in the ring and duct taped Ryan Braddock for no reason. This gimmick is kinda lame. After the commercial, Ryan Braddock was wrapped in bubble-wrap and duct taped to a dolly with tape over his mouth.

Vickie Guerrero & The Big Show: Vickie Guerrero said if the Undertaker shows up tonight she will make him get on his knees and apologize to her! The Big Show said if the Undertaker shows up he will drive his fist into his face over and over again! Vickie said she wants to see the same thing happen at No Mercy that happened at Unforgiven.

Shelton Benjamin: Shelton Benjamin cut a promo about his decisions making him the greatest commodity in the WWE, and brought up that R-Truth’s decision landed him in prison for 13 months. Shelton said somebody who makes those decision could never be in the same league as the GOLD Standard.

R-Truth defeated WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin: After the match, Gregory Helms’ face came up in the corner of the screen and said, “Hurricane Helms back on SmackDown! with a news flash… apparently the price of GOLD just went down!” Interesting.

Jeff Hardy + THE Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson: Jeff Hardy said he’s been in the WWE, off and on, for the last ten years and in that time he has become known as a risk taker. Jeff said he is confident and comfortable in his own skin and hopes the fans respect that. Jeff said Triple H‘s comments last week got to him; at first he was angry, but then realized that Triple H was trying to motivate him and make him better. Jeff said Triple H DID motivate him and at No Mercy he will be reaching for Triple H’s WWE championship. Jeff Hardy addressed Vladimir Kozlov, who attacked him from behind last week after winning a four way number one contenders match. Brian Kendrick (w/Ezekiel Jackson) came out to the stage and said Jeff had bigger fish to fry, cause he’s got to worry about THE Brian Kendrick tonight. Jeff pointed out that he pinned Kendrick in the fatal fourway last week. Kendrick said that was a fourway, and tonight it’s one-on-one.

Jeff Hardy defeated THE Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson: Jeff Hardy won with a back-slide, proving that he doesn’t have to take unnecessary risks to score victories (seriously it’s part of the storyline). Jeff Hardy was assaulted from behind by Vladimir Kozlov while he was celebrating on the stage and posing for fans.

Vickie Guerrero & The Big Show + Chavo Guerrero: The Big Show burst in and said he just saw the Undertaker was here. They did a weird camera trick where the camera walked in the door and we were supposed to believe it was from the Undertaker’s perspective. Vickie forced the Undertaker to get on his knees, kiss her feet, and apologize. But it turned out to be Chavo Guerrero who was dressed up as the Undertaker.

Carlito Colon & Primo Colon: Carlito said it was great to return to SmackDown! last week but it was made more special because he teamed with his baby brother. Primo Colon said he was surprised because it was so easy and it was only a matter of time before they were WWE Tag Team champions. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins interrupted – Hurricane Helms popped up in the corner of the screen and made some comments about Hawkins & Ryder. Hawkins & Ryder claimed that the Colon brothers just got lucky last week. Both teams bickered back and forth and set up a WWE Tag Team title match next week. Jesse & Festus joined the fray and a big brawl broke out between all three teams.

Maria Kanellis + Brie Bella + Victoria & Natalya Neidhart: Maria Kanellis was doing some sketched for future outfits when Brie Bella walked in and started chatting with her. Victoria & Natalya Neidhart burst in and said it was obvious that Brie was having an affair with Hornswoggle (because she keeps crawling under the ring). Brie wasn’t amused. Victoria promised that they would figure out what was going on with Brie. Natalya challenged Brie & Maria to face her and Victoria next week.

The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh defeated Scotty Goldman:

Chavo Guerrero: Chavo Guerrero kicked Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, and Bam Neely out of the dressing room so he could watch the video of the Big Show knocking out the Undertaker – what is it porn now? The video suddenly went goofy with Undertaker symbols and Undertaker’s face came on the tv screen. Chavo turned around and was choked out by the Undertaker’s hand!

WWE champion Triple H defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: Great match. After the match, Vladimir Kozlov showed up and Triple H invited him into the ring. Kozlov cautiously climbed into the ring with Triple H watching intensely. MVP distracted Triple H, and Kozlov went on the attack immediately. Kozlov pounded on Triple H, who made a very brief come-back, before being taken out by a head-butt to the lungs!