WWE SmackDown 12 05 2008

December 5, 2008 – Albany, New York
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

WWE Champion Edge w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Kung Funaki: After the match, General Manager Vickie Guerrero ordered the fans to give Edge a round of applause. Vickie said since Edge wrestled tonight then it’s only fair that his Armageddon opponents should compete as well. Vickie booked Triple H & Jeff Hardy in a Tag Team Gauntlet match later on the show. Vickie said they will face one tag team after another, and the match will continue until they lose. Wow.

Maria Kanellis defeated SmackDown! Divas champion Michelle McCool: Hot.

Maria Kanellis & The Bella Twins + Michelle McCool: Maria celebrated with the Bella Twins (who were flirting with the Colon brothers) when Michelle showed up and kicked Maria in the stomach! Michelle said “you got what you deserved!”

MOVIE TRAILER: Mr. Kennedy in “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia”..

PROMO: The Big Show said that the Undertaker beat him in a casket match – his environment – but now they will face off in a steel cage, which is his environment.

Hurricane Helms defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: Before the match, MVP said that if it wasn’t for bad luck he would have no luck at all. MVP said because of that he lost his incentive bonus and now he can’t buy his loved ones the expensive gifts he wanted. MVP said they took away his expensive entrance stuff. MVP said he would give himself a gift that won’t cost him a dollar, by popping Hurricane Helms in the mouth!

Triple H & Jeff Hardy: Triple H and Jeff Hardy warned each other not to get in each others way out there tonight. They are clearly not the best of friends!

Triple H & Jeff Hardy defeated Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder: Triple H & Jeff Hardy finished off Hawkins & Ryder quickly, but nearly came to blows after the match until their next opponents were introduced.
John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated Triple H & Jeff Hardy by Countout: The match ended when Triple H & Jeff Hardy started brawling at ringside and had to be restrained by a team of WWE referees and security guards.

Vickie Guerrero & Edge + Jeff Hardy + Triple H: Edge & Vickie were gloating that their plan was pulled off so perfectly. Edge & Vickie expressed their appreciation for each other and were about to kiss. Jeff Hardy interrupted them and Edge said he wanted to clear the air, and said that he had nothing to do with Hardy being assaulted before Survivor Series. Edge said that Triple H was the one who had everything to gain. Triple H burst in and started brawling with Hardy again until security dragged them away. Edge & Vickie were left alone again so they started kissing! Ew.

Chavo Guerrero defeated ECW World champion Matt Hardy by DQ: Vladimir Kozlov showed up and physically destroyed Matt Hardy to punish him for costing him an opportunity at the WWE Championship..

The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh + Eve Torres: Khali & Singh were wearing goofy red holiday hats and Singh had some mistletoe to encourage the Kiss-cam. They showed a series of couples on camera and they all kissed on cue. Then they scanned the crowd for a volunteer to kiss the Great Khali. Of course they passed on all the hot chicks, and one old woman, before stopping the process. Ranjin Singh said he had a special gift for Khali – Santa’s Little Helper! “Christmas” Eve Torres came out in a really sexy Christmas outfit. Finally Khali gets to kiss someone who is HOT! Khali held up the mistletoe and gave sexy Eve Torres a Holiday kiss! Ranjin Singh celebrated and yelled “make love, not war!!”

The Undertaker defeated The Big Show: Excellent Cage match. You could win by escaping the cage, pinfall, or submission. The Big Show used a Knockout punch to take down the Undertaker, but could not follow up in time. The Undertaker sat up and reversed a Choke-slam attempt into the Hell’s Gate submission hold to make the Big Show tap out after a grueling steel cage match!