WWE SmackDown 12 19 2008

December 19, 2008 – Baltimore, Maryland
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

DARK MATCH: Stu Bennett defeated Kung Funaki..

KICKOFF: They showed clips of Jeff Hardy‘s victory at Armageddon which earned him the WWE Championship. Then the main show started with Jeff Hardy’s painted face on the screen and he proclaimed, “HERE I COME!”

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy + former WWE Champion Edge: Jeff Hardy celebrated his way to the ring as confetti fell from the ceiling. Hardy got in the ring and held the belt above his head as pyro went off all around him. Jeff Hardy milked the standing ovation, and why wouldn’t he? He totally deserved it! It was a moment Jeff will never forget. Jeff Hardy said the WWE is about to change! The title didn’t just represent him, it represented all the rejects, all the screw ups, and from now on he is the WWE champion! Jeff said he represents a good kind of crazy, and asked everybody at the show and everybody at home to get up out of their seats and go crazy for him! Edge came out, clearly ticked off and emotionally unstable, claiming that nothing has changed! Edge said that Jeff got lucky, and one good day out of 365 does not make a champion – it takes a lifetime of dedication. Edge said representing the WWE is not about fate or destiny, it’s about sacrifice. Edge said fate is a word spoiled kids use when things don’t go their way. Edge said the word destiny is just a cop-out, and Jeff knows all about that. Edge said he was WWE champion because of hard work, PERIOD. Jeff Hardy started a “LIAR!” chant. Edge said that he had nothing to do with Jeff’s attack at Survivor Series. Edge said for ten years he has always out-performed Jeff Hardy. Edge said tonight, General Manager Vickie Guerrero (independent of their relationship) booked him (Edge) vs. Matt Hardy in addition to Jeff Hardy vs. the undefeated Vlaidmir Kozlov. Edge said that no matter what, Jeff is always gonna be the screw up. Jeff just grinned at Edge and took him out with a Twist of Fate!

Hurricane Helms & R-Truth defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & Shelton Benjamin: The match ended when Hurricane Helms pinned WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin. Helms will get a title shot next week! MVP was furious with Benjamin after the match.

Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero + Edge: Vickie Guerrero scolded Chavo Guerrero because her coffee wasn’t hot enough and then screamed at him. Edge burst in taking a fit, and said he was sick of the Hardy Boyz embarrassing him! Vickie tried to calm her husband down and said they will deal with the big brother tonight.

John Morrison w/Mike Mizanin defeated Festus w/Jesse: The Miz tried to confiscate the ring bell before the match, but Jesse caught him and took the bell himself to protect Festus. A few minutes later, the Miz and Jesse started to fight and Jesse swung the ring bell and hit the ring post, causing the bell to RING – thus rendering Festus useless. Morrison easily finished off Festus for the victory. After the match, the Miz crouched over Festus’ head and asked Morrison to pull his finger. CLASSY! They added insult to injury by getting the Miz to pin Festus too. Then Morrison stood on top of Festus and acted like he was surfing.

VIGNETTE: Shawn Michaels & Triple H pushing some more DX merchandise on WWE Shop Zone. These segments, in storyline, must have been taped before HBK went to work for JBL. They also plugged the elimination chamber play set, some DVD’s and the SummerSlam anthology. Shawn reminded Triple H of SummerSlam 2002 when he came out of retirement and defeated Triple H. Shawn and H then started play-fighting with each other.

Eve Torres & ECW World champion Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy talked about his brother’s critics, and said that Jeff has been through everything – including getting attacked by Edge. Matt said Jeff wasn’t lucky, but Edge was embarrassed, and he will be embarrassed again tonight.

Edge defeated ECW World champion Matt Hardy: You gotta know there were some potatoes thrown in this match. You can’t deny that these two can be professionals and really put on a dynamite match when called upon. Hardy was in control for most of the match, but a spear from Edge took him down for the count.

Ezekiel Jackson w/THE Brian Kendrick defeated Carlito Colon w/Primo Colon: They are still refusing to give Carlito a last name even though they are calling him the brother of Primo Colon. I absolutely HATE when WWE makes illogical decisions like that!

Maryse Ouellet defeated Maria Kanellis: SmackDown! Divas champion Michelle McCool, wearing a black outfit (which means she is heel), came down and took a seat at ringside to watch the match. Maryse won the match, well that was a surprise – I thought they were pushing Maria? Hot-as-hell Maryse walked over to Michelle McCool and posed in front of her. Michelle stood up and shoved Maryse’s hand away and Maryse backed off.

Montel Vontavious Porter & Mr. Kennedy: Mr. Kennedy sat down next to MVP to console him, saying times were tough and he feels for MVP. Mr. Kennedy said if MVP keeps his chin up things will get better. Mr. Kennedy talked about the New Year, and MVP yelled at him because he thought he was just going to plug his movie. Mr. Kennedy said no, but thanks for the plug! Mr. Kennedy said even though MVP is broke, he is still giving – keep your chin up. Oh by the way, Merry Christmas from Missstterrrrrr Kennedy!!………… Kennedy!!!!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Jim Ross & Tazz announced that Batista suffered a concussion on RAW and will be out of action for an unidentified amount of time. Tazz pointed out that Randy Orton showed zero remorse.

Eve Torres & The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh: Eve Torres showed footage of the Great Khali kissing Mae Young at Armageddon. Ranjin Singh said Khali’s giant heart was pierced by Mae Young, and Khali has found his true soul mate. Ranjin said Khali says that Mae Young has the most suculent lips in the WWE, but assured Eve that she was a close second.

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Vladimir Kozlov by DQ: The match was thrown out when Edge hit the ring and attacked Jeff Hardy. Edge & Kozlov then double-teamed Hardy until Triple H made his first appearance of the night to save Hardy! Triple H gave Edge an “earth-shattering” Pedigree and then went after Kozlov! Triple H got a sledge-hammed and chased Kozlov up the ramp, while Jeff Hardy got up and flattened Edge with a Swanton-bomb!