WWE SmackDown 02 06 2009

February 6, 2009 – Indianapolis, Indiana
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

Won by Vladimir Kozlov: Participants included Vladimir Kozlov, The Great Khali, Carlito Colon, Primo Colon, Shelton Benjamin, Montel Vontavious Porter, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Chavo Guerrero, R-Truth, Brian Kendrick, Kung Funaki, Jesse (but not Festus), Kizarny, and Scotty Goldman (yes!). Before the match, Vickie Guerrero said if Jeff Hardy recovers in time, he will get his rematch with Edge in the Elimination Chamber. Vickie then revealed that the winner of the Battle Royal would get the final slot in the Chamber. There was some heat between Benjamin and MVP at ringside after they were eliminated. Vladimir Kozlov eliminated Carlito & Primo Colon and then R-Truth to win the match!


BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham showed footage of Matt Hardy turning on brother Jeff at Royal Rumble. Hurricane Helms said he was as surprised at as anybody, but thinking back, he realized he probably shouldn’t have been. Helms said Matt Hardy has always had an ego, Helms said that Jeff finally made it to the top, and Matt pulled this stunt to take it all away. Helms said Matt didn’t become a new person, he simply revealed the kind of person he has been all alone – a self centered egotistical jerk. Helms said Jeff was not there now to stick up for himself, but he (Helms) is. Helms then went to find Matt Hardy.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Edge expressed his concern over having to defend his WWE championship in an Elimination Chamber at No Way Out. Vickie Guerrero said Edge has made a career out of beating the odds. The Big Show came in and asked if Edge wanted a little pep talk before their match. Edge had heated words with the Big Show. Vickie got between them and demanded that they work together and beat Triple H & The Undertaker tonight. Big Show sarcastically told Edge “I believe in you!”

Matt Hardy + Hurricane Helms: Matt Hardy addressed Hurricane Helms’ comments and told him to come down and do something about it. Hurricane sprinted to the ring and engaged in an intense but sloppy brawl with Hardy. Helms was on top, causing Hardy to try to escape through the crowd, but Helms pulled him back. Hardy rammed Helms into the ring steps and pushed him back into the ring. Hardy trapped both of Hurricane’s arms and destroyed him with a series of elbows to the head!

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin: This makes three victories in a row for Montel Vontavious Porter!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Colon brothers were shown flirting with the Bella Twins, who were giving out lucky kisses to the Puerto Ricans. R-Truth showed up and practically had to drag the lipstick-covered Colons away from their spicy hot girlfriends.

John Morrison & Mike Mizanin & Brian Kendrick defeated Carlito & Primo Colon & R-Truth:

Michelle McCool defeated Eve Torres by Submission: They are calling this Eve’s first ever match. Poor Eve got her ass kicked, but hung in there and even got a near-fall over McCool! Michelle forced Eve to tap out with a heel-hook and refused to break the hold until Maria Kanellis ran down and chased her away!

INTERVIEW: Jim Ross asked Matt Hardy (on screen) what he thinks about his brother returning next week. Matt reminded Jim Ross what he said last week, that he doesn’t have a brother any more. Matt told the fans not to get excited, because “a lot can happen in seven days.” Matt said it would be unfortunate if Jeff had another “accident.” Matt sarcastically added that if Jeff does show up next week he will be here waiting, ready to welcome him with open arms.

HIGHLIGHT REEL: Money in the Bank..

Umaga defeated Kung Funaki:

Triple H & The Undertaker defeated Edge & The Big Show: Late in the match, the Big Show was in control but then knocked out WWE champion Edge with one punch! Big Show left the ring and watched the Undertaker tombstone Edge in the middle of the ring for the win! Big Show watched the Big Show as he walked around the ring and up the ramp towards the backstage area.