WWE SmackDown 02 13 2009

February 13, 2009 – Fresno, California
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

General Manager Vickie Guerrero & WWE champion Edge + The Big Show: Edge & Vickie Guerrero walked to the ring hand-in-hand with Edge proudly holding his WWE championship over his head. Edge said in two days he will be forced to defend his WWE championship inside the most brutal invention in WWE history – the Elimination Chamber. Edge said he isn’t going into the match at 100%, claiming he suffered a neck injury at the hands of the Undertaker last week. Edge blamed the Big Show, saying he punched him in the face! Edge said he is STILL the WWE champion and enjoys the fact that he has the hottest chick in the game – the love of his life – Vickie Guerrero. Vickie said she consulted with Edge’s doctors – EXCUSE ME! – and determined that Edge can and will compete at No Way Out. Vickie decided that she won’t risk her husband’s health any further so he will not compete tonight. The fans booed the power couple, and Edge freaked out demanding that everybody show respect to the General Manager. The Big Show came out with a big goofy grin on his face and told Edge to relax. Big Show told Edge to save his energy because he will have so much to complain about this time next week when he is no longer the WWE champion. The Big Show said this Sunday on PPV, Edge is gonna have NO WAY OUT. Edge yelled at the Big Show for not following the plan last week. Edge said he has defied the odds his entire career. Edge said he always finds the WAY OUT. Edge said he was sent to hell (by the Undertaker), but he’s still the champion. Big Show promised that Edge will not walk out of No Way Out with that championship. Edge told Vickie to do something, and Big Show told Edge to stop hiding behind a woman! Vickie booked the Big Show against Vladimir Kozlov, Triple H, and the Undertaker in an every-man-for-himself fatal fourway match. Vickie added, “hopefully, all of you will make it to No Way Out.”

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Chavo Guerrero by DQ: MVP was on his way to victory when WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin hit the ring and flatted MVP with the Paydirt for the DQ! Chavo Guerrero got up and saw MVP down so he went to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash just to add insult to MVP..

HIGHLIGHT REEL: The Elimination Chamber..

HIGHLIGHT REEL: WrestleMania 13..

The Colon Brothers (Carlito & Primo) & The Bella Twins (Nicole & Brie) + John Morrison & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: The Bella Twins thanks the Colon Brothers for sending them flowers for Valentine’s Day, and the Colons were like “what flowers?” The Bellas asked, if you guys didn’t send us flowers then who did? John Morrison & Mike Mizanin showed up to take the credit, “we did!” The Bellas said whoever wins tonight will get to go on a date with them tomorrow night (Valentine’s Day).

(RAW) World Tag Team champions John Morrison & Mike Mizanin defeated (SmackDown!) WWE Tag Team champions Carlito & Primo Colon: Mike Mizanin didn’t waste time grabbing the reluctant Bella Twins – their reward for winning the match! The Bellas were not impressed with their boyfriends for not defending their honor.

PARKING LOT: Jeff Hardy arrived in a flashy red sports car and was greeted by his real life buddy R-Truth, and then the Great Khali, and then a couple of random WWE Divas..

Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy said he’s had a hard time lately and feels left alone and feels like doing bad things to bad people but something doesn’t feel right. Jeff said Matt Hardy was his brother, and said they made it to the WWE together. Jeff said they won championships together and lost championships together. Jeff said a big brother was supposed to watch your back, but with Matt that is not the case. Jeff said whatever is going on inside Matt’s head he should know that he is going to move on to this Sunday and the Elimination Chamber where he will become WWE champion for the second time whether Matt Hardy likes it or not!

R-Truth defeated Ezekiel Jackson w/Brian Kendrick:

Eve Torres & Maria Kanellis: Maria said she has the passion and the heart and hopefully she can win tonight. Eve wished Maria luck tonight against Michelle McCool..

HIGHLIGHT REEL: WrestleMania 3..

Maria Kanellis defeated Michelle McCool: Mid-way through the match, Eve Torres ran down and senselessly got involved in the match. Eve rolled into the ring and distracted Michelle long enough for Maria to score a roll-up to get the 1-2-3 victory!

Todd Grisham & Triple H: Triple H said he would be a DESTROYER this Sunday in the Elimination Chamber. Triple H said Big Show, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, and Edge have each been in the Chamber once and Vladimir Kozlov has never been in one. Triple H pointed out that this will be his sixth Elimination Chamber match! Triple H said everyone else is dreading stepping into the Chamber, but he has grown to love it. Triple H was confident that he would become WWE champion at No Way Out..

Triple H vs. The Undertaker vs. The Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlov ended in a No Contest: WWE champion Edge interfered and was left standing in the middle of the ring surrounded by fallen giants!