WWE SmackDown 03 06 2009

March 6, 2009 – Uncasville, Connecticut
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

The Undertaker: The Undertaker said for most of his existence, others have chosen to stay clear of his path – he was the one in pursuit of the hunt. Undertaker noticed how times have changed, and said that it angers him. Undertaker said WrestleMania is the night he has chosen to show his peers what the Undertaker represents. Undertaker said endless souls line up each year to make a name for themselves at his expense. Undertaker said he takes that as a personal insult. Undertaker accepted Shawn Michaels’ challenge for WrestleMania 25.. A great video package played of WrestleMania moments featuring “Mr. Wrestling” Shawn Michaels.. The Undertaker said Shawn Michaels was very clever but chose the wrong man to play mind games with. Undertaker talked about the 16 wrestlers he has defeated and added that Shawn’s fate would be no different. Undertaker said sometimes it is hell trying to get to heaven.

HIGHLIGHT REEL: WrestleMania 3 featuring Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and WWF champion Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan…

General Manager Vickie Guerrero + Jeff Hardy: Vickie Guerrero was trying to find Edge on the phone when Jeff Hardy came in.. Vickie asked Jeff he would reconsider facing his brother, Matt, at WrestleMania. Jeff refused, but said he would qualify for the Money in the Bank tonight and win the contract at WrestleMania, and go after the WWE championship!

Matt Hardy: Another non-wrestling segment? It’s starting to feel like an episode of iMPACT. Matt Hardy said Jeff was running from his problems but he can’t run from him. Matt said if Jeff wants to qualify for Money in the Bank, then so does he.. Matt said when they both win their matches tonight he will finally get his hands on Jeff at WrestleMania. Matt promised to destroy Jeff along with the six other participants on his way to victory..

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Matt Hardy: MVP countered the Twist of Fate into a pinfall to continue his winning ways on Friday Night SmackDown!..

John Morrison & Mike Mizanin: The Miz & Morrison did a spoof on the Colon Brothers while wearing masks that made their faces look like butts. Miz & Morrison challenged the Colon to a World Tag Team title match next week…

Divas champion Maryse Ouellet defeated Eve Torres: Michelle McCool joined Jim Ross & Tazz on commentary for the match, and had her sights set on regaining the Divas championship.. After the match, WWE Women’s champion Melina hit the ring and attacked Maryse (a receipt for Maryse attacking Melina on RAW). Michelle jumped in the ring jammed Melina head-first into the ring post and looked at Maryse as she slithered out of the ring…

General Manager Vickie Guerrero + Edge + The Big Show + John Cena: Vickie Guerrero started hyping up the World Heavyweight title match between Edge and the Big Show – or “two elite WWE Superstars.” Suddenly Edge showed up, after hiding out for a couple of days after being caught by surprise on RAW by his wife. Edge wanted to know what was going on between Vickie and the Big Show. Vickie said her relationship with the Big Show is strictly professional. Vickie said Edge was her husband and she loves him. Edge said he got all of Vickie’s messages but something just doesn’t compute. Edge said when he was away for a few months, the Big Show “took care of you.” Edge said when he outsmarted John Cena on RAW, Vickie and the Big Show came out and dropped this bombshell on him. Edge said he had to hear about it at the same time as the people. Edge said Vickie wanted to embarrass him and make him look like an idiot. Vickie said she would never embarrass Edge, and he was special to her. Edge asked why, out of all the people Vickie could have chosen, why did she pick the Big Show? The Big Show came out wearing a giant suit and told Vickie it was time that Edge learned the truth. The Big Show told Edge that the trush is Edge is not a good champion. Big Show said Edge takes short-cuts and survives by the skin of his teeth every time. Big Show said he (himself) dominates and is worthy of being called World Heavyweight champion. Big Show said Vickie knows that he would make a far better champion than Edge. Big Show bent over and signed the contract to face Edge at WrestleMania 25. Big Show said he was going to beat Edge. Edge asked Vickie if that’s what this was all about, and if that’s the case he apologizes. Edge said he was an 8-time champion and was better than the Big Show. Edge said that’s why Vickie chose the Big Show, so he would walk out of WrestleMania with his title in tact. Edge said he could never lose to Big Show, and is more of a man than Big Show could ever be! Big Show told Edge to sign the contract so they can find out. Edge was about to sign the contract when RAW’s John Cena showed up. Cena kicked the Big Show between the legs and knocked him out of the right with a belt shot! Cena pushed Edge into the corner and bashed him with the table! Cena looked at Vickie Guerrero, who was trying to compose herself in the corner of the ring. Cena whispered something into Vickie’s ear and left her with a shocked look on her face and she started crying out of panic.

HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCEMENT: They announced that “Cowboy” Bill Watts will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame! He will be inducted by Good Ol’ JR (Jim Ross) the night before WrestleMania 25!

Edge & Vickie Guerrero: Edge said that he was sick and tired of John Cena sticking his nose on his business and told Vickie to assert some authority on the matter! Edge asked for the contract so he could sign it right now. Vickie said they would finish the contract signing next week on RAW. Edge was cautiously supportive, but Vickie said she just wanted some space..

HIGHLIGHT REEL: WrestleMania 21 – WrestleMania GOES HOLLYWOOD…

Shelton Benjamin defeated Jeff Hardy by DQ: Midway through the match, Matt Hardy came down and stood on the ringsteps distracting Jeff Hardy. Matt got in the ring and walked right up to Jeff. Shelton was about to recover when Matt hauled off and punched him in the head! Jeff was disqualified and Benjamin qualified for the money in the bank. Matt turned his back, daring Jeff to attack him, but then walked off having shattered his little brothers dreams again…

WWE champion Triple H vs. Umaga ended in a No Contest: Midway through the match, Legacy members Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase Jr., and Cody Rhodes circled the ring and attacked Triple H! The stipulation is Triple H can’t lay a hand on Orton unless physically provoked, and this qualifies as being physically provoked! The assault went on for several minutes as Legacy dismantled Triple H. Orton instructed his troop to pick HHH up and Orton kicked him flat in the face…. repeatedly! With Triple H nearly unconcious, Orton told DiBiase & Rhodes to leave. Orton knelt next to HHH as the crowd chanted “Randy sucks!” Orton got up and got that crazy look in his eye as he watched HHH froth at the mouth out of pain and agony…