WWE SmackDown 04 17 2009

April 17, 2009 – Knoxville, Tennessee
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

The Big Show defeated Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy was making a come-back when little brother Matt ran down and tried to distract Jeff. Jeff ran across the ring and leaped off the Big Show’s back and onto Matt at ringside. Jeff went after Big Show, who blocked the Whisper in the Wind and knocked him out with a right hand punch! After the match, Matt Hardy entered the ring and slapped the unconcious Jeff and proceeded to drop elbows and leg-drops on his lifeless body. Matt got a smirk on his face as he put his foot on Jeff’s stomach and raised his own arm to celebrate..

The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh + random hot girl: Ranjin Singh said that the Great Khali can’t wait to have Santina Marella on the Kiss-cam next week.. Singh described Santina “she’s all woman” as Khali grinned at photos on the big screen. Singh asked for some lady volunteers for the Kiss-cam and they found a really hot girl for a chance. They used to pull the ugly ones out of the crowd. Singh asked the girl if she was prepared to give a preview of what is in store for Santina Marella next week. She said yes. The music started and Khali puckered up and they kissed…. finally Khali gets some good lovin’ out of this dumb gimmick! The girl couldn’t stop laughing as she said it was the most romantic kiss of her life. “I’ve never kissed a giant before!” she proclaimed. Khali said the girl was amazing but there was only one woman who has the key to his heart, and that is “Miss WrestleMania” Santina Marella.

Gail Kim defeated Divas champion Maryse Ouellet:

John Morrison defeated R-Truth:

Triple H + Randy Orton (on screen): Triple H came out first an anxiously awaited the arrival of Randy Orton. Orton’s music played and he did not appear. Orton’s music played and he still did not appear. Orton’s face came up on the big screen and said he wasn’t going to show up on SmackDown! and jeopardize his shot at the WWE championship at Backlash. Orton said HHH prides himself on always being in control, but this time he let his emotions get out of hand. Orton said on RAW, HHH turned his allies (Batista & Shane McMahon) into enemies. Orton said all it took was for one of HHH’s teammates to make one mistake and he becomes WWE champion. Orton said it won’t take five minutes before HHH gets himself disqualified. Orton reminded HHH that he RKO’d his wife Stephanie and sealed it with a kiss afterwards. Orton continued his attempt to get under HHH’s skin, but HHH just grinned from the ring. HHH said he knows something Orton doesn’t know. HHH said their match on RAW is a No-DQ No-Countout No-Rules No-Titles No-Bogus stipulations match. HHH said Orton thinks he started all of this, but this Monday he’s going to finish it!

Theodore Long & Matt Hardy: Theodore Long booked Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in an I QUIT match. Matt said he will finally make Jeff say the two words that will make his fans turn on him… the two words that will erase him from his world!

The Undertaker defeated Shelton Benjamin:

Theodore Long & Montel Vontavious Porter: Theodore Long wished WWE United States champion Montel Vontavious Porter luck on RAW. Long said he always knew that MVP was the man. Long said that Sherri Sheppard from The View wants to meet MVP.

Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE United States champion Montel Vontavious Porter:

Batista defeated Ted DiBiase Jr.: With a Batista-bomb..