WWE SmackDown 04 24 2009

April 24, 2009 – London, England
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

DARK MATCH: Umaga defeated R-Truth..

Edge: Edge talked about his rivalry with John Cena and their history of winning and losing World titles. Edge replayed the footage of him giving Cena the vicious con-chair-to on RAW. Edge said he almost respects Cena’s resolve, but instead he dispises Cena with every fiber of his being. Edge said if he doesn’t beat Cena for the World Heavyweight title he has nothing. Edge said his wife, Vickie, can’t help… he has no friends… and he’s a desperate man. Edge said this Sunday they lay it all on the line for the very last time and it has to come to a definitive end. Edge said the battle they waged for over three years has to come to an end because it has shortened both of their careers. Edge said in the end, he will walk away as champion.. Edge concluded, “I WILL BE THE LAST MAN STANDING”

Matt Hardy & Kane defeated Jeff Hardy & C.M. Punk: Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy for the third time in a row……. leading towards their “I Quit” match at Backlash!

The Big Show: The Big Show talked about his dreaded knockout punch, and said he would turn out the Undertaker’s lights tonight!

The Big Show defeated The Undertaker by TKO: After a long grueling match, the Big Show knocked the Undertaker down (but not out) with his dreaded right hand punch. The Big Show allowed the Undertaker to make it to his feet again, only to knock him back down with a second right hand punch! The Undertaker stopped the match claiming the Undertaker was in no condition to continue…. The Undertaker did get up and wanted to keep fighting, and the Big Show said “bring it on!” Big Show missed another punch, and Undertaker dumped him out of the ring… Big Show walked away laughing, since he felt that he got the best of the Undertaker on his last night on SmackDown!.

Maryse Ouellet defeated Gail Kim to retain the WWE Divas title:

TAPED PROMO: Jeff Hardy in a very strange location talking about his extreme feud with big brother Matt Hardy… and also hyping their I QUIT match at Backlash this Sunday…

MAIN STREAM MEDIA: They showed clips from The View where Sherri Sheppard talked about Montel Vontavious Porter and wanting to meet him.. she said “I’m gonna find out if he’s married or single!”

WWE United States champion Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Chavo Guerrero: Even though he was drafted to RAW, MVP will defend the United States title against Dolph Ziggler next week on SmackDown! from Madison Square Garden. After this match, Ziggler came out and said MVP’s title will be his next week! Ziggler said he would introduce himself to Sherri Sheppard as NEW United States champion..

Todd Grisham & World Heavyweight champion John Cena: John Cena was as serious as he’s ever been while talking about his Last Man Standing match with Edge at Backlash…. calling it the end of one of the greatest rivalries in the history of sports entertainment… the WWE Universe version of Yankees vs. Red Sox!

Batista & Shane McMahon defeated Legacy (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes): Shane-O-Mac & Batista worked really well together, and Batista’s power was the most important factor in their victory!