WWE SmackDown 05 01 2009

May 1, 2009 – New York City (Madison Square Garden)
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

DARK MATCH: Mike Knox defeated Ricky Ortiz..

Chris Jericho + World Heavyweight champion Edge + “Mr. Money in the Bank” C.M. Punk: Chris Jericho said the name of the brand might have changed but the fans are still all hypocritical tape-worms. Jericho said they were clueless to how talented he is. Jericho said he didn’t need to introduce himself because it’s obvious that they know exactly who he is – the biggest superstar to ever be drafted to SmackDown! in the history of the WWE. Jericho said from now on he is taking over the show, and the show belongs to him! Jericho said it was a travesty that he had to compete in the four-way tonight when he is already the number one contender. Jericho said it’s okay, he would win tonight, and go on to become the World Heavyweight champion. Edge came out with his World title over his shoulder and looked curiously at Jericho. Edge introduced Jericho as a former World Heavyweight champion. Edge said John Cena beat Jericho for the title, then he (Edge) beat Cena for the title. Edge said no draft pick is going to come over and rock the boat. Edge said it was his show, and it was his name on the marquee. Edge said all of the fans want to be him. Edge said SmackDown! isn’t there for Jericho to take, because it belongs to HIM. C.M. Punk came out and introduced himself as “Mr. Money in the Bank.” Punk showed footage of him cashing in the money in the bank last year and defeating Edge for the World Heavyweight championship! Jericho said nobody cared what Punk had to say. Jericho said he allowed Edge to interrupt him because he was the champion, but made it clear that Punk was not welcome. Punk tried to keep talking, but Jericho cut him off again. Jericho told him to keep disrespecting him, and left the ring and stormed off. Punk said that was awkward. Punk said it was a new era on SmackDown, pointing out that Edge’s wife is no longer the General Manager. Punk said that meant Edge doesn’t have anybody in the office protecting him. Punk said Theodore Long has booked Edge in a match with him tonight. Edge called it a warm-up match, and promised to beat Punk in a Non-title match tonight and then go on to defend his title at Backlash. Punk held up his money in the bank briefcase, and reminded Edge that he can cash it in for a title match any time he wants. Punk said he would beat Edge with the Go-To-Sleep tonight, and while he was asleep he would cash in his contract and pin Edge again for the World Heavyweight title! Edge looked nervous…

John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin:

Theodore Long & Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho complained about having to earn his number one contendership. Jericho said he beat three legend’s at WrestleMania. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) came in and told Jericho to quite his whining. Jericho looked at Theodore Long and said “alright then.”

Jeff Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho and Kane: Kane was eliminated by Jericho. Kane took a fit before leaving and slid a chair into the ring. Jericho was disqualified for using the chair! A few minutes later, Jeff Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio to earn a title shot at Judgment Day..

Chris Jericho & Maria Kanellis + Edge: Chris Jericho burst in looking for Theodore Long but found Maria, who said she was waiting to show Long her clothing line. Jericho took a fit saying Long hired incompetent employees. Edge came in also looking for Long, and complained to Maria, then storm off saying he was gonna call his wife!

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) + Eve Torres vs. Layla El: Shad & JTG came out and said it was their first official night on SmackDown! and got some cheap pops from the NYC fans. Shad introduced Layla El and Eve Torres for a Brooklyn Dance Contest. They did a funky dueling dancers thing and the fans cheered louder for Eve! Layla was pissed, but started to dance with Cryme Tyme anyway. Layla turned and slapped Eve and started punching her in a fit of rage!

Montel Vontavious Porter & Sherri Sheppard: MVP greeted Sherri Sheppard, who was decked out with a white feather boa. Sherri invited MVP to come to the View on Monday, then started going over-the-top with an Ali-style promo. MVP said he would be on the View STILL the United States champion. Sherri said that is “straight up… BALLIN'”! RIP Sherri Sheppard’s career.

Montel Vontavious Porter w/Sherri Sheppard defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE United States title: Dolph Ziggler came out and said “Hi, my name is Dolph Ziggler… and I’m going to win the United States title right here in New Jersey!” You see, Dolph purposely messed up the name to get cheap heat from the NYC fans (who hate NJ). It’s kind of a big deal to get Sherri Sheppard to appear on WWE TV, since they have been talking about it on The VIEW all week long. They are playing it up like Sherri has the hots for MVP (something they started on The VIEW). Late in the match, Ziggler started getting aggressive, so Sherri jumped up on the ring apron to yell at him! Ziggler offered to kiss Sherri, but she didn’t want to kiss him! The distraction was enough for MVP to make a come-back and score the victory and retain his WWE United States title! MVP & Sherri celebrated in the ring after the match…

Theodore Long & Chris Jericho + John Morrison + C.M. Punk: Chris Jericho complained to Theodore Long and threatened to QUIT Smackdown!. John Morrison came in and said he though Jericho was a loser, but it turns out he was a QUITTER. Jericho snapped and had to be held back by Charlie Haas & Tony Garea. C.M. Punk walked by and held up his Money in the Bank briefcase…

C.M. Punk defeated World Heavyweight champion Edge: C.M. Punk said if he beat Edge then he would cash in his title shot right after the match. Late in the match, Punk escaped from a Sharp-shooter and knocked Edge out with the Go-To-Sleep! Punk pinned Edge, and then handed the Money in the Bank briefcase to the referee!

C.M. Punk vs. World Heavyweight champion Edge didn’t even get started: Before the bell could ring, the “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga showed up out of nowhere and attacked C.M. Punk! Edge woke up and looked around. Edge picked up the briefcase and threatened to use it on Punk, but Jeff Hardy hit the ring and planted him with a Swanton-bomb! Jeff Hardy’s music played and he celebrated… They said the bell never rang, so I guess Punk still has his MITB contract? Maybe. They weren’t too clear about that..