WWE SmackDown 05 08 2009

May 8, 2009 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

General Manager Theodore Long + WWE Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio + Chris Jericho + Jeff Hardy: Theorore Long came out and introduced Rey Mysterio, returning to SmackDown! after spending the last year on RAW. Rey said it was great to be back home on SmackDown!. Rey talked about just missing his chance to challenge for the World title last week, but Jeff Hardy was the better man. Rey said said it was okay because he will get another opportunity some day. Rey issued a challenge for somebody to step into the ring with him. Chris Jericho came out and told Theodore Long that HE was the face of SmackDown!. Jericho demanded that Long introduce him as such, but Long refused. Jericho accused Long of being prejiduce. Jericho claimed him being in the ring makes SmackDown! the best brand in the WWE. Jericho complained about the jealous fans disrespecting him. Jericho demanded that Long apologize to him for a bogus disqualification last week during the threeway. Jericho said he wants a championship match, but Rey cut him off and yelled “I want you to shut up!” Jericho told Rey to watch his mouth. Rey shoved Jericho down on his ass, and told him to face the fact that he LOST. Rey said the fans don’t need to hear Jericho’s crap and neither does he – before walking away with his IC title. Jericho yelled from the ring, but was interrupted by #1 contender Jeff Hardy! Hardy challenged Jericho to a match so he can expose him as an EXTREMELY SORE LOSER. Hardy slapped Jericho, and Jericho scowled at him before bailing out of the ring… Long booked the match, saying if Jericho wins he will be added to the championship match at Judgment Day.

Mike Knox defeated R-Truth:

Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox defeated Gail Kim: No reason was given, but Alicia Fox is now a heel and accompanied Michelle McCool to the ring. It’s too bad cause she had a pretty good gimmick before, and now she has no gimmick whatsoever..

Josh Matthews & Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy said all of Jericho’s whining will end tonight, and the only thing people will be talking about after Judgment Day was how he beat Edge for the World Heavyweight title..

Theodore Long & Maria Kanellia & Ricky Ortiz + World Heavyweight champion Edge: Ricky Ortiz was shown giving Maria a positive pep talk, and she was smiling from ear-to-ear (when is she not?). Edge burst in and demanded to talk to G.M. Long. Edge complained about Long giving Jericho and opportunity to face him at Judgment Day. Long said last week C.M. Punk came within seconds of cashing in his money in the bank and beating Edge if it wasn’t for Umaga. Long said Edge would face Punk in another Non-title match tonight, unless he decides to cash in his money in the bank contract…

John Morrison defeated Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin: After the match, John Morrison invited Shelton Benjamin into the ring but Benjamin decided to back off instead…

C.M. Punk defeated World Heavyweight champion Edge by Countout: Midway through the match, Edge decided to walk out and get himself counted out to save his title. Umaga attacked C.M. Punk from behind in the ring and destroyed him with his trademark offense and a Samoan Spike to the throat..

Cryme Tyme + Layla El vs. Eve Torres: Cryme Tyme members Shad & JTG were introduced first. Cryme Tyme hyped the Brooklyn Breakdown last week between Eve and Layla and said they were going to do things differently this week. Shad introduced Layla El and JTG introduced Eve Torres. They locked up for an arm-wrestling contest and Layla called for a time-out! They locked up again and eventually Eve Torres won. For the second week in a row, Layla proved to be a sore loser and took Eve down with a messed up Neck-breaker.

Jimmy Wang Yang & Jesse + Dolph Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler interrupted Yang & Jesse backstage and said they will want to hear what he has to say out in the ring right now..

Dolph Ziggler: Dolph Ziggler said he would rip through the SmackDown! roster and show everybody what a real winner is. Ziggler issued an open challenge to anyone in the SD! locker room, and promised to cement his place as the premiere superstar on the show. The challenge was accepted by the Great Khali!

The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh defeated Dolph Ziggler by DQ: The Great Khali was on his way to squashing Dolph Ziggler, until Ziggler got desperate and repeatedly smashed Khali with a steel chair! That night not have been Dolph’s smartest move…

Jeff Hardy defeated Chris Jericho: The stipulation was that if Chris Jericho could beat Jeff Hardy, he would be inserted into the Edge vs. Hardy championship match at Judgemeht Day. World Heavyweight champion Edge joined Jim Ross & Todd Grisham on commentary to cheer for Hardy because he didn’t want to face two challengers at Judgment Day. A few minutes into the match, Jericho thought about walking out but Rey Mysterio came down and forced Jericho back into the ring.. Late in the match, Jericho tossed Hardy over the announce table and took out Edge! Jericho went in for the kill, but Edge got up on the ring apron to yell at Jericho. Hardy almost rolled up Jericho for the 1-2-3. Jericho tried to pin Hardy with his feet on the ropes but Rey pointed it out to the referee. Jericho yelled at Mysterio, and Hardy recovered and hit a Swanton-bomb to win the match! Jericho won’t get his title shot, but he will probably face Mysterio at Judgment Day!