WWE SmackDown 05 15 2009

May 15, 2009 – Dayton, Ohio
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

DARK MATCH: Sheamus O’Shaunessy defeated Paul Burchill..

John Morrison & C.M. Punk defeated Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas:

Chris Jericho + World Heavyweight champion Edge + General Manager Theodore Long: Chris Jericho said Judgment Day is where everybody must atone for everything they have done. Jericho everyone is afraid of that, but not him because he is a pure-hearted man who always does what he says he is going to do. Jericho said since coming to SmackDown! he has been disrespected on a weekly basis, and he now realizes it was a conspiracy perpetrated by the fraudulous tapeworms (the fans) and the incompatent General Manager, Theodore Long, as well as the SmackDown! locker room. Jericho said at Judgment day the conspiracy will end and his rapture will begin. Jericho said he will go through the entire SmackDown! locker room and called himself the destroyer of hopes and dreams, the modern day conquerer, and the best in the world at what he does. Jericho proclaimed SMACKDOWN IS MY SHOW! Jericho said his first victim will be Rey Mysterio. Jericho said Mysterio took away his opportunity at the World championship, so at Judgment Day he will take away Mysterio’s Intercontinental championship and hold that title for the ninth time! Jericho said there will be no 619 this Sunday, but there will be a NEW Intercontinental champion! Jericho said he didn’t want to wait until Sunday, and called Rey Mysterio to the ring right now! World champion Edge came out instead. Edge said it’s only been a few weeks since Jericho was drafted to SmackDown! and he’s already sick of hearing his voice. Edge said the entire locker room is not out to get Jericho, but they ARE out to get HIM. Edge took offense to Jericho claiming he owns SmackDown!. Edge said Jericho brags about being a nine time IC champion, but pointed out he (Edge) was a nine-time World champion. Edge said it was his time and told Jericho to leave so he could call out Jeff Hardy. Jericho said it was his show, and wanted an answer from Mr. 619. General Manager Theodore Long came out and said the show belongs to the WWE Universe. Long said if they wanted some action they could wrestle each other tonight in the main event!

Jeff Hardy defeated Ricky Ortiz: After the match, Josh Mathews interviewed Jeff Hardy in the middle of the ring about his shot at Edge’s World Heavyweight title. Hardy talked about Edge winning and losing the title every month, and at Judgment Day he will lose it again!

Melina Perez & Gail Kim defeated Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox: WWE Women’s champion Melina pinned her biggest challenger, Michelle McCool, to win the match..

Dolph Ziggler defeated Jimmy Wang Yang: After the match, the Great Khali walked down and choke-slammed Ziggler out of the ring and then chased him backstage…

Cryme Tyme (Shad & JTG) & Eve Torres + Layla El: Cryme Tyme tried to stir the pot by telling Eve what Layla was saying behind her back. Eve approached Layla in the make-up area and dumped powder all over her. They started to catfight until Shad and JTG pulled them apart…

R-Truth defeated Mike Knox:

Josh Mathews & Rey Mysterio: Rey Mysterio said “Jericho” was arrogant, egotistical, and deceptful. Mysterio reminded Jericho that in order to get respect, you have to earn it. Mysterio said at Judgment Day, Jericho doesn’t have to worry about a conspiracy – he has to worry about the 619.

World Heavyweight champion Edge vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No Contest: It broke down into a fight right from the start. Late in the match, Jericho put Edge in the Walls of Jericho, but Edge made it to the ropes to force a break. Edge recovered and speared Jericho, who was busy yelling at the referee. Jericho fell out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Jericho slid in the ring, and ran into a big boot from Edge. The referee disqualified (or maybe threw the match out). Edge picked up the chair, but Jeff Hardy came down and took Edge out with a Twist of Fate on the chair! Hardy climbed to the top rope, but Jericho stopped him (why?). Hardy pushed Jericho to the floor and then did a flying leap down onto Jericho!! Suddenly, C.M. Punk ran down to the ring with a referee with the intention of cashing in his money in the bank contract. The match did not start, as Umaga showed up out of nowhere and attacked Punk! Punk fought back and knocked Umaga out of the ring with the briefcase. Punk brawled with Umaga through the crowd while Jeff Hardy went after Edge in the ring. Edge and Hardy also spilled out of the ring and into the crowd. Jericho thought he had made a safe get-away, but Rey Mysterio showed up and attacked him on the stage! Very hot way to lead into Judgment Day..