WWE SmackDown 07 03 2009

July 3, 2009 – Fresno, California
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

C.M. Punk + General Manager Theodore Long + Jeff Hardy: C.M. Punk talked about the “big controversy” from the Bash and he is getting sick and tired of it. Punk said people are saying he hit the referee in order to save the World Heavyweight title. Punk showed video of Punk pinned him at the Bash, but showed clear evidence that his leg was under the rope – justifying why the match was restarted. Punk said the referee is human and recognized his mistake and immediately restarted the match. Punk said a few moments later he suffered an unfortunate eye injury, A blinded Punk then kicked the referee from behind. Punk said it was pretty obvious that he couldn’t see and thought he was swinging at Jeff. Punk said he was a man of honor and doesn’t take short cuts. Punk said Jeff has every reason to be frustrated, but nothing excuses what he did next. Punk showed footage of Jeff confronting Punk after the match and going ballistic on him! Punk said he has principals and integrity. Punk said what he did was clearly an accident, but what Jeff did was obviously diliberate. Punk said he’s been going around telling everybody that he wants a rematch. Punk said he would get one but he wants something in return – an apology, right now! Theodore Long came out and C.M. Punk will face Jeff Hardy once again at Night of Champions for the World Heavyweight title. Punk said he was fine with that but he wants an apology first. Long ignored that and said Mr. McMahon was impressed with what he did with the Unified Tag Team championship match at the Bash, so he’s going to keep that going. Long booked the new Unified Tag Team champions, Edge & Chris Jericho, against C.M. Punk & Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy came down and said he didn’t want to hear any of Punk’s excuses. Hardy said he had Punk beat at the Bash and Punk knew exactly what he was doing when he kicked the referee. Hardy called Punk a liar and claimed he can see right through him. Punk said unless the next words out of his mouth are “I am sorry” then he should shut up. Hardy apologized, but for beating the holy hell out of him at Night of Champions. Hardy shoved Punk and Long got between them. Punk said they need to be on the same page because he has an eye injury and already had to forfeit a match on WWE Superstars. Punk said he won’t be forfeiting tonight. Punk said Hardy’s temper is about to boil over, and his advice was something he (Hardy) should have done a long time ago – JUST SAY NO. (A reference to Jeff’s history with drug abuse.)

Fit Finlay defeated Ricky Ortiz: Fit Finlay is selling a back injury.

Dolph Ziggler & Maria Kanellis: Maria introduced herself to Dolph Ziggler and they began flirting. Maria said she had fun last night, and Dolph said “you’re welcome.” They stumbled over their words and set up another date. Dolph finished by saying, “I think I may just get lucky.”

Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth:

WORD UP: Cryme Tyme & Eve Torres talking about “Wangstas” – and running into Jesse (formerly of Jesse & Festus) who called himself as Jesse aka Geasy aka G-easy aka Slam Masta J aka J-Dad. He did this gimmick in Deep South Wrestling.

Kane defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio: After the match, the Great Khali came down with a steel chair looking for some retribution on Kane. Kane quickly retreated, literally running away through the crowd.

Josh Matthews & Chris Jericho Edge: Chris Jericho said it brings a smile to his face watching the ultimate hypocrite Rey Mysterio get what he deserved tonight. Jericho said next week he will get more of the same when he evoked his rematch clause and he (Jericho) becomes 10-time Intercontinental champion. Edge said first tonight they are facing C.M. Punk & Jeff Hardy, who are not even on the same page. Edge & Jericho said they are the best in the world at what they do.

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart):

The M&M’s (Melina Perez & Maria Kanellis) defeated Michelle McCool & Layla El: They aren’t really called the “M&M’s,” that’s just something Jim Ross came up with…

Theodore Long & John Morrison: John Morrison told Theodore Long that he deserves to take on the winner of C.M. Punk and Jeff Hardy at Night of Champions. Morrison and Long then started paying tribute to Michael Jackson by singing some of his hit songs.

Unified Tag Team champions Edge & Chris Jericho defeated C.M. Punk & Jeff Hardy: Late in the match, C.M Punk starting complaining about his eye injury. Punk was desperate for a hot tag, but when he was about an inch away, Jeff Hardy pretended like he suffered an eye injury and fell on the floor rolling around in “pain.” Chris Jericho got a blind tag on Edge. Punk hit Jericho with a GTS, but was then taken out by a Spear from Edge! Hardy jumped in and gave Edge a twist of Fate and the heels retreated. Hardy continued to “sell” the eye injury, making sure Punk saw what he was doing. Hardy left the ring and walked up to the stage and opened his eye admiting that he faked it, just like he thinks Punk is faking it.