WWE SmackDown 08 21 2009

August 21, 2009 – Kansas City, Missouri
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

DARK MATCH: Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Alex Riley..

Chris Jericho & The Big Show & Dolph Ziggler defeated Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG): The Big Show destroyed Rey Mysterio with a knockout punch, and Dolph Ziggler scooped up the pinfall to score a victory over the Intercontinental champion! Ziggler got up and celebrated as if he single-handedly defeated Mysterio!

Josh Mathews & Matt Hardy: Josh Matthews said it looks like Matt Hardy has had a change of heart. Matt said all of his life he has looked out for his brother, Jeff. Matt explained that it was hard to go from the bigger brother to seeing your younger brother win over the audience and become World champion. Matt said it created a turmoil in his head and he made quite a few mistakes. Matt said it was the biggest mistake he’s made in his entire life. Matt said the one thing he can take comfort in is that Jeff found it in his heart to forgive him. Matt said they will move past this and move on. Matt said after tonight, the Hardyz will live again!

Kane + The Great Khali: Kane said last week he proved that there is only one dominant giant on SmackDown!, and his name is NOT the Great Khali. Kane said what he did to Ranjin Singh is the mark of a true monster, and Khali has never been a monster. Kane said the look on Khali’s face last week was a look that needed no translation. Kane said Khali has emotion, and actually cares, while he (Kane) detests. Kane said at Summerslam he will put an end to the myth of the Great Khali once and for all. Kane said he’s never been afraid of Khali, but he had better be afraid of him. The Great Khali walked to the ring and Kane grabbed a steel chair. Kane swung the chair, but Khali swatted it away and put the boots to Kane! Khal grabbed the chair and prepared to bash Kane, but he rolled out of the ring and retreated backstage..

Fit Finlay defeated Mike Knox by DQ: Mike Knox was disqualified for not breaking a choke-hold after the referee’s five count. After the match, Knox grabbed the metal ring steps and bashed Finlay in the skull with it!

World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy + C.M. Punk: The isle, ringside area, and the ring was filled with various tables, ladders, and chairs as Jeff Hardy walked to the ring and challenged superstition by walking under several ladders. Jeff said he was pleased to say that he and his brother are at peace. Jeff said last week he was dealt a hand that is best not to play. Jeff said the doctors have told him maybe it was time to retire before it’s too late. Jeff said he’s never been one to follow doctor’s orders. Jeff climbed to the top of a 12-foot ladder and touched his World Heavyweight title. Jeff cut a promo on C.M. Punk expressing his love of the TLC match. C.M. Punk came out and stood down below looking up at Hardy on top of the ladder. Punk said Jeff was should be worried because he is probably drunk. Punk talked about being straight edge, and that making him better than Jeff Hardy. Punk said in order to teach the fans to just say no, he has to get rid of Jeff so they can start living in his (Punk) reality. Punk said Jeff lives a lifestyle that makes him think he can fly. Jeff said he doesn’t think he can fly, but his spirit knows that he can! Punk tried to push the ladder over, but Jeff jumped down to safety. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Punk, which looked cool just because the ladder fell over onto Punk just as he hit the move..

Melina Perez & Maria Kanellis defeated Natalya Neidhart & Layla El: WWE Diva’s champion joined Jim Ross & Todd Grisham on commentary for the match! McCool said all the Divas strive to be perfect, but the nice thing about her is that it just comes natural. After the introductions, Jim Ross stated “if this were Jeopardy, we’d be loaded with vowels.” There was a brief pause before Grisham remarked “isn’t that Wheel of Fortune?” Haha. Poor JR got punked out by TG.

BACKSTAGE (WORD UP): Cryme Tyme was bummed about their match earlier, but Eve Torress tried to give them a pep-talk. Slam Master J showed up and Shad told him to chill out as they were not in the mood. Slam Master J told Cryme Tyme not to sweat the Big Show & Chris Jericho.

Josh Mathews & Rey Mysterio: Rey Mysterio said SummerSlam was taking place in Los Angeles and he was going to put on a show in his home state. Mysterio said Dolph Ziggler got lucky tonight. Mysterio said he doesn’t respect Ziggler’s attitude, but he does respect his ability in the ring. Mysterio said Ziggler does have what it takes to be a champion..

Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy & John Morrison defeated C.M. Punk & The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart): Matt Hardy pinned number one contender C.M. Punk win the match for his team and gain a measure of revenge for his little brother!