WWE SmackDown 08 28 2009

August 28, 2009 – Phoenix, Arizona
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk + former World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy: C.M. Punk came out and bragged about defeating Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam for the World Heavyweight title. Punk said just in case the fans were too intoxicated to remember what happened, he would show a highlight reel right now. After the highlights were shown, Punk talked about the pain that makes him feel alive. Punk said he hasn’t taken anything for the pain, unlike Jeff Hardy. Punk scolded the fans for always reaching for extra strength pills. Punk said if anyone there felt the way he feels, they would be on a morphine drip. Punk said he was robbed of his moment by the evil incarnate, the Undertaker. Punk showed a clip of Undertaker spoiling his celebration at the end of SummerSlam. Punk said he was being forced to defend his title in a Steel Cage match tonight. Punk said the higher up are terrified of him. Jeff Hardy limped to the ring and said Punk’s reign as the straight edge World Heavyweight champion ends tonight! Punk wondered what Hardy took to be able to walk to the ring tonight. Punk said Hardy takes pain killers to dull the reality he lives in. Punk said he was sick and tired of hearing the fans boo him! Punk said he was fed up with the fans cheering for someone like Jeff. Punk said one of them doesn’t belong in the WWE any more, and suggested tonight’s loser should be thrown out of the WWE. Hardy said it was risky, and crazy, before shouting “you’re ON!” SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long came out and made the match official. Long said the loser would be thrown out of the WWE, but the winner would face the Undertaker at Breaking Point for the World Heavyweight title!

John Morrison & Matt Hardy defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart):

Melina Perez & Maria Kanellis + Dolph Ziggler: Melina Perez told Maria Kanellis that she saw Dolph Ziggler with another woman after SummerSlam. Maria thought Melina was just jealous. Melina said she was sorry and walked off. Ziggler walked up and Maria asked him if he was with another woman at SummerSlam. Ziggler admitted that he was with another woman, but it was his sister. Ziggler kissed Maria on the forehead and assured her that she was the only one.

R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre never got started: Drew McIntyre viciously attacked R-Truth before the match and left him unconcious in the middle of the ring. McIntyre said the fans want to watch someone who raps and dances, but now the party is OVER!

Melina Perez defeated Layla El: Michelle McCool limped out on crutches and said she knows everyone paid their money to see her compete tonight, but she wasn’t cleared because Melina Perez injured her last week. Michelle said she would be okay, but wanted to introduce Melina to her good friend, Layla El. After the match, Michelle stood up to leave with her crutches, but Melina ran over and shoved her down to the floor!

WWE Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio defeated Kane by DQ: Kane brutalized Rey Mysterio and ignored the referees warnings until he was finally disqualified. Kane looked to do more damage, but the Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) walked to the ring and brawled with Kane. Khali tossed Kane over the top rope, where Ranjin Singh whcked him with a singapore cane! Kane grabbed Singh by the throat, but Khali grabbed the cane and broke it over Kane’s back! Khali then whacked Kane repeatedly as they stumbled up the ramp behind the curtain. Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler snuck into the ring and further destroyed Rey Mysterio..

Chris Jericho w/The Big Show vs. Shad Gaspard w/JTG ended in a No Contest: Before the match, Chris Jericho said he and Big Show will prevail and be victorious at Breaking Point (against MVP & Mark Henry) just like they did at SummerSlam (against Cryme Tyme). Jericho said he and Big Show were MEN OF HONOR. Things got out of hand and all four men started fighting, so General Manager Theodore Long came out and made it a tag team match!

WWE Unified Tag Team champions Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG):

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy: Matt Hardy wished his brother, Jeff Hardy, luck tonight. Matt said Jeff was a gambler and has always been a gambler. Matt said he respects Jeff, and told him to go out there and win back his World Heavyweight championship! Jeff Hardy looked in the mirror and said he lives for the moment, and the moment is NOW!

C.M. Punk defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the World Heavyweight title: C.M. Punk attacked Jeff Hardy before the match and tossed him around ringside before dragging him into the ring to get the match started! Punk tried to escape the cage immediately, but Hardy grabbed his leg and pulled him back down. After some intense steel cage action, Hardy was almost over the cage, and dangling by his chin – only to have Punk pulled him back and knock him silly with a spectacular Super-plex! Punk recovered and began to climb the cage. Hardy chased him up the side, but Punk bashed Hardy’s head on the top and Hardy fell to the mat! Punk leapt to the floor to win the match and retain his World Heavyweight title and officially banish Jeff Hardy from the WWE! Punk left with a big smile on his face. Hardy got a standing ovation and chants of “thank you, Jeff!” as he delivered his farewell speech. Hardy said he was sorry that he let everybody down, and he’s sorry that they’ll still see Punk on SmackDown!. Hardy said it’s been one hell of a ride – and it wasn’t good-bye forever, it’s only good bye for now. Hardy said if the time was right, he might be back. Hardy said at least Matt was back on his side, and there’s still one Hardy on the show! Hardy took a victory lap around ringside and took a moment to wave at the top of the stage. Suddenly, C.M. Punk reappeared and knocked Hardy out with a belt-shot to the back of the head!

Triple H & Shawn Michaels & John Cena defeated Randy Orton & Legacy (Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes):