WWE SmackDown 09 04 2009

September 4, 2009 – Cleveland, Ohio
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk + Matt Hardy: They played Jeff Hardy‘s music and the crowd went nuts, but it was C.M. Punk who came out dressed in Jeff Hardy gear and fooled everyone. Now THAT was cruel. The screen shots of disappointed fan faces were priceless on this one. Punk insulted the crowd for being so gullable. Punk said it was the last trace of Jeff Hardy they will ever see in the WWE. Punk whiped off his face paint and took off his arm bands before delivering a speech about the fans being weak. Punk said he would never miss a WrestleMania because he failed a drug test. Punk said he was built to last and he was here to stay. Punk said if the fans emulated any WWE Superstar – the choice is clear, it should be C.M. Punk! Punk then addressed the legendary Undertaker, challenging him to come down and test his breaking point any time. After waiting a few moments, Punk said the Undertaker doesn’t want to face him man to man. Punk said the fans ooo and ahhh and the Undertaker’s powers, but he wasn’t going to fall for it. Punk said there would be no mind games at Breaking Point, and it will just be Icon vs. Icon. Punk continued to preach to the fans, and admitted that he had one dangerous vice. Punk said he can’t get enough of it, but it’s not a monkey on young back, it’s more like an anaconda. Before Punk could finish his thought, he was interrupted by the arrival of Matt Hardy. Hardy went straight to the ring and brawled with Punk, seeking revenge for his little brother!

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk & General Manager Theodore Long: C.M. Punk complained to General Manager Theodore Long about Matt Hardy interrupting his interview time. Long said if Punk had a problem with what Hardy just did, maybe they should settle it in the ring. Long booked Punk vs. Hardy in a Non-title match and Punk promised to get rid of Matt just like he did to Jeff..

Fit Finlay & The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh defeated Kane & Mike Knox: Late in the match, Kane went after Ranjin Singh and the Great Khali came to his rescue. This distracted the referee, so Finlay took advantage and whacked Knox with the shillelagh!

Vince McMahon & General Manager Theodore Long: Vince McMahon showed up wearing a pink jacket – I kid you not – and found Theodore Long watching the “Rise & Fall of WCW” DVD. Long said he was there, mostly for the “rise” part, but Vince said “somehow I doubt that.” Vince wanted to put the DVD where it belongs, looking at Long’s backside, and then added “although there may not be room.” McMahon praised Long for the retirement match last week and for booking Undertaker vs. Punk at Breaking Point. The subject of Vince’s jacket came up and Vince said he would let Long wear it someday. Long said “he’d be honored.” Vince said he was going to go see if he could get lucky..

Maria Kanellis & Eve Torres + Michelle McCool + Melina Perez: Maria talked strategy with Eve, saying they had to go out there with passion and confidence. Michelle showed up and said they will still be losers. Michelle said it doesn’t matter what Maria does, her boyfriend Dolph won’t be able to keep his eyes off of girls like her. Michelle said Maria was Dolph’s flavor of the week. Maria shot back saying Michelle didn’t know what to do with herself when the spotlight isn’t on her due to her injury. Melina came in to help Maria, and Michelle threatened to have her arrested if she layed a hand on her. Michelle left. Melina asked if Maria had time to talk to Dolph. Maria said she didn’t, but asked Melina to stay out of her business… HISS!

John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio to win the WWE Intercontinental title: Amazing match. John Morrison celebrated with his belt after the match and showed enormous sportsmanship by helping Rey Mysterio up to his feet and sharing a respectful hug.

R-Truth + Drew McIntyre: R-Truth rapped his way to the ring for his match, but Drew McIntyre showed up out of nowhere and assaulted R-Truth (just like he did last week). McIntyre said he was overlooked last week, so he decided to make a statement at the expense of the dancing fool. McIntyre said he would come out every week and ruin all your little parties until everybody recognizes him for the Superstar that he is!

Maria Kanellis & Eve Torres defeated Natalya Neidhart & Layla El:

Josh Mathews & Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy said C.M. Punk is worried about the return of the Undertaker tonight. Matt said Punk should be worried about him because he has come to take from Punk what he took from his brother (Jeff) – and that’s his career!

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk vs. Matt Hardy ended in a No Contest: Late in the match, C.M. Punk wrapped Matt Hardy’s neck in a folding chair. The lights went out and the Undertaker appeared out of thin air! Undertaker grabbed Punk and violently choke-slammed him through the announce table!