WWE SmackDown 09 25 2009

September 25, 2009 – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk + General Manager Theodore Long: C.M. Punk preached his beliefs and accused the fans of being drug addicts, before listing his accomplishments leading up to becoming 3-time World Heavyweight champion! C.M. Punk demanded that anybody in a position of power come out and show him the respect that he deserves. Punk demanded to know who his next opponent would be, at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Nobody came out, and Punk joked that there wasn’t anybody left! The lights went out and the Undertaker’s druids came out dragging an ominous casket. The druids left the casket and ringside and Punk armed himself with a steel chair. Punk desperately bashed the casket with the chair, begging the Undertaker to pop out! Punk cautiously lifted the top of the casket and found General Manager Theodore Long bound and gagged inside! Punk laughed it off and helped Long out of the casket and untied his arms and took off the gag. Long snatched the microphone and announced that there was no longer a ban on Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate submission move. Long also announced that Punk will defend the World Heavyweight title against the Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. Long added that Punk will face the Undertaker tonight in a match right here on SmackDown!. Long rolled out of the ring and stumbled backstage – having basically saved his own life by granting the Undertaker his demands..

John Morrison & Fit Finlay defeated Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox: Mike Knox went after John Morrison, who ducked and Knox ended up taking out Dolph Ziggler! The finish saw Finlay whack Knox with the shillelagh, allowing WWE Intercontinental champion Morrison to score the victory!

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) & Eve Torres & Slam Master J: Cryme Tyme said that if Slam Master J wanted to hang with them, he had to prove himself. They challenged him to go into General Manager’s office and spray paint “CHILL” on the wall. Master J did it and also stole a couple of official WWE DVD’s. Cryme Tyme was impressed but took off when Theodore Long came out of his office. Master J admitted what he did, and Long told him to go to the ring for his punishment..

Kane defeated Slam Master J: Cryme Tyme was watching the monitor backstage probably feeling sympathy for Slam Master J..

Vince McMahon & C.M. Punk: C.M. Punk asked Mr. McMahon if he was going to allow Teddy Long to do that to him. McMahon said maybe Long, Punk, and that referee should have thought longer about their conspiracy. Punk looked dumbfounded and pointed at McMahon, before Vince walked off..

Vince McMahon + Drew McIntyre + R-Truth: Mr. McMahon got a huge ovation from the Oklahoma fans, but then proceeded to insult the population of the entire state – including Jim Ross. Mr. McMahon announced a Decade of SmackDown! celebration next week including WWE Superstars past, present, and future. McMahon introduced someone who he personally signed to SmackDown!, because he reminded him of himself; highly intelligent, extraordinarily aggressive, and a handsome son of a guy – a future World Heavyweight champion – he is simply “Bad Ass” – and doesn’t appreciate Oklahoma either – from Scotland, Drew McIntyre!! Drew McIntyre came out and Mr. McMahon surrendered the microphone to him and left. McIntyre said there is noone on the SmackDown! roster who can match his unlimited potential and aggression. McIntyre said Theodore Long has been too busy to pay attention to what has been transpiring on his own show lately. McIntyre said next week was the Decade of SmackDown! celebration, but the following week, and each week thereafter will be all about HIM! McIntyre said later tonight there will be a big party in his honor and everybody on the SmackDown! roster will be there to welcome him. McIntyre said the party has just begun, but then he was interrupted by R-Truth coming out in audience doing his rap shtick. R-Truth said he wanted to welcome McIntyre to SmackDown!, so he jumped in the ring and they had a huge brawl and had to be pulled apart by three referees!

Batista defeated The Big Show w/Chris Jericho by DQ: Batista put the Big Show in the Anklelock and Big Show was about to tap out when Chris Jericho interfered! Batista caught Jericho and put him in the Anklelock, causing him to tap out and scream in agony! The Big Show was shown limping backstage and Jericho rolling around on the ringside floor grasping his ankle..

Vince McMahon & Theodore Long: Vince McMahon scolded Theodore Long because his suit was all ripped up and he was not presentable. McMahon wanted to know where his missing portrait was, and Long said he had it but it wasn’t ready. McMahon demanded that Long get it because he wanted to look at himself. Theodore Long picked up and it has “Vinnie to Da Mac” spray painted on it (that’s what Slam Master J vandalized earlier)…. VINCE WAS PISSED.

PLUG: John Morrison & Mike Mizanin on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”..

David Hart Smith (w/Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart) defeated JTG (w/Shad Gaspard & Eve Torres):

Josh Mathews & Batista: Batista said he would challenge Chris Jericho & The Big Show for the Unified Tag Team titles at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Batista said he and his partner have their number, and his number is 619! (Rey Mysterio)

World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk defeated The Undertaker by Countout: The Undertaker was setting up to Last Rides power-bomb C.M. Punk through the announce table, but Punk squirmed out and got back into the ring just in time to beat the 10-count!

PLUG: Next week’s Decade of SmackDown!..