WWE SmackDown 10 09 2009

October 9, 2009 – Trenton, New Jersey
Announcers: Jim Ross & Todd Grisham

DARK MATCH: Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Heath Slater..

General Manager Theodore Long + C.M. Punk + Vince McMahon: A jolly Theodore Long congratulated the NEW World Heavyweight champion, The Undertaker! Long said that that Hell in a Cell match proved that SmackDown! was the dominant brand in the WWE. Long hyped the Bragging Rights PPV, as well as the 60-minute Iron Man match between John Cena and Randy Orton for the WWE championship and Cena’s career on RAW. Long said if Cena loses he is welcome back on SmackDown!. C.M. Punk interrupted and was offended by Long talking about John Cena. Punk said SmackDown! doesn’t need to be focused on John Cena, it should soley be on him right now. Punk said if Long was about to name a number one contender, his name should be the only name on the tip of his tongue. Punk said he has a guaranteed rematch against the Undertaker. Punk said he wants it to be a Submissions match; he wants Scott Armstrong to be the referee; and he wants Long to be present at ringside. Long began to speak up, but Vince McMahon showed up to put in his two trillion cents. Mr. McMahon said he tries to support Long in everything he does but his patience is very thin. McMahon said what Long was about to announce would not please Punk or the Undertaker. McMahon said he doesn’t know why he provokes the Undertaker, and suggested he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. McMahon announced that Long was announcing that Undertaker would defend the World Heavyweight title against C.M. Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Batista. McMahon said let’s get the show on the road, with a match involving Rey Mysterio!! Editor’s Note: Batista & Rey Mysterio lost their match at Hell in a Cell, so how does that make them number one contenders?

Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho: Excellent Match!

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) + Eve: Today’s word of the day was “EVE” and they just threw a bunch of compliments at her.. to hype her facing WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool next!

WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool defeated Eve Torres:

Vickie Guerrero & Eric Escobar + Theodore Long: Vickie Guerrero was shown hanging out in the General Manager’s office snuggling and smooching new boyfriend Eric Escobar. Holy crap this angle can’t die SOON enough! Vickie yelled at Long for booking the fourway, saying the odds are against the Undertaker – and wondered why Long keeps poking a stick at the Undertaker. Long blurted something out, and Vickie said Long was admitting that it was Mr. McMahon’s idea. Eric Escobar said something in Spanish and then sniffed Vickie’s arm. Vickie is gross. Vickie reminded Theodore Long that he was still on probation.

John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler w/Maria Kanellis to retain the WWE Intercontinental champion: Maria was getting too involved at ringside, so the referee ordered her to take a seat at ringside. Ziggler grabbed the chair and leaned it against the ring, intending to use it on Morrison later in the match. Maria walked over and took the chair and used it to sit back down, like she was told to do by the referee! When Ziggler went to get the chair, it was gone, and he totally lost focus and lost the match!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Dolph Ziggler was giving Maria the cold shoulder for screwing up his plans during the match. Maria said she thought they were a team, but Ziggler gave her a speech about his personal and professional life being two different things. Ziggler said in his professional life he sees big things for him, and in his personal life, he DOESN’T see Maria. Ziggler informed Maria that “it’s OVER!”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Batista said he was happy that Rey Mysterio would be in the ring to see him win the World Heavyweight title. Mysterio said he wanted to win the World title, too. Uh oh, we have a problem don’t we? They shook hands and embraced, saying “whatever happens happens!”

Drew McIntyre & Kane defeated Matt Hardy & R-Truth:

World Heavyweight champion The Undertaker: The Undertaker cut a promo about what it meant for him to hold the World Heavyweight title. A lot of the usual cryptic messages talking about three men challenging him for the title at Bragging Rights. Undertaker said C.M. Punk only lost his title at Hell in a Cell, but at Bragging Rights he will take his soul. Undertaker said Rey Mysterio’s heart is legendary and his courage is questionable, but he will show him no mercy. Undertaker said his battles with Batista in the past are epic, but not even his power will be enough to save his soul. Undertaker said it was appropriate that the match is called “Fatal” Fourway, because one by one they will REST IN PEACE!

C.M. Punk defeated Batista by Countout: Batista tried to Batista-bomb C.M. Punk on the ringside floor, but Punk held onto the ropes to avoid it. Punk had Batista’s ears covered so he couldn’t hear the referees 10 count. Punk slipped into the ring just in time and Batista was counted out! After the match, Batista got back in the ring and planted Punk with a Batista-bomb!