WWE SmackDown 10 16 2009

October 16, 2009 – Lexington, Kentucky
Announcers: Michael Cole (sub for Jim Ross) & Todd Grisham

General Manager Theodore Long: Theodore Long came out and hyped Bragging Rights and said he would do whatever it takes to ensure that SmackDown! is the dominant show. Long listed the members of Team RAW, and then introduced the captain of Team SmackDown! – Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho + Kane: Chris Jericho said finally after years of incompetence, Theodore Long has put aside his prejiduce and politics and named him the captain of Team SmackDown!. Jericho said as the face of this show, he needs to address the possiblity of John Cena returning to SmackDown!. Jericho said ‘when’ Randy Orton beats Cena at Bragging Rights he will want to return to SmackDown!. Jericho warned Cena that things have changed , and if Cena wants to return to SmackDown! he will have to go through him. Jericho said he was the cornerstone of the show, and he is the only reason all of the parasites were there tonight. Jericho said Team RAW was captained by DX, and proceeded to rip up a copy of the new DX book. Kane interrupted and informed Jericho that he (Kane) was now the co-captain of Team SmackDown!. Jericho nervously agreed that it was a good idea. Kane said as far as he is concerned DX and the rest of Team RAW can all go up in flames!

Dolph Ziggler defeated Fit Finlay and Mike Knox:

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart):

Theodore Long & Michelle McCool & Chris Jericho + Mickie James + Beth Phoenix: Chris Jericho talked about the importance of the 7-on-7 Elimination match at Bragging Rights, but added that the other RAW vs. SmackDown! matches were important too. Jericho said he cannot count on John Morrison beating the Miz, and wanted to know if he could count on Michelle McCool to defeat RAW’s Diva representative. McCool assured Jericho that he could count on her because she makes history. Mickie James showed up and said Jericho should pick somebody who has already beaten every Diva on RAW, like HER. McCool tried to walk away, but she bumped into Beth Phoenix – who said McCool shouldn’t plan on keeping the WWE Women’s title very long..

Vince McMahon + C.M. Punk: C.M. Punk protested to Vince McMahon about Theodore Long booking him in a fourway at Bragging Rights. Punk implored McMahon to book him in a one-on-one rematch. McMahon said he did like Punk’s idea for a Submission match. McMahon said the conspiracy between Punk, Long, and referee Armstrong was brillant – and he wishes he thought of it. McMahon booked the same scenario, in a submissions match, next week on SmackDown!.

Eric Escobar w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Matt Hardy: Vickie Guerrero did her annoying “Excuse me!” gimmick and introduced her boyfriend, Eric Escobar! Vickie faked a leg injury and distracted Hardy, so that Escobar could score and upset victory and earn a spot on Team SmackDown!. Vickie celebrated by jumping up and down at ringside for her boyfriend…

RAW’s Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (WWE Intercontinental champion) & SD!’s John Morrison (WWE United States champion): The Miz and Morrison square off in a champion vs. champion match at Bragging Rights. Intercontinental champion Morrison noticed that the Miz had a championship, too – and suggested he bought it on WWEShop.com. The Miz hyped the PPV, where they would find out what the superior brand was in the WWE. Morrison also hyped that they would find out who is superior between himself and the Miz. The Miz said everybody knows that he was the star of the the team. They compared themselves to Mork & Mindy, Bill & Ted, Wayne & Garth, Regis & Kathy Lee, and the ROCKERS. The Miz said at Bragging Rights he will prove that he is the Shawn Michaels, and Morrison was the Marty Jannetty. Morrison said Marty Jannetty never had a cool t-shirt. Morrison said Miz & Jannetty would make a great tag team – Marty & Mizzy Jannetty. Morrison said that the Miz has conformed, because he used to have the courage to be himself, but now he is a mixture between Michaels Phelps, Mr. Ed, singler Pink, and Big Dick Johnson. Morrison called the Miz “husky” and Miz shot back “I’m not fat!” The Miz said Morrison was jealous of his amazing body, and he will prove at the PPV that he is and has always been better than Morrison. Morrison suggested they not wait for the PPV, that they should do it right now. The Miz refused to do it on a second rate show, and would wait for the PPV. Morrison called RAW a cheap version of Saturday Night Live, and wondered if Big Bird would host next week. Morrison called the Miz boring, and the Miz said he was the reason people watch RAW and went on a rant ending with “because I’m the Miz, and I’m awesome!” Morrison said “no, you’re the Miz, and all you do is RUN YOUR MOUTH!” Morrison said talk is cheap, and this is SmackDown!, not RAW, and challenged Miz to stand up and actually do something. Morrison pulled the Miz up and dared him to take a shot at him. Both men dropped their belts and went nose-to-nose before the Miz backed out of the ring and retreated backstage with his championship in hand. Morrison said “see you at Bragging Rights.. JANNETTY!

Drew McIntyre defeated R-Truth by Countout: R-Truth took a sick bump back-first on the metal ring steps are a leg sweep by Drew McIntyre..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Batista and Rey Mysterio talked about their concerns with wrestling each other in the fourway at Bragging Rights.

TAPED PROMO: The Undertaker cut a dark promo about history repeating itself, but not in his yard. Undertaker said C.M. Punk, Theodore Long, and Scott Armstrong have decided to temp their own fates and wrestle the holy grail from deaths grip. Undertaker said once you enter Hells Gates, there’s no turning back. Undertaker said he will take Punk’s soul at Bragging Rights, but next week he will give Punk his Last Rites.

Rey Mysterio defeated Batista: This was more like an exhibition match, with Batista taking it very easy on his friend, Rey Mysterio. The finish saw Rey counter a Batista-bomb into a weak pin for the 1-2-3 upset victory! Batista protested to the referee, claiming that he got his shoulder up before the three count. Batista shook hands with Mysterio and gave him a hug after the match.. After the match, C.M. Punk ran out and did a hit-and-run GTS on Rey Mysterio while Batista had his back turned.