WWE SmackDown 10 23 2009

October 23, 2009 – Columbia, South Carolina
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

RINGSIDE: RAW announce team Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler greeted fans and said they were filling in for Jim Ross & Todd Grisham because Jim Ross was “feeling under the weather.” In reality, Jim Ross suffered his third bout of Bells Palsy. We here at Online World of Wrestling wish good ol’ JR a speedy recovery as he battles back from these health issues.

Chris Jericho + JTG + Eric Escober & Vickie Guerrero + Dolph Ziggler + Drew McIntyre + Kane: Chris Jericho said after Sunday he will be known as the mastermind who led SmackDown! to a crushing victory over RAW. Jericho talked about how great he is, and expressed his desire to shut up DX. Jericho said he needs to tweak his team and make sure his teammates are worthy to stand in the same ring as him. Jericho said he and Kane will manhandle Rey Mysterio & Batista tonight. Cryme Tyme’s JTG came out and told Jericho that Shad Gaspard was not there due to the flu. Jericho said he didn’t care, and asked JTG if he knew what it was like to stand up to his standards. Vickie Guerrero came out to the stage screeching “excuse me!” and introduced his boyfriend, Eric Escobar. Escobar said after he leads Team SmackDown! to victory at Bragging Rights nobody will forget the his name (like DX did on RAW). Dolph Ziggler came out and said he would be responsible for SD! winning at Bragging Rights. Drew McIntyre came out and told Jericho that he was the ace up his sleeve, adding that he should have been named captain of the team. Kane interrupted McIntyre mid-sentance and said none of them were worthy of fighting along side him – and Jericho added “or me!” Kane said while he and Jericho will be busy with Batista & Mysterio, the other four members of Team SmackDown! should be busy too. Jericho booked a 4-on-5 match tonight and if they lose tonight, then they will be replaced by the five men who beat them. Jerry Lawler commented, “this could change the whole face of Bragging Rights!”

Matt Hardy & Fit Finlay & R-Truth & David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart defeated Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre & Eric Escobar & JTG: Thank GOD!

C.M. Punk & Theodore Long & Scott Armstrong + Vince McMahon: C.M. Punk talked to referee Scott Armstrong about the “severity of the situation.” Armstrong said he was worried about his family’s reputation, and Punk said nobody cares about his family. Theodore Long said his life was on the line tonight. C.M. Punk wondered why Long & Armstrong were on board in Montreal and not tonight. Armstrong said Punk was on his own tonight and left the room, but on the way out he bumped into Vince McMahon – who grinned and said “we need to talk!”

WWE Intercontinental champion John Morrison defeated Mike Knox: After the match, John Morrison cut a promo on WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin – to hype their match at Bragging Rights..

Chris Jericho & Kane + The New Team SmackDown! (Matt Hardy & Fit Finlay & R-Truth & The Hart Dynasty): Chris Jericho congratulated the new Team SmackDown! and told them to follow their lead. R-Truth said they may not like Jericho, but they respect him. They all agreed that they would be on the same page and will fight for SmackDown!..

Mickie James & Mae Young + WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool + Beth Phoenix : Mickie James and Mae Young were talking when WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool showed up to say hi to Mae. McCool said it was too bad Mickie didn’t make it to Team SmackDown! for the Divas match at Bragging Rights. Mickie said McCool was scared because she knows she (Mickie) is going to take the Women’s title from her. Beth Phoenix showed up to say hi to Mae Young, and told McCool she was glad to be on Team SmackDown! – but added that she was going to take the Women’s title from her. Mae Young said “she told you” so McCool blurted out “shut up, Mae!” Mae Young hauled off and slapped McCool across the face!

Batista & Rey Mysterio: Batista and Rey Mysterio playfully argued over the finish of their match last week. Mysterio said he saw the videos on Batista this past week and said he learned some new things about him. Batista and Mysterio then had some fun talking about which one of them would leave Bragging Rights with the World Heavyweight title..

Batista & Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho & Kane:

Vince McMahon & C.M. Punk & Theodore Long & Scott Armstrong: Vince McMahon said he was excited about this championship match. C.M. Punk was happy, but general manager Theodore Long & referee Scott Armstrong looked very stressed out. McMahon asked everybody to do their job, and said he could smell the change in the air.. Vince McMahon said that Bullet Bob Armstrong could be a candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame this year, and told Scott to keep that thought in mind when he referees the championship match tonight..

Mickie James defeated Layla El:

TRIBUTE VIDEO: Captain Lou Albano..

The Undertaker defeated C.M. Punk with the Hell’s Gate to retain the World Heavyweight title: C.M. Punk came out first with Theodore Long & referee Scott Armstrong walking behind him as he cut a promo on the WWE Universe. Punk said in a few short moments he would make the Undertaker tap out for the second time. Punk said his bragging rights start right here tonight when he becomes the straight edge World Heavyweight champion, and the best part is, there’s not a thing any of the fans can do about it. Theodore Long took a seat at ringside looking stressed. The Undertaker took a long time to get to the ring, as usual. Punk was jumping up and down laughing at the Undertaker, while Theodore Long & referee Scott Armstrong were sweating bullets.. Late in the match, the Undertaker went for the Old School, but Theodore Long stood up out of his chair and distracted Undertaker so Punk could regain the advantage. Punk called for Long to pass him the steel chair he was sitting on. Long got up and handed the chair to referee Scott Armstrong, saying “you give it to him!” Punk pulled the chair out of Armstrong’s hands and charged Undertaker, who lifted his boot and kicked the chair in Punk’s face! The Undertaker grabbed ref Armstrong and took him out with a choke-slam! Undertaker then looked at Theodore Long, who walked around the ring and started backing up the ramp. Punk snuck up behind the Undertaker and bashed him repeatedly with the chair! Punk told Long to go get another referee. Punk applied the Anaconda Vice! Just as the second referee made it to the ring, the Undertaker reversed the hold into the Hell’s Gate and made Punk tap out so he miraculously retains the World Heavyweight title against all odds!