WWE SmackDown 10 30 2009

October 30, 2009 – Rochester, New York
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker (sub for Jim Ross)

General Manager Theodore Long + Unified Tag Team champion Chris Jericho + Kane: Theodore Long congratulated Team SmackDown! on their victory over Team RAW at Bragging Rights this past Sunday. Long said Bragging Rights was both a historic night and a disturbing one, recounting the actions of Batista adding that the WWE Board of Directors was looking for an explanation. Long said Batista and Rey Mysterio would have a heart to heart conversation to settle their differences later tonight. Long was about to introduced the number one contender to the Undertaker’s World title at Survivor Series when he was interrupted by Chris Jericho. They showed clips of the Big Show turning on Team RAW and helping SmackDown! win the match – in exchange for a title shot at Undertaker’s title. Long took the Bragging Rights trophy away from Jericho, saying it was property of SmackDown!. Jericho said the trophy belongs to him, because he was the genius who led Team SmackDown! to victory at Bragging Rights. Jericho said he didn’t do it for long, or the fans, he did it for HIMSELF – once again proving that he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho scolded Long for giving the Big Show a title shot behind his back without consulting him was the most underhanded decisions he’s ever made. Jericho said he was the crown jewel of the show, and the face of SmackDown!. Jericho said he single-handedly brought SmackDown! to glory and victory at Bragging Rights, so he would be the World champion of SmackDown! Kane showed up and disagreed that Jericho single-handedly won he match for his team. Kane said the Bragging Rights belong to him just as much as anyone. Kane said if anyone deserves to face the Undertaker at Survivor Series, it’s HIM. Jericho said he got the winning pinfall at Bragging Rights, not Kane. Jericho said Kane’s track record against the Undertaker was spotty. Jericho said he was the HERO of SmackDown! for the germ incubators (aka fans). Jericho told Kane to get out of his face, and Kane grabbed Jericho by the throat. Long talked Kane out of choke-slamming Jericho and informed him that he would face Jericho in a match tonight with the winner joining the championship match at Survivor Series making it a triple threat match!

Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Intercontinental champion John Morrison by Countout: Dolph Ziggler was sure to point out that John Morrison was the only SmackDown! Superstar who lost at Bragging Rights. The finish saw Ziggler hit his finisher on Morrison at ringside and took the countout victory..

Theodore Long & Vince McMahon + C.M. Punk: Vince McMahon congratulated Theodore Long on the SmackDown! victory at Bragging Rights, and told him if he kept it up he would be taken off of probation. C.M. Punk came in and said he doesn’t think Long deserves to be taken off probation. Punk protested Long granting RAW Superstar the Big Show a shot at the SmackDown! title. Punk said he should be the one in the match. Mr. McMahon booked C.M. Punk in a one-on-one match with referee Scott Armstrong tonight. Punk grinned and said “thank you, sir! that is brilliant!”

Beth Phoenix defeated Jenny Brooks (aka She Nay Nay): So happy to my buddy, She Nay Nay, on WWE television! It’s too bad Beth ate her for lunch..

Matt Hardy defeated Eric Escobar w/Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero came out wearing a hidious dress and said tonight she was going by the name Princess Vickie Guerrero. Vickie introduced her “Prince Charming,” Eric Escobar. Matt Hardy “injured” his knee, but still managed to defeat Mr. Escobar..

Rey Mysterio + Batista: Rey Mysterio talked about the beat-down he got from Batista after the championship match at Bragging Rights. Mysterio said as much as it hurt him physically, the main inside of him hurt him more because he considered Batista his best friend in the world. Mysterio added that he still does (consider Batista his best friend). Mysterio said he watched the tape and he had so many anger inside of him, but he remembered what was important – that Batista was part of his family. Mysterio called out Batista so they could straighten things out like men. Batista came out looking all “heel,” but the fans still cheered for him. I think they may have piped in some booes after the music was cut off. Batista said Mysterio doesn’t realize just how bad this could get for him. Batista asked who the hell Rey thinks he is calling him out. Batista said he would be the bigger man and give Rey one opportunity to walk out of ‘his’ ring. Mysterio turned to walk away, but then changed his mind and said he wasn’t leaving. Mysterio said they had been through so much together. Mysterio was it was a fourway match, and said he had to try. Mysterio said Batista was like his big brother, and brothers fight all the time. Mysterio said what they have lasts a long time, and after their finished wrestling they are still going to be family. Batista said Mysterio was thinking what he was going to do without ‘big dave’ watching his back. Batista threatened Mysterio once more if he didn’t get out of the ring right now. Mysterio said if he knew that it would have interfered in their friendship, he never would have accepted to be in the fatal fourway. Batista gave Mysterio one last chance to walk out of the ring. Mysterio thought about it and said “naw! I ain’t leaving!” Mysterio told Batista to do what he’s gotta do, but he’s not leaving! Mysterio pleaded his case to settle their issues. Mysterio brought up Eddie (Guerrero) and Batista’s response was “Eddie’s DEAD!” Editor’s Note: I can’t believe he said that. How does that make Vickie (who is backstage) feel? Batista said he wasn’t thinking about Eddie, he wasn’t thinking about Rey, he was thinking about HIMSELF! Batista dropped the microphone and jumped out of the ring, before heading backstage..

Batista + Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy confronted Batista and said if anybody knows about conflicts between brothers, it’s him. Hardy said he wanted to reach out to Batista now and tell him not to make the same mistakes that he did (with Jeff).. Batista laughed in his face and exited the building, but came back just as Hardy turned his back and bashed him into the wall!

Drew McIntyre vs. Fit Finlay didn’t get started: Drew McIntyre sarcastically congratulated Team SmackDown! on their victory at Bragging Rights. McIntyre made it clear that he never wanted to be on the team in the first place, saying he would rather make his own impact.. .. .. McIntyre attacked Finley before the bell and destroyed him on the ringside floor before the match even started!

Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool and Natalya Neidhart and Layla El: Cryme Tyme called out the SmackDown! Divas… each dressed up in their costumes. Natalya was a Bull Fighter with very little skin showing. Layla El was dressed as Michael Jackson. Michelle McCool was dressed as pure evil (the devil) with a tail. Mickie James was dressed as Miss Electra. Layla got a huge pop, but Mickie got the babyface pop to win the contest! Mickie celebrated but she was picked on by Natalya and Layla. Michelle picked her spot and kicked Mickie in the head!

C.M. Punk defeated referee Scott Armstrong: They made it look like Scott Armstrong was ‘just a referee’ but anybody who knows anything knows that he is a very accomplished pro-wrestler. It was embarrassing to see him act like a scared little duck. C.M. Punk intimidated him until Armstrong decided to fight back with some infamous Armstrong punches! Punk quickly shook it off and kicked Armstrong down to the mat. Punk finished off Armstrong with the Go-To-Sleep and pinned him with one foot on the chest!

Chris Jericho defeated Kane: Chris Jericho joined champion the Undertaker and the Big Show in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight title at Survivor Series..