WWE SmackDown 11 13 2009

November 13, 2009 – Sheffield, England
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker (sub for Jim Ross)

C.M. Punk: C.M. Punk said “look at what has become of the mighty United Kingdom.” Punk said they used to rule the planet, but now they are just as sad and pathetic as the Americans. Punk said they can pretend that they aren’t weak minded and their spirit isn’t broken. Punk said the people need someone like him to preach to them the proper way to live. Punk said the people should all aspire to be as great as he is. Punk said he is better than the people because his mind is free of poison and he is perfect in every way. Punk said he doesn’t need a crutch to get through every day, and he doesn’t need a crooked referee like Scott Armstrong to get ahead. Punk said he will beat R-Truth tonight, just like he will beat him at Survivor Series. Punk said R-Truth will come out and ask “what’s up?” and he will answer with “straight edge!” – adding that could save their pathetic country and the entire world.

C.M. Punk defeated R-Truth: R-Truth came out and cut his own promo on C.M. Punk..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mickie James called Layla El “Scary Spice” and she freaked out. Mickie told Layla to run and get Michelle to fight her battle. Mickie walked off and Layla yelled “just remember… we warned you!”

Natalya Neidhart defeated Mickie James: Midway through the match, Michelle McCool & Layla El came down with some of Mickie James’ clothes and started cutting them up. Mickie was distracted by this and Natalya knocked her down and forced her to submit to the Sharpshooter! Michelle and Layla completely destroyed Mickie’s wardrobe and cost her a victory..

Josh Mathews & WWE Intercontinental champion John Morrison: John Morrison talked about his title match against Dolph Ziggler tonight. Morrison said he had butterflies in his stomach because he was human. Morrison said the difference between him and Ziggler is that Ziggler can’t handle the pressure. Morrison said Ziggler will be nervous and second guess himself – while he (Morrison) thrives on that feeling!

Drew McIntyre vs. Fit Finlay ended in a Double DQ: Drew McIntyre said that Fit Finlay was not worth it, but tonight he has had a change of heart. McIntyre said that Finlay loves to fight, so let’s just see how much he loves fighting HIM! The referee lost control and ruled the match a double disqualification. Finlay grabbed the shillelagh, but McIntyre caught him and knocked him down. McIntyre then knocked Finlay out with the shillelagh!! McIntyre left the ring, but came back and whacked Finlay in the ribs with the shillelagh! Finlay had to be cautiously helped out of the ring and backstage..

Matt Striker + Rey Mysterio + Batista: Both men were eagar to sign the contract to face one another at Survivor Series – and did so without incident. Batista wanted Rey Mysterio to sign another document that stated Rey’s family could not sue him for what he’s going to do to him! Rey refused to sign, and Batista called him a coward hiding behind a goofy little mask. Batista ordered Rey to sign it or he would embarrass him in front of all the people. Rey actually agreed to sign the document, but knew that Batista was just trying to scare him. Rey said it would be Batista who was embarrassed at Survivor Series. Rey tipped the table over on Batista and walked away from the ring confidently. Batista took a fit and destroyed the leather chairs in the ring…

WWE Intercontinental champion John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler ended in a Double Countout: The match ended when both men fell off the top rope and crashed into the safety barrier, before getting counted out of the ring by the referee..

Beth Phoenix defeated Lisa Taylor: Lisa Taylor looks hot, but ended up being a hot lunch for Beth Phoenix… Lisa Taylor is also known as Lisa Fury; a former model from Liverpool who has been active on the UK and European indy circuit for several years. Her grandfather was also wrestler in the 1950s and 1960s as Tony Fury.

Josh Mathews & Chris Jericho: Hyped the first-ever meeting between himself and the Undertaker tonight..

World Heavyweight champion The Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho: After the match, the Big Show came down and joined Chris Jericho in double-teaming the Undertaker until Kane showed up to save his big brother from assault! The Big Show retreated and Kane took out Jericho with a big boot to the face!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Vince McMahon talked to General Manager Theodore Long on the phone, and said he hasn’t seen that look on the Undertaker’s face in a long time. Mr. McMahon suggested Undertaker & Kane vs. Big Show & Chris Jericho next week and Long approved it. McMahon asked if Long had the Swine Flu, and I guess he said NO because he said he would see Long next week. McMahon told Long he was still on probation, but complimented Long on his “great idea.”