WWE SmackDown 11 20 2009

November 20, 2009 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Batista defeated Matt Hardy:

Josh Mathews & Batista: Batista said Rey Mysterio 1) cost him the World Heavyweight title, 2) signed the hold-harmless agreement, and 3) embarrassed him last week. Batista promised that Rey will never embarrass him again because he will punish him at Survivor Series with no remorse..

Theodore Long + Vickie Guerrero & Eric Escobar + Vince McMahon: Vickie Guerrero said in all her time as General Manager, she never once considered reuniting the Brothers of Destruction – and asked what Theodore Long was thinking? Long said it wasn’t his decision, it was Mr. McMahon’s decision. Vickie said that was the problem, and Long should regain control of his show. Vickie said the Brothers of Desruction could destroy Long’s Survivor Series main event. Vickie said it was no surprise Long was still on probation, because he hasn’t even used her new boyfriend Eric Escobar. Theodore Long finally stood up to Vickie and told her he never asked for her advice and doesn’t need it! Mr. McMahon showed up and shook hands with Eric Escobar. McMahon asked Long where he came up with the concept of teaming up the Bros. of Destruction, calling the idea stupid. McMahon suggested Vickie Guerrero be named a consultant on SmackDown! – and maybe some day Long will come off probation. Vickie started screaming in celebration and the ratings started crashing!

Drew McIntyre defeated Fit Finlay:

C.M. Punk + R-Truth: C.M. Punk said tonight he would do something for the fans that someone should have done for them a long time ago. Punk said the fans need to confess, stop lieing and admit that they have a problem. Punk asked the viewers at home to put their hands on the TV screen, and for the fans in the audience to stand up and admit that they are all addicts. Punk said normally addicts have no idea they have a problem, and accused the people of being in denial. There was a table in the ring with three covered objects. Punk revealed the first item being a carton of cigarettes, pointing out the surgeon general warning, “cigarettes may cause a slow and painful death.” Punk said you might as well throw your lungs in the grabage. Punk opened the box and dumped the cigarettes in the garbage, saying “pay attention, because this is how you survive.” Punk lifted the next item and revealed a bottle of prescription medication. Punk preached about the effects of presription drugs and then threw them in the garbage. Punk uncovered the third item, which was a big bottle of Whiskey. Punk said the people have to be responsible for their actions, and said what was in the bottle was a poison that ruins relationships. Punk said just like the bottle of Whiskey, their lives are going down the drain. Punk proceeded to pour the bottle out in the trash can. R-Truth interrupted Punk’s preaching and said the truth was everyone makes their own decisions in life. Truth said the truth was he doesn’t like Punk. Truth kicked Punk and gave him a DDT! Truth picked up the trash can and poured the Whiskey, drugs, and cigarettes on top of Punk before bashing him with the trash can!

John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Intercontinental title: John Morrison scored the first fall, and Dolph Ziggler scored the second fall, sending the match into sudden death. John Morrison connected with Starship Pain and scored the 1-2-3 to retain the WWE Intercontinental title!

Mickie James defeated Layla El: After the match, Layla told Mickie James to look at the big screen. Michelle McCool came up on the screen doing a skit at a fake farm setting. Michelle yelled “Hey Piggy!” and sang “Old McDonald had a farm.” They showed a picture of a pig with Mickie’s face on it. This was a disgusting angle. They showed Mickie in the ring with tears rolling down her face. This was unnecessary, cruel, and didn’t get over one bit with the fans. Not to mention being completely unrealistic, since Mickie is extremely beautiful and physically fit.

Rey Mysterio defeated Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart by DQ: Batista joined Todd Grisham & Matt Striker on commentary but did not utter one word the entire match. Late in the match, Rey Mysterio prepared to jump off the top rope onto the floor, but Batista got up and stood in the way! The referee ended the match right there. Batista laughed and turned his back, but Mysterio jumped and and knocked Batista to the ground. Mysterio jumped back in the ring, with Batista chasing him, then jumped back in, only to run over Batista again on his way out. Mysterio bolted to the top of the stage and Batista fumed in the ring. Mysterio proved that he was too quick for Batista, who he has humiliated for the second week in a row!

Chris Jericho & The Big Show: They agreed that they have to be on the same page tonight. Big Show said he was only thinking about becoming World Heavyweight champion at Survivor Series. Jericho said that kind of selfishness will cost them the triple threat match against the Undertaker. Big Show he has held tag titles with both Undertaker & Kane and knows what it takes to beat them. The conversation escalated and Jericho said he wasn’t intimidated by Big Show, and he wasn’t afraid of the Undertaker. Big Show left and the lights went out. Jericho started freaking out, but it turned out that Big Show was the one who turned out the lights.

The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker & Kane) vs.  Jerishow (Chris Jericho & The Big Show) ended in a No Contest: The Brothers of Destruction tried to double choke-slam Big Show through the announce table, but Chris Jericho made the save! Big Show knocked out Kane at ringside with a punch! Big Show got in the ring and choke-slammed Undertaker! Big Show helped Jericho put, but Jericho grabbed Big Show and gave him a Code-breaker! Jericho grabbed the World Heavyweight title and ran up to the stage and posed with it for the crowd. The show ended without a winner for the match.