WWE SmackDown 11 27 2009

November 27, 2009 – Bridgeport, Connecticut
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker (sub for Jim Ross)

DARK MATCH: Kaval (Low Ki) defeated Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea..

Chris Jericho + General Manager Theodore Long: Chris Jericho hyped the TLC match pitting himself and Big Show against DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels). Jericho said after December 13, he will never have to deal with DX again – because the TLC match is the most dangerous match in WWE history. Jericho said there were only 8 recorded TLC matches in the history of the business. Jericho said Michaels & Triple H have never been in a TLC match, but he has been in two (he has won won with Benoit, and lost one with Christian). Jericho also pointed out that DX has never been the tag team champions. Jericho demanded respect from Theodore Long, and complained about being left out of the #1 Contenders match tonight. General Manager Theodore Long came out and said he would give Jericho what he wants tonight, and booked Jericho against the Undertaker in a Non-title match tonight!

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart) defeated Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG):

Theodore Long & WWE Intercontinental champion John Morrison + Vickie Guerrero & Eric Escobar: Theodore Long greeted John Morrison backstage, and Morrison asked for a shot at the Miz, Sheamus, or Drew McIntyre. Vickie Guerrero (w/Eric Escobar) came in and reminded Long that Mr. McMahon named her as a consultant on SmackDown! – which means Long has to consult her on all title matches. Long said he was still the General Manager, but Vickie added that he was still on probation. Vickie officially nominated Eric Escobar to face Morrison’s opponent tonight. Long said Escobar didn’t deserve a title shot. Vickie said he deserves it because he’s young, vibrant, and sexy. Morrison remarked that Vickie’s standards keep getting lower and lower. Vickie threatened to call Mr. McMahon, but Long told her not to and gave in to her wishes. Long said Escobar would get one title match tonight but it will be his only opportunity. Vickie was happy with that, and told her boyfriend not to let her down out there.

C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows + Matt Hardy: C.M. Punk said he’s not the only one who knows that cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol are harmful. Punk said medical science has proven this and the surgeon general has put warning labels on these products to warn us. Punk said he guessed the labels are for the smart people who already know. Punk said he will continue his crusade as long as there are people who need change in their lives. Punk said there was one person he has been helping for quite some time, and his name was Luke Gallows (formerly known as Festus). Punk explained that Gallows abused drugs, and implied that this was the reason Festus acted the way he did. Punk said on December 1st a new dangerous drug will hit the stores, and it will be widely available all over the world. Punk said it was more dangerous than smoking a full carton of unfiltered cigarettes. Punk pulled out a copy of Jeff Hardy‘s new DVD, My Life, My Rules, and held it up in the air. Punk said it was an appropriate title for a loser who destroyed his life and career living by HIS rules. Punk said it makes him sick to his stomach that Jeff didn’t just ruin his own life, he ruined the lives of all his fans. Punk said the last chapter of the DVD is all we have to watch because it tells the whole story. Punk said the last chapter contains the cage match where he ended Jeff Hardy’s career in the WWE. Punk told the fans to search for their self respect, and when it comes to this garbage, JUST SAY NO! Matt Hardy finally interrupted Punk’s ranting insults against his brother. Matt said Punk forgot to mention that Jeff was a free spirit who wouldn’t follow Punk’s nonesense. Matt said Punk doesn’t know anything about Jeff Hardy. Punk said if Jeff listened to him instead of living for the moment, he’d have more of a future. Matt said if Punk came off his soap box for a moment, maybe he wouldn’t be a FORMER straight edge champion. Luke Gallows hopped out of the ring and a scheduled match began..

Matt Hardy defeated C.M. Punk w/Luke Gallows by DQ: Luke Gallows is C.M. Punk’s new straight edge bodyguard.. The match ended when Luke Gallows interfered and destroyed Hardy with numerous punches to the head and face! Gallows lifted Hardy up so that Punk could kick him. Gallows propped Hardy up in the corner so Punk could hit the running knee-strike! Punk continued to assault Hardy, and Gallows applied a inverted Full Nelson into a Spine-buster..

REPLAY: They replayed the Piggy James segment from last week..

Josh Mathews & Mickie James: Mickie James said it doesn’t matter what hurtful things Michelle McCool & Layla El say, she wasn’t going anywhere. Mickie said she has worked very hard to get here and was NOT going to leave SmackDown!..

Batista defeated Kane by Countout: Batista will face the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight title at the TLC PPV – because we haven’t seen that before!

John Morrison defeated Eric Escobar w/Vickie Guerrero to retain the WWE Intercontinental title: Vickie Guerrero did her “excuse me!” stuff and then introduced her boyfriend, the future Intercontinental champion, Eric Esbobar. I didn’t think it was possible for Vickie to get more annoying, but she has officially done it since returning to SmackDown!. After the match, Vickie screamed at Eric Escobar for failer her week-after-week. Vickie slapped Escobar across the face and walked out on him!

Vickie Guerrero & Eric Escobar: Eric Escobar caught up with Vickie Guerrero, and she screamed at him some more. Vickie told Escobar to get out of her sight, because he makes her sick! Escobar said every time he holds Vickie, he has to go wash his hands. Escobar said every time he hugs Vickie, it makes him want to peel the skin off his body. Escobar said every time he kisses Vickie, he has to wash out his mouth with disinfectant. Escobar said it wasn’t worth it, and they were DONE. ADIOS! Vickie was furious; you know, in a terrible acting kind of way.

World Heavyweight champion The Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho by DQ: Batista joined Todd Grisham & Matt Striker on commentary for the match, but refused to say anything. The match ended when the Undertaker was setting up for the Tombstone and Batista slipped in and clipped Taker’s knee! Chris Jericho hit the Undertaker with a Code-breaker! Batista entered the ring with a chair and jammed it in Undertaker’s ribs, and then bashed him repeatedly on the back!