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History of the TLC Match

TLC 2The TLC match is a variation of a ladder match, which is modified to co-emphasize two other weapons: tables and chairs. The goal is to acquire the item (usually championship belts) which starts the match suspended above the ring. A TLC match can be seen as a more complicated ladder match, where tables and chairs, along with ladders, can also be used as legal foreign objects. As the match concept was originally conceptualized around the tag teams of the Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz, and Edge and Christian, the particular weapons of tables, ladders and chairs were, respectively, seen as unique to each team’s style. The Hardy’s were seen as high-flying daredevils, and a key element to the Dudley Boyz gimmick was their flagrant use of tables as weapons. Edge and Christian became notable for using steel chairs in tandem against opponents. (Courtesy of Wikipedia.com)

Date Event Winners Losers
08/27/2000 SummerSlam 2000 Edge and Christian The Hardy Boyz
The Dudley Boyz
04/01/2001 Wrestlemania 17 Edge and Christian The Hardy Boyz
The Dudley Boyz
05/24/2001 SmackDown Benoit and Jericho The Hardy Boyz
The Dudley Boyz
10/07/2002 RAW Kane Jericho/Christian
01/16/2006 RAW Edge Ric Flair
09/17/2006 Unforgiven John Cena Edge
06/01/2008 One Night Stand Edge The Undertaker
08/23/2009 SummerSlam C.M. Punk Jeff Hardy
12/13/2009 TLC PPV Degeneration X Jerishow

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