WWE SmackDown 12 11 2009

December 11, 2009 – Houston, Texas
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Goldust defeated Kaval (Low Ki)

Batista: Batista said he did not ask for a match with Rey Mysterio tonight, pointing out that Mysterio demanded a street fight. Batista said he doesn’t think Mysterio deserves to be in the same ring with him. Batista talked about his campaign to reclaim his World Heavyweight championship not making a lot of people happy. Batista said he doesn’t care, and it wasn’t about you (the fans), it was about him being born to be World Heavyweight champion. Batista said he used Evolution to gain the knowledge that he needed and he was on his way. Batista said he didn’t need Rey Mysterio, but he (Rey) has always needed big brother Dave to watch his back. Batista said he doesn’t need the fans, either! Batista said he thought of a way to make it really simple so the fans will understand. Batista asked for a spotlight and got one. Batista said it was about him being in the spotlight where he deserves to be. Batista said he wasn’t there to make friends, but he was there to make money and titles. Batista addressed the Undertaker, saying he is not the dominant force that everyone makes him out to be. Batista said the last two weeks he has beaten the Undertaker down from within, looked into his eyes and seen nothing but fear! Batista said there was something the Undertaker is too stubborn to realize… and that is that the Undertaker has already lost! Batista said everybody around the world should get used to him as World Heavyweight champion. Batista forgot that he was heel and posed for the fans in the corner…

C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows defeated R-Truth & Matt Hardy:

Theodore Long & Vickie Guerrero & Eric Escobar: Vickie Guerrero was snarling at Theodore Long demanding that Eric Escobar be forced to go to the ring and face Chris Jericho right now! Escobar said something in Spanish and Vickie desperately tried to maintain her composure. Long asked Escobar what he said, and he translated that he’ll wrestle anybody as long as it gets him out of there so he doesn’t have to look at Vickie’s face!

Mike Knox & Kane: Mike Knox said he realized he and Kane were a lot alike; both monsters who noone understands. Knox said he enjoyed fighting Kane last week, and wants to do it again. Kane said he and Knox were nothing alike, and there was only one monster standing there right now. Kane agreed that he enjoying fighting Knox, and enjoyed beating him, so they could do it again tonight! Knox said Kane will leave the arena tonight as a broken monster, but he will ride in the ambulance with him. Kane began to choke Knox, who managed to say “did you know lack of oxygen can cause extreme euphoria throughout your entire body?” Kane released the choke and nodded before storming off the set..

Eric Escobar vs. Chris Jericho was modified: Eric Escobar went to the ring for his one-on-one match with Chris Jericho. They were really hyping Jericho’s TLC match with DX this Sunday at the TLC PPV.. Escobar was handling Jericho and tossed him over the top rope, when the match was interrupted by Vickie “EXCUSE ME!” Guerrero. Vickie said she forgot to mention that the match was a handicap match and wished him good luck!

Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Eric Escobar: Vickie Guerrero stood on top of the stage with a smile on her face watching Eric Escobar get destroyed. After the match, Jericho talked about wiping DX off of the face of the planet forever. Big Show said when Triple H & Shawn Michaels were in the hospital he wanted them to think about their faces and remember they were end of the DX..

Drew McIntyre + WWE Intercontinental champion Johm Morrison: Drew McIntyre talked about Vince McMahon signing him to SmackDown! and proclaiming that he was a future World champion. McIntyre said despite this, John Morrison is featured on the cover of WWE Magazine (this month). They showed clips of McIntyre pinning Morrison last week in a Non-title match. McIntyre said the people actually believe in John Morrison? Is it because he was Intercontinental champion? McIntyre said Morrison won’t be Intercontinental champion after this Sunday. John Morrison came out dressed as William Wallace (the Mel Gibson character from “Braveheart”) to get under McIntyres skin. Morrison said the people don’t believe in McIntyre because he noone can understand anything he says! McIntyre said this behavior will get Morrison hurt, and suggested he start showing him respect. Morrison said McIntyre was the “chosen one” because his head was so far up Mr. McMahon’s ass. Morrison accused McIntyre of being a lackey for the WWE Legends (agents). Morrison further spoofed the Braveheart movie and said “this Sunday at the PPV, you may take our lives, but you’ll never take my Intercontinental title!” McIntyre demanded that Morrison stop making fun of him and his culture. McIntyre said he has tried really hard to maintain his composure, but he can’t take it any more. Morrison held up his sword defensively, so McIntyred dared him to drop the sword and fight like a man. Morrison dropped the sword and asked why McIntyre walks around like he owns the place just because he got a crazy endorsement. Morrison said the only endorsement that he needs is from all the people. The fans cheered, and Morrison said they authorized him to give McIntyre the beating he deserves. Both men started to fight, until McIntyre squirmed out of the ring and retreated through the audience.

Kane defeated Mike Knox again:

Mickie James & Maria Kanellis defeated Michelle McCool & Layla El:

Batista destroyed Rey Mysterio: Batista dismantled Rey Mysterio and finished him off with a chairshot (to build steem for his chairs match with Undertaker at TLC). After the match, Batista continued the assault by wrapping Mysterio’s neck in a folding chair and threatening to jump on it! The lights went out and Mysterio disappeared, while the Undertaker appeared in the ring out of thin air! Undertaker took the fight to Batista. Undertaker picked up a steel chair and Batista bailed out of the ring like a true heel. Undertaker threw the chair down and did the cutthroat gesture towards Batista…