WWE SmackDown 01 01 2010

WWE SmackDown

January 1, 2010 – East Rutherford, New Jersey
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Tyler Reks defeated Goldust..

C.M. Punk + Luke Gallows: C.M. Punk came out with Luke Gallows and asked for a show of hands from everybody who made New Year’s resolution – and then asked how many have already broken their resolution. Punk asked how many people foolishly resolved that they would stop drinking. Punk said resolutions were to make a person better, so he has never had to make a resolution because he is already BETTER. Punk said he can save you, and do for you what he did for Luke. Punk asked everybody to stand up, and the people at home to put their hand on the screen. Punk said everybody repeat “I, state your name, am tired of wasting my life and being a loser. I am tired of treating my body like a sewer. I am tired of not having the strength to just say no. In 2010 I will adhere to the straight edge lifestyle. I will not smoke. I will not drink. I will not do drugs.” The fans went from playing along to yelling “what?” at Punk. Punk threatened to beat up everyone in the arena if that was what it took. Punk said the fans are probably still hung over from the holidays. Punk said next week he will save a lost soul from the audience because he has heart. Punk said week after week his message will spread and the youth of today will come together as one straight edge society. Punk said he will start tonight by winning the Beat the Clock challenge and then become a 4-time straight edge World Heavyweight champion at Royal Rumble!

C.M. Punk w/Luke Gallows defeated Matt Hardy in 7:20: C.M. Punk beat Matt Hardy with a Go-To-Sleep and set the time to beat at 7:20. After the match, Luke Gallows gave Matt Hardy a vicious Spine-buster!

Kane failed to beat the clock against Dolph Ziggler: The match ended with Kane locked in a choke submission hold by Dolph Ziggler but would not give up before time ran out..

The Great Khali defeated The Carolina Panther: Ranjin Singh was not with the Great Khali this week.. and they didn’t even mention him..

Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison by DQ to retain the WWE United States title: John Morrison was too aggressive and would not obey the referee’s orders to settle down. Morrison argued with the referee, and McIntyre pushed him into the referee. Naturally the referee thought that Morrison had assaulted him and called for the disqualification. McIntyre grabbed his belt and left, but Morrison gave chase and tackled him on the ramp! An army of referees came out and desperately tried to separate the two wrestlers..

Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix: WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool & Layla El came to ringside wearing “Piggy James” tank tops. Late in the match, Layla got up on the apron and distracted the referee. Michelle tried to kick Mickie in the head, but accidentally kicked Beth Phoenix instead! Mickie followed up with a victory, much to the dismay of McCool. Mickie attacked Layla until McCool joined in for a double-team. Suddenly, Beth Phoenix pulled McCool off and started beating her up! Beth & Mickie took out both Michelle & Layla! Beth & Mickie looked at each other and slapped hands. Mickie turned her back and Beth planted her with the Glam-slam!

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho said that SmackDown! wasn’t big enough for him, because he is better than the show. Jericho said he was bigger than the WWE, and vowed to defeat DX this week on RAW and reclaim the tag team titles. Jericho said he would go on to become the face of RAW, ECW, Superstars, live events, PPV on Demand, WWE Classics, the face of the entire company. Jericho said his new year’s resolution will be to win every championship in the WWE. Jericho said that will start tonight when he beats Rey Mysterio in record time and go on to beat the Undertaker for his sixth World Heavyweight title. Jericho said 2010 he was going to take his rightful place as the epicenter of the entire WWE Universe.

Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho in a time of 7:19: Chris Jericho hit a super Code-breaking with 30 seconds left. Rey Mysterio kicked out and rolled up Jericho for the 1-2-3 with literally one second left on the clock!! They showed C.M. Punk backstage looking more than a little bit pissed off.

Batista failed to beat the clock against R-Truth: Rey Mysterio remained at ringside to watch the match up close. With a minute left on the clock, Batista was purposely taking his time, wanting to win with seconds on the clock to rub it in. With ten seconds left, Batista hit a Batista-bomb and went for the pin, but Mysterio pulled the referee out of the ring to screw Batista! Mysterio sprinted up to the stage gloating. They announced that Batista failed to beat the clock, so the winner of the Beat the Clock challenge was REY MYSTERIO!

Rey Mysterio + Vickie Guerrero: While Rey Mysterio was celebrating on the stage, he was joined by the very very VERY annoying Vickie Guerrero (whom he has feuded with in the past). Mysterio knew this wasn’t going to be good (for ratings). Vickie said here on SmackDown! they all follow the rules, and it was clear that Mysterio just cheated Batista. Vickie said as the official consultant she is advising Rey to take on Batista next week to determine the true number one contender.