WWE SmackDown 01 15 2010

WWE SmackDown

January 15, 2010 – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Chris Jericho + John Morrison: Chris Jericho had a huge bump on his jaw from the shot he took from Mike Tyson on RAW. Jericho told everyone to wipe the smug looks off their faces, and despite what they saw he was not a broken man, and that just because DX outsmarted him again he wasn’t going to crawl into a hole and go away (If I got outsmarted by two middle age men who make weiner jokes I might crawl into a hole). Just because a punch drunk mentally unstable man got a lucky shot on him, doesn’t change the fact that he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho said he is the baddest man on the planet! More importantly, he is the face of SmackDown! Jericho added that he was going to continue his stellar career by adding another accolade to his career when he beats 29 other men to win the Rumble, and that is a fact! Jericho said he would then go on to win the main event of WrestleMania, so he could become a 6 time world champion, and then he would be the one with the smug look on his face, and the tape worms (audience) would be the broken ones. John Morrison made his way down to the ring (I guess there was a singles match happening!).

Chris Jericho defeated John Morrison : John Morrison started the match by smacking Jericho across the face and clotheslining him out of the ring! WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre came down to ringside and watched the match. Morrison was in control after the commercial break cornering Jericho at the turnbuckle. Morrison went for a springboard kick but Jericho pushed him out of the ring! There was some good back and forth action which usually saw Morrison prevail, including Morrison moving out of the way of the lionsault and hitting his springboard kick! Jericho moved out of the way of starship pain and nearly connected the walls of Jericho but Morrison reversed it! Jericho finally locked in the walls of Jericho (not nearly as cool as the Liontamer he used on JTG last week). McIntyre began taunting Morrison, giving him enough willpower to make it to the ropes! Morrison got distracted and walked right into a Code-breaker from Jericho, giving him the 3 count! McIntyre got in the ring and taunted Morrison afterwards.

C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows + Trevor + The Great Khali & Matt Hardy: I really wish Punk would shave his beard, it’s really dirty looking. Punk said that last week he showed the universe that its possible. Punk said he took one of the millions who was just like everyone there today – confused, lost, lonely and addicted. Punk said he took him out of the audience and saved him, giving them a better life. Punk said he is the leader of a straight edge society, and he won’t stop until everyone made the pledge to stand on his side. Punk remembered fondly the time he first laid eyes on Luke… he said he looked and acting like the audience, but look at him now! Punk said that could be them (If straight edge means you’ll turn into Luke Gallows I don’t think I want to be straight edge anymore) and that they’ve just got to want it! Luke said he had something to say! Luke said he knew how hard change could be, it could be harder than climbing a mountain, but that when you wake up in the morning and you need a pill just to start the day, it could start to seem like you need external power just to live your life, but you don’t! All you need is straight edge, and C.M. Punk! Punk said he couldn’t have said it better himself, and he vowed to continue to enlighten all of those hopelessly addicted people that flood society with all their addictions! Punk said he wanted everyone to know that the royal rumble match, was going to be their first step in salvation, because when he won, and becomes the first ever straight edge winner, it’s going to be an accomplishment for a straight edge society! The fans chanted “you suck,” but Punk said what sucks is the fact that each and every single audience member isn’t smart enough to be saved, so it has to happen one person at a time. Punk asked who the lucky individual would be, and they chose an African American man named Trevor. Punk said he didn’t want him to be afraid, because he was amongst friends. Punk said the fans represented his friends that he grew up with, the people who were quick to shove beer in his face and who wanted him to succumb to peer pressure, but he was now with friends who care. Punk asked if he was ready to make a pledge and Trevor said yes! Punk said he was about to be reborn and he had only him (Punk) to thank. Punk asked him how many drinks he has had that year and Trevor said he didn’t even know! Punk asked the alcoholics in the audience how much rat poison he has ingested in this year, and yelled “NONE!” because it is poison, and his straight edge society does not tolerate it. Punk asked Trevor if he was ready to make his life time commitment, and if he was ready to accept straight edge into his life. Punk asked if he was ready to show his devotions through actions, other than just words and Trevor said yes. Punk shaved Trevor’s head! Punk did a horrible job and Trevor looked completely ridiculous after! Punk said this was Trevor’s only good decision this year he had made, and that he didn’t just lose his hair, he also shed his lifetime hidden behind addiction and weakness. Punk said he made one more person who is better than every single one of them! Great Khali and Matt Hardy entered the ring (I guess a match is starting).

C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows defeated Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) and Matt Hardy & The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh and The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya Neidhart): David Hart Smith started off against Matt Hardy. They fought back and forth for a bit until Matt Hardy tagged in Khali. Khali knocked David Hart Smith out of the ring and got out after him, but Natalya and Tyson guarded David while the mandatory commercial break happened. When commercial break ended Khali was standing off against Gallows. Khali obviously won the strength game and JTG blind tagged himself in! JTG got a 2 count (Khali didn’t even make an attempt to break it up) and then got caught with a big sidewalk slam from Gallows! Punk tagged in and JTG got the upper hand. JTG pinned Punk but Gallows and Tyson broke it up, then they were both thrown out by Khali, who was then thrown out by David Hart Smith and Shad! David Hart Smith kicked Shad in the midsection and threw him out, then got pulled out himself by Khali! Hardy climbed to the top rope and jumped onto everyone to cap everything off! Gallows tagged himself in and hit a huge big boot followed by the 12 step (reverse full nelson slam) on JTG, making him and Punk the new #1 contenders for the tag titles! Trevor came into the ring and celebrated with them!

Josh Mathews & Batista: Josh Mathews knocked on Batista’s dressing room door, and said he didn’t mean to interrupt (bull), and told him that many people feel he has a tremendous advantage over Rey Mysterio in the steel cage match tonight, and asked if he cares to comment. Batista said he had nothing to say about Rey, and was done talking about Rey! Josh asked him that if he were to go on to Royal Rumble as #1 contender, is he at all intimidated by The Undertaker. Batista asked if he looked intimidated, and said he had nothing to say about Mysterio or The Undertaker! Josh tried to interrupt more, but Batista told him this interview was over!

WWE World Heavyweight champion The Undertaker: The Undertaker, like always, took 5 minutes to get into the ring. The Undertaker said the dawning of a new decade brings new hopes and new dreams to the superstars of the WWE universe, but make no mistake about it, The Undertaker will continue to dominate like he has for the last two decades. He said last week Batista and Mysterio felt his presence, and experienced a warning they will only get once! He said it doesn’t really matter who wins tonight, because he is hell bent on destruction. He said whoever survives the cage will not survive him at the Royal Rumble. He said speaking of destruction, there is an even on the horizon, an event The Undertaker has reached immortality, Wrestlemania! He said 17 men have stepped up, and 17 men have stepped down. He said all of the fallen warriors, all but 1, have tested his fate and asked for no more. He said but there is 1 who has shined brightly, in defeat, and that is Shawn Michaels! He said Shawn Michaels has come closer than all of those before him, and almost broke the streak, but he failed! He said but this Monday, Shawn had the audacity to challenge him to a rematch! He said he’s decided to come to Raw on Monday, and give him his answer personally! He said regardless of his decision, Shawn will Rest In Peace!!!

Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix by DQ: Beth Phoenix, still sour from getting kicked in the face last week, dominated Mickie at the beginning of the match. Mickie got some offense in after dropkicking Beth right in the knee and kicking her in the head, but Beth quickly regained offense by slamming Micke right into the turnbuckle! Mickie’s legs got tangled up in the turnbuckle, but since Beth wouldn’t ease off the Ref disqualified her! Team Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) ran down to the ring and Beth left, leaving them to beat on Mickie! Mickie tried to fight back, but 2 was too much for 1, and Michelle hit the Styles Clash (I refuse to call it the Faith Breaker) to finish her off!

Josh Mathews & Dolph Ziggler: Josh asked Dolph what his thoughts were, heading into his third encounter with the big red monster (Kane). Dolph said two weeks ago he brought Kane down to his knees, and last week he was extremely close to making him tap out. Dolph said after beating him tonight hes rolling right on through to the Royal Rumble match, which he will win, and that will put him right on through to the main event at Wrestlemania!

Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler: It’s absolutely ridiculous how they putting Dolph’s sleeper hold over as some devastating submission. Kane, still sour from getting counted out last week, dominated Dolph Ziggler at the beginning of the match (sound familiar?). Ziggler managed to lock in his sleeper hold from hell (my name for it) after Kane charged him at the turnbuckle but got kicked in the face, but Kane threw Ziggler over his shoulder and out of the ring! During the commercial break Ziggler got control by knocking Kane into the ring post and throwing him into the steel steps! When they came back from commercial Ziggler had a chin lock in. Ziggler continued to work on Kane for a bit, even locking in a second chin lock. Kane tried to hit the chokeslam but Ziggler grabbed the ropes. Kane then regained control after a huge big boot! Todd Grisham said Kane was trying to turn the match into a train crash (what?). Ziggler went for a superplex but Kane knocked him off the turnbuckle and wanted to hit the tope rope lariat but Ziggler rolled out of the ring! Ziggler singed in the sleeper hold from hell outside of the ring to try and get Kane counted out again, but Kane broke it on the ring post and managed to get back in the ring. Kane went for his top rope lariat, missed it, and Ziggler hit a famouser for 2! Ziggler tried for a zigzag but Kane reversed it and hit the chokeslam for 3!

Rey Mysterio + Maria Kanellis & Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J + Josh Mathews: They showed Rey Mysterio putting on his mask (from behind). Rey left the locker room and Maria, Jimmy Wang and Slam Master J all wished him good luck! Josh Mathews stopped him in the hall and said the odds have never been stacked against him like they are tonight, and that it must feel like a nightmare. Mysterio said nightmares are dreams, bad dreams, but there are also dreams that are good ones, and that he once had a dream that he would become the world champion. He said tonight the reality is he is walking into that match with a dream of winning, and that tonight won’t be a nightmare, it will be a dream come true.

Rey Mysterio defeated Batista to become the new #1 contender: Rey Mysterio tried to climb out of the cage seconds into the match but Batista grabbed him, Rey went for a cross body block but Batista ducked it and took control! Mysterio drop kicked Batista into the ropes but couldn’t do his 619 do to the cage being there! Mysterio knocked Batista into the ropes once again but that time tried climbing out of the cage! Batista caught him and tried to Batista bomb him but Mysterio got out of it! Batista threw Mysterio into the cage and started pushing his face against it as hard as he could! Batista gorilla press slammed him into the cage wall, and tried to repeat it but Mysterio grabbed the cage and nearly climbed out again! Mysterio knocked him off and hit the west coast pop! Batista tried to spear Mysterio but ran head first into the cage wall! Mysterio nearly pinned Batista several times but he kept on kicking out. Batista hit the spear and a huge spinebuster on Mysterio, and then did some Scott Steiner like push ups next to him! Batista asked for the door to be opened and let Mysterio nearly crawl out before pulling him back in and trying to go for another Batista bomb! Mysterio grabbed the cage wall again, this time climbing over the top! Batista ran for the door but Mysterio kicked it into his face before falling onto the ground for the win to become the new #1 contender!