WWE SmackDown 03 12 2010

WWE SmackDown

March 12, 2010 – Seattle, Washington
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Tyler Reks..

Rey Mysterio and his Family (son Dominik, wife Angie, daughter Aalyah) + Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): Rey Mysterio came down to the ring with his son, wife and young daughter (Editor’s note: I feel a boring family angle). Rey said each and every week the WWE Universe lets him into their homes, and now he wants to let them into his! Rey said he wanted to introduce his family to them. Rey said he considers the WWE Universe apart of his family. Rey introduced his son Dominic, who is now bigger than him (last time I saw him he was extremely small, back in 05). Rey introduced his wife Angie, and his daughter Aalyah. Rey said as a WWE Superstar he travels all over the World to entertain the WWE Universe, and sometimes they miss out on important days in their lives. Rey said as parents, they go out of their way to make their kids feel special. Rey said tonight is his daughters ninth birthday, Rey said he wants all of the WWE Universe to make his daughter’s birthday special. Rey asked if the WWE Universe was ready to sing happy birthday, and midway through the song Punk came out! Punk said not to stop singing on account of him. Punk started singing happy birthday. Punk said Rey looked scared, but Punk assured him he wasn’t out there to hurt him or his family, Punk said he was happy that both their families were out there together, and they needed to celebrate the occasion, and there’s no bigger celebration then WrestleMania, so Punk wants to challenge Rey. Punk said he wants to challenge Rey to a match tonight too, and he doesn’t mean later in the show, he means now! Rey said it wasn’t the time. Punk told Aalyah that his birthday present to her was letting her shut her eyes while he reduces Rey to tears and makes him beg for mercy. Punk said Dominik was all grown up now, but he doesn’t think Dominik has ever heard his father squeal like a pig while someone stomped on his surgically repaired knees, so it’s okay if Dominik wants to plug his ears. Punk said he’s sure Angie and Rey have shared the best of times, but after he does what he’s going to do to her husband, it will be the worst of times, so she’s allowed to cup her hand over her mouth to muffle the screams. Punk asked Rey what the matter was, and asked Rey if he was afraid of his family watching him get hurt. Punk said Rey was a coward, he knows it, Rey’s family knows it, and all the fans know it! Punk asked what it would take, Punk asked where giant killer Rey Mysterio was at. Punk asked where 619 was, where the ultimate underdog was, where the machismo was. Punk said his machismo, his courage, he never had it! Punk said he would even drop down to Rey’s level, Punk got down on his knees. Punk continued to ask Rey what it would take and even slapped him! Rey and his family got out of the ring and left. Punk said that was their superhero, and to watch him take his walk of shame. Punk started singing happy birthday to Aalyah in an extremely creepy tone as they walked away.

R-Truth w/David Otunga defeated WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin w/Daniel Bryan: Miz said John Morrison and R-Truth think they can come to RAW and embarrass the last truly great tag team, really! Miz said they think they can beat them at WrestleMania and win the championships, really! Miz asked the fans if they thought Morrison and Truth could beat them and the fans cheered. Miz said tonight The Big Show was going to show John Morrison exactly what he could do, right now he was going to show R-Truth what he could do, and together at WrestleMania 26 they will prove they are the most dominant force in sports entertainment, because they’re ShowMiz, and they’re awesome! Miz started off in control but quickly fell for Truth’s splits kick to the face spot. Truth clotheslined Miz out of the ring and then dove on top of him so they could cut to commercial. Back from commercial Miz had Truth in a chin lock, but Truth quickly turned it into a belly to back suplex. At one point Miz reversed the scissors kick into a pin, and tried to use the ropes for leverage but Daniel pushed his feet off! A moment later Truth hit the lie detector for the 3!

WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Drew McIntyre was slowly walking down the hall when Teddy stopped him. Teddy said Drew was defeated in both of his MIIB qualifying matches only to have McMahon wipe those loses clean, and now he has a third opportunity! Drew said he is proud that he is the undefeated Intercontinental champion, and he is also proud that tonight he will qualify for the MIIB match. Teddy said Drew must also be proud that McMahon picked his opponent. Drew said McMahon is his boss. Teddy said he realizes that as well as that he’s on probation, but he is still the GM and will still do his job. Teddy said he can’t change the match, but he can make the match a winner take all, the MIIB spot, and the Intercontinental championship! Teddy said if Drew loses tonight, his undefeated streak is gone!

Drew McIntyre defeated Aaron Bolo to retain the WWE Intercontinental title and qualify for the MITB: Drew McIntyre quickly destroyed this jobber and hit the shock treatment to qualify for money in the bank at WrestleMania 26. After the match, Drew got Matt Striker to announce to the viewers at home that he is going to WrestleMania!

Unified Tag Team champion The Big Show defeated John Morrison: John Morrison quickly went on offense but Big Show easily knocked him down and took over. Big Show childishly taunted Morrison while he knocked him around. After Show threw Morrison out of the ring and lifted him back in Morrison began fighting back with some hard kicks. Morrison finally knocked show over after a missile drop kick! Morrison went for the springboard kick but Show countered with his knock out punch to win!

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & Tiffany : Teddy told Tiffany he missed her and was glad they were back together again. Tiffany said she couldn’t wait to work with the other SmackDown! Diva’s and asked how Mickie was doing (she had a knee injury) and Teddy said she was doing just fine. Vickie walked in and Teddy introduced her to Tiffany. Teddy told Vickie to be nice and Vickie said it was Tiffany’s fault that ECW was replaced with NXT. Vickie said Tiffany should go back to being the resident babysitter and leave the business to the big girls. Vickie said she was the authority figure and Tiffany should be very worried. Teddy said Tiffany was there to be a Diva, and was not looking to take Vickie’s job. Vickie started laughing and Tiffany asked what was funny. Vickie told Tiffany to get her gear on because tonight she would be facing the WWE Women’s champion, Michelle McCool!

Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard) vs. The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) went to no contest: Tyson and JTG started off. Tyson quickly took control and slammed JTG’s knee into the steel post! Tyson got JTG into a single leg Boston crab and the lights went out. The lights came back on and The Undertaker was in the ring! Taker destroyed everyone, choke slamming Shad, hitting the last ride on Tyson, tomb stoning David Hart Smith, and locking in the hells gate on JTG!

Tiffany defeated WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool w/Vickie Guerrero & Layla by DQ: Michelle began doing push ups in front of Tiffany but Tiffany wasn’t intimidated. Tiffany took control and knocked Michelle out of the ring! Tiffany continued to attack Michelle, and threw Michelle around outside. Tiffany began trying to Irish whip Michelle into the ring but Vickie charged forward like a rhino, nearly killing Tiffany. After the match Michelle kicked Tiffany in the head and threw her into the ring. They continued to beat on Tiffany until Beth Phoenix came running down to the ring! Beth threw Layla and Michelle out, and then hit Vickie with a clothesline! Beth tried to pick up Vickie for a glam slam but Michelle and Layla distracted Beth long enough for Vickie to run away. Beth held Tiffany’s hand up in victory!

Kane defeated Luke Gallows w/Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Serena) by DQ: They fought back and forth but neither guy could gain an advantage. Kane hit a boot and tried for the chokeslam but Punk got Luke out of the ring for some coaching. Back from commercial the coaching obviously worked because Luke was in control. Kane hit the big boot late into the match, followed by the top rope lariat, but Gallows blocked the chokeslam. Moments later Kane connected the chokeslam, but Punk ran into the match and hit Kane with the G2S! After the match Rey Mysterio slowly walked down to the ring but Punk tried to run! Rey and Mysterio fought outside the ring and into the audience, mostly punching each other. Punk wound up running away.

World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho + Edge: Chris asked Edge why he was smiling, and asked if there was something funny. Edge said it’s funny that his show is called the highlight reel but the only highlight they seem to have is Edge hitting him with a certain move, Edge pretended not to know the name and the fans chanted “Spear”! Chris said he found it humorous how Edge had all those sheep chanting for him. Chris said that was fantasy, and he only deals in reality. Chris said he is an honest man, and he always tells the truth. Chris said the truth is they could have been one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, but then Edge selfishly got hurt. Chris said Edge always gets to the cusp of greatness, but then gets injured. Chris said when he stole the show at WM 19 against Shawn Michaels, Edge was sitting at home watching, same with WM 20! Chris asked Edge if he knew what Chris was doing while Edge sat at home, Edge said losing! Edge said he lost at WM 19 and WM 20! Chris said he was doing something Edge will never do, forging a hall of fame, unprecedented unparalleled career as the greatest performer of his generation! Chris said he was doing it injury free. Edge asked what the point was. Edge said he gets injured because he takes risks! Edge said he’s jumped off of 20 foot ladders, jumped through fire, landed in thumbtacks, that’s what he does! Edge said he faces adversity and he does it without fear. Edge said his style will probably take years off of his career. Edge said he has no regrets, and at WrestleMania he is going to take whatever risk he has to take in order to get back his World Heavyweight championship! Chris said Edge has already taken risks, especially when he agreed to face Chris at WrestleMania, because bad things happen to him when they are in the ring together. Chris said Edge has never succeeded in anything on his own, the best he’s ever done was when he was with Vickie Guerrero, Edge said touché! Edge said everyone has that girlfriend they regret having, Edge said for him it’s Vickie Guerrero, for Chris, it’s The Big Show! Edge said he takes calculated risks, and at WM he is going to take those risks to get the championship. Chris said Edge should have stayed away from him, Chris said he was there when Edge tore his Achilles heel, rushed his recovery, and it paid off. Chris said that’s going to cost Edge, because he isn’t fully healed or ready to come back, he was too busy pandering to all those sheep to realize that he is still injured. Chris said he knows that Edge and the sheep would love to see Edge standing strong at the end of WM, but the reality is this, at WM he is going to beat Edge, hurt Edge, and send Edge home for another 6 months! Edge said he’s going to do something at WM too, he’s going to make Chris an ex champion, and he is going to do it after he hits Chris with a spear! Chris smacked Edge in the face with the microphone, and attacked him with a stool! Chris tried to throw Edge into the Jeri-Tron but Edge hit the impaler DDT! Edge got ready to hit the spear but Chris smacked Edge right in the face with the World Heavyweight championship! Chris grabbed the mic and said spear about 12 times pointing at the audience all over. Show ended with Chris holding the title up high with Edge laying at his feet.