WWE SmackDown 03 19 2010

WWE SmackDown

March 19, 2010 – Los Angeles, California
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Rey Mysterio + Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): Rey said he hasn’t had a moment of peace for the last week. Rey said every time he closes his eyes he can see his daughter crying, his wife and son looking at him, putting the weight of the world on his shoulders because of C.M. Punk. Rey said he’s climbed a lot of mountains during his career, he’s taken beatings, won titles, been embarrassed, and been afraid, but Punk crossed a line that should not be crossed. Rey said this goes way beyond brainwashing SES and his never ending sea of lies. Rey said last week Punk challenged him to a match at WrestleMania, and he accepts! Rey said it’s not just going to be any match, he doesn’t just want to compete against Punk, he wants it to be a street fight! Rey said what Punk needs is to learn a lesson, you never mess with another mans family, and that’s a lesson Rey is going to teach him. SES came out. Punk said Rey’s being very emotional, so he is going to keep a safe distance. Punk said he understands how Rey feels after showing everyone last week that he’s a coward. Punk said he can see Rey’s heart and he knows it’s broken and he knows Rey is full of anger and rage but that’s no way to solve his problems. Rey said Punk has no idea how he is feeling inside, you have to be human to understand what Rey’s heart is feeling, and Punk isn’t human, he’s a monster! Rey said something in Spanish. Rey said he doesn’t see why he doesn’t walk up that ramp right now and give Punk a beating. Punk said he has one good reason why, if he takes one more step there’s not going to be a WrestleMania for him, if he lays one finger on Punk from here until WrestleMania he doesn’t get the match! Punk said he came out here to tell Rey that he sees a ton of potential in him under that mask, if Rey would see the straight edge in himself. Punk said he’s been on a rollercoaster with his family too, but he doesn’t have to shut his eyes to remind him of Aalyah’s Birthday because he has pictures to remind him of the occasion. The Titantron showed a photo of Rey with Aalyah. Punk said that picture is beautiful because it illustrates the trust that only a little girl can have with her father, she trusts her father to be that superhero that no matter what beyond a shadow of a doubt daddy is going to make everything okay. They showed a picture of Rey standing in front of his family with Aalyah looking scared. Punk said this was his favorite picture because if you look at her eyes you can see her holding onto that glimmer of hope that her daddy actually is a superhero and that he’s going to make the monster go away. Punk said that’s not what happened, Rey isn’t a superhero and he didn’t make the monster go away. Next a photo of Rey holding the crying Aalyah was shown. Punk said this is the moment he wanted to share with the world, not because it’s the moment that his daughter realized that she can’t count on Rey as long as she lived, not the moment that his family and the rest of the WWE Universe saw that Rey was a coward, not the moment where Dominik realizes he is more of a man than Rey ever will be, but the moment Punk realized he can save Rey! Punk said he can save Rey if he just accepts Punk as his savior. Rey said him and Punk are nothing alike. Punk said he knows because he is straight edge and straight edge means he is better then Rey. Punk said there is hope for Rey, if he just joins the SES he can live up to the superhero myth people have built up for him, all he has to do is accept Punk as his savior. Rey said Punk has gone crazy because that will never happen, and if Punk doesn’t accept his WrestleMania match he will have to live for the rest of his life fighting Rey every day! Rey said it’s Punk’s choice, he can either just say yes, or just say no. Punk said he doesn’t like either of those options, but since he’s a compassionate individual and he pities Rey he will pitch one of his own. Punk said tonight if Rey can defeat Luke Gallows in a singles match, he gets his street fight, but if he loses, and then goes on to lose at WrestleMania, Rey will be forced to take Punk’s hand, stand side by side with Punk, and join SES. Punk said Rey will have to accept Punk as his savior on the grandest stage of them all, and then once Punk has saved Rey, maybe just maybe, Rey can forget that those picture perfect moments have ever happened. Rey said that is a photo he will always remember, he will take that image with him until the day he dies. Rey said tonight he will defeat Luke Gallows again, and make sure that Punk never forgets the beating he will give him at WrestleMania! Rey said may God have mercy on his (Punk) soul.

Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler defeated Matt Hardy & Montel Vontavious Porter: Hardy and Ziggler started off. Hardy had the upper hand so Ziggler pushed him into the corner and tagged in Swagger. Swagger took control of Hardy just in time for commercial break. Back from break Swagger had Hardy in a sort of reverse bear hug. Swagger slammed Hardy down and hit the Vader bomb for 2. Swagger tried for the gut wrench powerbomb but Hardy reversed it into a Russian leg sweep. Hardy and Swagger tagged their partners and MVP took down Ziggler. MVP tried for the playmaker but Swagger distracted him, Hardy took himself and Swagger out of the ring but Ziggler hit the zigzag on MVP for the 3! After the match Ziggler slid a huge ladder into the ring. Ziggler set the ladder up, climbed it, and pulled down the briefcase. Ziggler sat on the ladder gloating.

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre: Teddy was sitting in his office when Drew walked in. Drew asked why Teddy wanted to see him. Teddy said he’s impressed that Drew is still technically undefeated. Teddy said he knows that Drew lost his first MIIB qualifier to Kane, but Vince erased that loss. Teddy said the week after Drew lost his second MIIB qualifier to Matt Hardy, but Vince also erased that loss. Teddy said last week Drew finally qualified, but it was against Vince’s handpicked opponent, but it was someone that no ones ever heard of, and will probably never hear of again. Teddy said Drew is still technically undefeated, and that spans all the way back to August, but that ends tonight. Drew asked what Teddy meant. Teddy said he was thinking about undefeated streaks, like a 17-0 WrestleMania undefeated streak! Drew said he’s sure Vince doesn’t want him in a match this close to WrestleMania. Teddy said when Drew walked into his office he was trying to phone Vince, but he couldn’t get a hold of him, so tonight he’s facing The Undertaker!

Beth Phoenix & Tiffany defeated Team Lay-Cool (WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool & Layla El): Beth and Layla started off. Beth easily picked up Layla and hit a huge airplane spin! Layla walked to the wrong corner and walked into a lariat. Beth tagged in Tiffany who hit a cross body block for 2. Tiffany hung Layla up in the ropes but Michelle hit her with a cheap shot outside. Layla threw Tiffany back into the ring for a 1. Layla tagged in Michelle who easily took control of Tiffany. Michelle missed a leg drop and Tiffany got the hot tag to Beth. Beth took Michelle down with a slingshot suplex, and tried for a gorilla press slam on Layla but Michelle kicked Beth in the midsection. Beth reversed a Styles clash attempt into a glam slam for the win! After the match Vickie came out on stage and told Tiffany to get to the back because Beth owes her an apology. Vickie got in the ring. Beth said she walked into Vickie’s office, looked her dead in the eye and apologized for what she did last week. Vickie said that wasn’t good enough, she wants the apology in front of everyone! Beth said she’ll admit that it was wrong to put her hands on a WWE authority figure, for that she’s sorry. Vickie said her apology is still unacceptable. Vickie said Beth will always regret the day that she laid hands on Vickie. Vickie said she is the official consultant of SmackDown! And Beth’s boss. Vickie said she is Beth’s superior in more ways than she can ever think of, and to prove it Beth will be in a match with her next week!

Edge + World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho w/Wade Barrett : Edge said last week Jericho had him on his show. Edge said this week he thought he would return the favor by having Jericho on his show, The Cutting Edge. Edge called Jericho down to the ring. Edge said he sees that Jericho has brought his NXT protégé, and that they look like they’re ready to go to the prom together! Edge said it’s like a game of chess between them. Edge said last week Jericho nailed him on the head with his belt, but on RAW Edge got him back. Edge said he always looks a few moves ahead, and he will get the last move at WrestleMania, and Jericho should know what that last move is going to be. Jericho said Edge is wrong; finally the ultimate opportunist has made the ultimate mistake. Jericho said Edge is making the mistake of boiling down the entire WrestleMania match to one move, the spear. Jericho said there are a ton of other factors and variables involved. Jericho said first of all he’s the World Heavyweight champion, meaning he’s the best in the world at what he does. Jericho said secondly it’s WrestleMania; can Edge live up to the hype and expectations of all the parasites? Jericho said thirdly Edge might not be 100% physically healed from his injury, Edge might not be able to give it his all because he’s still hurt. Jericho said the sound of 70,000 hypocrites chanting spear will not help Edge if he is still hurt. Jericho said he saw Edge tear his Achilles by taking one step, it was a freak accident, but what if he grabbed his ankle, bent it back and deliberately tore his Achilles again. Jericho said David Beckham’s career is over from that type of injury, so will Edges. Edge said he might have come back too soon, he might still be injured, there’s a good chance that he is, but nobody knows, and there’s only one way to find out, for Jericho to make his move and go for his checkmate! Edge said he didn’t think he would, and then attacked Jericho and Wade! Edge threw Jericho out of the ring and hit Wade with the spear, but then walked right into the code breaker! Jericho stepped on Edge’s ankle afterwards and Edge freaked out in pain. Jericho whispered spear into Edge’s ear. Segment ended with Jericho posing over Edge with the belt.

John Morrison & R-Truth defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya): Truth and David started off, but Truth made the tag pretty quickly to Morrison. David hit Morrison with a nice belly to belly suplex and tagged in Tyson. Truth hit the lie detector while Morrison held David back to win moments later.

Luke Gallows w/Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Serena) defeated Rey Mysterio: Luke Gallows has extremely weird music. Rey quickly took control with his speed, getting ready for the 619 early on but Luke reversed it into a huge back breaker like move. Luke threw Rey out of the ring and went out after him. Luke slammed Rey hard onto the barricade and then got back in the ring. Rey just got back to the ring before a 10 count. Back from commercial Rey was in a bear hug. Luke tried for a superplex but Rey knocked Luke off the turnbuckle and hit a west coast pop, followed by a springboard cross body block. Luke took over again soon after with a big slam and a splash. Rey hit a huge wheelbarrow bulldog moments later followed by a springboard leg drop for 2! Rey hit the 619 moments later and got ready for the west coast pop but Punk distracted the ref and Serena pushed Rey off the ropes! Luke pinned Rey for the 3! After the match Rey clotheslined Luke over the top rope and began attacking him on top of the announce table. Rey wouldn’t stop punching Luke for a long time.

The Undertaker defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre: Undertaker easily destroyed Drew McIntyre after hitting the chokeslam and tombstone. After the match Shawn Michaels tried to hit the SCM on Taker on the ramp but missed the first time, got out of a chokeslam attempt and hit it the second time! Shawn yelled at Taker for a bit and then walked away.