WWE SmackDown 04 09 2010

WWE SmackDown

April 9, 2010 – Chicago, Illinois
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger + John Morrison: Jack said last week he shocked the world, he cashed in his MIIB briefcase and became the new world heavyweight champion. Jack said tonight Chris and Edge will compete to find out who will face him at Extreme Rules. Jack said it doesn’t matter to him who wins because no matter whom his competitor is; he’s the odds on favorite to win. Jack said he’s a changed man for the better in every conceivable way. Jack said some people are born to be champions; and he’s one of them! Jack said you can boo him all you want but the fact is there isn’t a WWE superstar who can stop his momentum. Jack said since Shawn Michaels’ career is over, he is now the greatest natural competitor in the WWE. Jack said he deserves to be champion. John Morrison came out. John said Jack got lucky one night, it may make him a title holder, but it doesn’t make him a champion. John said Jack didn’t look like much of a champion on RAW, and they showed the footage of Randy Orton beating Jack. John said Jack claims to be changed, but he still looks the same, stupid haircut, stupid nickname, and stupid speech impediment. Jack said he doesn’t have a speech impediment. Jack said he’s standing here champion, but Johns only claim to fame is standing in the shadow of Miz! Jack said John will never rival his career. John said at least he doesn’t have a speech impediment. Jack charged John and was thrown from the ring.

World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger defeated John Morrison: Back from commercial the match had already begun with Morrison in control. Jack finally took over after reversing Morrison’s tornado DDT into a big powerslam. Jack was cut open somehow and the match had to be stopped temporarily so the doctor could clean him up. Jack continued to use his strength and size to manhandle Morrison. Morrison blocked a superplex attempt but Jack jumped up to the top turnbuckle and hit a belly to belly suplex! Jack tried for the running Vader bomb but Morrison got his feet up. Morrison started to gain momentum and hit the springboard kick for 2! Jack hung Morrison up on the ropes and tried for a gut wrench powerbomb but Morrison was able to get out of it. Jack tried for a sunset flip pin, Jack kicked out, so Morrison kicked him in the face! Morrison tried for starship pain but Jack rolled out of the ring. Morrison got onto the apron and was knocked off by Jack. Jack threw Morrison back in the ring and hit the gut wrench powerbomb to win!

Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett + World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: Chris was telling Wade about his crappy week and how he should still be champion. Jack came in and asked if they say him win, because that’s how a champion should look. Jack said he was pulling for Chris tonight and that the only reason he cashed it in on Chris is because he was hurt, a sure thing. Chris said it’s still his belt and tried to pull it away from Jack again. Chris said he talked to everyone but apparently their going to let it stand, but he won’t buy it. Chris said Jack can walk around with his spiked hair and stern look but it doesn’t make him Chris Jericho or a champion. Jack said Chris was right, the belt makes him a champion!

Shad Gaspard + JTG: Shad rolled the footage of him beating up JTG last week. Shad asked if they liked it, because it was all him. Shad said some of them can relate to him, in wanting proper respect, but having that one family member standing in your way, or that co-worker that gets promotion after promotion, even though you work just as hard. Shad said they all need to be a lot more like him; they need to stand up, break out, and take what you deserve. Shad said not to let people, like JTG, stand in your way. Shad said do what you want, but you know he’s right, because this isn’t Cryme Tyme, it’s his time. Shad said it’s Shad Gaspard’s time! JTG came running down to the ring. Shad slipped out of the ring and hit JTG with a big boot.

WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy: Drew said he wasn’t going to waste his breath on the fans. Hardy entered and the match began. Hardy started punching Drew but was kicked in the midsection for his troubles. Hardy took Drew down with a spear and began punching again. Drew kicked Hardy in the knee and began kicking. Hardy was able to hit a clothesline off the middle rope. Hardy continued to explode; clotheslining Drew out of the ring, Back from commercial Drew had Hardy in a headlock. Hardy hit a chin breaker to get out of it. Drew hit a belly to back suplex against the turnbuckle! Hardy was selling being dazed all match and could hardly walk or see straight, but was able to hit the side effect out of nowhere, followed by another. Hardy hit a leg drop off the middle rope, but only got a 2. Hardy tried for the twist of fate but Drew reversed it into a Futureshock attempt. Hardy reversed the future shock into a back drop and Drew was knocked from the ring again. Drew was able to throw Hardy head first into the steel underneath the canvas. Drew hit the Futureshock out of the ring, then rolled Hardy into the ring for the 3!

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena) & Darren Young + Rey Mysterio: Serena said they were all sinners and addicts, just living a pathetic life. Serena said if they would just allow themselves to find straight edge through the grace of Punk, then they would all be able to take their meaningless lives and actually make them better. Luke said the moment of cleansing is worth a lifetime of pain. Luke said when he realized that straight edge was his destiny, in and through Punk, he was saved. Punk said there was a time when Luke and Serena were as weak and powerless as everyone in that arena. Punk said they belonged to their moral majority, but then he came along. Punk said he saved them, and they ascended high above the food chain with Punk. Punk said there was a time when he would look into their eyes and see nothing but loneliness and despair. Punk said just like all the loneliness and despair he sees when he looks into Darren Young’s eyes. Punk said he knows what Young is going through and how his life if falling apart in little pieces. Punk said he can pick those pieces up. Punk said he knows that Young started his NXT journey full of hope and vigor, but now he’s dead last and on the verge of being eliminated from the competition. Punk said all is not lost, he won his last match on NXT through the power of straight edge. Punk said he was there in spirit and that is what straight edge can do for you. Punk said tonight he is giving Darren a choice. Young sat down in the chair. Punk said his hair represents the path he’s taken in his life up, until this glorious moment. Punk said it represents his weakness and tonight he will take his weakness away from him, if he accepts straight edge into his heart. Punk said what that means is no more drinking, smoking, or late night partying. Punk said what it means is not being a loser anymore. Punk said Young doesn’t want to be dead last, he wants to be number 1. Punk said his hair represents all that is good, pure, and right. Punk said if Young is ready all he has to do is raise his hand to touch the stars. Punk asked Young if he is ready to accept Punk as his savior. Young got scared and put his hand down. Young stood up and said he changed his mind. Punk asked Young who he thinks he is, and Young pushed him! Luke and Punk started beating up Young. Punk got the razor ready when Rey Mysterio came to make the save. Rey cleaned house and tried to shave Punk’s head but Serena pulled him out of there. Rey said last week Punk challenged him to a match at Extreme Rules. Rey said he accepts! Rey said on top of that he’s going to beat Punk again, but this time he’s not just going to beat him, he’s going to shave his head and put an end to the SES! Rey said they are one move away from the 619!

The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) defeated Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft: Caylen said they were the dude busters. Trent said that’s not just a cool name, it’s a life style. Caylen said while the Harts crawled around in their grandpas basement, they had to get to the WWE on their own. Caylen said Trent beat Call Of Duty 4 in one day. Trent said Caylen hit 12 3 pointers in a row blindfolded on Trent’s driveway. Trent said they aren’t there to brag. Caylen said to TiVo them, because the dude busters are there to change your life. Tyson and Caylen started off, and Tyson easily out wrestled Caylen. Tyson was pushed from the ring after a sharp shooter attempt and Trent attacked Tyson on the outside. Trent tagged in and hit an elbow drop, followed by a belly to back suplex. Tyson finally got the hot tag and David exploded on Trent. Hart Dynasty tried for the Hart attack but Caylen interfered. David hit a big Alabama like slam, followed by the sharp shooter for the win!

Josh Mathews & Dolph Ziggler:
Josh asked Dolph what it felt like to knock out The Great Khali. Dolph said it feels like this and knocked out Josh with the sleeper.

Edge & World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: Jack said he was pulling for Edge tonight, but if he does see Edge at Extreme Rules he’ll put Edge back on the injured list. Edge said a few years ago when he cashed in his MIIB he was a lot like Jack, cocky and overconfident. Edge said he wound up losing the title three weeks later. Edge said tonight he will beat Chris, and in 3 weeks he’ll beat Jack with the spear. Edge said he would hit Jack with the “thpear”. Jack said he didn’t have a speech impediment!

Chris Jericho vs. Edge ended in a Double Countout: Edge threw Chris out of the ring early in the match for commercial break time. Back from commercial Edge was working on the ribs of Chris. Edge left the ring and pulled Chris ribs first into the steel ring post! Chris managed to hit a springboard drop kick, knocking Edge off the apron. Chris started to take control after that. Edge tried for a sunset flip pin but Chris turned it into a pin of his own and nearly won. Second commercial break after Chris baseball slid Edge out of the ring. Finally Edge was able to fight back after hitting Chris in the ribs. Edge hit the flapjack, followed by a DDT. Chris hit a bulldog, and tried for the lionsault but Edge put up his legs, Chris grabbed them and turned it into the walls of Jericho! Edge got to the ropes and then hit Chris with a big boot. Chris went for another walls attempt but Edge turned it into a pin. Chris hit the code breaker but Edge fell out of the ring! Chris slid Edge into the ring and only got a 2! Edge hit the impaler DDT moments later. Edge got ready for the spear but Chris leap frogged over Edge and left the ring! Edge and Chris started fighting in the audience but got counted out! They fought all over the place, before Edge was finally able to hit Chris with a spear when Chris tried to hit Edge with the chair.