WWE SmackDown 04 16 2010

WWE SmackDown

April 16, 2010 – London, England
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Dos Caras defeated ??????:

Chris Jericho + Edge + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Chris said he would say this slowly so the parasites could understand. Chris said Randy is on RAW, yet Randy gets a World title shot, even though the title should only be defended on SmackDown! Chris said he brought the title to prominence and glory by being the best champion ever! Chris said Swagger cashed in his MIIB on him, which entitles him to a rematch, but he didn’t get one because Theodore Long is an incompetent buffoon. Chris said Theodore needs to rectify the situation by handing in his resignation immediately and ensure that Chris faces the winner of Orton and Swagger as soon as the match is through. Chris said he was unfairly treated and deserves something better as the most valuable performer. Edge came out. Edge said he strangely agrees with Chris, the title should stay on SmackDown! And Chris deserves a rematch. Edge said Chris also deserves a kick to the cobblers. Edge said Chris is damaged goods. Edge said he’s speared Chris and stood over him a lot. Edge said if Chris really cares about SmackDown! He should give up on the rematch clause because of the shape he’s in. Chris asked Edge if he could beat Orton or Swagger. Edge said he knows he can and if Chris wants to argue he can spear him right now and prove it. Theodore Long came out. Teddy said he doesn’t appreciate Chris hating on him. Chris said if Teddy did his job he wouldn’t have to be hating on him, player! Chris demanded that he gets what he deserves. Teddy said if he really wanted to give Chris what he deserved he would have security throw him out. Teddy said technically Chris doesn’t decide on his rematch clause, he (Teddy) does! Teddy said he will get his rematch tonight! Chris said it’s about time Teddy did the right thing. Chris said he guarantees that he will beat Swagger, take back the title, beat Orton at Extreme Rules, and make sure that Edge never gets another title shot. Teddy said Chris doesn’t have any real power. Teddy said he believes that Edge could become champion too, so tonight Swagger will defend the title against both Chris and Edge in a triple threat match!

WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre defeated Kane by DQ: Drew said before the match that the people don’t like him. Drew said it was because he’s young and handsome, or maybe because he’s the IC champion, or because he’s the chosen one. Drew said the people don’t like him, but he doesn’t like them either. Kane came out and the match got started. They threw punches before Kane took down Drew with a headlock. Drew fought back but took a drop kick to the face for his efforts. Kane charged into an empty turnbuckle and wound up taking a big boot and neckbreaker afterwards. Drew wound up running into a big boot himself moments later, followed by a lariat and sidewalk slam. Kane got ready for his top rope lariat and connected it. Kane got ready for the chokeslam but Drew rolled out of the ring. Drew started to leave but Matt Hardy threw him into the ring! Kane hit the chokeslam but Drew won by DQ. Kane chokeslammed Hardy out of anger and then hit his pyro.

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: Jack showed up in Teddy’s office looking very upset. Jack asked Teddy who he thought he was and said it was a very unfair ruling. Teddy said he’s the GM and as long as Jack holds the title he’s going to have to deal with his rulings about that championship!

Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth: Dolph said before the match that Teddy demanded he publicly apologizes for physically abusing a television announcer. Dolph said from the bottom of his heart blah blah blah he sincerely and humbly apologizes to Josh Mathews. It was all very sarcastic. R-Truth came out and said Dolph had no heart, no soul, and has never been sincere or humble about anything in his life. Truth called out Dolph for being sarcastic, and said that the truth hurts! Ziggler quickly took Truth down with a weird inverted powerslam. Dolph went for the sleeper but Truth got out of it and hit a clothesline. Truth got fired up and tried for the lie detector but Dolph ducked it and locked in the sleeper hold from hell. Truth passed out and Dolph won!

WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool w/Layla & Vickie Guerrero defeated Mickie James: Michelle took Mickie down fast and began doing push ups, so Mickie copied her! Mickie nearly pinned her a moments later twice in a row. Michelle threw Mickie face first into the steel ring post moments later to take over. Michelle locked in a headscissors and started slamming Mickie face first into the canvas with her legs. Around a minute later Mickie hit her hurricarana using the turnbuckle as leverage spot. Michelle rolled out of the ring so Mickie followed her and threw her against the guard barricade before hitting a west coast pop off of it! Mickie hit Layla with a Thesz press next but paused when she got to Vickie. Mickie threw Michelle back in the ring and reversed a lariat into a neckbreaker. Layla distracted Mickie and Michelle hit her in the back of the head with a stiff looking kick for the win! After the match Michelle continued to attack Mickie but Beth showed up! Vickie and Layla pulled Michelle from the ring and they ran away through the audience. Beth helped Mickie up.

Luke Gallows & Darren Young + C.M. Punk & Serena: Luke told Darren not to let that upset victory go to his head, because if he gets another chance he’ll beat him down and shave his head. Darren asked Luke what it feels like to lose to a rookie. Punk told them to break it up. Punk said Luke fights for him when and where he says, and Darren is already on thin ice. Punk said they’re fighting out there to show that straight edge makes them better than everyone else.

Rey Mysterio & The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) defeated Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Darren Young w/Serena): The Miz join Todd Grisham & Matt Striker on commentary and instantly became best friends with Striker. David and Luke started out. Luke used his strength to take control but they seemed evenly matched. David hit a powerslam early on for 2 and tagged in Rey but after a triple team move Tyson went in. Luke tagged in Punk. Tyson attacked Punk’s arm before tagging in Rey and hitting another triple team move. Punk took down Rey and began stomping a mud hole in him before the ref pulled him away, so Punk baseball slid Rey ribs first into the steel ring post. Rey was able to hit a wheel barrel bulldog before commercial break. Back from commercial Darren was pushing Rey into the turnbuckle but ended up getting kicked several times for his efforts. Rey tagged in David who began stomping on Darren before tagging in Tyson. Darren pushed Tyson into the turnbuckle and tagged in Luke. Luke tried to throw Tyson out of the ring but Tyson landed feet first on the apron, before taking a boot out of the ring. Luke tagged in Darren and they had a brief stare down. Darren tagged in Punk who began stomping on Tyson. Punk hit a sidewalk slam backbreaker followed by the headscissors. Tyson reversed it into a pin for 2, so Punk body slammed him. Tyson managed to get the hot tag to David soon after and David cleaned house. Tyson took out Luke on the outside but David walked right into a big kick to the side of the head. David kicked out at 2 and managed to toe drag Punk face first into the turnbuckle. Rey hit a 619 using the ring post and David hit the running powerslam on Punk for the 3!

Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett: Chris said he wished some day Wade would get the same opportunity as Chris to show that he is the best in the world. Chris said he couldn’t wait to be World champ for the 7th time and Wade said he was in awe of Chris’s presence.

JTG defeated Caylen Croft w/Trent Barreta : Shad came out at the beginning of the match to watch. Croft was in control the majority of the match. JTG fought back a bit after rolling up Croft and hitting a swinging neck breaker, but Croft was able to come back for a moment after hitting a neckbreaker of his own. JTG won moments later after a weird looking lariat. After the match Shad came into the ring and leveled JTG with a big lariat. Shad rushed JTG but JTG moved and hit an X factor on Shad. Shad retreated from the ring and left.

Josh Mathews & Edge: Edge told Josh that he relates to Jack because he did the same thing Jack did 4 years ago. Edge said Jack is in a tough position because he doesn’t even need to be pinned tonight to lose his title, but he (Edge) is in a good position because he can pin either Jack or Chris to win.

Jack Swagger defeated Edge and Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight title: Chris and Jack both charged Edge at the beginning of the match but Jack leveled Chris with a belly to belly after Chris tried to roll him up. Chris rolled out of the ring so Edge and Jack could fight. Edge threw Jack over the top rope and Chris attacked Edge from behind. Jack tripped Edge so Chris could take over. Jack and Chris tried working together again but Edge sent them both out of the ring and followed up with a baseball slide. Edge Irish whipped Chris into the guard barricade and put Jack back in the ring. Chris attacked Edge while he was reentering the ring and wound up almost getting vertical suplexed into the ring by Jack. Back from commercial Edge tried to tackle Jack but wound up spearing the steel ring post hard! Chris was laid out on the floor while Jack worked on Edge with an arm bar. Edge tried to hit a running cross body but Jack caught him and turned it into a backbreaker. Chris tried to get back in the ring but Jack punched him in the face on his way back into the ring and followed up with a Vader bomb on Edge. Edge rolled out of the ring and Jack began posing. Jack left the ring and was kicked in the midsection by Edge, who was then knocked down by Chris. Chris threw Edge in the ring and kicked him in the ribs, followed by a belly to back suplex. Chris charged Edge but Edge moved causing Chris to run into an empty turnbuckle, followed by Jack tackling him rib first. Edge knocked Jack out of the ring and was rolled up by Chris. Chris tried for the lionsault but Edge moved. Chris tried for a bulldog but was thrown into the turnbuckle. Edge got ready for the spear but Edge reversed it into the walls of Jericho! Jack tried to break it up but Chris let go and locked Jack in it! Edge grabbed Chris and hit the impaler DDT. Jack grabbed Edge and tried to hit the gut wrench powerbomb but Edge reversed it into an impaler! Edge got ready for the spear but Chris knocked Edge over! Chris hit the Codebreaker on Jack moments later but Jack fell out of the ring! Chris got ready to spear Edge but Edge leaped over him and hit a spear of his own! Jack pulled Edge out of the ring and pinned Chris to retain the title! After the match Jack hit the gut wrench powerbomb on Edge and then posed with the title. Jack left and Chris got in the ring. Chris started stomping on Edge’s ankle and slammed it into the steel ring post. Chris trapped Edge’s ankle in between the stairs and ring post and kicked it!