WWE SmackDown 04 23 2010

WWE SmackDown

April 23, 2010 – Uncasville, Connecticut
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Shelton Benjamin defeated Joey Mercury ..

World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger + John Morrison: Jack Swagger said he’s on a roll. Jack said last week he defeated two future WWE hall of famers, Edge and Chris Jericho. Jack said that makes him the best in the world now. Jack said this past Monday he dominated The Undertaker like no other superstar, including Shawn Michaels. Jack said that’s what’s expected when you’re the greatest natural competitor in the WWE. Jack said he doesn’t like to brag so he’s going to let the video do that for him. They rolled a video of Jack wrestling Undertaker. Jack said that video said it all. Jack said he looks like a champion in that video. Jack said this champion; their champion hopes to become a permanent member of the SmackDown! roster next week, a show where he is respected and admired, a show where his championship presence can flourish and inspire an entire universe. Jack said this Sunday he plans to dominate Randy Orton and give them a champion he can all believe in, a champion that can transcend generations. Jack said he knows the viper will be ready to inject him with his venom. Jack said the venom can kill a normal man in 3 seconds, but he is not a normal man. Jack said a normal man doesn’t have an NCAA record of 30 consecutive pinfall victories. Jack said what Randy is looking at is the antidote. Jack said he’s not going to play with the viper, he’s going straight for the vipers neck to cut its head off! John Morrison came out for their match.

John Morrison defeated World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: Jack took down Morrison in the opening moments and easily took control, until John dodged a leg drop and kneed Jack in the face. Moments later Jack hit a big spinebuster like takedown. Back from commercial Jack had John in a body scissors. Jack tried for a superplex but John pushed him down and hit a missile drop kick for 2. Moments later John tried for the springboard kick but Jack big booted John out of the air. Jack continued to work on John Morrison’s mid section and occasionally lock in a weird cross face hammerlock. John got out of it and hit his awesome DDT moments later. John managed to kick Jack hard in the face for 2. Jack tried to hit a belly to back suplex but John reversed it into a rollup followed by his springboard kick for 2. Jack hung up John on the ropes and hit the gut wrench powerbomb but John grabbed the rope at 2! Jack tried for a running powerslam but John got out of it, kicked Jack and hit the starship pain for 3!

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): C.M. Punk told Teddy to look at his head and said Rey was a little sociopathic gremlin in a mask running around cutting hair. Teddy said it was Punks problem. Punk said it was Teddy’s show and that Rey did it to him on Monday because he knows he won’t be able to at Extreme Rules. Teddy said he hopes Punk beats Rey at Extreme Rules for his sake. Teddy said Punk will be real ugly with a bald head. Teddy said only a handsome man like him can look good with no hair. Punk said Teddy won’t find it very funny when he finds Rey and hurts him tonight. Teddy said they don’t need to look hard because he’s putting him and Luke in a tag match against Rey Mysterio against a handsome man with no hair. Kane!

Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler defeated Matt Hardy & R-Truth: Truth and Dolph started out. After a bit of chain wrestling Truth tagged in Hardy. Back from commercial Dolph had Hardy in a headlock. Hardy powerbombed Dolph in the corner and tried to hit side effect but Dolph threw Hardy into the steel ring post. Drew walked over and stomped Hardy’s head against the steel steps. Dolph locked in the sleeper hold from the depths of the underworld for a few moments before throwing Hardy back in the ring. Hardy was really woozy and couldn’t continue (kayfabe) so the ref stopped the match. Drew attacked Hardy while he was being helped to the back and threw him into the steel steps again.

Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett + Edge: A steel cage was lowered down for this segment. Chris said he would make this perfectly clear so all the moronic hypocrites could understand. Chris said this Sunday he was going to end the career of Edge. Chris said that means no more heroic comebacks, no more title reigns, and most importantly of all, no more spears! Chris said to chant spear if they want. Chris said he laid the groundwork by injuring Edge’s ankle. Chris said this Sunday he will go to great lengths to use the cage as a weapon. Chris said he will rake Edge’s face across the face, bounce his head off of the steel bar, and maybe he’ll jump off of the cage onto Edge’s ankle, sending him home where he belongs. Chris said next Monday night when the roster is waiting to see which show they’ll be drafted to, Edge will be watching from a bed after Chris drafts him to the hospital. Chris said the greatest part, is with Edge gone, all the parasitic fans will no longer be chanting spear, they’ll be chanting goodbye Edge! Edge came out. Edge said Chris brings up a good point, he did injure Edge’s ankle last week. Edge said a lot of people are wondering how he will compete on Sunday, but a lot more people are wondering how Chris lost to Heath Slater on NXT! Edge said he is pretty banged up, but nothing is going to stop him from getting inside the steel cage at Extreme Rules. Edge said there’s nothing that will stop him from getting inside that cage right now. Edge was selling the ankle injury and walking slowly. Edge got in the cage and said Chris keeps talking about injuring Edge, but Edge knows how to deal with an injury. Edge said he knows how to scrape and claw his way to get back from an injury, including a broken neck! Edge said Chris doesn’t know what it’s like. Edge said he has nothing to lose. Edge said this Sunday at Extreme Rules they’ll find out if Chris has what it takes to get back from an injury. Edge said he plans on finding out this Sunday because nothing is going to stop him from spearing Chris through that cage. Edge said there is nothing that will stop him from spearing Chris right now! Edge attacked Chris and Wade. Chris attacked Edge’s ankle but Edge was able to cope and take them both down. Chris escaped from the cage and held the door closed. Chris wouldn’t even open the door for Wade. Edge threw Wade against the steel cage and then hit him with a spear!

JTG defeated Mike Knox: Shad was on commentary, wearing a suit. This was Mike Knox’s last WWE match before being released. Mike hit JTG with a running cross body early on, followed by a big splash. JTG managed to fight back and hit an X factor, followed by diving out of the ring onto Mike. JTG stared down Shad before getting back in the ring. JTG reversed a lariat into his own weird looking lariat for the 3. After the match Shad whipped JTG in the back with a strap and then hit him with a bicycle kick. Shad continued to whip JTG as a way to hype up their strap match for this Sunday.

Team Lay-Cool (WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool & Layla w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Mickie James & Beth Phoenix: This was unfortunately Mickie James last match before being stupidly released by WWE. Beth and Layla started off. Layla kicked Beth several times before being caught up in a giant swing. Beth got ready to gorilla press slam Layla but Michelle kicked Beth in the leg. Michelle started working on the leg her and Layla kicked. They continued to work on Beth’s leg and isolate her from Mickie before she was able to throw Layla into the turnbuckle and hot tag Mickie. Mickie hit a west coast pop off the top turnbuckle but Michelle broke up the pin. Beth threw Michelle out of the ring and Layla hit a neckbreaker for the win. Layla was acting shocked that she actually won a match. After the match Layla and Michelle threw Mickie out of the ring and beat up Beth. Layla pulled out an ironing board from under the ring and they put it against the turnbuckle. They Irish whipped Beth into it and then Michelle finished off Beth with a kick to the head. They started putting make up on Beth as a way to hype up their extreme makeover match this Sunday.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows w/Serena) defeated Rey Mysterio & Kane: Punk said after tonight he will be done talking and on Sunday he will let his actions speak, just like Rey let his actions tell the world he was nothing but a coward on Monday. Punk said he hopes Rey finds solace in that single lock of hair because that is all he will get. Punk said when Sunday night is in the books he will be victorious and his hair will remain on his head as pure as snow. Punk said his purpose and his vision will be complete, Punk said the barbers chair has been brought to ringside because someone will be saved tonight. Punk said somebody here tonight will accept him as their savior and join his SES. Punk said somebody here tonight will get their head shaved. Luke and Rey started. Rey kicked Luke several times before Luke was able to punch and body slam Rey. Luke tagged in Punk who began putting the boots to Rey. Rey was able to get out of a belly to back suplex and tag in Kane. Back from commercial Kane and Luke were wrestling. Luke tagged in Punk who spring boarded right into an uppercut from Kane. Kane tagged in Rey and Punk was able to hit his knee to the face/bulldog combination. Punk and Luke began working on Rey. Finally Rey was able to hit a big DDT on Luke and get the tag to Kane. Luke tagged in Punk who was destroyed by Kane. Kane hit his top rope lariat for 2. Kane hit Punk with a big boot and threw Rey onto him for 2. Rey got ready for the 619 but Luke pulled Rey out of the ring. Kane and Luke began fighting and went into the audience. Back in the ring Punk almost hit the G2S and Rey tried to reverse it into a roll up but Punk sat on Rey and won! Punk continued to beat up Rey but Rey managed to almost hit the 619! Rey knocked Punk into the barbers chair at ringside and tried to shave his head but Serena saved him.