WWE SmackDown 05 07 2010

WWE SmackDown

May 7, 2010 – North Charleston, SC
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer defeated Chasyn Rance & JT Talent..

Matt Hardy + WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Matt said he was there tonight whether he should or shouldn’t be. They showed the video from 2 weeks ago of Drew stomping Matt’s head against the steel steps and beating him up, and then again from last week. Matt said Drew never wants to see him again but that’s too bad because he could care less about what Drew thinks. Drew came out. Matt said to make him go away. Drew said Matt doesn’t get it, 9 months ago Vince McMahon himself looked Drew in the eye and told him he was the future of the WWE. Drew said that makes him the chosen one. Drew said that makes him completely untouchable. Matt said to come down there and see. Drew said Matt wasn’t getting the message, so he’s going to have to come in there and beat it out of him! Drew and Matt started brawling. The referees tried to break it up. Drew attacked Matt from behind and some more officials came out. Theodore Long came out and warned Drew to stop. Teddy said Drew was suspended. Drew didn’t stop so Teddy stripped him of the IC title! Drew still didn’t stop so Teddy long fired him! Drew punched Matt one more time before being dragged away. Backstage Drew said Vince would hear about this.

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & Josh Mathews : Josh asked what the status of Matt was. Teddy said he hoped Matt was okay. Josh asked Teddy what he thought on Drew’s behavior. Teddy said he didn’t know what to say and that he’s never seen anything like that before. Josh asked Teddy what he was planning on doing with the IC title. Teddy said he didn’t know.

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Luke Gallows w/C.M. Punk & Serena: MVP used his speed to his advantage and took control early on but missed a Yakuza kick and fell out of the ring. Luke put MVP back in the ring and hit him with a butterfly suplex. Luke hit a running splash for 2. MVP started to gain momentum and hit ballin’. MVP got ready for the play maker but Serena distracted him. Rey Mysterio attacked Punk and then ran away through the audience, distracting Luke long enough for MVP to hit the play of the day for 3.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena) + Rey Mysterio: Punk said Rey is a coward. Punk said Mysterio attacks people from behind because he doesn’t have the ability to face someone face to face. Punk said Rey hurt him and cost Luke the match so he better come out there because he has something to say to him. Rey came out. Rey asked Punk what was wrong. Rey said he jumped Punk like that masked mystery man has been jumping him. Rey asked where the masked mystery man was tonight. Punk said he has no idea who that mystery man is, and thinks Rey is on hallucinogenic drugs. Punk said it’s clearly an extension of Rey and he’s blaming other people for his problems. Punk said the real reason Rey is out there is because he wants to be saved and join the SES. Rey said there’s only one person hallucinating and that’s Punk. Rey said he’s there to shave Punk’s head. Punk said he defeated Rey at Extreme Rules. Rey said he defeated Punk at WrestleMania. Rey said they’re even 1-1 but it’s not over yet. Rey said they should wrestle again at Over the Limit, if Rey loses; he joins SES, if Punk loses, no more hair. Rey said he gets to be the barber. Punk said Rey is having a moment of clarity, he knows he needs help; Punk would love nothing more than to welcome him to his crusade so he’s on. Rey said he has a better idea. Rey said instead of fighting he’ll join the SES tonight if Punk shaves his head. Punk said that is not going to happen. Rey said there’s one thing he doesn’t understand about the SES, he agrees with the message, but the messenger is bad. Rey said everyone out there wearing a Rey mask represent the good in his message. Rey said if Punk is serious on saving people, they could do some good together, so he should lead by example and shave his head. Punk said this has nothing to do with shaving his own head and that his hair is a symbol of purity. Punk said he doesn’t care what Rey thinks, he is better than everybody. Rey said that’s what he thought. Rey asked Punk what makes him different from Luke or Serena, they do whatever he wants. Rey said Luke and Serena have done most of the work of the SES, yet they are bald, and Punk is not. Rey said Punk doesn’t care about them, he only cares about himself. Rey said Punk calls himself a savior, but there’s nothing he can do to be saved from the 619.

Team Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla w/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Kelly Kelly & Tiffany: They showed a video from SUPERSTARS of Team Lay-Cool being mean to Kelly Kelly and calling her Smelly Kelly. Tiffany and Michelle started off. Tiffany easily took control and hit a monkey flip but Michelle landed on her feet so Tiffany hit another one. Michelle left the ring and Tiffany went after her but Vickie and Layla got in her way so Michelle could hit a drop kick. Michelle tagged in Layla who tried for a running splash but Tiffany got her knees up and got the hot tag to Kelly Kelly. Kelly took control and hit a botched handspring elbow before tagging in Tiffany. Tiffany hit a cross body block but Michelle broke up the pin and kicked Tiffany in the back of the head while the referee was distracted with Kelly. Layla hit a neckbreaker stunner for 3 moments later.

Josh Mathews & SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Teddy said since the IC title is now vacant he has selected 4 deserving individuals to compete in a tournament. The semi final matches would be tonight and the finals would be next week. The two matches are Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston and Christian vs. Cody Rhodes.

Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler: Kofi hit a European uppercut early on for 2. Dolph kicked Kofi in the midsection and tried to throw him from the ring but Kofi bounced off the ropes and threw out Dolph and hit him with a suicide dive right after. While Kofi was getting back in the ring Dolph kicked him in the head. Back from commercial Dolph had Kofi in a head lock, not to be confused with his sleeper hold from hell. Kofi got out so Dolph hit him with an inverted body slam. Dolph locked in a chin lock, not to be confused with the sleeper hold from hell. He really needs to stop doing other moves so similar to his finisher. Kofi broke out of it but was slammed down by the dreadlocks. Dolph hit an elbow drop for 2. Dolph locked in another chin lock, but Kofi hit an STO like move for 2. Dolph took down Kofi and put his feet on the ropes but only got a 2. Dolph followed up with an X factor. Finally Kofi gave Dolph a jaw breaker, dodged a turnbuckle splash and took Dolph down with a flurry of offense. Kofi hit the boom drop and got ready for the trouble in paradise but Dolph dodged it and reversed a springboard cross body block into a pin for 2 before locking in the sleeper hold from hell! Kofi somehow got out of the grueling rest hold and ran Dolph into the ropes followed by trouble in paradise for 3!

Christian w/Heath Slater defeated Cody Rhodes: Christian took control early on and choked Cody on the ropes before throwing him out of the ring and hitting a drop kick. Christian got ready to do his springboard drop kick but Cody moved and then threw Christian into the steps. Cody took control for a few minutes. Christian went to the top but Cody followed and hit a superplex. Christian played possum and rolled up Cody for 2. Christian clotheslined Cody over the top rope and went with him. Cody hit a springboard kick off the steps. Christian hit his missile drop kick back in the ring for 2. Christian choked Cody in the ropes again and followed up with a punch and a cross body block that Cody ducked. Christian tried for the killswitch but Cody tried to belly to back suplex Christian, Christian landed on his feet and hit the inverted DDT for 2. Cody started begging for mercy but threw Christian into the corner. Christian went for his springboard sunset flip but Cody pulled Christian down from the ropes and hit a nice moonsault press for 2. Christian threw Cody into the steel ring post and hit the killswitch for 3! It will be Christian vs. Kofi Kingston next week for the WWE Intercontinental title.

Kane defeated World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger by DQ: Jack said before he gives them exactly what they want to hear, he’s going to remind them exactly how good he is. Jack rattled off some achievements and smirked really funny for several seconds. They went to commercial and when they came back Jack was still talking about how great he was. Jack asked where Show was while he was taking on the world and winning. Jack asked where Show was while he was succeeding in life and looking good. Jack said Show was in a special education class and riding the short bus to school. Jack said at Over the Limit he’s going to take Show to school. Kane came out for the match. The Big Show came out a few seconds into the match for commentary. Jack attacked Kane while Kane was watching Show but Kane fought back with one of his uppercuts and some punches. Kane hit a drop kick for 2. Jack took down Kane in a front chancery. Kane hung up Jack at the turnbuckle but Jack pushed him away and tried for a double axe handle but Kane punched him in the stomach. Kane took down Jack with a sidewalk slam for 2. Kane got ready for the chokeslam but Jack elbowed him away and threw him into the exposed turnbuckle. Jack started slamming Kane into it continuously and got disqualified. Jack kicked Kane in the face with a big boot and left the ring. Jack posed in front of Show and then walked right into a big boot from Kane. Kane destroyed the top of the announce table but was thrown into the ring post by Jack. The Big Show walked up to Jack and chokeslammed him through the table and then posed with the title in the ring.