WWE SmackDown 05 14 2010

WWE SmackDown

May 14, 2010 – Buffalo, New York
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Kofi Kingston defeated Christian to win the vacant WWE Intercontinental title: Teddy Long watched from ringside holding onto the belt. They chain wrestled a bit before Christian hit a shoulder block. Kofi landed on his feet after a monkey flip and hit one of his own. Kofi tried to jump out of the ring onto Christian but Christian slid back in and hit a springboard European uppercut onto Kofi. Back from commercial Christian was in control. Kofi stole Christian’s corner kick and followed up with a cross body block for 2. Kofi got ready for the boom drop but Christian reversed it into a jackknife pin. Kofi jumped over Christian but was caught and hit with an electric chair. Christian tried to hit a missile drop kick but Kofi reversed it into a jackknife pin of his own. Kofi charged Christian at the corner but was kicked out of the air hard. Christian got ready for his cross body but Kofi ducked and hit a springboard cross body. Kofi hit the boom drop and got ready for trouble in paradise but Christian caught him with an inverted DDT. Christian choked Kofi at the ropes and tried for the killswitch but Kofi fought out of it and hit his pinning STO for 2. Kofi jumped to the corner and started punching Christian, but Christian hit his corner kick right after followed with the flying European uppercut. Christian tried to hit killswitch again but Kofi pushed Christian away. Christian tried to hit the springboard sunset flip powerbomb but Kofi rolled through and hit trouble in paradise for 3! Christian shook Kofi’s hand after the match while Kofi celebrated. Suddenly Drew McIntyre came out wearing a Tony Montana like white suit. Teddy said he didn’t know what Drew wanted but he had no problem having security escort him out of the building again. Drew pulled out a letter. Teddy read the letter and then threw it down. Teddy apologized to Kofi and asked for the belt. Kofi tried to reason but ultimately wound up giving the title back. Teddy handed it back to Drew and Drew left, but not before posing to annoy Kofi. Matt Striker read the letter after the break. It was a letter from Vince McMahon telling Teddy his actions last week were irresponsible and his lack of judgment is paramount. It praised Drew and overruled Teddy’s decision last week so Drew McIntyre is back on SmackDown! and still the WWE Intercontinental champion.

World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: There were a bunch of guys unloading boxes of trophies from a truck while Jack told them to be careful because it was a lifetime in that box.

Shad Gaspard defeated Jesse Guyver: Shad destroyed Jesse in a squash match that went on too long. Match ended after an STO.

Montel Vontavious Porter & JTG defeated The Dude Busters (Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft): Trent and JTG started off. JTG hit a backdrop followed by a leapfrog famouser. MVP and Caylen ran in in, both of the dude busters were knocked from the ring. Trent tagged in Caylen and they began isolating JTG from MVP. Finally JTG leveled Caylen with a lariat and managed to tag in MVP. MVP destroyed Trent and hit ballin’, Caylen tried to break up the pin but MVP moved and knocked him from the ring. MVP hit the play of the day on Trent for the win seconds later.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): Punk said last week they hurt his feelings, for the first time he saw doubt in both of their faces. Punk said he forgives them because he knows that Rey Mysterio put that doubt there by trying to poison them with his own rhetoric. Punk said he never wants to see doubt in their eyes again. Punk said tonight they won’t be coming to the ring with him and he’s going to reaffirm why he saved them in the first place and at Over the Limit Rey’s redemption will begin. Punk said it will be a long road to Rey’s salvation but what does not kill you makes you better than everybody.

World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger + The Big Show: There were all kinds of trophies set up in the ring. Jack said if he doesn’t take the moment to do this he will never forgive himself. Jack took off his jacket and started doing push ups. Jack said he’s accomplished more in one day than most people do in their entire lives. Jack said he called his dad and had him round up every trophy, medal, and badge of honor he’s accumulated so he could share with the fans tonight. Jack said one of these trophies is enough for most people but not for him. Back from commercial Jack was still talking. Jack asked if everyone was jealous. Jack said just over 28 years ago his dad celebrated his greatest achievement; the birth of a picture perfect 15 pound blonde hair blue eyed future world champion. Jack uncovered a photo of him as a little kid in a singlet. Jack said he looked good. Jack said 5 years after being born he won his first state wrestling title. Jack said at age 5 he was better than everyone else’s children. Jack said when you’re an eagle scout, words like honest, integrity, brave and confident mean something. Jack said he’s looking at the fans and can tell they don’t know what those words mean. Jack said after becoming the youngest adolescent to ever achieve the order of the eagle he still upholds the scouts honor with everything he does everyday of his life. Jack said he doesn’t suck. Jack uncovered another photo of himself getting his third state championship. Jack said it was like greatest was his neighbor and success was his best friend, and they hung out, a lot! Jack said he was literally king of his high school. Jack put on a crown. Jack said at 18 he was voted homecoming king and his date was a doctor. Jack said most 18 year olds don’t bring 32 year old perfect 10 brain surgeons as their dates. Jack said she was dating with a ballroom dancing master, true story. Jack said he still had time to lead his football team to its first district championship. Jack said he stayed true to the one state that mattered, Oklahoma. Jack said he’s a certified swimming instructor and CPR expert. Jack said he has over 14 saves under his belt. Jack said he saved mediocre people so they could continue to live their mediocre lives. Jack said the Perry deli named their top selling sandwich after him. Jack said it’s called “The Swaggy” and it tastes like freedom. Jack said he’s almost finished, he only has a couple more. Jack said when it comes to a battle of wits, no one compares. Jack said he was the national scrabble champion. Jack said he’s also a master chess player. Finally The Big Show came out. Show told Jack to relax and said he came out there because it was so impressive. Jack told Show to be careful. Show said he didn’t even think he could spell scrabble, and was jealous. Jack told Show to keep his sausage fingers off of his stuff. Show said his fingers weren’t fat and dropped the scrabble championship. Show started dancing around with the ball room dancing trophy and accidentally broke the end off. Jack looked horrified. Jack attacked Show but Show easily threw Jack down and knocked him out of the ring. Show started trashing all of Jack’s trophies and things. Show destroyed everything in the ring and started posing with the world title.

WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix vs. Rosa Mendes never got started: Vickie came out before the match started and said Rosa needed to leave the ring. Vickie said as GM of RAW and official consultant to SmackDown! she was there to announce that Michelle McCool has elected to use her rematch clause tonight. Vickie said to make things interesting, for the first time ever the title would be defending in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Vickie said Beth would defend her title against both members of Team Lay-Cool right now

Team Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) defeated Beth Phoenix to make Layla the new WWE Women’s champion: It was tornado rules. Beth fought them both off but because of her injured knee she couldn’t fight back for long. Beth managed to lift both Michelle and Layla at the same time for a Samoan drop. Michelle and Beth conked heads, causing Michelle to fall out of the ring. Layla pinned Beth and won the title! Team Lay-Cool and Vickie celebrated while Beth looked embarrassed.

Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero: Kane tried for a chokeslam right off the bat but Chavo got out of it and hit some kicks. Kane threw Chavo out of the ring. Kane hit the chokeslam soon after for 3.

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre: Teddy was looking upset when Drew walked in. Drew asked why Teddy wanted to see him. Teddy said he really is the chosen one, he can just get anything he wants around here. Teddy said since he can’t take anything away from Drew, so instead he’s going to give him the biggest match of his career. Teddy said next week Drew will be facing The Big Show!

Rey Mysterio defeated C.M. Punk by DQ: Punk started out mostly in control with Rey only getting a bit of offense in before being able to head scissor take down Punk out of the ring. Rey tried to jump on Punk but missed and was thrown into the dasher boards right after. Back from commercial Rey was kicking his way out of a submission hold. Rey got on the top rope but Punk kicked him into the tree of woe. Punk locked in an abdominal stretch and started elbowing Rey in the ribcage. Rey knocked Punk into the ropes and tried to hit 619 but Punk reversed it into a tilt a whirl backbreaker and followed up with throwing Rey out of the ring. Punk put Rey back in the ring and hit him with a springboard clothesline. Rey fought out of an arm bar and hit the wheelbarrow bulldog to level Punk. Rey hit the west coast pop but then ran into a leg lariat from Punk. Punk catapulted Rey into the turnbuckle but Rey jumped onto Punks shoulders and threw him into the ropes with a hurricarana. Rey got ready for 619 but Luke Gallows showed up and distracted Rey. Punk rolled up Rey with a schoolboy but Rey got out of it and kicked Punk back into the ropes and connected with the 619! Suddenly a masked person ran into the ring to distract Rey, it turned out to be Serena! Suddenly the real masked man came up behind Rey and attacked him, disqualifying Punk. Luke hit Rey with the 12 step. They put Rey onto Punk’s shoulders so Punk could hit him with the G2S. Show ended with the SES posing.